Pink Champagne

What is Pink Champagne?

Pink Champagne is a marijuana strain that has been around for many years now. It is one of the most popular strains on earth, but what makes it so special?

What is Pink Champagne Strain ?

To start off with, Pink Champagne is 100% indica. This means it packs quite a punch, perfect for those who suffer from insomnia or pain and want to come out of their high feeling happy rather than tired.

Unlike other strains that may have some sativa in them, Pink Champagne has no sativa whatsoever left over – the only thing you will feel is its deep, sedative indica effects.

This strain is said to be a cross between the old-fashioned Afghani and Skunk strains of weed – not sure about that one? This means it has some earthy tones as well as spicy ones too. Pink Champagne will give you an uplifting feeling with a sense of euph oria, as well as a body high.

This strain is perfect for those who have no problem with pain and are looking to just enjoy themselves – Pink Champagne will make you feel very happy!

Pink Champagne can be used medicinally when dealing with depression or ADD/ADHD symptoms. The deep relaxation combined with the euphoric feeling that this plant provides allows it to help various mental disorders too such as PTSD or bipolar disorder.

Doctors also believe Pink Champagne might act on cancer cells in some cases, but more research needs to be done before we know if there’s any evidence of its efficacy against cancer treatment-resistant tumors (such as glioblastoma multiforme).

For now, however, most patients are using Pink Champagne to alleviate the painful effects of cancer treatments or combat chronic pain.

Pink Champagne is one of our most popular sativa strains and has a heavy, sweet aroma that can be smelled from miles away! It’s pink in color with light green streaks throughout the leaves. This strain was created by crossing Romulan x Cinderella 99 – two very potent cannabis indica-dominant hybrids developed for their calming effects on patients suffering from serious illnesses like cancer, AIDS, glaucoma and seizures.

The flavor may not be as strong as many other plants but it does have some hints of berries which make up for its lack of potency or pungency when smoked. The high kicks in quickly after taking a few hits, producing a head high with an uplifted mood and decent euphoria – perfect for daytime use. It also promotes laughter, creativity and happiness making it the go-to strain for many patients who want to alleviate the painful effects of cancer treatments or combat chronic pain.

How does it affect the body and mind?

The effects of Pink Champagne are heavily sedating and can cause users to feel more tired than usual. The high is also not as potent, so you may want to up your dosage if this strain doesn’t offer the desired effect. However, while it’s mild in terms of psychoactive power, its calming properties make it one of a few strains that has been found effective at relieving stress-related conditions such as PTSD or anxiety disorders.

It won’t produce any type of psychedelic experience like other indicas do but instead will leave you feeling happy and relaxed with just enough energy for socializing or taking care of daily tasks without forgetting what needs doing next! It’s perfect for evenings when you’re trying to wind down after work or is a good companion for watching movies or TV.

It’s not an intense strain at all and will make you feel much more peaceful than anxious, but it won’t have the same euphoric effects as other strains either.

The Pink Champagne marijuana strain can be found in both indica-dominant variations that are high in THC content or sativa-dominant variations that offer more of a heady, energetic experience with less body numbing sensation.

Strain Summary

Summary: The Pink Champagne marijuana strain is perfect for those who need to take care of daily tasks without forgetting what needs doing next. It’s not an intense strain and it won’t have the same euphoric effects as other strains, but will make you feel much more peaceful than anxious. This can be found in both indica-dominant variations or sativa-dominant varieties, with a moisture level around 45%.

The Pink Champagne marijuana strain is perfect for those who need help taking care of their daily tasks such as checking emails, paying bills and remembering things that needed done later on. On top of being helpful when it comes to managing your responsibilities (or maybe just getting through the work day), this particular cannabis variety also has a calming effect, which will help you relax and not feel anxious about anything.

Where to find it 

Pink Champagne is a very popular cannabis type in the United States, especially for those who live on the west coast. This particular strain originated from Orange County and has since spread to other parts of California as well as Oregon. If you’re not living within these areas, it may be hard to find Pink Champagne marijuana strains for purchase; however, there are some online retailers that have them available with just a few clicks away!


Pink Champagne is a delicious blend of pink grapefruit and lemonade. You can find it at most supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores or liquor stores. It’s an ideal drink for the summer months because it has just the right amount of sweetness to make you feel refreshed but not overly sweetened like some other brands on the market today. It is a cannabis strain with THC levels around 20-25% giving it plenty of potency. It produces an uplifting, happy and euphoric sensation that’s perfect for getting the day started or winding down after work.

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