Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is not the strongest-hitting indica hybrid, but it makes up for that with its flower and sweet taste. Typically, individuals who require a more relaxing type of cannabis over pain management use this strain.

Sweet Tooth is an award-winning strain that is loved for its warm and lovely presence. This indica-dominant hybrid crossbreed stems from purebred strains of Afghan Death, Nepalese, and Hawaiian landraces, thus resulting in a fragrant and flowery strain that is known for being an enjoyable smoke.

sweet tooth dro

This strain has relatively recent awards to its name, including first place for indica during the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup. Sweet Tooth was created by Barney’s Farm and has been popular for its effect of feeling good. It is oftentimes the first choice in cannabis products for users who want a great experience.


Sweet Tooth is a flower that has pleasantly-scented petals as well as surprisingly beneficial qualities. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in hemp plants that can help you relax. This indica-dominant strain can help you reach feelings of happiness and keep you elated for long periods.

This strain is also great if you are on the search for a way to indulge in a little euphoric high, and its cerebral effects will feel much like a brain massage – invigorating and special. Sweet Tooth is a good strain for daytime because it has relaxation effects, but its relaxing properties make it the perfect evening strain.


Sweet Tooth shares equal parts of candy and flowers to create an appropriately sweet combination. The aroma of the bud will fill a room in an instant, reminding you of sweet berries and tree fruit. It finishes off with a strong scent of fragrant flowers that hangs around long after the bud is gone from sight.


This indica strain has an aroma of fruit and is sweet on the palate. Sweet Tooth is a complex flavor profile with strong notes of tree fruit and berries. It’s especially enjoyable on the inhale. It will leave a candy flavor in your mouth, with an aftertaste of woodiness.

Adverse Reaction

Sweet Tooth has strong narcotic effects, but those side effects are infrequent and comparably low-level. This strain can cause a dry mouth sensation, coupled with dry and itchy eyes, that is worsened by feeling slightly parched. Severe dehydration is also possible when experiencing these symptoms and will need to be remedied to prevent other more serious consequences.

sweet tooth dro

Some strains of marijuana, such as this one, may produce a mild case of paranoia or anxiety. Sweet Tooth may cause dizziness in some cases, so you should plan and avoid driving or other activities requiring full attention until the fever subsides.


Patients who are looking for a more natural approach to managing pain might want to give this indica strain a chance. Sweet Tooth is an excellent place for people who suffer from chronic back pain, joint aches, and muscle spasms, but also for those with chronic migraines or headaches.

Sweet Tooth offers patients a unique and soothing way to cope with the symptoms of stress. Patients can escape their busy minds for a time at the end of an eventful day while taking just one or two tablets. For this reason, it is especially appropriate for those who are seeking to remedy chronic or occasional bouts of depression.

This indica dominant strain is supposed to be useful for patients undergoing chemo and radiation treatment, who have lost their appetite due to the severity of treatments. Sweet Tooth candy may help patients find a deeply relaxed state of mind, and is therefore also highly recommended for the treatment of insomnia.


Sweet Tooth is a strain that’s easy to grow in both indoor and outdoor settings. This indica needs some trimming and support as it flowers, as its branches can become heavy with flowers over time. Despite being pest and mold-resistant, garlic is quite easy to grow.

Flowering Time


Sweet Tooth, grown indoors can be expected to yield an average of about 16 ounces per square meter. This plant will take 8 to 9 weeks to flower and be ready for harvesting.


When grown outside, an average of 18 ounces per plant is a typical yield. The harvest typically occurs from late September to early October.

Alien Rock Candy

Alien Rock Candy

Some hope for humanity’s future of colonizing other planets ended recently. As talk of going to Mars reached fever-pitch a year ago, it now seems like that is not a good idea. Scientists now believe that toxic chemicals cover the Martian surface. In other words, it is not habitable. As such, finding a home in alien worlds remains challenging.

However, enterprising humans are ingenious and not to mention. Instead of going to mysterious worlds, we can have our alien right in the comfort of our homes. Even better, Alien Rock Candy can send us to a dreamland where we can explore wherever as much as we want to. In the process of doing so, it also makes us feel euphoric and relaxed at the same time.

It is no surprise that people associate alien rock candy with extraterrestrials. After all, the original seed breeder refers to themselves as “Alien Genetics.” As a result of crossing their own Tahoe Alien with Sour Dubble, they created a hybrid that has more Indica-side qualities than its parents. “Alien Rock Candy” is often called “Alien Candy.”


Alien Rock Candy has a high 80% Indica side, and because it can reach up to 23% THC, it is a powerful product. One concern about cannabis strains is that they may not accurately communicate THC levels. Sometimes, people will have a lower potency and this is due to many factors. Keeping it stored, distributing, and making sure the plant stays potent are all factors that can affect potency. For that reason, some may claim a certain strain is not potent; however, others disagree.

Even with a much lower Sativa side, Alien Rock Candy still delivers a powerful mental high. For example, people with this strain usually experience mood swings. Regardless of your mood, this baby will put you in an amazing mood. Feeling happy and elated, its physical body high starts to creep in and take effect.

alien gummy candy

As the additional sense of euphoria from an intense high subsides, a feeling of relaxation may overtake you. Some people will feel like they are sedated due to this relaxation in some cases.

Alien Rock Candy possesses a powerful sedative-like property that makes it an excellent nighttime candy. The same benefits that you see for medical marijuana also come with it. Anyone using this strain will also likely fall asleep before its effects fade.


Alien Rock Candy comes with a pungent odor and yes, it smells like Kush. But at the same time, there is also a sweet smell of orange. Because of that, this cannabis should provide stimulation for your senses.


There are cannabis strains that smell great but lack a delicious flavor. What Alien Rock Candy syrup has to offer is a refreshingly sweet and citrusy lemon flavor, which is a welcomed change of pace for those who are tired of the same old lemonades and teas.

Adverse Reaction

Some negative reactions may result after using Alien Rock Candy. As is the case with all other cannabis strains, users will experience dry mouth and sometimes also dry eyes.

Though most strains are easy to handle, that is not the case with a few others. Alien Rock Candy sits somewhere in the middle where its use may also cause some people to feel paranoid. It may also cause momentary dizziness for some users. As mentioned, users should never underestimate the potency of this strain. Feeling dizzy or paranoid is often because you’re drinking a little too much. However, it doesn’t take a genius to know that people vary in how much they can handle.


