What is a vixen?

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JinxProof Genetics created Vixen by crossing Go Time and Dark Side of the Moon. Go Time is a zesty sativa-dominant strain while Dark Side of the Moon is an indica with a sweet berry aroma known for putting you down quickly. Vixen becomes both sweet and tangy with citrus overtones that are undercut by dank earthy notes. This strain has a powerful high that will allow you to focus on the task at hand.

The legend of the San Fernando Valley OG Kush is worldwide, like a beautiful model from Socal that has made her rounds the world over, in every major publication possible. Most popular for all the right reasons, the Dosidos hybridized line is sure to take it up another notch. Like the offspring of a true empress, the Valley Vixen’s traits are sure to please. Smooth toned Kush golf balls with insane resin coverage and a smell to knock out cannabis fanatics the world over.

Vixen cannabis strain is an evenly balanced hybrid created by JinxProof Genetics. It smells of sweet, muddled berries mixed with tangy citrus and wet, dank earth. Vixen cannabis strain is suitable for daytime or evening usage.

Type of high

Vixen cannabis strain’s high blends a zesty head high with a more thick and soothing body relaxation. This can turn into sleepiness towards the comedown, but before then, you can expect enhanced focus.

Vixen, not to be confused with the like-named “Early Vixen,” is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Go Time X Dark Side of the Moon strains. Known for its deceptively delicious flavor and super stoney effects, Vixen is one hybrid that you need to experience. This lovely lady packs a sweet yet spicy berry flavor with hints of citrusy earth and sharply sour lemons. The aroma is earthy and woody, with a notable Pine-Sol like effect that turns spicy as the nugs are burned away. The Vixen high settles in a few minutes after your final toke, first filling the mind with a lifted sense of focused creativity and artistic energy. This quickly turns stoney, leaving you unfocused but totally euphoric, flying high with bright hazy ideas. As your mind soars to new heights, your body will begin to relax, floating away into an emptiness that is free of any aches or pains. With these effects and its high 15-24% average THC level, Vixen is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as insomnia, chronic stress or anxiety, ADD or ADHD and depression. This bud has long dense bright neon green nugs with golden amber undertones, matching hairs and a coating of sparkling amber crystal trichomes.

Basic info

Vixen is a mostly sativa variety from Jinxproof and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±58 days), outdoors and in the greenhouse. Jinxproofs Vixen is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

To be carefree and uninhibited is the dream of many. By pairing a dynamite female with a dreamy male produces a focused high with the seductive power of productive flirtation. Amused? You will be.

what is a vixen

There are two main phenos, one boasts long kelly green colored leaves, the other shorter and wider deep green leaves. They both display thick, sugar coated, golden trichomes along with multiple colas. Displays robust calyx deserving of admiration.

Sweet and tangy with citrus overtones undercut by dank, earthy notes that gently tingle the tongue. Sandlewood and Cedar notes accompanied by sweet vanilla overtones.

Early Vixen is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through a powerful three-way cross of the classic Haze X Northern Lights #5 X Skunk strains. This celebrity child brings the best of all of its parents, offering a tasty flavor and even more delicious effects. The flavor of this lovely lady is very fruity and pungent with a spicy skunky aftertaste that has a touch of haze. The aroma is super spicy and pungent with a hazy overtone and a sweet herbal skunk that’s released as the nugs are broken apart and smoked. Early Vixen buds have dense round dark olive green nugs with purple undertones, lots of orange hairs, and a thick coating of tiny crystal trichomes that appear almost purple in the sunlight. The Early Vixen high is definitely one that won’t wake you up. It starts with an uplifted head high that’s pretty hazy, leaving you distant and spacey. This head buzz slowly spreads throughout the rest of your body, leaving you utterly relaxed and completely couch-locked with a sense of sleepy bliss. Because of these effects and its moderately high 17-18% average THC level, Early Vixen is often chosen by patients who suffer from chronic anxiety or stress, depression, chronic pain, and mood swings.

Violet Vixen strain

Violet Vixen is a heavily sativa dominant hybrid strain (90% sativa/10% indica) created through crossing the classic Purple Punch X Jet Fuel Gelato strains. Name for its gorgeous appearance and head-spinning effects, Violet Vixen is on lady you’ll want to call on again and again. This bud has super gorgeous small rounded dark olive green nugs with deep purple undertones, dark amber hairs and a frosty thick coating of tiny sparkling dark purple crystal trichomes. As you pull apart each glittering little nugget, aromas of fresh sweet berries and spicy grapes are released, all wrapped up with a touch of sour herbs.

what is a vixen

The flavor is even more delectable, with fresh ripe blueberries and sweet grape candy dancing across your tongue. The Violet Vixen hits you almost as soon as you exhale, sinking its warming talons into your brain immediately with a rush of cerebral effects. You’ll feel insanely euphoric with a budding sense of creative motivation that has you up and moving on any mental task on your to-do list. A sense of energy will vibrate through you from head to toe, keeping you amped up and active for hours on end. With these effects and its super high 26-27% average THC level, Violet Vixen is often chosen to treat ADD or ADHD, depression, chronic fatigue, headaches or migraines and chronic stress.

Watermelon Zkittlez strain

Watermelon Zkittlez strain

Watermelon Zkittlez is the indica-dominant cross of the hugely popular Zkittlez and Watermelon. It offers a wonderful fruity aroma and flavor profile that is mouthwateringly scrumptious. Its high may set in quick, delivering a powerful, head-rushing euphoria. With its heavy effects, Watermelon Zkittlez is best reserved for the end of the day.

Watermelon Zkittlez is an indica-dominant strain from Purple City Genetics (PCG), based out of Oakland, California. The top reported aromas are true to its name — very fruity, sweet, and candy-like. The top reported flavors are fruity watermelon and sweet candy.


Watermelon Zkittlez is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Zkittlez X Watermelon strains. If you’re after a bud that actually tastes like its name sounds, look no further. Watermelon Zkittlez packs a mouthwatering sweet citrus and watermelon flavor into each and every earthy toke. The aroma is of earthy herbs and rich fruity citrus with a heavily sour overtone that turns slightly pungent the more the nugs are burned. The Watermelon Zkittlez isn’t quite as bright as the flavor, with effects that are best-suited for a lazy night at home rather than one spent off the couch. The high starts with a rush of cerebral effects that smash into your head with giddy and unfocused euphoria. As your mind soars higher and higher, your body will begin to settle into a deeply relaxing state, keeping you anchored as the head rush continues to rampage. Thanks to these cerebral effects and its high 25% + average THC level, Watermelon Zkittlez is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as mood swings, chronic stress or anxiety, neuropathy and chronic pain. Watermelon Zkittlez buds have heart-shaped dark olive green nugs with rich purple undertones, sparse orange hairs and a coating of tiny purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.

Weed strain

Watermelon Zkittlez is an Indica weed that takes its genetics from parent Zkittlez and Watermelon marijuana strains. Created by an unknown breeder it provides a prominent aroma of fruits. This strain offers a unique terpene profile of Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Beta-Myrcene that could be detected as citrus, peppery, and herbal taste. Its THC ratio ranges from 15% to 19% making this weed a bit potent so this strain is the best-suitable for advanced smokers.

Watermelon Zkittlez cannabis starts to settle in quickly with a slight forehead tingle and keeps users feeling relaxed, sedated, and uplifted.

Due to its sedative and sometimes couch-locked effects, this strain is best reserved for nighttime usage and pairs well with doing nothing, sleeping, or just kicking back and watching TV.

Its physically soothing effects may help to counteract pain, aches, muscle spasms. Its cerebral effects can be useful to fight stress, insomnia, and depression.

