Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a potent indica-hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Cherry Pie with Girl Scout Cookies. Wedding Cake provides relaxing and euphoric effects that calm the body and mind. This strain features a rich and tangy flavor profile with undertones of earthy pepper. Medical marijuana patients choose Wedding Cake to help relieve symptoms associated with pain, insomnia and appetite loss. Consumers with a low THC tolerance should enjoy this strain with an extra slice of care due to its high THC content. Wedding Cake has soared in popularity over the years and was named Leafly Strain of the Year in 2019. Fun fact: In Canada, this strain is known as Pink Cookies.

About Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a hybrid with indica-dominance. It is attained by crossing Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). It gives an exceptionally sweet aromatic essence and a fruity flavour. The taste is a perfect combination of sweetness of cookies and fruitiness of a cherry pie. It works as a calming agent and appetite stimulator, and is quite helpful for patients who experience regular depression-associated syndromes, fibromyalgia, MS and other such related symptoms. It may act as a sedative for patients, but does help in calming down nerves or controlling anxiety stimulating symptoms. Although it might not completely hamper your focus and energy levels, it will cause the usual drying out of eyes and mouth. This particular medical marijuana is grown indoors. It is observed to contain a THC level of 25%. In terms of physical features, it is shaped like pine trees and looks dense in its structural form. It is quite frosty looking and has dark green leaves. This particular medical marijuana is also thickly dressed up with orange hair all over it. It is most generally known for its sugary taste, as well as high potency value.

Wedding Cake, sometimes known as Pink Cookies or Birthday Cake, is a strain that leans on some very popular genetics to yield a balanced high and a dynamic taste. It is a cross between sour hybrid Cherry Pie and the universally appealing Girl Scout Cookies. And although its flavor may vary depending on the phenotype, Wedding Cake doesn’t exactly taste like any traditional nuptial dessert most have ever tasted – instead, its profile is mostly sour and tangy with just a hint of creaminess. Increasingly popular for its well-rounded effects, Wedding Cake has both recreational and medical applications. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has founded flowers of this strain to have between 16 and a staggering 25% THC.

Wedding Cake is distinguished by its very large and colorful flowers. The chunky, globular nuggets adhere in a dense, indica-typical bud structure, with tightly curling leaves. The leaves themselves are an earthy green to brown. They are threaded through with orange hairs, which are actually pistils, meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants. A high concentration of trichomes gives this strain its high THC levels as well as an incredibly sticky texture. Wedding Cake’s buds are as aromatically striking as they are visually impressive. When properly cured, they smell vegetal: damp and mossy with just a hint of citrus. Hanging out underneath is a skunky funk that betrays the influence of grandparent strain OG Kush, while breaking up or grinding the buds gives off notes of spicy sandalwood. When combusted, Wedding Cake may be harsh, stinging smokers’ sinuses or throats with its acrid smoke. It tastes sweet and rich on the exhale, with a super subtle creamy mouthfeel that some might compare to the taste of cake.

The effects of wedding cake strain

It is an incredibly potent cannabis strain, and you can feel its impact shortly after consuming it, appearing initially in mind. It will cause a slightly psychedelic high where the consumer’s thoughts get fast-paced, and their perception of the surroundings is sharpened. When the setting is appropriate, a user can also feel giddiness and joyfulness. In the beginning, it may seem very strong, but shortly, it makes a person more relaxed, just like other indica-leaning strains. When this relaxation comes, some Wedding Cake consumers feel a nice wave of warmth and heaviness over their limbs and torso.

leafly wedding cake

Even when a sedative effect appears, mental stimulation is still noticeable, so it helps in particular activities like mild exercise, writing, or drawing. Still, it is inadvisable to take up any tasks that demand a significant degree of caution and good motor functions (for example, driving or preparing food). After using Pink Cookies, you may experience some side-effects like dryness in your eyes and mouth.

The medical use of wedding cake

Interestingly enough, Wedding Cake strain is also used for medical purposes. Thanks to its properties of improving perceptiveness, it can be helpful in dealing with moderate or mild feelings of anxiety, stress or even depression. It is because it makes it possible for a user to focus more on the present. What is more, such qualities can also help people with attention deficit disorders, and because users can still be sensible and easy to understand, they can concentrate on particular tasks.

Apart from that, due to the physical relaxation provided by the Wedding Cake strain, it is suitable for people suffering from chronic pain, aches or arthritis. Moreover, its sedative properties are excellent for easing insomnia. Also, Wedding Cake stimulates hunger, helping people who have lost their appetite due to medications, diseases, or chemotherapy.

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However, you should take into account some contraindications associated with this strain. Wedding Cake is very rich in THC, so it may cause feelings of anxiety and panic, but it rarely happens. Nevertheless, if you are predisposed to such conditions, it is not advisable to use this kind of cannabis – in this case, you should look for a different strain that does not have such high THC content.

Growing the Wedding Cake strain

This strain has an Indica-leaning growing profile. As it is durable and short, growers can cultivate it in many different environments. When the harvesting time comes, Wedding Cake produces dense buds that appear very sturdy. When you place it in the palm of your hand, you will feel a little bit of weight. It has a forest green hue getting darker as it develops into the purple shade.

When it comes to nutrition, feeding and growing practices, they are practically no different from the ones most commonly used with other cannabis strains. However, some seasoned cultivators apply advanced growing methods (for example, the Sea of Green). Thanks to this technique, the advantage of this strain’s stoutness is taken. Namely, you can increase small growing spaces and sow four seeds or even more in a single square meter, and coax a separated bud as it develops. In this way, the vegetative stage can be shortened and, at the same time, no yields have to be sacrificed to achieve that.

One of the most significant aspects of growing the Wedding Cake strain is to prune it. Its foliage is very dense, growing thicker and thicker as the new buds and leaves appear. As a result, moisture may stick to the crevices and then develop into mildew or mold. What is more, when you leave it alone, it can get even worse, and the root and bud may begin to rot. It is worth applying an efficient ventilation system in order to improve the air circulation in the area where Wedding Cake is grown.

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