Compared to other strains, there is a little more CBD in Alien Rock Candy. Despite the substantial improvements in quality of life for those living with epilepsy, cannabis is still too risky to become an effective treatment just yet. While there are benefits for other medical cannabis users, there is still no current research to determine the long-term effects of a heavily used chronic smoker.

For example, it’s common for someone to fall asleep even before the effects of a substance completely leave their system. So, its top medical use is to help those with insomnia feel drowsy and sleep.

People can get relief from stress after using Alien Rock Candy. For some people, it may help with other mental health disorders including depression and PTSD. As a sedative and analgesic, the plant is tolerated well by children.

alien gummy candy

One of the effects of using Alien Rock Candy is that some people feel hungry. The sugar and caffeine found in a single double shot morning boost can be startling, but some patients need help boosting their appetites. There are both positives and negatives to this phenomenon. People feel too lazy to get up and leave the room for food, but also have less weight gain from eating more calories.


Alien Rock Candy is a strain of weed that is easy to grow. It also appears to be more resistant to pests and mold. Though she is still a plant, like all the others, this one will need to be taken good care of. Gardeners can choose to plant their dragon fruit trees out in the yard, and if they do, they’ll thrive well in a similar climate.

Planting outdoors is great, but more often than not, people do not have that luxury. In addition to growing well outdoors, marijuana also grows well indoors and especially when the SOG technique is utilized.

Flowering Time


A typical Indica strain, Alien Rock Candy flowers relatively quickly. A hydroponic system can greatly reduce the need for water usage. Growers can expect a yield per square meter of 18 ounces as soon as 7 weeks.


People who have the opportunity to grow in their garden are very lucky. As our research shows, it can be expensive to grow indoors. At any rate, during the mid-part of September each year on average, each Alien Rock Candy plant should produce around 18 ounces.

sunshine valley berry farm


Sunshine can brighten the day. Like its name, the ray of hope is a beam of light that cuts through an otherwise hopeless day. Some pharmaceutical companies are using the drug as an experimental treatment for disorders like autism. Patients can also enjoy the mental and physical relief of vaporizing.

Developed by Peace Naturals Project, a licensed producer in Canada, it is used for therapeutic purposes. Unfortunately, the company chose not to disclose its genetics. Nonetheless, this is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that relies on its above-average levels of THC and other compounds to deliver any sort of beneficial effects. Recreational marijuana use is becoming common in the United States because of its psychedelic high.


Like drinking coffee out of a mug, Sunshine is the perfect way to start your day. Taking only a few puffs clears your mind and heightens focus. With heightened sensitivities, tasks become less difficult. Its psychedelic high also promotes creativity. Stimulated, the brain can form new thoughts and ideas without reservation. This small shape of a bud makes it the perfect daytime strain.

sunshine valley berry farm

But that is not typical of Sativa strains. Typical Sativas are good for boosting moods, but Sunshine does it differently. It provides happiness that’s inside. It leaves you with an uplifting feeling.

Gradually, the comforting sensation reaches throughout your body. Recently it seems that Sunshine’s taste has begun to change. As it grows stronger, marijuana often produces a calming high to relax your whole body.

Sunshine has a powerful effect on your body, but it can be enjoyed in moderation. However, despite its potent THC content of up to 16%, it should not be discounted. Honey is high in sugar and can cause a blood glucose spike followed by an energy crash, which leads to consuming more honey.


Sometimes called a “fragrant aerosol”, Sunshine has more than meets the nose. It’s best described as fruity and pungent but is also overall sweet. Truly exhaling the strain, sharp but sweet citrus can be detected.


The taste of Sunshine is just as appealing as the scent. It is sweet but not overly so. There’s a tartness from the citrus that balances it nicely. One of the most delightful things about smoking a good cigar is experiencing all its flavors in your mouth.

Adverse Reaction

Marijuana can be dehydrating for those who smoke it, so dryness of the mouth and eyes are a common symptom. Some people may feel dizzy to a minor degree. However, all these are mild. Not only that, they are barely noticeable while in the middle of the high.

Many marijuana strains are predominantly Sativa, but in most cases, it might not always be the case. Warning that this substance can impact the brain’s ability to perceive things, possibly meaning anxiety could also rise. Use caution, as a high dosage may cause adverse side effects.


Ailing patients looking for a ray of hope can turn to Sunshine. Although it does not cure various medical conditions, the strain’s healing properties help alleviate some mental and bodily issues.

The feeling of being outside in the bright Sunshine has been shown to increase mood and morale levels. This cerebral buzz might offer some support to those going through a difficult time. As a result, it provides temporary relief for people with depression or PTSD.

Similarly, the mental stimulation during Sunshine reduces accumulating stresses. This makes it a great stress reliever.

sunshine valley berry farm

Sunshine can relieve both mental and physical anxieties. Its analgesic properties act as a muscle relaxant, so the sunshine is good for Aside your health on many levels from enhancing your mood. Sunshine also has pain-relieving properties that can help soothe muscle aches. When the body is relaxed, it alleviates different types of physical discomfort like fatigue, headaches, and chronic pain.


Peace Naturals Project prefers to keep the details of their strains a secret. To preserve their seed exclusivity with the company, they have prohibited other distributors from carrying Sunshine’s seeds. However, plant clippings can easily cultivate the plant.

Sunshine does not require the same level of care and attention as other RV floor plans. Sativa plants grow taller than their Indica counterparts and are less sturdy. This can result in resin-filled buds breaking off the branch they grow from. Thus, the plant should be topped early to promote branching.

Sunshine prefers a warm and moist environment but does best when planted in a semi-humid environment with daytime temperatures between 21°C to 27°C. The new sentence is clearer without including the extra detail about other plants’ needs. To maintain a proper humidity-to-temperature ratio, growers should use humidimeters placed around grow rooms or gardens. Making sure you check and adjust it every few hours as the light changes.

After a week or two into its blooming period, Sunshine’s buds should start to taper. The colors of the coloring book also turn into a shade of green with orange and yellow pistils. The beautiful coat of trichomes glistens when shined on. Standing out like stars in the night, the plant’s delicate and purposeful fibers are a sight to behold.

