White Moonshine Marijuana Strain

The White Moonshine strain is a soothing and relaxing variety that helps you to relax your mind and body. Although this strain has a cerebral, spacey high, it can make you feel slightly tipsy in the same way as high-proof alcohol. Buy Cherry Pie Sativa to relax.

After a long day at the office, you may want to go home and enjoy a leisurely evening with your favorite marijuana strain. The problem is that many strains make you feel so sedated that you can’t move or have fun. Try Cherry Pie Sativa to make your day better.

Naturally, you want to get the most out of every minute of your leisure time. A strain that makes you inactive on the sofa is one that does not allow this.

The White Moonshine strain appears to have been developed in order to address this issue. This strain’s effects allow you to relax physically and mentally without being too sedated or couch-locked.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the White Moonshine strain to learn more.

What Is the White Moonshine Strain?

The White Moonshine strain was developed by Ogr breeders and is descended from The White and Blue Moonshine. An indica-dominant hybrid with a 75 percent indica to 25 percent sativa ratio results from this fascinating cross.

White Moonshine, like other forms of moonshine, is a potent psychoactive substance with psychedelic effects. You’ll be able to experience both euphoria and a relaxing, full-bodied high at the same time thanks to White Moonshine. The fact that White Moonshine’s effects aren’t overbearing is what makes it so popular.


The first thing that ‘White Moonshine’ does is cause a gradual warming sensation. This feeling begins at the temples and travels down and through your limbs. Your limbs will feel light and free, with minor pains and aches fading away.

The first thing that you notice is a wave of euphoria and a sense of detachment. According to some, these impacts might help to de-stress and give a weary mind a rest. The effects of White Moonshine make it ideal for nighttime consumption.

White Moonshine can make you feel drowsy but does not leave you sedated. Many people use this strain to help them fall asleep.


The scent of the White Moonshine marijuana strain is strong and lemony. The buds have a pleasant, mild hash odor about them. As you break up the White Moonshine bud, subtle hints of dirt emerge. However, this fades away quickly into the air, leaving only the lemony zest that was previously present.

The lemon flavor inside the buds grows stronger as White Moonshine burns. White Moon’s smoke is smooth, and you won’t cough uncontrollably when smoking it.


For people who appreciate White Moonshine for its light, lemony aroma, you will not be disappointed by the taste. The flavor of White Moonshine is sweet with a hint of hash in the background.

The strong, sweet taste of freshly squeezed lemons fills your mouth as you take your first puff of White Moonshine smoke. As you exhale, the hash becomes more apparent; it gives the experience an earthy touch.


The buds of White Moonshine are a brilliant green. The pistils on White Moonshine’s buds are rusted, adding brightness to the overall color.

The White, White Moonshine buds are covered in a thick layer of sticky white trichomes similar to those on The White, as shown by their name. It is these trichomes that give the plant its frosted appearance.

White Moonshine buds have a classic spade form, which is typical of indica-dominant cannabis strains. Typically, White Moonshine buds are densely packed, implying that each bud may pack a punch.

White Moonshine Strain Grow Info

White Moonshine cannabis seeds may be purchased online and used to cultivate your own White Moonshine plants at home. Even for inexperienced cannabis growers, growing White Moonshine is a straightforward process.

When kept in a dry environment, White Moonshine plants are at their happiest. During the blooming period, experts recommend maintaining a low humidity level. This will aid the growth of the plant’s characteristic copious resin coating.

White Moonshine is a compact indica-dominant strain that develops short and bushy. Because they don’t require much floor to ceiling room, they’re perfect for keeping indoors.

White Moonshine plants grow slowly and can take up to ten weeks to produce. After ten weeks, White Moonshine crops are ready to be harvested in the greenhouse. In late September to early October, outdoor White Moonshine growers should anticipate their plants being ready for harvest. Because White Moonshine is resilient to most prevalent molds, it needs little upkeep. To maintain the form of your plant, trim it on a regular basis.

THC and CBD Content Test

White Moonshine is a cannabis strain with a THC content of between 15% and 19%. White Moonshine falls above the average for a hybrid plant. Despite being higher than usual, White Moonshine does not induce many of the negative effects linked with high THC levels.

White Moonshine has just a tiny amount of CBD. Because White Moonshine has a THC concentration that is significantly greater than the average, it’s unlikely to have more than 1%.

Medical Benefits of the White Moonshine Strain

For stress and anxiety, many people suggest White Moonshine. The clear-headed, euphoric White Moonshine high helps to improve one’s mood while de-stressing the mind.

According to many White Moonshine consumers, it can assist with a variety of unpleasant ailments. Some people claim that White Moonshine may help to reduce inflammation as well.

Possible Side Effects of the White Moonshine Strain

The most prevalent negative effects of White Moonshine smoking are dry mouth and dizziness. The uncommon adverse effects linked with the White Moonshine strain are relatively little known.

However, one thing is certain: if you overindulge in White Moonshine, you may become disoriented and estranged from the rest of the world.

Final Thoughts

White Moonshine is a popular choice for after-work smoking. Users compliment this strain’s uplifting qualities, which are quickly followed by gentle, soothing relaxation. While the White Moonshine strain isn’t likely to make users too sedentary, it can leave you spaced out.

When drinking White Moonshine, keep in mind that you should drink in moderation. You may get seriously drunk if you overindulge in it.

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