White Moonshine Cannabis Strain

The White Moonshine strain is a restful, relaxing weed that helps you unwind both your mind and body. When compared to high-proof booze, though, this strain makes you feel just a little tipsy because of its spacy and cerebral high.

After a long day at the office, you may want to go home and unwind with your favorite cannabis. The problem is that many marijuana strains make you feel so drowsy that you are unable to move or have a good time. Obviously, you want to make the most of every minute of free time. A strain that leaves you glued to the couch will not help you achieve this goal.

The White Moonshine strain has been designed to address this issue. The effects of this strain allow you to physically and mentally relax without becoming sedated or couch-locked. Let’s dig a little deeper into the White Moonshine strain and learn more about it.

What Is the White Moonshine Strain?

Ogr breeders created the White Moonshine strain and it is directly descended from The White and Blue Moonshine. This exciting cross produces an indica-dominant hybrid with a 75 percent indica to 25 percent sativa proportion.

White Moonshine is a potent and flavorful moonshine primarily composed of corn, sugarcane, and water. White Moonshine allows you to feel both ecstatic and calm at the same time. However, what makes White Moonshine so popular is that it has mild psychoactive effects.


The first signs of ‘White Moonshine’ are a mild warming sensation, which begins in the temples and travels down your limbs. Your limbs will feel light and free, with minor pains and aches disappearing.

The first thing that hits you is the strong, overwhelming smell. It has a scent that combines lavender and peppermint with hints of cactus and fresh mint. Euphoria, a dreamy sensation, and slight dizziness soon follow. People believe that these effects can aid in de-stressing and allowing a weary mind to recover. White Moonshine is most effective when used at night time. While White Moonshine does not make you sleepy, it may cause you to become fatigued. Many people use this strain to help them fall asleep fast.


The White Moonshine marijuana strain has a distinct, lemony scent. The fragrance of buds is fresh and has a touch of hash to it. When you separate White MoonMoonshine buds, you notice its somewhat earthy undertones. This fades away quickly in the air, leaving only the lemony zest that had been present before.

White Moonshine’s flavor becomes more lemony as it burns. The lemon taste in White Moonshine burns smoothly, making it a non-coughing hit.


For those who enjoy the fragrance of White Moonshine because it is light and lemony, you will not be disappointed by its taste. The sweet flavor of White Moonshine is complemented with a tiny note of hash in the background, creating an exciting contrast.

Your mouth is filled with a flavor of freshly squeezed lemons when you first breathe in your first puff of White Moonshine smoke. You start to detect the hash as you exhale; this gives the experience an earthy tone.


The leaves of White Moonshine are a brilliant green. The pistils of White Moonshine are rusty in color, giving the plant extra brightness. Just like its parent strain, The White, White Moonshine buds have a thick covering of sticky white trichomes. It’s these trichomes that give the plant a hazy look and make it frosted. Indica-dominant strains such as White Moonshine typically have broad spade shapes in their buds. Because each bud can contain quite a punch, they’re densely packed on average with this variety.

White Moonshine Strain Grow Info

White Moonshine strain seeds are available for purchase online and may be used to cultivate your own White Moonshine plants at home. Even for inexperienced cannabis growers, growing White Moonshine is quite simple.

The ideal soil for white moon plants is a dry one. During the flowering period, experts recommend maintaining a low humidity level. This will assist the plants in producing their distinctive thick covering of resinous trichomes.

White Moonshine marijuana plants are compact and bushy, just as you would anticipate from an indica-dominant variety. Because they don’t need much floor space, they’re perfect for keeping inside. After ten weeks, White Moonshine crops indoors generally are ready to be harvested.

White Moonshine crops will be ripe for harvesting around late September to early October in an outdoor environment. White Moonshine is resistant to most types of mold, so it requires little upkeep. To maintain the form of your plants, we recommend trimming them on a regular basis.

THC and CBD Content – Highest Test

White Moonshine cannabis is a hybrid strain with a THC concentration ranging from 15% to 19%. This places White Moonshine above average for a hybrid strain in terms of THC content. Despite being higher than the norm, White Moonshine has few of the negative side effects associated with high THC levels.

White Moonshine has only traces of CBD and is suitable for people who don’t want to take any CBD. Because White Moonshine has a THC concentration above the average, it’s unlikely to have more than 1%.

Medical Benefits of the White Moonshine Strain

For stress and anxiety, many people recommend White Moonshine. The clear-headed, euphoric White Moonshine high helps to improve one’s mood and relax the mind. Many consumers of White Moonshine claim that it can aid in the treatment of a variety of severe ailments. That is according to some users, who add that it may also help with inflammation reduction.

Possible Side Effects of the White Moonshine Strain

The most prevalent negative effect of smoking White Moonshine is a dry mouth. The less common White Moonshine side effects are largely unknown. However, it is understood that if you overindulge in White Moonshine, you may become disoriented and estranged from the rest of the world.

Final Thoughts

White Moonshine, which is known for its uplifting qualities, is often taken as a relaxing remedy after work. Users adore this strain’s uplifting effects, which are swiftly followed by a soothing calmness.

The White Moonshine strain is unlikely to cause users to become couch-bound, but it can make them a little spaced out.

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