Does Watermelon Zkittlez sound like a delicious strain? This indica dominant hybrid strain is made from crossing its parent strains, Zkittlez and Watermelon. The results are a strain that’s loved for its euphoric, relaxing effects and undeniably addicting taste.

Watermelon Zkittlez seeds could be purchased online and its flowering time takes around 60 days when grown indoors.

What does Watermelon Zkittlez taste like?

If you’re hoping that this strain tastes as delicious as it sounds, you’re in luck. Watermelon Zkittlez has mouthwatering flavors of juicy citrus with sour undertones. With sweet watermelon flavors, you might wonder if you’re smoking weed or munching on candy. With each toke, you’ll enjoy bright flavors that will leave you wanting more.

watermelon zkittlez strain

Is Zkittlez hard to grow?

Growing Zkittlez is similar to growing any weed strain. This strain isn’t too fussy about being grown indoors or outdoors. The buds will grow large with some smaller buds scattered throughout the plant. The bonus part about growing Zkittlez is the delicious aroma that the buds give off. Because of its easy growing process and yummy scent, growing Zkittlez is a true delight. Its buds are dark green with deep purple undertones and sparse orange hairs scattered throughout.

What are the effects?

The best part of Watermelon Zkittlez isn’t the flavor, but instead the amazing effects that it delivers. This fast hitting hybrid eases pain, eases nausea and relaxes the entire body. Best enjoyed in the evening, this strain starts off as a head rush that makes its way in with an unfocused euphoria. After a few moments, a warm fuzzy feeling develops that slowly creeps down through the body, settling in the limbs and relaxes all your muscles. This strain is best suited to treat mood swings, depression, and chronic stress. Although the flavor is delicious, don’t expect the munchies to hit you. This strain is a good choice for those who want to smoke without overeating.

watermelon zkittlez strain

Deliciously well-rounded

Watermelon Zkittlez was born out of a desire to create a well-balanced cultivar exploding with terpenes. Breeders at Pyramid Seeds identified some of the tastiest cultivars for the job, harnessing Watermelon Zum Zum #3 and OG Eddy. The result is an unprecedented flavour explosion known as Watermelon Zkittlez.

This cultivar occupies the fine line between indica and sativa dominance. Her genetic profile features exactly 50% sativa genetics and 50% indica, offering the best of both worlds. Watermelon Zkittlez doesn’t disappoint when it comes to productivity either. Plants cultivated indoors pump out approximately 400g/m² after a flowering time of 60 days. Outdoor plants produce a massive 750–1000g/plant and will be ready to harvest in September.

Watermelon Zkittlez offers a well-rounded high suitable for any time of day. Shortly after hitting a joint or vape, the sativa head high becomes exceptionally apparent. A sense of joy, euphoria, and motivation takes over the psyche. The subsequent mood elevation is perfect for enhancing focus and productivity during work. This effect is also ideal for artists, writers, and musicians looking to channel some creative inspiration.

Within an hour or two, the energetic head high tapers off into a soothing body stone. The appetite starts to increase, and ferocious motivation transitions into a chilled state of contentment. If you time things well, you can start your evening with some creative expression, and end it with some blissful relaxation.

With a name like Watermelon Zkittlez, users expect some profound flavours—and that’s precisely what they receive. The terpenes present within these crystalline flowers generate notes of sweetness, watermelon, and other fruits. Use a vaporizer to experience these flavours in all their glory.

Blue Cake

Blue Cake Strain

Blue Cake is a unique cross of genetics from Blueberry and Wedding Cake. This Indica dominant strain has sweet blueberry aromatics with pleasing fruity notes. Effects of calming nerves and bringing focus, it won’t leave you couch locked. After effects of dry eyes and cotton mouth, be sure to have your favourite beverage close by. Blue Cake has been known for its aid for depression, appetite stimulation and combating anxiety.

Blue Cake cannabis seeds certainly have interesting genetics, with the parents of this hybrid strain being the famed Kaia Kush, fruity Grape Ape, and the increasingly popular Blue Dream. A remarkable mix of popular strains with more than a hint of OG Kush and haze strains in the lineage helps to create Blue Cake´s truly unique flavour profile. 

blue cake images

Ease of growth is passed down through the genetics of these marijuana seeds, with relatively compact plants and an impressive yield, as well as a high THC level that could give any of the three mother strains a run for their money.

Basic info

Blue Cake is an indica/sativa variety from Apothecary Genetics and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±67 days) and outdoors. Apothecary Genetics’ Blue Cake is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Blue Cake by Apothecary Genetics, a regular marijuana plant created in a three-way cross with recognised strains such as Bluedream, Kaya Kush and Grape Ape. These three varieties have conquered many growers for their excellent characteristics and high quality.

Blue Cake, Bluedream x Kaia Kush x Grape Ape
On the one hand is Bluedream, the perfect combination between the Sativa and Indica worlds. It is a cross between the famous Blueberry and the legendary Haze.

Blue Cake also inherits Kaia Kush genetics, one of the 2007 Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup winners. It is a cross between an OG Kush male and the desired Super Silver Haze.

And last but not least, Blue Cake inherits from the renowned and award-winning Grape Ape. It is a variety that comes from old school ancestors, with Mendo Purps, awarded as one of the best tasty plants, and the majestic Skunk and the precious Afghan genetics that obtained awards in 2005, 2006 in the Green Cup, and in 2006 in the Lake Country. It also obtained another first prize in the concentrates category in the HTCC in Colorado.

Blue Cake, descendant of championship genetics
Looking at the Blue Cake’s parents we can sense a Haze heritage, with Grape Ape aromas and flavours, a sweet grape with earthy touches from its Og Kush ancestor.

blue cake images

This variety is ideal for those growers who are looking for new experiences using current strains and who love to perform selections to obtain powerful exclusive phenotypes that make a difference.

Blue Cake requires about 9-10 weeks of flowering indoors, and it is ready to be harvested outdoors in mid-October, offering medium-high yield. The seed bank did not provide much information about this but we supply it based on its parent’s genetics.

blue cake images

Blue Cake strain terpene profile

The terpene profile of Blue Cake has been handed down from its mother strains and produces a classic, yet modern mix of aromas and tastes.

Myrcene is the most dominant terpene and provides an old school cannabis flavour full of herbal scents on the exhale, while pinene is also found in these regular cannabis seeds to add a forest-fresh touch. Also present is caryophyllene, which takes these gentle flavours, and adds a strong dose of spice that sticks to the throat on the inhale and lingers on the tongue on the exhale.

Blue Cake strain effects

There are Afghani and Skunk cup winners in the busy genetics of Blue Dream, and the effects of this cannabis strain are reminiscent of these seeds bank favourites. A combination of chilled and uplifting effects is fast-acting and long-lasting here, a mix that every cannabis fan is looking for!

A great daytime strain, helping pull you through the last few hours of a busy day, this is also a nice evening smoke, conducive with chattiness when you have company, and aiding in relaxing towards a gentle and deep sleep.

Blue Cake strain medical benefits

Apothecary Genetics’ Blue Cake cannabis seed’s genetics are packed full of award-winning medical seeds, and there’s certainly that same potential here. The high THC level and caryophyllene combination, which connects to the body’s endocannabinoid system, may reduce pain, especially for those living with chronic pain conditions.

This cannabis strain also has medical seeds possibility in the reduction of stress and anxiety symptoms. The mind-chilling effects that may be offered by both limonene and pinene may aid in relieving the severity of symptoms of these conditions.

