Americans and people world-wide are smoking more and more Marijuana.  As a result, customers are willing to pay good money for premium service and high quality dope.  As a dealer or grower, business and personal clients come to you to help them with their needs.  Start-up is easy, overhead is low, and you can work right out of your home.  Learn about everything that is needed to start your own safe and successful Marijuana business.

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Below are the chapters within the information guide:

Step-by-step plans to starting a marijuana business
The best way to establish your business
How to set up your garden and office
Explanation of how the marijuana business works
Client development and building client relationships
Three steps to avoid invasion of privacy lawsuits
How to establish grower/dealer relationships
How to handle small and large deals
How to get the most yield out of your crop
How to maximize your profits by utilizing harvesting/weight improvement techniques
How to find a reliable partner
Traveling with your product - cars, planes, public, etc...
An easy and complete Hydroponics system you can create using materials from home supply stores
How to tend your nursery - efficiency and productivity
Harvesting, drying, and curing a mature cannabis plant
How to price your all cash crop
The growth cycles of marijuana
How to clone your marijuana plants
Explanation of necessary nursery lighting
Easy to find natural fertilizers
How to tell the sex of a plant
Punishments for cultivation
Understanding your rights as a citizen
Methods to avoid getting caught
Local and federal POLICE/FBI/DEA investigation tactics
Laws regarding selling Marijuana - proximity to schools, felony charges, evidence restrictions, etc...
Where to get scales and how to use them
How and where to set-up a distribution network
The 10 Commandments to not getting caught
Packaging your product
Where to get bags for your product
How to hide your new found profits and make them work for you
The Internal Revenue Service: IRS criminal    investigation today, illegal source financial crimes, narcotics based financial crimes.
Selling pipes and accessories for profit
Liberal schools that are dealer friendly
Conversations that will help you initiate a sale
Best places to sell your product without getting caught
Methods to conceal your business operations
Dictionary of Marijuana terms
What to do if you get caught selling
Many more chapters of invaluable information
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