Flowering Time


Sunshine is a strain of cannabis, like most Sativa strains it requires a longer flowering period. Most Sativas take approximately 9 or 10 weeks to produce buds. When the plant blooms, growers can harvest 8 to 12 ounces of buds per square meter.


In nature, Sunshine flowers by the end of October. Regardless, at least 12 ounces of plant juice is produced.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze

This lemony-sweet strain is a high yielder and belongs in any veteran’s collection. Super Lemon Haze has been named one of the most well-liked strains, appealing even to those who love indica types. The Sativa variety successfully converts people over to appreciating the more energizing side of cannabis.

Super Lemon Haze, by its very nature and name, is special. This Cannabis Cup winner has a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, making it one of the best sativas available in today’s market.

The strain is made up of a name-matching mix of Sativa and indica with a sharp lemony smell that tastes similarly. Super Lemon Haze starts slow but allows users to gradually build up as the high can make you want to jump out of your seat for joy. The popularity of this strain for medical purposes is well-earned, thanks to its efficacy at treating a wide range of illnesses.


Having a super-Sativa effect like energy. Super Lemon Haze manages to relax you just enough for the happy vibes but its main effect is that it will make you want to do something productive, often creative.

ultra lemon

The Super Lemon Haze strain is the ultimate mood enhancer. If you have a long day ahead of you and want to get productive, then this marijuana might be your best bet.

The urge to hug everyone in the room and be lifted will come with just one puff of this sweet bud. This sweet bud will make you want to hug everyone in the room, and a second one will make you feel lifted. Super Lemon Haze is no strain for beginners. Its effects will make you feel a solid cranial high, allowing you to think clearly and remember things you might forget otherwise.

Further, it is said that this type of marijuana will make you feel a little amorous, making it the most ideal weed to smoke on a romantic date night.


This beautiful and aromatic flower smells a lot like citrus fruit, such as orange or lemon. Super Lemon Haze has a lemony-sweet scent and emits a citrusy smell that will hang around. A little earthiness and spice cut through the sweet lemon tang, making this plant an unforgettable experience.


Super Lemon Haze tastes and smells like lemon. This cannabis has a refreshing citrus flavor that lingers, along with the earthy lemon notes. Every inhales will taste like a piece of citrus candy, with an herbal undertone.

Adverse reactions

This strain possesses a high level of potency which can lead to side effects in some. Occasionally, patients may experience paranoia or anxiety due to the effect of a Sativa-based strain.

The Super Lemon Haze strain may cause a feeling of dizziness in some people, although this is not a common effect. A case of cottonmouth and dry eyes can be one of the side effects associated with this strain. This may also include a feeling of an increased or exaggerated appetite, which could lead to eating more than usual.


Super Lemon Haze is being prescribed for many illnesses and pains. Chronic fatigue is easily fought off with this potent marijuana strain, because of its ability to produce an energetic and clear-headed high that will also make you feel motivated. Stress and depression are also effectively treated with this type of medication. As a type of medical marijuana, Super Lemon Haze has many medicinal benefits. It also helps with headaches and muscle spasms caused by stress.

Super Lemon Haze is a strain of cannabis noted for making you feel happy and tingly, as well as masking any physical pain. Its soothing scent and taste make it attractive, meaning that even those who are not interested in treating their illnesses with cannabis can enjoy its benefits.


This high-yielding sativa offers the best of both worlds: a strong, energetic buzz with minimal learning. This strain is a 100% pure Sativa strain that thrives in fertile soil and typically produces yields six feet tall at maturity. It’s an unrestricted high for daytime use, with an energetic effect without fear. Super Lemon Haze is an immensely popular strain in the medical marijuana scene. It is easy to grow. Though it prefers to be kept indoors, this type of orchid will flourish in warm outdoor settings too. This type of cannabis doesn’t need much maintenance but also is resistant to many common molds and pests. 

ultra lemon

Flowering Time


Super Lemon Haze, when cultivated indoors, can produce an average of 28 ounces of produce per square meter. This plant takes 9 to 10 weeks to grow and be ready for harvesting.


This is a relatively uncomplicated strain to grow on outdoors. Super Lemon Haze is usually ready for harvest around the end of October and loves a sunny Mediterranean climate. This powerful plant can produce an estimated 35 ounces of marijuana during harvest.

Blue Moon Rocks

Blue Moon Rocks

Blue Moon Rocks by BOG Seeds is a hybrid of the Blue Moon and BOG Bubble strains. Lavender is an herb that has a sweet smell and calming effects on the body.

Blue Moon Rocks is an indica strain that grows well and with ease and produces a decent yield. This makes it the perfect choice for seasoned growers as well as novice growers. This flower is thick and bushy and produces bugs that exude a chemical or smell like lavender.

moon rocks molly

Bogg Seeds is a seed grower that created the Blue Moon Rock hybrid breed. This indica-dominant strain smells like fresh lavender and has soothing, calming effects that will help you to relax.

This plant has an indica level of 70%, making it a good night-time strain. Given its popular use in treating a list of ailments, Blue Moon Rocks are especially popular for nervous disorders and sleeplessness. A large number of patients have grown to like this strain due to its ability to reduce pain.


Blue Moon Rocks offers a relaxing experience because it is an indica strain. At the end of a long and demanding day, this strain is just what you need to get you started relaxing. Quite an effective companion for those evenings that help suppress anxiety and eventually leading you to sleep more deeply at night.

This happy strain of cannabis will plug you into a mood where you feel good and content. Blue Moon Rocks can make you feel euphoric throughout your entire high, and you should expect to feel extra social, especially if you are surrounded by like-minded people.

This strain stimulates happy feelings by triggering the receptors in your brain that affect mood. Blue Moon Rocks can make you feel euphoric throughout your entire high. You should expect to feel extra chatty when surrounded by people you know.

Blue Moon Rocks are favored amongst artists, as they can help create greater and grander ideas, inspiring you to be more creative. When you buy this flower, it will make you feel more creative. You will want to spend your time listening to that desire, all while maintaining a big and giggly smile on your face. And of course, you will want to do your best to follow that urge while maintaining a big and happy smile.