How to grow Blue Cake strain seeds

Blue Cake cannabis seeds from Apothecary Genetics, which are as yet unavailable as feminized seeds, should be ready to go in as little as nine weeks for indoor growers. With a pleasingly fast flowering time for such a high yielding marijuana strain, a little pruning will be necessary. The sativa aspects of Blue Cake’s personality can cause the plants to grow pretty leafy.

This easy to grow cannabis strain rewards outdoor gardeners well,  reacting best to warmer, Mediterranean style climates with limited rainfall. Greenhouses are recommended for those of you growing these regular marijuana seeds in cooler climes. 

However, for the fastest, and potentially best yield of orange coated, resinous, heavy buds, indoor growing is highly recommended.

On the one hand we find Blue dream , the perfect mix between the world of sativas and indica, being a creation made from the cross between the famous Blueberry and the more than legendary Haze .

Another of the crosses that make up Blue Cake is Kaia Kush, one of the brand-new winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 2007, being a cross between an OG Kush male and the desired Super Silver Haze .

And last but not least, and as the third component of Blue Cake we highlight the recognized and award-winning Grape Ape , a strain also created with old School ancestors in which Mendo Purps have been found , awarded as one of the plants with the best flavor that accompanied by the majestic Skunk and the prized Afghan genetics give rise to a cup winner in 2005, 2006 in the Green Cup, 2006 in the Lake Country and finally another first prize in the category of concentrates in the HTCC of Colorado.

Blue Cake, descendant of cup champion genetics

After discovering the parents of this strain, we can intuit that this genetics will have a marked haze heritage, with the smells and flavors of Grape Ape, a sweet grape with earthy touches from its ancestor Og Kush .

These seeds are ideal for those growers looking for new experiences in current strains who enjoy making selections in order to have exclusively powerful phenotypes that make a difference.

The bank did not provide much information to the connection still believe Blue Cake , requires between 9 and 10 weeks of flowering for indoor cultivation, outdoor can surely harvest about mid-October , with a production medium to high .

Characteristics of Blue Cake from apothecary genetics

  • Name: Blue Cake
  • Genetics: Bluedream x kaya Kush x Grape Ape
  • Type: Regular
  • Genotype: Indica / Sativa
  • Indoor flowering: 9-10 weeks
  • Flowering outdoor: Mid October
  • THC content: High
  • Indoor production: Medium to high
  • Outdoor production: Medium to high
Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a potent indica-hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Cherry Pie with Girl Scout Cookies. Wedding Cake provides relaxing and euphoric effects that calm the body and mind. This strain features a rich and tangy flavor profile with undertones of earthy pepper. Medical marijuana patients choose Wedding Cake to help relieve symptoms associated with pain, insomnia and appetite loss. Consumers with a low THC tolerance should enjoy this strain with an extra slice of care due to its high THC content. Wedding Cake has soared in popularity over the years and was named Leafly Strain of the Year in 2019. Fun fact: In Canada, this strain is known as Pink Cookies.

About Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a hybrid with indica-dominance. It is attained by crossing Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). It gives an exceptionally sweet aromatic essence and a fruity flavour. The taste is a perfect combination of sweetness of cookies and fruitiness of a cherry pie. It works as a calming agent and appetite stimulator, and is quite helpful for patients who experience regular depression-associated syndromes, fibromyalgia, MS and other such related symptoms. It may act as a sedative for patients, but does help in calming down nerves or controlling anxiety stimulating symptoms. Although it might not completely hamper your focus and energy levels, it will cause the usual drying out of eyes and mouth. This particular medical marijuana is grown indoors. It is observed to contain a THC level of 25%. In terms of physical features, it is shaped like pine trees and looks dense in its structural form. It is quite frosty looking and has dark green leaves. This particular medical marijuana is also thickly dressed up with orange hair all over it. It is most generally known for its sugary taste, as well as high potency value.

Wedding Cake, sometimes known as Pink Cookies or Birthday Cake, is a strain that leans on some very popular genetics to yield a balanced high and a dynamic taste. It is a cross between sour hybrid Cherry Pie and the universally appealing Girl Scout Cookies. And although its flavor may vary depending on the phenotype, Wedding Cake doesn’t exactly taste like any traditional nuptial dessert most have ever tasted – instead, its profile is mostly sour and tangy with just a hint of creaminess. Increasingly popular for its well-rounded effects, Wedding Cake has both recreational and medical applications. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has founded flowers of this strain to have between 16 and a staggering 25% THC.

Wedding Cake is distinguished by its very large and colorful flowers. The chunky, globular nuggets adhere in a dense, indica-typical bud structure, with tightly curling leaves. The leaves themselves are an earthy green to brown. They are threaded through with orange hairs, which are actually pistils, meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants. A high concentration of trichomes gives this strain its high THC levels as well as an incredibly sticky texture. Wedding Cake’s buds are as aromatically striking as they are visually impressive. When properly cured, they smell vegetal: damp and mossy with just a hint of citrus. Hanging out underneath is a skunky funk that betrays the influence of grandparent strain OG Kush, while breaking up or grinding the buds gives off notes of spicy sandalwood. When combusted, Wedding Cake may be harsh, stinging smokers’ sinuses or throats with its acrid smoke. It tastes sweet and rich on the exhale, with a super subtle creamy mouthfeel that some might compare to the taste of cake.

The effects of wedding cake strain

It is an incredibly potent cannabis strain, and you can feel its impact shortly after consuming it, appearing initially in mind. It will cause a slightly psychedelic high where the consumer’s thoughts get fast-paced, and their perception of the surroundings is sharpened. When the setting is appropriate, a user can also feel giddiness and joyfulness. In the beginning, it may seem very strong, but shortly, it makes a person more relaxed, just like other indica-leaning strains. When this relaxation comes, some Wedding Cake consumers feel a nice wave of warmth and heaviness over their limbs and torso.

leafly wedding cake

Even when a sedative effect appears, mental stimulation is still noticeable, so it helps in particular activities like mild exercise, writing, or drawing. Still, it is inadvisable to take up any tasks that demand a significant degree of caution and good motor functions (for example, driving or preparing food). After using Pink Cookies, you may experience some side-effects like dryness in your eyes and mouth.

The medical use of wedding cake

Interestingly enough, Wedding Cake strain is also used for medical purposes. Thanks to its properties of improving perceptiveness, it can be helpful in dealing with moderate or mild feelings of anxiety, stress or even depression. It is because it makes it possible for a user to focus more on the present. What is more, such qualities can also help people with attention deficit disorders, and because users can still be sensible and easy to understand, they can concentrate on particular tasks.

Apart from that, due to the physical relaxation provided by the Wedding Cake strain, it is suitable for people suffering from chronic pain, aches or arthritis. Moreover, its sedative properties are excellent for easing insomnia. Also, Wedding Cake stimulates hunger, helping people who have lost their appetite due to medications, diseases, or chemotherapy.

leafly wedding cake

However, you should take into account some contraindications associated with this strain. Wedding Cake is very rich in THC, so it may cause feelings of anxiety and panic, but it rarely happens. Nevertheless, if you are predisposed to such conditions, it is not advisable to use this kind of cannabis – in this case, you should look for a different strain that does not have such high THC content.

Growing the Wedding Cake strain

This strain has an Indica-leaning growing profile. As it is durable and short, growers can cultivate it in many different environments. When the harvesting time comes, Wedding Cake produces dense buds that appear very sturdy. When you place it in the palm of your hand, you will feel a little bit of weight. It has a forest green hue getting darker as it develops into the purple shade.

When it comes to nutrition, feeding and growing practices, they are practically no different from the ones most commonly used with other cannabis strains. However, some seasoned cultivators apply advanced growing methods (for example, the Sea of Green). Thanks to this technique, the advantage of this strain’s stoutness is taken. Namely, you can increase small growing spaces and sow four seeds or even more in a single square meter, and coax a separated bud as it develops. In this way, the vegetative stage can be shortened and, at the same time, no yields have to be sacrificed to achieve that.

