Wookie Cookie Tin

Wookie Cookie Tin

Bred by Wookie, Wookie’s Cookies is a cross of Skunkbeard and Dark Helmet that packs a delicious lemon cookies flavor and aroma. Buds grow dense with rich dark colors in GSC fashion, while the high can take you into a blissed-out headspace. Give this tasty flower a shot next time you’re looking to check out a cookie cultivar.

Girl Scout Wookies cannabis strain is an Indica heavy hybrid with a staggering THC level of 28% that only pro cannabis users should attempt. It smells like pungent flowers and kush with sour cream and citrus. The flavour is similar with added pine notes. Nugs are compact with skinny orange hairs and shimmering, snowy trichomes. This strain can treat pain, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, depression, and stress. Ideal for evening usage.

What Is the Wookies Strain?

Wookies strain weed is an indica-dominant hybrid. However, it is a well-balanced marijuana strain, so you also benefit from the cerebral effects provided by sativas, along with the relaxation aided by the indica aspect. It is an extremely rare, clone-only, strain, which means finding a few grams isn’t as easy as it should be. It also has a variety of nicknames including Dirty Wookie, Purple Wookie, Chewbacca Cookies, and TK91.

It is an extremely rare, clone-only, strain, which means finding a few grams isn’t as easy as it should be.

No one is sure who originally bred Wookies (someone called Tierra Rojo claims credit), but is a rare case where three outstanding marijuana strains are combined to create another superstar. Wookies is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies, Chemdawg 91, and The White. In other words, you get the potency of Chemdawg 91, the flavor of GSC, and the trichome production of The White. That sounds like a fantastic combination!

Type of High

Girl Scout Wookies cannabis strain’s high is a rapid hard-hitting which often acts as a one hit wonder. Deep euphoria causes focus and creativity, which then sinks your body into a relaxation that seeps from limb to limb.

Wookies Strain Effects  

Many a Wookies strain review does not recommend smoking (or vaping) this marijuana if you have made plans for the rest of the day — and there’s a good reason! Wookies has some strong sedative effects. Its loud Indica side places most people in a deep couch-lock. 

wookie cookie tin

After a long day’s work, however, Wookies works wonders in relaxing your body and mind. A sense of euphoria accompanies the initial high. After your mind has begun to relax, your body will soon follow. In the first few tokes, you’re in a happy space, with a sense of inner peace. Hunger pangs are normal towards the end, so prepare some snacks in advance. Wookies helps in dealing with insomnia, hypertension, bipolar disorder, muscular dystrophy, and muscle spasms. Sleep takes hold fairly quickly after consuming it, so those with insomnia have the most to gain. Its strong sedative nature makes Wookies a worthy choice for tackling inflammation and body pain. Users with mood disorders or mental stress also stand to gain a lot from this hybrid’s euphoric, relaxing high. 

Common Effects of the Wookies Cookies Strain

The potency of this weed is inherited from its parent Girl Scout Cookies, which is one of the virtues besides the great scent. High is one-hitting and comes in bright and energetic. As your brain generates new ideas, your body will gradually sink into the buzz, with tingling sensations all over your body. Effects can also include:

  • Concentration
  • Creativity
  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria

Negative effects can include low blood pressure, panic attacks, and drowsiness. Many medical patients use these buds to cope with:

  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain
  • PMS
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety

Wookies thc percentage

Wookie is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Big Buddy’s Lavender with the potent Appalachia strain. This bud is not to be confused with the like-named Girl Scout Wookies, which is a completely different bud all of its own. Wookie is best known for its delicious flavor of sweet herbs and sharp mint. The aroma is very similar, with a dank earthy overtone accented by nutty sharp mint and spices. Wookie buds have fluffy piecey minty green nugs with long thin orange hairs and a super thick frosty coating of amber colored crystal trichomes. The Wookie high is very relaixing and lifted in nature, with long lasting effects that will leave you feeling completely at ease. You’ll feel an onset of euphoria and deep-felt happiness at the onset that launches you into a state of mental relaxation and ease. As your mind soars into a slightly sedated state, your body will be hit with a sharp pang of hunger that leaves you reaching for anything edible in sight. Thanks to these effects and its high 15-17% average THC level, Wookie is said to be perfect for treating a variety of conditions including depression, insomnia, chronic stress, appetite loss, and nausea.

wookie cookie tin

Wookies strain: indica or sativa?

Wookies is a fairly balanced Indica-dominant hybrid, coming in at about a 65 indica/35 sativa ratio split. Being that it’s well-balanced, you can enjoy both the cerebral effects of its Sativa heritage while being relaxed by the Indica-dominant nature of the strain. Wookies is definitely one to be enjoyed by the cannabis connoisseurs among us. Be aware that it’s a fairly rare, clone-only strain, meaning that it’s quite hard to find. If you do manage to find it, you should prepare yourself for a great taste and potent Indica-dominant effects. Its strong terpene profile will leave you with plenty of high, but the indica domination won’t let you wander too far off into la la land.

Wookies genetics

The original breeder of Wookies isn’t 100% known. Some sources report that it was Phillip Hague, aka Tierra Rojo, who created this masterpiece. However, whoever originally bred it is undoubtedly a master breeder, as they brought together three strains to make one monster strain. This isn’t particularly easy, so you know that the original breeders mean business. The seeds are, unfortunately, impossible to find online, as this is a clone-only strain. This adds to the rarity and therefore the price of the strain. The three strains crossed together to create Wookies were:

  • The White 91
  • Chemdawg 91
  • Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies has a fantastic flavor, and The White 91 is known for its trichome production. Chemdawg 91 is known for its potency, which makes Wookies an all-around strain, with great trichome production, fantastic flavor, and high potency.

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