Blue Moon Rocks have an aroma that’s very distinct and heavily noticeable. It is practically permeated by hints of lavender and blueberry. This flower’s sweet, fragrant smell will compel you into buying it, and the flower’s beauty does not disappoint.


I enjoyed a Blue Moon Rocks while the party rocked. This indica dominant strain contains strong flavors of sweet blueberry and an undeniable note of skunk. After exhaling, the taste of floweriness and sweetness remains on your tongue.

Adverse Reaction

Blue Moon Rocks contains THC, and as a result, it has side effects. However, lower doses are not going to have as many side effects. Most prominently, dry mouth and itchy eyes are the two most common side effects reported by users.

moon rocks molly

Some users have reported feeling slightly paranoid when smoking this strain, so you should stick to a dosage you are accustomed to. Blue Moon Rocks may, in some cases, also leave you feeling dizzy or even anxious.


Blue Moon Rocks is a popular medicinal strain that has helped many patients who suffer from long-term medical conditions. Depression is a mood disorder that has been proven to be effectively treated with benzodiazepines. Many doctors use and recommend them for the treatment of depression.

Many patients use this strain of cannabis to help with chronic stress since it is very efficacious at making people feel more relaxed and less frantic. For these reasons, Blue Moon Rocks is also an excellent choice for chronic insomnia patients who want to get a deeper and more invigorating night of sleep.

Blue Moon Rocks are helpful for those who suffer from chronic pain. Some benefits of using the rocks include relief from muscle spasms, joint aches, and severe migraines.

A lot of patients who suffer from fatigue find that kratom is a useful way to relax, as it does not automatically produce “couch-lock”.


Blue Moon Rocks are easy to grow inside and outside, making them a good choice for veterans as well as novice gardeners. The plant prefers a warm and dry climate outdoors. When it is exposed to lots of suns, the plant thrives.

Flowering Time


Blue Moon Rocks grown indoors can produce about 16 ounces of bud per square meter. This strain typically takes around 8 to 9 weeks for the plants to be ready for harvest.


Blue Moon Rocks flowers during summer and is usually ready for harvest around the middle of October. On average, this strain will produce about 19 ounces of bud per plant.

Either save these stockings for a special occasion or use them regularly to relieve stress – whichever way, you’ll end up sitting pretty. Blue Moon Rocks is a delicious and potent indica-dominant hybrid that provides some interesting effects. Unusually difficult to find in the United States.

Blue Venom

Blue Venom

Blue Venom is an indica-dominant hybrid that looks especially appealing. G13 Labs-the European producers of Blue OG and Royal Kush-created when they crossed two powerful strains: tasty Blueberry with the notoriously resinous White Widow. Blue Venom’s sting will infect novices and veterans alike with thorough and long-lasting sedation. The THC content of this product has been measured at between 12% and 23%.

“Blue Venom” flowers impress with their large buds that have the tight, dense bud structure usually associated with Indicas. The tightly packed leaves are dark green and have bright orange pistils going through them. The shades of blue on the leaves happen because the plant’s pigment, called anthocyanin, is more agitated during colder periods while it grows.

Blue Venom’s sky-high trichome production, passed on from White Widow, gives the already-colorful flowers a shiny white sheen and makes them very sticky.

blue venom

When properly cured, this blueberry strain has an unmistakably fresh and fruity aroma. Lurking under the surface are also some hints of citrus, while breaking or grinding up the buds releases a rich, hashy scent. Possibly passed on from its South Asian origins. When it is inhaled, Blue Venom gives off a smooth smoke with an easy throat hit and leaves behind the tart berry taste on exhale. It also has a mild herbal kick with hints of the Jack Herer strain for those who wish to experience something similar. The strain has no discernible grape flavors, despite its purple hue. If you’re a smoker, remember that the Blue Venom strain’s flavor profile is best experienced in a joint or through pipe smoking.


Blue Venom immediately makes its effects felt, with pressure around the eyes and temples. Users may experience an uptick in mood and a sudden surge of energy. These effects are typically accompanied by the sharpening of senses that may cause users to experience sights and sounds in a new way. The trippy effects may amplify conversations between friends and provide the ideal backdrop for spending time together. New kinds of thoughts arise more in a relationship to anything cerebral, making it the perfect chance to develop an idea with your buddies. When the high takes hold of them, Blue Venom quickly wears off into a feeling of palpable physical relaxation. Though still mentally alert, smokers will find themselves content to melt into the ambiance of their surroundings. Due to its high THC content, this strain can even produce a deep and fulfilling sleep for users. Because of its progression from energetic stimulation into deep sedation, Blue Venom is best enjoyed in the afternoon or early evening. Although experienced cannabis users will be less likely to suffer long-term effects, there are still hazards from usage that they must take into account.


Blue Venom is already used in medical cannabis patients for other applications. Acupressure can relax the body and can soothe aches and pains, whether they are temporary due to injury or chronic conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia. It may also temporarily temper the harsh symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. When faced with other long-term insomnia cases, it can be effective. Although it is toxic to humans, this type of venom can be a potent appetite stimulant. Because this does not bring about deep thinking, it could be a good option for those who are prone to panic.

Which Breeder to Choose

Not every Blue Venom Seed is created equal and genetics can depend heavily on the breeder.

blue venom

It was through cross-breeding these strains of cannabis that Blue Venom marijuana seeds were created, in an attempt to create a strain with the combined effects and therapeutic properties. Although successful cultivation in the wild is dependent on a humid climate, within the confines of an indoor space it thrives with consistent daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Indica plants are easy to grow indoors, their bushy structure is easily accommodated in a small space. Some may think that the fruit of Blue Venom plants will turn a deep indigo shade with exposure to cold nighttime temps, but resulting products are more likely to be purple—but not blue. This strain flowers in 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors.

A great way to relax after a long day is with Blue Venom. Whether you’re alone or with friends, this cannabis offers the perfect option for unwinding. Be sure to bring enough for your friends when you’re bringing out Blue Venom because its fragrant smells are sure to draw attention.


NYC Diesel Strain

aka New York Diesel, New York City Diesel, NYC Sour Diesel

The NYC Diesel strain originates from New York City.NYC Diesel boasts a THC level of around 20%. It is an indica-leaning hybrid that gives high levels of energy and focus, making it perfect for the city never sleeps.