One of the most significant aspects of growing the Wedding Cake strain is to prune it. Its foliage is very dense, growing thicker and thicker as the new buds and leaves appear. As a result, moisture may stick to the crevices and then develop into mildew or mold. What is more, when you leave it alone, it can get even worse, and the root and bud may begin to rot. It is worth applying an efficient ventilation system in order to improve the air circulation in the area where Wedding Cake is grown.

Super Skunk

Super Skunk Strain

Super Skunk

The Super Skunk Strain is known globally for its unique “hybrid” qualities. It is loved for its distinct and famously fragrant “skunky” scent and for producing the perfect high that allows you to loosen up. Super Skunk sinks you into a deep state of relaxation, while still being in a clear state of concentration and clarity.

A much-appreciated strain among amateur hobby-smokers and professional cannabis judges, the Skunk line of cannabis has a unique story of origin. Super Skunk is a popular and largely indica strain.

It was created by crossing Skunk 1 with an original Afghani strain. With this cross, the breeder, Sensei Seeds, refers to the strain as the “first hybrid breeding project” with Afghani roots – an upgraded “super” version of its original Skunk #1.

  • Effects: Giggly, Energetic, Hungry, Happy, Talkative
  • Side Effects: Paranoia, Concern, Dry eyes, Heightened sensory perception
  • Common Usage: Anorexia, Arthritis, Bipolar disorder, Muscular dystrophy, Phantom limb pain, Migraines
  • Terpenes: Limonene, Linalool, Pinene, Camphene
  • Taste: Citrus, Pungent, Skunk, Sweet, Woody
  • Color: Green

Super Skunk Effects

Normally, the strength of its effects varies depending on individuals. Super Skunk cannabis strain is famous for its powerful stress-relieving qualities. It induces deep relaxation and a calm, euphoric high offering you with a good way to ease your daily insomnia and anxiety.

Super Skunk

It offers a strong high, as you would expect of an Indica dominant strain, but it keeps you focused and aware of your surroundings. The Sativa components offer a clear-headed high which allows you to focus and be creative with a heavy sense of unwinding.

Super Skunk delivers a bold body-high due to the strain being indica-dominant, but keeps you focused and in tune with your surroundings. The underlying prominent sativa presence creates a clear-headed high. This allows you to focus and think straight while feeling a heavy sense of unwinding.

Super Skunk is also in demand for causing a profound state of elation, often causing the smoker to laugh uncontrollably – but also while enjoying an increased sociability and light-hearted talkativeness.

Super Skunk Aroma and Flavors

Super Skunk has a pungent aroma. Some people say that the smell reminds them of pungent cheese that has been left in the sun. However, when you get past the initial harsh taste, you are treated to a hidden sweetness. When you grind the buds apart, they emit a smell reminiscent of fresh honey.

On first inhale, you are hit with a save of flavors that somehow overwhelming but settle on your tongue offering a complex yet enjoyable flavor. But you will mainly feel the sweetness. As the flavor develops, you can now distinguish between the sweet citrus and the earthy undertones. The smoke is smooth making it easy to inhale

Super Skunk Adverse reactions

Super Skunk cannabis has a body-heavy effect which can lead to side effects like blood-shot eyes and dry mouth. In more extreme cases users experience temporary deliria and mild paranoia.

Nervousness and anxiety has also been observed in some cases, due to its “clear head” effects, patients may become confused by the slowing down effect Super Skunk may have on their bodies, while their minds and thoughts stay switched on.

Another unpopular side effect is that Super Skunk can cause the “munchies”, leading to a strong surge in appetite and the absence of the feeling of fullness. This, however,  is purely a matter of perspective, given that Super Skunk is also used to treat patients who suffer from a lack of appetite.

Super Skunk Medical Benefits

  • THC: 19 – 21%
  • CBD: 0.84 – 1.42%
  • CBC: 0.25 – 0.99%
  • CBG: 0.28 – 2%
  • CBN: 0.08 – 0.25%
  • THCV: 0.41 – 1.37%

Because of its strong relaxing characteristics, Super Skunk has proven to medically benefit patients who suffer from high levels of stress and body pain caused by the inability to physically unwind.

Patients who suffer from insomnia, depression and anxiety are known to benefit from the use of Super Skunk. This makes itself the perfect alternative to synthetic prescription medication, which can cause an array of side effects.

Super Skunk

Cancer patients, especially those who are being treated with chemotherapy, often suffer from a lack of appetite, causing extreme and often dangerous weight-loss in many cases. These patients have been successfully treated with Super Skunk to reverse their weight-loss by eliminating the nausea caused by the radiation and encouraging them to consume their meals as normal.

For those who have to endure painful headaches, migraines and cramps, Super Skunk has helped eliminate symptoms and aches.

It has also been credited for its ability to lessen their feelings of stress – which can often be the underlying cause of these issues to begin with. Another breakthrough in the use of medical marijuana, which is especially poignant with the use of Super Skunk, is that it is known to aid in the treatment of seizures, for which we have to thank its above average THC levels, which is at a whopping 20%, with its complementing CBD levels at 2.4%.

Super Skunk Growing Info

  • Flowering time: 56-63 Days
  • Harvest time: 67-74 Days
  • Yield indoor: 2 – 3 Oz/Ft² (~ 550 g/m²) oz/ft2
  • Yield outdoor: < 0.5 Oz/plant (< 150 g/plant) oz/ft2
  • Height indoor: 30-60 Inches
  • Height outdoor: 30-60 Inches
  • Grow difficulty: Difficult
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

Growing Super Skunk weed is easy even for amateur growers. It is also a good strain as it can withstand many environmental conditions making it easy to maintain without the fear of infestations.

The seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It thrives well in a dry climate characterized by cold nights and warm days. It is best grown indoors where the temperature can be regulated.

When grown indoors, the plants flower after 8 to 9 weeks and the yield is above average with an estimate of 18 ounces per square meter.

When grown outdoors, you can expect to harvest in September or early October. The yields average around 21 ounces per plant.

Super Skunk Experience

Super Skunk is recommended for experienced consumers searching for a hard-hitting cannabis experience. The dank aroma provides the first hint to its intoxicating effects. Robust and powerful, Super Skunk provides consumers with a drowsy and heavy-bodied sensation. This flower’s drowsy effects make it appropriate for evening and nighttime use.

Yet, this friendly herb isn’t all sleep. Super Skunk offers a happy and euphoric experience overall. When saved for the end of the day, it can help you leave behind workday drama and stress.

This strain is slightly similar to its famous relative, Shiva Skunk, in that it tends to produce a more introspective experience, making it a great choice for a solo smoke session. However, those who enjoy passing around a vaporizer may appreciate the chuckles and mind-bending nature of this fragrant herb.

Cannabis fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Super Skunk Oil Pens may be available from select brands
  • Super Skunk shatter, Super Skunk wax, and other concentrates are also available from a number of retailers

Super Skunk is an easy growing strain as it has a strong resistance against most pests and molds. As long as it has the basic necessities, the plant does not need any special maintenance. Grown outside, it has to be harvested between late September and early November. Indoors, it takes around 10 weeks before it can be harvested.

Euphoric and sedative, the Super Skunk cannabis strain is a high-THC favorite with a strong pungent aroma. Pick up this flower to help with the management of pain and nausea.

huckleberry hound

Huckleberry Hound Strain Information

Huckleberry Hound is an obscure hybrid that has alleged roots in Blueberry and Chemdawg families. With notes of berry intermixed with a palatable melange of chemicals, this flower’s bouquet is challenging but worthwhile. Expect airy body effects that take on more weight with time and cerebral effects that remind many of Sour Diesel’s type of mental stimuli. Most Chemdawg lineage is potent, so be aware, as this strain is a howler.

