Zeta app review

Zeta app review

Zeta Sage is a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines SAGE and OG Kush genetics. The flavors of Zeta Sage are a sweet, pungent mix of sharp diesel and blueberry that leave a lingering menthol aftertaste. Its uplifting rush of euphoric effects provides a heady buzz that relaxes the body without overpowering, making Zeta Sage a great choice for daytime activities.

Strain Information

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 22% – 24%

Orange Zeta is a rare slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the infamous Zeta with an unknown member of the Orange family. Even with the lack of information about its heritage, Orange Zeta is a breeder and patient favorite thanks to its super bright flavor and long-lasting and lifted effects that are perfect for a subtle boost on those days when you just can’t seem to get going. The high starts with a rush of cerebral effects that fill your mind with an almost frenzied sense of energy and euphoria. You’ll feel unfocused and slightly hazy, just amped to get up and moving without any real plans for what you’re going to do. Thanks to these super energizing effects and its high 22-24% average THC level, Orange Zeta is said to be perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic fatigue, mood swings, depression, chronic stress, migraines or headaches, and appetite loss or nausea.

zeta app review

Orange Zeta has a vibrant sour orange flavor with a potent kick of ammonia upon exhale. The aroma is of earthy citrus and sharp orange with a touch of diesel as the nugs are broken apart and burned. Orange Zeta buds have small piecey bright neon green buds with lots of thin light amber hairs and a coating of golden tinted chunky crystal trichomes.

About Zeta Sage

Zeta Sage combines the potent genetics of two classic strains: OG Kush and S.A.G.E. What results is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a dank, slightly fruity aroma. The strain confers uplifting, mentally-focused effects that are met by some late-onset relaxation. A potent strain that’s sure to impress even cannabis veterans, it has a THC measured at between 20% and 28%.

Flowers of Zeta Sage are impressive from the start, with large, elongated buds that are shaped like miniature cypress trees. These spindly flowers have a bud structure that leans sativa, with leaves that twist loosely away from each other in folds that look somewhat like brain tissue. The leaves are a grassy yellowish-green and are wound through with dark brown and red hairs (which are actually pistils, meant to catch pollen from male plants). Finally, resinous trichomes cover the inner and outer nooks and crannies of these buds, accounting for their high psychoactivity.

A first whiff of Zeta Sage’s flowers offers some astringent, diesel-like fumes. A closer inspection picks up on some faint notes of blueberry. Grinding up or picking apart Zeta Sage’s piecey buds gives off a hashy, incense-like odor, possibly due to the influence of OG Kush. When it’s combusted in a pipe or a joint, the strain’s harsh flavors tend to merge in a thick, acrid smoke that may sting the sinuses. On the exhale, this smoke carries a diesel taste with some sour, fruity undertones. Zeta Sage wastes no time in getting to work and begins to exert buzzy, head-focused effects soon after it’s ingested. Within a few minutes, smokers may feel an increase in blood pressure in the head, marked by some pressure around the temples and a possible flushing in the cheeks. These sensations are followed up by an uptick in consumers’ cerebral thinking, with some concepts or ideas taking on a new dimension or intensity. Similarly, thoughts may jump from one to the next in associations that might not make much sense to others who aren’t similarly under the influence. Zeta Sage’s ability to amplify the user’s stream of consciousness can make it a great way to stimulate conversation in social settings. Alternatively, it can be put to use for work on complicated problem-solving tasks or as an enhancement to boring activities like doing the dishes.

zeta app review

This strain can also have profound physical effects that become apparent after a few hours. Waves of palpable relaxation may radiate out through the core and limbs, helping to soothe any tight muscles and banish any jitters that may have come with Zeta Sage’s onset. While it’s not totally incapacitating or couch locking, this body stone has the potential to sap the consumers’ motivation. Nevertheless, its mental acuity lingers around, allowing for extended concentration on passive pursuits like reading, playing cards, or just kicking back and binge-watching. Zeta Sage’s eventual combination of body and brain stimulation makes it a great way to add an edge to activities that involve complex coordination like dancing, hiking, or even sex. Because of its decrescendo in energy levels, this strain is recommended for consumption during the afternoon or evening.

Zeta Sage’s versatility gives it a few different applications for medical cannabis patients as well. Its initially tuned-in mindset can aid in focus for those with attention deficit disorders. The strain’s glow of euphoria may also temporarily improve some of the symptoms of stress and depression. On the physical end of the spectrum, benefits include relief from chronic, disease-related pain as well as discomfort related to inflammation, like headaches and nausea. Because the sense of “mindrace” that it can bring about may be overwhelming for some; patients who are prone to panic or paranoia should opt for a more indica-dominant strain instead.

Seeds of Zeta Sage are not available for purchase online. Instead, those looking to grow this bud at home should obtain clipping from mature, healthy plants of the strain that can be propagated as “clones.” The strain can be cultivated indoors or out, although successful outdoors cultivation calls for a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants tend to grow tall and branchy; those growing indoors should trim their crops back a bit early on in the vegetative stage. Zeta Sage flowers within 9 to 10 weeks

This well-balanced strain is a fun smoke for solo or social enjoyment. It can be an especially fun way to enjoy a hike or any other trip outdoors.

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