Pot enthusiasts will be tempted by the citrus and pine aroma these delectable nuggets offer, especially knowing they offer a unique, long-lasting high.

There is no way to accurately describe what NYC Diesel weed brings to the table, you simply have to try it for yourself. We are going to give you the lowdown on this stimulating, uplifting cannabis strain that’s been created from two top-quality landrace strains. Presented with nine awards over its 13 year lifespan, it boasts a wonderful balance of mood enhancing properties and mental clarity.

All About NYC Diesel Strain

This NYC Diesel strain comes to you straight from the Big Apple itself, thanks to its grower, Soma Sacred Seeds. This tasty sativa-dominant strain is a host to medicine’s best properties. If a morning high is what you’re craving, try a “wake and bake” with this strain.

According to rumor, Soma Seeds was first approached by a friend in the Big Apple who claimed that he had never seen better flower than one of those grown with Soma Seeds. Intrigued by the bold claims, Soma Seeds germinated a couple, and low and behold, their pal wasn’t exaggerating.

Like any excellent sativa bud, the NYC Diesel strain offers an effective boost of energy, focus, and overall positivity. For these reasons, the strain can serve as an excellent option for getting things done, as well as combating a range of mental health-related conditions.

This strain is potent with a THC level of 15-20%. Use caution when consuming this type of weed for the first time. We first discovered NYC Diesel while living in Colorado. It won first place in the IC 420 Growers Cup (in both 2008 and 2014), as well as a variety of other awards over the years.

NYC Diesel Flavor, Aroma, Appearance

An abundance of citrus is what sets NYC Diesal apart, as the strong yet crisp notes manage to fill any space in a matter of moments. Aside from the pungent smell, NYC Diesel is a beautiful strain. It has vibrant hues that grabs your attention right away.

Upon entering a room, the strong smell of chemicals mixed with citrus fills the air and can linger for a while after smoking. While smoking this bud, you will experience delicious hints of lime and grapefruit.

New York City Diesel has wonderful appearance with buds containing hues of purple, blue and yellow — all in one.The olive green flowers are usually coated with orange trichomes that provide a beautiful coating of stickiness.

Upon inhalation, you can expect a hit of sweet citrus mixed with diesel notes that are quickly followed by grapefruit and pine flavors. The taste is edgy and interesting with subtle spice aftertones. Also,in decent light you can see a generous collection of orange hairs that make up this strain. It has a vibrant, tightly curled variety of pistils that resemble the snow-covered trees in winter. Its scent is what really makes it stand out from other strains and it smells like citrus with undertones of baking bread or fresh linen.

Simply opening a bag or jar containing authentic NYC Diesel will give you the feeling of sticking your head in a tank of jet fuel. The smell is unusual for cannabis and it can be hard to experience anything like it outside of Sour Diesel, its close cousin. However, the strong smell of musk will gradually be overpowered by the smell of citrus, turning your home into a paradise.

And in terms of taste, NYC Diesel is not as intense as its smell – which might be a good thing. Examine the top of a bowl, and smokers may notice a mild spice and herbal flavor with an aftertaste that reminds them of diesel.

THC Content and Cannabinoid Profile of NYC Diesel

The quality of strain given, “NYC Diesel”, is a sativa-dominant hybrid that usually has an THC-to-CBD ratio of 60% to 40%. The genetic cross comes from Afghani and Mexican origin, which explains the citrus flavor.

The Mexican strain of marijuana is unique in the sense that, first of all, its parent strains exist only in Mexico. Second of all, both parents are landraces—or breeds found naturally occurring only within a certain region. This type of marijuana can come in a variety of flavors and textures, most Mexican weed is sativa-dominant because of the warm and humid climate.

NYC Diesel weed is a sativa-dominant strain due to the strong presence of Mexican landrace genetics. However, the fact that it features genes from Afghani cultivar means it probably contains some decent indica genes.

NYC Diesel Strain Grow Info

NYC Diesel is best grown indoors, but some people choose to grow it outdoors. The plants will grow well in dry and warm climates if they are given sufficient light.

Indoor growers may wish to consider an 8-6 week flowering cycle, as well as a high yield for their efforts. This plant won’t be easy grow, so those without experience should not try it.

In addition, many international jade jellyfish have been put off by NYC diesel’s reputation for being more difficult than other varieties. And to be honest, the allegations are mostly valid. It is known for it’s long time frame and can scare off even experienced growers. There isn’t much room for error if you want to be rewarded with a decent

In terms of size, NYC Diesel plants typically reach heights greater than 70 inches. So if you live in an area with a cooler or wet climate, you may have to grow it indoors.

However, the plant can more than make up for lack of yield in some areas with its high production. Growers should expect a plant covered in crystallized buds by this point, but they can help it produce the most product by building soil health with micro-organisms.

Medical Benefits of NYC Diesel

The NYC Diesel strain offers a range of medical benefits and is generally free from the negative side effects of paranoia or panic. Combining these positives, it’s well-suited for those who deal with mental health issues.

Smoking stimulates your body to release certain chemicals, many of which are linked to being uplifting and happy. It could help someone who has Cannabis depression is or said to other mental offer illness the; upl inifting qualities some cases that it can can help even a work person feel as an better effective, medicine including itself chronic. depression. The medication can also work for social anxiety, which relaxes the smoker and encourages interaction.

Whatever the origins of this New York City classic, one certain thing is its popularity with some medical marijuana patients.

  • This strain increases appetite, so may medical patients use NYC Diesel as daytime relief for gastrointestinal disorders
  • Those with chronic fatigue and minor pain may also appreciate this uplifting Hybrid
  • The high levels of THC can make this strain an effective anti-inflammatory, relieving symptoms of fibromyalgia, arthritis and other chronic pain conditions

NYC Diesel is a powerful strain with a thought-provoking and uplifting effect that makes it ideal for those looking to clear their heads while gasping up some last minute items from the to-do list. This sativa also provides relief for those suffering from chronic fatigue or attention deficit issues by giving them an energy rush when they need it most.