Huckleberry Hound is a hybrid strain , This strain’s genetics include:Purple Berry BX, and Tres Star Dawg.It originates from: Afghanistan, Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand. It may taste fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, piney. When smoked, this strain can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief. Negative side effects can include: slight anxiety and slight dry mouth.

About Huckleberry

huckleberry hound

Huckleberry is a well-balanced hybrid with a mysterious backstory. Its parent strains — as well its creator — are unknown, although the strain’s strong berry scent and taste suggest a Blueberry lineage. Whatever its origin, Huckleberry offers a crowd-pleasing aroma and a multi-faceted high that’s as enjoyable while out on an adventure as it is when you’re lounging on your couch. This strain’s THC content has been measured at between 8% and a staggering 26%.

Buds of Huckleberry are small to medium in size and spherical in shape, clinging together in popcorn-like clusters. These flowers have the thick and tightly-packed bud structure often associated with indica-dominant varieties. Leaves are a mossy shade of green and are threaded through with orange to red pistils. Phenotypes of the strain frequently display patches of purple in their leaves, in almost equal proportion to green; these surprising shades are the result of pigments called anthocyanins in the plant’s genetics. Finally, translucent white trichomes coat the inner and outer surfaces of these flowers, giving them a silvery sheen.

The smell of sweet and tart berries wafts up from cured buds of Huckleberry, lending credence to the theory that this strain is descended from Blueberry. The fruity aroma is devoid of any funky or kush-like scents; there are also no pronounced skunky odors. That said, grinding up or breaking open these dense buds yields some slightly spicy notes, possibly suggesting an Afghani landrace in Huckleberry’s background. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, these flowers burn with a smoke that is almost universally described as harsh and cough-inducing. This smoke tastes fruity and cloyingly sweet on the exhale. Notably, despite its purple coloring, Huckleberry has no detectable grape flavors — this is because, while the strain’s color is determined by its pigmentation, its bouquet is dictated by separate chemical compounds called terpenes.

Huckleberry’s high takes effect quickly, smacking users with a sudden uptick in higher-order processing. This stimulation of cerebral and analytical thinking is met with a strong jolt of energy. As a result, Huckleberry is an ideal strain for getting work done, whether it’s problem-oriented or more loosely-defined and creative. Alternatively, it can provide the motivation needed to accomplish mundane tasks like cleaning. As the high progresses, a mildly disorienting sense of physical relaxation begins to emerge. Smokers may feel a heaviness in the limbs (and eyelids) and a sudden desire to lounge in the closest comfortable surroundings. This combination of mental and physical effects translates into a palpable feeling of euphoria. In its later, more dreamy stages, Huckleberry’s high lends itself to trippy surroundings like atmospheric music or movies. Because of the indica sedation that creeps through on its backend, this strain is recommended for use during the day or the early afternoon.

Huckleberry’s versatile effects can be useful to medical cannabis patients as well. Its sustained feeling of clarity and focus can help those with attention deficit disorders to concentrate on a single task. Its mood-altering effects can also give patients struggling with stress or depression to gain a fresh perspective and to spend their time more mindfully and consciously. Physiologically speaking, this strain may provide moderate relief from deep-seated aches and pains. In high enough doses, it can work against stubborn instances of insomnia. Because its onset may lead to some intense, recursive thinking, Huckleberry should be consumed with caution by users who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

No large commercial producers have made seeds of Huckleberry available for sale online. As such, prospective growers must obtain clippings from mature, healthy plants of the strain in order to grow genetically identical “clones.” The strain may be a temperamental grow, and is not recommended for newcomers to cultivation. It can be grown indoors or out, although success outdoors calls for a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Those looking to bring out Huckleberry’s full purple bag appeal should stimulate its anthocyanins by exposing their crops to cold (but not freezing) nighttime temperatures late in the vegetative stage. Huckleberry flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors.

Huckleberry’s mellow, even-handed high is welcome in a wide variety of settings. It can be savored alone or shared with friends. If you do bring this fruity bud out in public, be prepared for its pleasant aroma to turn some heads.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 12% – 19%

Huckleberry Hound is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Chemdawg X Blueberry strains. This celebrity child boasts a super delicious flavor and a long-lasting high that’s perfect for any hybrid lover. This baby packs a sweet blueberry floral flavor into each and every toke with a lightly spicy fruity exhale. The aroma is of earthy flowery herbs and spicy fruity berries with a rich woody overtone. The Huckleberry Hound high is just as delicious as the flavor, with a blissful combination of effects that hit both mind and body with a high level of potency. You’ll feel an airy body high accompanied by a racy head high that has you feeling euphoric and giggly with a sense of almost frenzied creative energy that has you feeling antsy and getting up and moving almost immediately. With these effects and its high 12-19% average THC level, Huckleberry Hound is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic fatigue, headaches or migraines, appetite loss or nausea, chronic pain and chronic stress. This bud has conical dark olive green nugs with rich purple undertones, dark orange hairs and a coating of purple-tinted milky white crystal trichomes.

Information About Huckleberry Hound Strain

EFFECTSEuphoric – 10
Happy – 10
Relaxed – 10
Giggly – 9
Hungry – 9
FRAGRANCESweet, berry, floral, spicy, earth, sour, pine
FLAVORSSpicy, earthy, pine, sweet, berry, sour
Dry mouth – 10
MEDICALHeadaches – 10
Lack of appetite – 10
Pain – 10
Stress – 10
THC CONTENT %12% to 19%
CBD %Unknown
INDOOR YIELD12 to 14 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD12 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATETemperate climate

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


huckleberry hound

Huckleberry Hound is not one to startle users at the first puff. Instead, it bides its time with a gentle euphoria that gradually intensifies. It improves the mood as it swarms every nook and cranny of the mind. No doubt, it will leave users feeling upbeat.

Its ability to enhance one’s disposition makes it an impressive recreational strain. Users may consume it with friends for a day filled with fun activities. Not to mention, it has THC levels that range from a manageable 12% to a moderate 19% which both beginners and seasoned users could pace to accommodate one’s tolerance level. In all likelihood, like-minded friends will end up giggling and laughing at random jokes or interesting conversations.

Alternatively, one could also simply use it alone to the mind and body from stress. Regardless, one of the best times to use Huckleberry Hound is right before a meal. The mental invigoration also stimulates the appetite.

30 minutes to an hour after the initial onset, a tingling sensation ebbs down from the temples. It makes its way through the back of the neck before arriving at the lower extremities. It kneads the muscles free of tension, making the body as limber as a well-oiled machine.


Huckleberry Hound boasts a sweet berry scent underlined by floral notes. It has hints of spicy earth to blunt the potential sourness. Broken apart and combusted, its buds exude a refreshing pine.


In the palate, Huckleberry Hound’s spicy flavors of wet soil take center stage before quickly dissolving into a woody pine. Swirling the smoke brings out its blend of sweet berries which, on the exhale, leave a delectable tanginess.

Adverse reactions

Users can expect Huckleberry Hound to cast the usual dry spell. It affects the eyes and the eyes the most, especially once its cannabinoids begin to interfere with moisture production. Its effects are usually mild, but one may prevent it from exacerbating by downing a few glasses of water throughout the day.


Huckleberry Hound has a myriad of medicinal benefits. One of which is stress relief. In inducing its recreational mood lift, it also soothes tired spirits, calms the nerves, and refreshes the mind. Along with the upbeat disposition, it allows the chronically stressed to withdraw the mind to a state of calm.

