Whiteout Strain

Whiteout Strain

Parent strains Super Silver Haze and The White were brought together to create this uplifting hybrid strain. Whiteout delivers intense euphoria paired with an alert, focused effect sure to satisfy your daytime needs. These frosty light green buds shimmer in light and will hit you with a pungenst zesty lemon aroma that would be expected of a Super Silver Haze offspring.

Strain Information

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 19%

Whiteout is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the vivid Super Silver Haze X The White strains. This bud is one of the frostiest on the market – each tight little nug is completely packed full of tiny bright white crystal trichomes that practically drip off of them. Bright orange hairs can be detected barely through the layers of trichomes. Whiteout has a pungent yet zesty fragrance of lemon and haze with a floral earthy effect that’s released as the nugs are broken apart. The flavor is of sweet tangy lemon and herbs with a touch of fresh earthy haze upon exhale that’s incredibly smooth and zesty. Almost immediately after exhale, you’ll feel a euphoric rush smash into your brain, pulling you up into hazy happiness that doesn’t seem to have any ceiling whatsoever. As this effect grows, you’ll feel an influx of creativity that leaves you making anything and everything that comes to mind with ease. These long-lasting effects in combination with its high 19% average THC level make Whiteout the ideal choice to treat conditions such as chronic fatigue, mood swings, depression, and stress.

About Whiteout

Bred in Mallorca, Spain from legendary parent strains, Super Silver Haze and The White, Whiteout is a 50-50 hybrid strain. It’s focusing, creative and mood-boosting effects make it ideal for use any time of day, but especially for wake and bakes. Some users have even gone so far as to replace their morning cup of joe with this strain of cannabis. Whiteout gives you a quick-acting high that will take hold within moments of the first hit. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t consider themselves a morning person, Whiteout can boost the mood of even the grumpiest riser. Some users report mind clarity effects, which lends itself well to people seeking something to help take straighten out their thoughts or quiet their mind.

how to get high off white out

Due to the balanced nature of this strain and the mild THC content of 19%, it’s unlikely that Whiteout will produce much anxiety and paranoia in its users. Also, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a smokable cannabis strain that doesn’t come with cottonmouth and dry eyes but both of those are easily treatable with eye drops and a glass of water. If discretion is important to you, it’s best to keep this strain in a smell proof container or consider vaporizing or edibles. We say this because this strain, in particular, is especially odorous. Those who think of themselves as connoisseurs will recognize this strain’s warm scent. It comes off as citrus—namely lemon and orange—and when smoked, some might even notice floral qualities. The taste is very similar to its scent with some tropical and earthy notes to accent the citrus. Rather than spend your whole day, night or weekend stressed about the week’s woes, friend drama, or other stressors, light up a bowl of Whiteout and enjoy yourself. Aside from helping your mood, Whiteout is a common medicinal strain for the treatment of common conditions such as PTSD and attention deficit disorders. While there isn’t a lot of available information on the best growth practices or seed availability of this strain, some conjectures can be made from what is known about the parent strains. As a 50-50 hybrid, Whiteout tends to stay compact. Its small size makes it a strong candidate for indoor grow operations and other small spaces. Like most cannabis plants, yields are most bountiful when growing conditions, such as light, humidity, and temperature have been carefully regulated. Though Whiteout isn’t the highest-yielding plant available, it’s a sturdy plant with strong stems and branches that are well-suited to support dense buds. Buds of the Whiteout Plant will be tightly packed when grown properly and sprinkled with a fine resinous dusting of white powder. The leaves will appear light green underneath this dusting and there will be a strong contrast of orange hairs throughout. In most cases, the Whiteout plant will produce 12 to 14 ounces per square meter when grown indoors and on the higher end of that range when grown outdoors.

Typical Effects

Upon the first hit, the Whiteout high takes effect. The cerebral rush smashes right into you, hitting first in your head then making its way slowly down your spine and into your core. The warming sensation fills you from limb to limb, kicking you into a euphoric state and easing down your mind and body. The creative energy starts to flow and focus begins to sharpen. As your motivation rides high, now would be the best time to zip through your to-do list or begin an art project you’ve been meaning to get to.

As this is a relatively energetic strain, you’ll find it’s suited well for those who struggle with mood disorders such as depression, stress, and mild cases of bipolar or borderline personality disorder. Fatigue and generalized sleep issues that cause next day drowsiness (for example, restless leg syndrome) can greatly benefit from this strain. Because of its ability to add energy to your day, you’ll find that you are uplifted and alert through the waking hours and very ready for sleep by nightfall. The mild sedative in the strain is also good for pain and cramping.

how to get high off white out

Whiteout is a fairly easy plant to get going, though you’ll want to keep greenhouse environments for it to flourish. Whether that is indoors or out, you’ll want a steady climate for best results. The flowering time of this non-feminized strain is around 9 weeks and will produce an above average yield in the right conditions. It is recommended for intermediate growers.

The influx of creativity that this strain provides is perfect for artists, musicians, or even professionals hoping to get over a slump. The hazy bliss makes this any time strain a real mood booster, so whether you are reaching for it as an afternoon delight or an evening wind down, you’ll find it has everything you need.

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