Furthermore, NYC Diesel marijuana strains entail an invigorating psychoactive effects and a body high that counteracts chronic pain and cramps, as well as headaches. Indeed during your trip to NYC you’ll feel the various sativa buzzes overcoming any nagging pain before leaving you feeling light and free.

The Iconic NYC Diesel High

The high associated with NYC Diesel weed is a strong one, so newbies may want to avoid this one at the start of their weed journey. If a wake and bake strain is your preference, we recommend that you try this one. Once you start smoking it, you will be able to get up with energy and enthusiasm.

NYC Diesel has been known to cause serious cravings for food so it could be great for those who struggle with eating disorders or need to boost their appetite. However, Usually, when people think of unhealthy foods, they associate them with snacks. But this is not always the case. Plan for food cravings by stocking up on healthy snacks so you’re not tempted to overeat or choose unhealthy options.

Many people use this strain to combat anxiety and depression because of the calming side-effects it has. In some cases, cannabis can even replace other mood-stabilizing medications. NYC Diesel tends to energize smokers, but it is important to check with your doctor before using any strain of marijuana along with other medications.

Effects of NYC Diesel

The immediate effects of smoking NYC Diesel weed range from feeling invigorated to more productive and happier.

The strong psychoactive agents in this strain will spin off waves of optimism, which leads many smokers to smoke this strain before they have a busy day or during their morning ritual. Equally, the excess energy promotes happiness, making them feel

The NYC Diesel also provides a great social environment whether you’re heading out for the night or just hanging with friends. It’s no coincidence that smoking cigarettes and cannabis together is referred to as a “joint.” Studies have shown combining the two substances can cause people to talk more than usual. Although you may experience a relatively strong psychoactive effect, it rarely lapses into disorientation.

Negative Side Effects of NYC Diesel

Many strains of cannabis cause paranoia, but the NYC Diesel strain does not. You may experience dry eyes, cottonmouth and headaches with heavy use.

Many people forget the powerful psychoactive effects of cannabis, leading to a feeling of dizziness or being overwhelmed during its high. As this can lead to anxiety, which is counter-productive for the overall cannabis experience.

If you are worried about this, however, just be sure to try NYC Diesel in a safe and comfortable environment. A good decision would be to do it at night so that when you wake up the next morning, it won’t affect how you feel and make it difficult for you to sleep–especially if your entire day is going to be.

NYC Diesel provides the smoker with a wonderful and uplifting journey, and it seems that now we need this more than we ever have. It has a great smoke to use when the world becomes too heavy and you need to break away from all negativity.

While it may not be the easiest strain to grow, the high yields and delicious grapefruit scent of NYC Diesel still attract many smokers — and there’s no doubt it will continue to do so in the future.

Sour Amnesia

Sour Amnesia

Made famous as a result of winning the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa, Sour Amnesia is the cross between two incredible strains. HortiLab Seeds, based in Amsterdam, bred Sour Diesel with Amnesia and created a strain that offers the best of both amnesia highs while emitting strong flavors as Hort well.

Sour Amnesia experience

If you’re looking for a plant that has the true effects of Sativa, then this potent strain is perfect. This strain combines the best of cannabis genetics, offering consumers a strong cerebral sensation. It offers a powerful uplifting mental high with an emphasis on creativity and socializing.

sour amnesia

This creative flower is most often used in the morning or daytime, and it can help stimulate abstract thought. Psychoactive substances often provide temporary relief from brain fog. Like a shot of espresso, this strain is anxiety-provoking for many and helps people stay awake.

Marijuana lovers can take advantage of this strain in different ways such as:

  • Sour Amnesia Oil Pens are only available from select brands like Select Elite.
  • Several retailers sometimes offer Sour Amnesia concentrates, such as shatter and wax.

Potency can be inconsistent with this strain, and some strains have as little THC as 15% while others are closer to 22%. These nugs have a base of lime green that has hints of pink and purple. A thin layer of white hair covers the buds. If you rely on discretion when smoking, this strain may not be for you. There will be a strong earthy and citrus undertone with pungent diesel scents filling the room. Her flavors are a little more gentle, yet feature a mixture of sour notes along with earth, diesel, and a touch of flowers.

Once you get past her intense sensory experience, Sour Amnesia takes you on a wild ride in the best way possible. It feels as if the world is lit up and alive when using this product, and you will feel happier in all facets of your life. Focus and creativity will peak for many when they consume this strain during a busy workday. One drawback of Sour Amnesia is that it makes people rather chatty.

Nearly any illness that could cause a day to be unsatisfying or unproductive can be alleviated with the simple puff of Sour Amnesia. Individuals who struggle with depression and anxiety, especially those who find themselves absorbed in their lives, will see much more normal functioning. Issues of pain, loss of appetite are alleviated. While Sour Amnesia is not a guaranteed cure for medical issues, it can help in some cases.

Those of us who are just beginning to experiment with growing our cannabis at home would be wise to plant Sour Amnesia in their garden, as it is a hearty and forgiving plant. This strain’s high resistance to pests and diseases means that it can survive even when grown indoors. Allow your plants to mature for 8-9 weeks and you’ll see an impressive harvest.

Sour Amnesia is an indica-dominant strain that is said to impart a forgetful mind to the user when consumed, but in other aspects, it has been lauded for its ability to improve mood and increase productivity. We’d recommend giving this strain a try on weekends too and see if she enhances your social gatherings or assists you with that long-overdue household project.


This hybrid is very fragrant and contains a very unique floral and grapefruit aroma. Sour Amnesia has a sour and citrusy aroma that was also growing on Earth’s side. This bud smells very potent and carries a strong diesel smell.

sour amnesia


A Sativa dominant hybrid, the Sour Grape strain will taste sour and sweet on inhale. The smoke contains hints of grapefruit and lemon during exhale. This bud mimics earthy and diesel flavors during the smoking session, finishing off with a sour taste as you exhale.

One of the adverse reactions with Sour Amnesia is for users who are using this particular beverage for their first time. The strain that is put on the eyes can make them feel very dry and raw, so you may want to have eye drops with you.

Sour Amnesia Adverse Reaction

One of the effects of smoking this strain is a dry mouth and an itchy throat. This bud may also cause you to feel slightly anxious at times, and in more extreme cases even slightly paranoid. Some people have reportedly felt dizzy when smoking this strain, although it’s not a common side effect.