Its therapeutic value extends to other aspects as well. For instance, it could also be used to manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The mood-enhancing onset also brings in a gentle euphoria that temporarily pushes back feelings of hopelessness and despair.

Although subtle, the light mental stimulation could also be of use to patients with a lack of appetite. It encourages users to eat meals heartily. Moreover, because it soothes the stomach, it also appeases gastrointestinal pains reducing the possibility of regurgitation, vomiting, or nausea.

Patients will also find comfort in its painkilling properties. Although moderate, its THC levels are still enough to turn it into a natural analgesic that eliminates a wide variety of pain regardless of the source or intensity. It is particularly effective against common aches and pains such as headaches, joint pains, and arthritis.

og slang

What Does “OG” Mean

OG means “Original Gangster” and “Original. “The abbreviation OG is widely used with the meanings “Original Gangster” and “Original.” Here is more information about of these definitions of OG. Examples of use can be found below.

With 5,000 years of history that’s spread around the globe, cannabis culture has developed a rich, multilingual lexicon to describe the cannabis plant and the wealth of human experience surrounding it. But with such a varied expanse of lore to draw upon, the origins of many words and expressions in the dank dictionary are matters of contention, subject to ongoing debate.

A prime example of this phenomenon can be found with the term OG — you know, as in OG Kush. But what does OG mean? Although the initials “OG” are commonplace in marijuana subcultures, what they stand for is largely a matter of who you ask. Most often you’ll hear one of two popular theories, but there are several more. Outside of pot culture, there are even more possible definitions for OG. 

So, what does OG truly stand for? We’ll leave that decision to you, curious reader. But here’s a breakdown of its different definitions and the lore that fuels its contextual popularity.

The abbreviation OG is used with the meaning “Original Gangster” to refer to a person who has been around for a long time; someone who might be considered “old school.”

The phrase “Original Gangster” is thought to have originated in gang circles in Los Angeles (LA), California, in the 1970s, as a term of respect for senior gang members. It gained wider circulation in 1991, when rapper Ice-T released a successful album entitled “OG Original Gangster.”

og slang

The OG origin story

Now that we know what to expect from consuming this uber popular strain, let’s dig into its weed culture nomenclature — and there are a lot of theories. Some say it’s an acronym for “ocean grown,” “original gangster,” or a shortened version of the word “original.” 

To know what OG means, you need to know the names of two cannabis growing forefathers who first became friends and roommates in Los Angeles in the early 1990s: Matt “Bubba” Berger, who currently works as a consultant and dispensary owner in Denver’s legal cannabis market, and Josh Del Rosso aka Josh D, Founder and Managing Director of Josh D Farms. 

In Berger’s telling, he cultivated the strain in Florida from a random bag of flower he got from a friend in 1992. Another friend, impressed by the strain’s frosty colas, said the buds resembled “kushberries,” which was then shortened to “kush.” In 1996, Berger returned to LA with his kush seeds, and he and Del Rosso planted Kush, Bubba (another of Berger’s strains), and Purple Indica in the crawl space of a rental house they shared. 

Word of Del Rosso and Berger’s Kush strain took off and demand soared, reaching $8,000 a pound in the late 90s — that’s around $13,400 in today’s dollars. But with success came imitators hoping to cash in on the Kush phenomena. Del Rosso and Berger added “OG” to their original Kush to distinguish it from all the others, which stands for “original.” Adding one more layer of confusion, Berger and Del Rosso’s Kush is totally separate and unrelated to landrace kush, an indica that originated in Afghanistan. 

Original gangster

This is the flip side of the debate. OG was used to mean original gangster long before OG Kush came along. An original gangster is an old school gangster who has been in the game for a while.

A lot of people automatically assume it means original gangster, because it’s used as slang all over the place. It’s been used by the hip hop community for decades. Here’s a few more examples:

Son’s of Anarchy – The term OG is used throughout the show to refer to an Original Gangster.

Instagram – #OG is a popular hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. It could mean anything really, but most often it’s used to mean Original Ganger.

Most who believe it means original gangster claim it came from southern California – around the San Fernando Valley. Some claim that Cypress Hill played a role in giving the strain it’s name. 

Where can you find OG strains?

hough OG Kush has been around since the early 90s, its contribution to cannabis is influential, ongoing, and shows no signs of stopping. It’s nearly on every dispensary and delivery menu. Known as a building block strain because of its outstanding genetics, potency, flavor, and aroma, OG Kush is frequently used in successful cross breedings that have propagated many well-known strains.  

og slang

Here’s a few of our favorites: GSC is a relatively new strain that has a huge influence on cannabis culture — just as OG Kush did in its early days. Rapper Berner started the Cookies company after GSC exploded in California dispensaries. Today, GSC hybrids can be found all over the world.

Additional meanings

Just for fun I listed some other things that OG stands for.

Shoes – When it comes to shoes, OG just stands for original. That is, a version of a shoes that was released before the retro version’s were made available. This is often the shoes that are released by an athlete while they’re still playing (e.g. OG Jordan’s). They term is used most often when talking about Nike’s.

Beer – This time it stands for Original Gravity. When you start brewing beer you take a measurement of the amount of sugar. This is the original gravity. When the beer is done fermenting, you take another reading called the Final Gravity (FG). This lets you determine what percentage alcohol is present.

Text Message – When it comes to a text OG could mean anything. Most often, it means Oh God.

Old Git – This is a British meaning for OG. An old git is an stupid, annoying, or senile old person.

Teen Mom – This time OG stands for Original Girls. The show Teen Mom was cancelled in it’s 4th season. For the fifth season they renamed the show Teen Mom OG. The show follows around some of the main cast members from season 1 of 16 and Pregnant. They are: Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood.

Dota 2 – This is an online battle game. OG is the name of a team that competes at game tournaments. I’m  not sure what the origin means though. If you have more info about this comment down below. Update: Thanks so much to the commenter who let us know that it stands for ‘Optic Gaming’. 

Red & Green Weed

Red & Green Weed

I opted to put this in the advanced section as Ph in general for some growers starting out can be a point of hardship in as much as not really understanding the importance of Ph just to grow acceptable cannabis.

I am sharing the article with you all is this takes Ph control and range to another level. As a disclaimer not all strains contain a adequate level of Anthocyanin’s to bring about the colors you think you going to get. Just because you have some purple erkle doesn’t necessarily mean you will end up with all purple plants out of a breeders pack even with using Ph manipulation.

This technique is for those chosen known phenos that exhibit coloration even without changing the Ph of your soil or medium. Try it when you have some cuts laying around and experiment a bit with some of your strains that you know have anthocyanin in their genes. Enjoy Farmers!!!

Cannabis strains, long before cannabinoid testing, could only be measured with the senses. How did it smell & taste? Bag appeal came from the bud trim and aromas, sure. But what really blows us away every time is color. 93% of shoppers make purchasing decisions based on color and visual appeal. And nothing says “WOW” like some green that isn’t green. So where do those amazing bud colors come from?

Monitoring marijuana plant genetics

A plant’s genetics affect the prevalence of pigments like anthocyanins and carotenoids. This is true for a wide variety of plants—not just marijuana.And while most plants appear green because of an abundance of chlorophyll, that isn’t always the case. Cannabis, like leaves in the Fall, reaches a point where the production of chlorophyll halts, allowing other pigments to show through.

So how do these difficult to pronounce pigments work?

Anthocyanins are a large group of pigments—approximately 400 in cannabis—known as flavonoids. Despite the tasty-sounding name, flavonoids have nothing to do with a strain’s flavor. These flavonoids are instead responsible for many of the blue and purple hues you find in popular strains like Granddaddy Purple and Purple Kush.

Anthocyanins are produced for more than aesthetics, though. They also help protect plants against ultraviolet radiation, pathogens, and more.

Carotenoids are the set of pigments that promote gold, yellow, red, and orange coloration. In addition to their beautiful sunset-citrus hues, carotenoids are associated with a variety of health benefits, from eye health to male fertility. They’re the same pigments found in high concentrations in carrots.

If only science had been more advanced when we were younger, our parents might have been encouraging us to smoke Lemon Kush for our daily dose of carotenoids instead of eating carrots.

While anthocyanins or carotenoids contribute to a plant’s coloration, their presence alone isn’t enough to guarantee a colorful crop, though. To truly bring out the desired reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, blues, and purples, growers have to use the environment.

Is colorful marijuana more potent?

Many cannabis consumers believe purple bud is a higher quality than green. And a deep, richly colorful weed really is a thing of beauty. But will you get a different, longer lasting, or more potent high if you smoke purple or orange weed instead of green?

The short answer is no.

But also maybe yes.

The levels of cannabinoids in a marijuana plant are relatively steady regardless of color. Purple plants aren’t any stronger than green ganja, blue bud, or the rarer pink pot. It can be fun to pull out a bag of bud so colorful it looks like a character from the Muppets, but you won’t get a higher THC concentration. Pigmentation just doesn’t play a role in cannabinoid potency.

There is some evidence that deeper red and purple pot—so deep it appears black—offers a more cerebral high than the average strain. On the other hand, the colder conditions that encourage purple pigmentation to shine through in many strains might actually limit the production of THC, capping a plant’s potency.

So you probably won’t get higher smoking purple marijuana. Good to know.

But does color affect marijuana’s non-psychoactive effects?

As it turns out, the color of cannabis may correlate to how the plant interacts with the body. Anthocyanins (which cause blue and purple hues) are also found in many berries and are known for their role as antioxidants. Studies have suggested they may provide other health benefits, as well, including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties.

It isn’t that these benefits can’t be found in traditional green bud, but visible coloration can serve as a sign that a plant has more anthocyanins and carotenoids, suggesting it will provide greater antioxidant and pain-killing benefits.

So the next time you buy bud in Colorado, remember that the color of your cannabis means about as much as a paint job on your car. A pop of color looks nice, but it isn’t likely to change the way you handle the product or how you feel when you’re done.

And if you want strong, clean grown marijuana (whether purple, green, or other), stop by Karing Kind in North Boulder.

Red and Pink Strains

Red hairs show up more frequently today, but actually red buds and leaves are not nearly as common. For truly ruby herb, some strains that carry dominant red tones such as Pink Flower Shaman, pictured above, you will have to do some searching.

red and green weed

Predator Pink expresses some phenotypes with actual pink and fuchsia hues. Don’t go buying every strain with red or pink in the name, however. Most of the time, this refers either to the hairs or flavor accents, like pink lemonade or grapefruit.

You can also cheat a little changing plant leaves and buds a bit red by manipulating nutrients. Phosphorus deficiencies can cause this, but it won’t be as pretty as the real thing.

The science of color

red and green weed

Some strains of cannabis change color as they flower. What’s the secret? Genetics. Anthocyanins are a group of around 400 water-soluble pigment molecules classified as flavonoids. They appear red, blue, or purple according to their pH.
Interestingly, flavonoids are generally yellow, hence the latin root “flavus“, meaning yellow. They also have nothing to do with flavor, being extremely bitter.

The fall effect

Think of the tree leaves in fall. As temperatures drop, they change from green to red, orange, yellow, or gold. Cannabis doesn’t produce the colors until the latter half of the flowering stage, with a few exceptions. Once the green fades, they can come forth and shine.

Temperature plays a vital role, as cooler temperatures inhibit chlorophyll production. Chlorophyll, you might remember from 6th-grade science, is the plant component vital to photosynthesis.

For cannabis, depending on the lineage of the strain, certain other colors will appear when you drop the temp and the light cycle shortens, mimicking the change in season.

The ideal range to grow cannabis is a pH of 5.5-6.5. But during flowering, you can lean one way or another to enhance or minimize certain anthocyanins, bringing out certain colors.


Purple Rhino

Purple Rhino strain is a pure Indica weed, a hybrid of Mendocino Purps and famous White Rhino strains. This strain will offer you euphoric and uplifted sensations enhancing your moods and giving positive thoughts from the first whiff. It will make you tingly and happy, putting you in a hazy and dream-like state. It has a robust high with both cerebral and relaxation effects due to its Indica potency. These effects make Purple Rhino weed famous to the hard-core Indica fans.

Purple Rhino Cannabis strain has a sour, citrus and pine scent with skunky and sweet undertones. It has a fresh, pine taste blended with sweet notes. Tropical, nutty and berry flavours will be detected on the exhale. The buds of Purple Rhino weed are large and purple with green patches and orange hairs. They are covered in thick and heavy amber trichomes.

Purple Rhino Marijuana strain is easy to grow due to its high resistance to mildews and molds. For outdoor cultivation, it requires a warm and dry climate away from frost. It is short in height, making it possible to be grown indoors. Also, it takes 8-9 weeks to flower indoors and Mid October in outdoor growing. It has a low to medium yield rate of 11 ounces per square meter indoors and 13 ounces per plant outdoors.

Here you can find all info about Triple Purple Rhino from Doc’s Dank Seeds. If you are searching for information about Triple Purple Rhino from Doc’s Dank Seeds, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy or Hybrids / Crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic info

Triple Purple Rhino is a mostly indica variety from Doc’s Dank Seeds and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Doc’s Dank Seeds’ Triple Purple Rhino is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

The perfect purple storm! The cross of the Black Sour Bubble / Caseyband x White Rhino mom and the Triple Purple Doja dad have created a strain giving up 100% purple on the test run. Heavy yielder of the darkest genetically purple buds stinking of dark dank grapes ranging to super sour grapes.

Purple Rhino is one of those strains shrouded in mystery and legend. Not to be confused with Riot Seeds’ version of the same name, this more common Purple Rhino is a cross of Mendo Purps with White Rhino to form buds that glisten with trichomes and bits of purple, according to sources online. The strain is said to have a combo of earthy, sweet, and skunk flavors.

Purple Rhino combines White Rhino’s skunky aroma with the sweet piney flavors of The Purps. It is an indica-dominant hybrid that can weigh heavy on the body, relaxing muscles and cradling you to sleep. Many report increased hunger with this strain, making it a good choice for those suffering from a lack of an appetite. The sedating effects of Purple Rhino make it a powerful weapon when combatting chronic pain and insomnia.

Purple Rhino marijuana key facts

  Genetics: Purple Rhino weed is a pure Indica strain, a cross of Mendocino Purps and White Rhino strains. Both the parents are award-winning strains back in the 90s.

        The High: It has a focused head high, along with a mellow, euphoric buzz. It’s followed by uplifting and cerebral sensation, with massive narcotic effects at the end.