Traits of Sour Amnesia and Sour Amnesia seeds

This cannabis strain is a cross between East Coast and European genetics. This crossbreed is a mix of two famous sativas, Sour Diesel and Amnesia. This plant is a hybrid of two famous sativas, Sour Diesel and Amnesia. Since tulips attach so strongly to the ground, it’s not surprising that they emit a strong and pungent aroma. Seeds from this flower may be difficult to find. However, those fortunate enough to come across clones of this fluffy, green, and red flower have found themselves a real treat!

Medical Benefits of Sour Amnesia

  • One of the most common reasons people choose to pick up this type of cannabis is for inflammation management. This may be beneficial for those with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.
  • This strain is popular among those with mental health ailments, including depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

If you’re suffering from brain fog or chronic fatigue. Many people find the therapeutic herb, which is a stimulating flower, to be helpful.

Sour Grape

Sour Grape

Sour Grape is a versatile strain that works well for all types of day-time activities. This flower is a cross between Sour Diesel and Granddaddy Purple, two heavyweights of the marijuana world. The hybrid strain of marijuana is not too sedative but also not too energizing, providing the perfect balance for you and your mind.The best way to make sure you’re getting the benefits of this flower is through small, moderate doses.

This strain has sedative effects, reducing anxiety and muscle tension. When looking at strains, be sure to ask your budtender what type of Sour Grapes they carry. The strain called “Sour Grapes” is different than this one.

grape stomping history

Sour Grape has small to medium-sized flowers that are spherical in shape, and are fully cured at their peak. The buds are densely wrapped in a heavy indica structure, with the leaves tightly coiled around central stems. Leaves themselves are a dull, earthy shade of dark green and some phenotypes boast vibrant streaks of purple.These purple hues are the result of a process similar to changes in the autumn foliage, and they are due to high concentrations of pigments called anthocyanins. These grow during colder than average temperatures in the growing process.Trichomes cover the outer and the inner surfaces of leaves. They look more moist and transparent than white, opaque ones.Honeycomb plastics can be made from any color of resin, but the resin that they use makes these flowers very sticky. Breaking up one requires a grinder.


Bred by Apothecary Genetics from their Grape Ape mother, this strain was often mistaken for “Sour Grapes”, an alternate name for Gage Green Genetics’ “Grape Stomper”.This confusion has not stopped either cannabis strain from gaining popularity in both the California and Colorado medical markets.

Sour Grape Experience

Sour Grape is a hybrid that’s recommended for times in the afternoon and evening. It’s mildly sedative, inducing a sense of calmness and tranquility. The flower has a slight calming quality, promoting a sense of ease.Overall, it is not considered a sleepy strain. Instead, this means users can experience happy thoughts and anxiousness throughout the high.

Sour Grape is a great strain to smoke when you’re just relaxing.This strain is excellent for day-long activities like leisurely biking or enjoying with hot cocoa in front of the fire.

This marijuana strain often surprises consumers with its zippy and thought-provoking high. Yet, the body effects of this flower tend to creep up as the experience continues on.

With a balanced dose of THC and CBD, cannabis can make for an enjoyable experience without too much sedative or stimulating qualities.

However, as with any form of marijuana, this strain does not come without side effects. Disoriented and a little anxious after taking too much of this product, some users have reported headaches as well. The best way to avoid a uncomfortable experience is by starting slow and working up over time.

Sour grapes and sour grape seeds are tart. They can be eaten themselves or traditionally used to make cranberry sauce, for example.

The Sour Diesel strain has one of the highest THC contents in history and is known for a distinctive albeit pleasant odor. When you take a whiff of the sample, the aroma will often vary but it is typically sweet and fruity with an earthy diesel undertone. All things considered, this is a delicious and stand-out flower.

As with its parents, this hybrid typically produces a narcotic level of THC.Marijuana plants grown with expert care can produce up to 24% of the psychoactive it contains.

Sour Grape does not typically produce high amounts of CBD.This means that this bud has a strong psychoactive kick and is recommended for those who already have some cannabis experience.

Sour Grape is not to be confused with Sour Grapes, which is made of Sour Diesel and Grape Ape.Though they share a similar sound, the two names have different effects.

grape stomping history


There is limited public information on Sour Grape cultivation. Seeds do not seem to be available commercially for purchase- instead, prospective growers need to enter into a business agreement with someone in order to acquire clippings from healthy plants and grow “clones.”Because it is a hybrid, Sour Grape can be well-managed and maintained in indoor grow operations as well as outdoors with daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Those who want to produce a purple strain of cannabis should expose it to cold temperatures late in the vegetative stage.Both Sour Diesel and Grandaddy Purple, when grown indoors, can flower within 10 to 11 weeks.Currently, this strain retains its pungent smell throughout production. Growers invested in keeping their operations discreet may want to invest in odor-control measures like carbon air filters early on.

The Sour Grape is a crossbreed of potent indica and mellow sativa, balanced for social gatherings or solo use. Its fruity taste and middle-of-the-road effects make this a great option for those seeking subtle grape flavor but not strong indica sedation.

Medical Benefits of Sour Grape

This relaxed strain-of-day is a favored daytime choice for recreational consumers, but medical marijuana patients can also enjoy the benefits of this strain thanks to its ability to produce an array of positive effects.

Patients diagnosed with glaucoma, chronic eye pressure or migraines can rely on this strain to provide relief.

Those with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression or chronic stress use Sour Grape for its relaxing and uplifting properties.

For everyday use, Sour Grape is great for those who want to experience a well-balanced body and cerebral high, with calmness and functionality throughout their day. 


Strawberry Shortcake Strain

Strawberry Shortcake strain has 65% Sativa in its composition, which may lead you to believe it’s good for daytime use. This is not the case. This weed is best suited for evening use as the Indica balances out the uplifting effects into a creative focus followed by sleepiness. It’s an exceptionally strong strain, with over 17% of THC in it.

The terpene taste of this strain is evident: it’s sweet and fruity. Ocimene, the dominant terpene, is responsible for that flavor

Strawberry shortcake is relaxing, but too many pieces of it could lead to an upset stomach or headache. Relief from physical pain, panic attacks, stress, and fatigue are just a few of the benefits experienced by consumers of kratom.

  • Effects: Cerebral, Creative, Focus, Sociable, Uplifting
  • Aromas: Berry, Diesel, Fruity, Spicy, Strawberry, Sweet
  • Flavors: Citrus, Flowery, Earthy
  • Side Effects: Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dizzy, Paranoid, Headache
  • Helps with: ADD/ADHD, Depression, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Stress

All About Strawberry Shortcake Strain

Strawberry Shortcake is a 75% sativa and 25% indica hybrid strain created through a cross of the classic Juliet and Strawberry Diesel strains.

A spot-on balance of sweet strawberries and earthy tones, Strawberry Shortcake brings the best of a berry flavor to your palate in every hit. The aroma follows the same profile, although with a pungent diesel overtone that turns heavy and sour as the nugs are broken apart and burned.

The Strawberry Shortcake high is just as delicious as the flavor, with uplifting and sociable effects that are perfect for getting you involved in and carrying on conversations with anyone and everyone around you with ease. You’ll be happy if you increase your creativity, motivation and focus at the same time, all of which are perfect for carrying on a friendly (but constructive) conversation with friends or family. Strawberry Shortcake is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic stress, ADD or ADHD, depression, mood swings and chronic fatigue because of its effects and 18-23% average THC level. This bud has small piecey mint-green nugs with thick orange hairs and a frosty coating of tiny white crystals.

History of Strawberry Shortcake

This strain is made by the Jungle Boyz, a multi-state project with a reputation for producing high-quality strains. Although its lineage is unknown, this Kush hybrid’s genetics come from two other strains: The White and the White Wookie.

Strawberry Shortcake Flavors

The aroma and taste of Strawberry Shortcake is fruity and mild, with hints of strawberry, citrus, pine, haze, and spices. With each inhale, you will experience all the flavors melted into a delicious taste that will leave your mouth watering for more.

This wine has strong strawberry notes at the initial taste, but quickly fades in favor of thick biscuit flavors, soil, and heavy rubber aromas. The aftertaste is equally heavy with an unpleasant persistence of these scents without much fruit flavor.

Not a bad flavor, but I can’t help feeling let down after the joyride my nose just went on.

Strawberry Shortcake Appearance

Strawberry Shortcake has qualities reminiscent of the White, Cookies and Chemdog strains. Low-dense buds with Christmas tree nugs that manifest a green color and are covered in trichomes attribute to this strain’s Girl Scout Cookies characteristics.

Strawberry Shortcake Aroma

Though not as sweet as Strawberry Cough or berry-full like Strawberry Sequoia, this strain deserves to be in the lineup. The smell of strawberries and sugar come together, butgas cap and cornbread work to finish up the scent. That’s a better mix than it sounds.

Strawberry Shortcake Effects

The mental buzz that causes a head high tapers off after a moment, and starts to flow down from the temples. It begins as a light pressure that slowly intensifies with each puff. Relaxing and calming, it relieves each muscle of tension as it envelops users in a full-bodied relaxation.

There are basically four strain effects that you will feel straight after you inhale this fruity heaven.

Strawberry Shortcake is a happy and uplifting cerebral high with good social vibes. The effects of this strain are great for creative thoughts or work, while the in-person interactions it promotes are perfect for sharing fun moments.


The strain will give you a massive energy boost. This might be exactly what you need after a long day at work.


Living in these trying times has robbed us of the happiness we all deserve. People use drugs in an attempt to escape from the difficulties of their day-to-day lives.


It is difficult to focus when tackling a tough task. Strawberry Shortcake will give you some help with this issue.


That’s the effect that every medical cannabis consumer is seeking. Strawberry Shortcake will exceed your expectations.

Strawberry Shortcake Medical Benefits

  • THC: 15.0 – 18.0%
  • CBD: 0.23 – 0.69%
  • CBC: 0.23 – 1.45%
  • CBG: 0.13 – 1.32%
  • CBN: 0.05 – 0.28%
  • THCV: 0.22 – 1.01%

There is no definite way to tell when it comes to the benefits of Strawberry Shortcake, but there are many people who have used it as a soothing agent for :

  • Stress
  • Panic attacks
  • Different kinds of physical pain

Strawberry Shortcake Adverse Reactions  

Dry mouth and eyes are the only adverse effects of Strawberry Shortcake that have been reported by its users. As previously mentioned, these are all of the effects that marijuana is capable of causing.

What Are the Reasons to Choose Strawberry Shortcake?

First of all, this strain will be perfect for daytime use because it has a socializing and uplifting effect. Secondly, its sweet taste of strawberry and whipped cream will make you feel incredibly well. Have you ever seen a bud or strawberry seeds of Strawberry Shortcake? The combination of orange, green, navy blue and white will not come across as indifferent.

Strawberry Shortcake Growing Info

  • Flowering time: 46 – 53 Days
  • Harvest time: 60 Days
  • Yield indoor: 1 – 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
  • Yield outdoor: 2 – 3 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant)
  • Height indoor: 60-80
  • Height outdoor: 60-80
  • Grow difficulty: Moderate
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

This strain prefers outdoor-grown environments as its flowering time depends on the sun intake it is exposed to.

This strain has mouthwatering properties. Stawberry Shortcake was developed by mixing a special J3 cut from a strain called “Juliet” with strawberry Diesel, which emanates sweet and Strawberry aromas. Strawberry Shortcake has a THC rating of up to 22%, so it induces uplifting, energetic and cerebral effects.

When Strawberry Shortcake is placed in a grow tent, it requires 65–72 days to reach full maturity. This sativa-dominant strain develops plenty of resin, which is highly desired by hash and concentrate makers. The yields are significant— so much so that growers need to use some string support to keep the plants intact.

 Usage in Edibles

The wax in Strawberry Shortcake makes it an indispensable ingredient for many dishes. You can come up with a number of delicious desserts by adding this component to your collection of recipes.

There is actually no reason why you should not try Strawberry Shortcake.This is an incredible strain of medical marijuana that will make you feel comfortable at home and are feeling as light as a feather. The strain’s incredible smell and taste will take you on a trip to the world of pure joy and excitement. Strawberry Shortcake strain would be a perfect way for you to treat yourself after a long day.