        Hybrid ratio: 100% Indica, 0% Sativa

        THC: 17%-20%

        Growth Information: This Cannabis strain is easy to grow as it’s highly resistant to molds and mildews. It requires a warm and dry climate in outdoor growing. It is short in height, making it easy for indoor cultivation. The flowering time is 8-9 weeks indoors and mid-October outdoors. Its yielding rate is 11 ounces per square meter indoors and 13 ounces per plant in outdoor growing.

purple rhino strain

Purple Rhino weed strain effects

Purple Rhino Cannabis is 100% Indica dominant variety. It’s a hybrid of Mendocino and White Rhino strains. The buds of the Purple Rhino strain are light green with amber and purple strands, coated with thick trichomes. It has a sweet and fruity aroma with a lemon berry undertone. Skunk and turpentine tones may also be felt with distinctive fresh berries and citrus flavours. The high of Purple Rhino strain is potent, with euphoric and focused effects. It will uplift your moods and give positive thinking. It will make you more social, talkative and happy. A narcotic, deep relaxation will follow at the end, inducing a strong couch-lock and quality sleep. The high resistance to molds and mildews makes Purple Rhino Marijuana strain easy to grow even to the first time growers. For outside growing, it requires a warm and dry climate to thrive. Its flowering period is 8-9 weeks indoors and mid-October outdoors. The yield rate is 11 ounces per square meter indoors and 13 ounces per plant outdoors. The euphoric, cerebral and uplifting effects founded on the Purple Rhino Cannabis strain will uplift your moods, making you more social and happy. You will be able to forget all your problems, hence relieving stress, anxiety and depression. The sedative properties will help alleviate arthritis, chronic pains, muscle spasms, and migraines. Its relaxation effects will calm your body and mind, giving you a couch-lock. You will also experience a peaceful sleep in the long run, making this strain an excellent remedy for insomnia. You may experience dry mouth, dry eyes as some of the side effects of the Purple Rhino Marijuana strain. Headache and dizziness may also be caused by dehydration. To avoid these effects, take a lot of water before and after smoking. 

Cancer patients experience devastating side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments they undergo. Purple Rhino Marijuana strain is ideal for combating some of these effects like nausea and loss of appetite. The euphoria and uplifting effects will enhance your moods and help you forget all the traumas you may have undergone. The sedative and relaxation sensation will help alleviate any form of pain, be it mild or chronic. You will be able to enjoy a quality, peaceful sleep.

purple rhino strain

Purple OG Kush

Purple OG Kush

Purple OG Kush is a calm and sedative Indica-dominant Hybrid. The strain features a tasty sweet grape aroma, moderate amounts of THC, and is beloved by new and experienced consumers alike.

Purple OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid well-known for its aromatic taste and relaxing effects. A cross between the legendary OG Kush and Purple Kush, Purple OG is one of the more popular strains within the medical and recreational cannabis community. The sedating effects can be a perfect way to end a long and stressful day while the crisp and earthy flavors are pleasant and enjoyable well after the sun goes down.

About this hybrid strain

The Purple OG cannabis strain is indica-dominant and sometimes also referred to as Purple OG Kush. It was created by crossing the ever popular OG Kush with the colorful Purple Kush.

The nuggets of Purple OG are made of densely packed fern-green leaves, sometimes with violet streaks in plants exposed to lower temperatures. The bright-orange pistils look to make up about 1/4 of the buds’ surface area. A protective crust of crystal trichomes coats the flower, making it tough to break apart. This strain smells like pine and berries with hints of diesel fuel. Smoking or vaping Purple OG amplifies the flavors of sour grapes and leaves a spicy gas-like aftertaste.

purple og kush

The Purple OG strain brings a relaxing experience as consumers have noted, allowing one to slip into a giggly euphoria. Users report a complete melting of worry and stress, possibly making Purple OG a choice for folks looking to combat anxiety. The purported blissful relaxation of the skeletal muscles is sometimes accompanied by a trippy psychoactive stimulation of the mind. For some, creativity comes easier. Energy remained nice and steady for others. Consumers report that the involuntary muscles of the stomach and intestines relax as well, bringing about intense food cravings. Caution is advised, as this ravenous case of the munchies can result in overeating.

Purple OG THC levels tend to fall between 16 and 20%.


This popular, potent medical choice is an indica-dominant cross of Purple Kush and Cali OG Kush, both widely loved strains. The exact balance of sativa to indica in this strain isn’t widely known, but it leans heavily in favour of the indica genes. That’s powerful, to be sure, but not quite top shelf. CBD numbers, meanwhile, are well below 1%, marking this strain as a poor choice for treating seizures or other maladies that respond to that substance. But Purple OG Kush can be used effectively as treatment for chronic pain, lack of appetite, insomnia, depression, and stress. The high, mostly physical, is deeply relaxing, spacey, and sleepy, with a pleasing body buzz. A sweet aroma of berries and musk pairs well with the fruity, Kush-like flavour of this strain. Expect dry mouth and dry eyes; other adverse effects include headaches, dizziness, and paranoia. Purple OG Kush is popular throughout the American West, from New Mexico to British Columbia, and can be found at many medical marijuana dispensaries. It also appears on the black market.

Purple OG Kush experience

Purple OG Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid cross between OG Kush and Purple Kush. The result is a powerful flower with heavy, sedative properties.

While it is not the strongest Indica out there, Purple OG Kush boasts couch-locking and sleepy effects at times. However, the uplifting qualities of OG Kush shine through, providing a euphoric head high.

The THC content in this strain tests up to 18%, making it moderately potent in terms of psychoactivity.

Traits of Purple OG Kush and Purple OG Kush seeds

The average levels of THC mean this marijuana strain would be a great choice for those with intermediate cannabis experience. Though, even marijuana connoisseurs will appreciate the distinct herbal, grape aroma of this bud.

Going step-for-step with the potency of this herb, these grape aromas are powerful. Add in a mix of berries and some pine undertones and marijuana consumers have found themselves some seriously alluring weed.

As is typical of Indica marijuana, this strain exhibits dense bud structures that can grow so heavy that they require support. Purple flecks may appear on the leaves if the plants have been exposed to cold temperatures in the right part of their growth cycle.

Effects of purple og

The effects of cannabis may vary slightly from person to person; there are no concrete expectations with any strain. There are, however, tendencies that exist within the varieties available today. It’s these general effects and tendencies displayed that can help guide and shape the decisions of many patients as they learn and explore what works best for them.

purple og kush

Purple OG cannabis is said to provide an intensely calming effect while being euphoric and uplifting. It’s this gentle sense of positivity and euphoria that, according to patients, is a major factor in reducing stress and rebuilding their quality of life. Moderation is key, however, as too at once can easily put you out for the night. And while that may do wonderful things for insomnia, it’s not so helpful when the sun is high overhead. In lower doses, Purple OG has also been reported to stimulate the appetite and work steadily against the anxiety and stress that creep in throughout the day. Though not ideal for new smokers, slow and steady is a solid plan for everyone when it comes to Purple OG cannabis.

Due to the popularity of this strain, you’ll find it all over the West Coast and up into Canada. But, while many dispensaries carry it or something “purple,” legit Purple OG cannabis is a finicky strain that’s difficult to grow well. It’s rare to find the well-developed, dense, and aromatic nugs characteristic of the strain we all know and love. If you find a dispensary that does it right, remember their name and visit them often as you just may have found a new place to call home.

Many medical cannabis patients face chronic pain and other chronic medical issues on a daily basis. From problems sleeping to pain, these challenges can create additional stress and worry that may lead to new health issues down the road. While there is no magic cure for everything that ails us, patients suffering from debilitating conditions often report resounding success with more potent and reliable strains such as Purple OG.

Medical benefits of Purple OG Kush

Medical marijuana patients familiar with OG Kush strains will be familiar with the therapeutic remedies of this purple variation using it as cannabis coconut oil (learn here how to make cannabis oil), vape pens or edibles.

  • Many medical cannabis patients pick up this strain for afternoon and evening stress relief
  • It is also thought to be an effective sleep aid for those suffering from insomnia
  • In addition, the upbeat and happy mood boost from this medical marijuana strain makes it popular among those with depression

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