Venom OG

Venom OG

Venom OG from Rare Dankness Seeds is an indica-dominant cross between Poison OG and Rare Dankness #1. Its forest-green buds are dense with a tangle of bright orange hairs, and it has an aroma of skunk, pine, lemon, and diesel. This strain is recommended for nighttime use as its effects tend toward full-body relaxation, but it also provides some sensory elevation that is enjoyable for lazy activities. Patients have found Venom OG a potent remedy for pain, arthritis, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Venom OG is suitable for outdoor or indoor gardens and its breeders suggest a 50 to 65-day flowering period.

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Venom OG is a mostly indica variety from Rare Dankness and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±58 days) and outdoors. Rare Dankness’ Venom OG is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

A unique chemy flavored strain. This powerful cross produces a strong “body” high, with long lasting effects.

Description for Venom OG (All Gas OG)

A cross between Venom OG and Humboldt OG, Venom OG is an indica-dominant strain. The flowers are dense and bright green with protruding bright orange hairs that show purple colors towards the final weeks of flowering. With a piney, lemon aroma reminiscent of diesel and skunk, Venom OG will have you calm and relaxed. This may be a great smoke for relief of anxiety, lack of appetite, and pain. This Moderate/Heavy producer also has extremely high THC levels 20%+.

Dank and earthy, the Venom OG cannabis strain is a potent hybrid with a sedative and cerebral vibe. Focused yet deeply relaxing, this plant should be saved for nighttime. Having some snacks at the ready is also a good idea before partaking in this soothing, high-THC flower.

Where a poisonous snake bite may leave you paralyzed in fear, a toke of Venom OG will leave you paralyzed in happiness. A classic kush, this sour and pungent cannabis strain is the perfect accompaniment to an evening with friends.

Popular for recreational purposes, there’s a distinct cerebral relaxation when Venom OG is consumed, one that doesn’t exactly reach the limbs, freeing up your happiness and creativity for a little light fun and entertainment. The tension will melt from your muscles and your mind will let go of those anxious thoughts that keep you from enjoying yourself.

Not only has it proven useful for cannabis lovers looking to unwind, but medical patients have also discovered a healing quality built into this strain – chronic pain like migraines and backache can be managed with Venom OG marijuana.

Despite hints of citrus fruits, the pungent diesel aromas are heavy-handed in Venom OG. Luckily, that skunky tang doesn’t carry over to the flavor, which is more earthy, with a smoke that can be called creamy.

Venom OG is a high-yielding cannabis strain and its hardiness makes it a suitable seed for even beginner gardeners. Venom OG marijuana seeds develop into medium-sized plants that are resistant to common mildews and molds, and they thrive in warm, sunny conditions. After about 7-8 weeks of flowering, your Venom OG marijuana plants will likely give up an above average yield of aromatic herb with a potent THC content of anywhere between 18% and 23%.

Venom OG Experience

This marijuana strain kicks off with a low-key sedation and a quieted focused experience. Happy yet calm and collected, the herb can ensnare consumers in an enjoyable cerebral high. Perfect for stress relief, the plant has a way of easing away any clinging worries or anxieties.

While the marijuana strain can have an effect on the mind, this plant is primarily associated with a notable sedative high. Relaxing for the muscles, a slow and heavy body sensation makes this flower one powerhouse herb.

Best for the evening or nighttime, this herb is drowsy overall. This plant is also known to cause couch lock, which some consumers may find irritating.

It has a sharp skunky diesel smell and flavor that’s accented by sweet yet sour earthy lemon. When you’re able to grab some Venom OG, you’ll enjoy the natural scents of pine, lemon, and diesel all mixed into one pungent but appealing aroma. The smoke is a bit harsh but not unbearably so. This strain’s buds range in size from small to medium popcorn nugs and cling together in elongated, almost cylindrical shapes. They have the unmistakable structure of other indica-dominant varieties, with leaves curled tightly inward, forming a solid and compact flower. This bud is dense and a grinder is recommended for the best rolling consistency. Venom OG buds have super dense forest green nugs with bright orange hairs that are coated in tiny bright amber crystal trichomes. 

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Venom OG Oil Pens may be available from select brands, depending on the region.
  • Venom OG shatter, Venom OG  wax, and other Venom OG concentrates may be available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Venom OG and Venom OG seeds

Bred by Rare Dankness, this strain is a cross between their Rare Dankness house strain and Poison OG. A thoughtful hybrid, the plant has inherited a strong savory aroma of earth and pine. A subtle sweetness may shine through, giving this aromatic flower a pungent taste.

Extremely high in THC, this strain is recommended for experienced consumers. The highest tests of this flower have revealed THC levels of up to 27 percent. For novices and those sensitive to THC, the plant may cause some dizziness and anxiety.

An attractive flower overall, this plant features semi-fluffy forest green buds with a conical shape. Hints of red from dried pistillate hairs give this exotic flower a wild appearance.  

Seeds from this herb are available from Rare Dankness.

Medical benefits of Venom OG

  • Dulling pain and helping you forget about discomfort, the cannabis strain may be useful plant for the treatment of migraine and other headache disorders.
  • This medicinal herb is a popular choice among those with gastrointestinal distress, easing pain, fighting nausea, and increasing appetite.
  • Sedative, this flower may be useful for insomnia. While good as an all-around sleep aid, this plant might be especially effective for insomnia due to chronic pain.

Venom OG is suitable for outdoor or indoor gardens and its breeders suggest a 50 to 65-day flowering period. Plants tend to grow short and bushy, and growers may need to “top” them, by trimming away any broad fan leaves that may block light and air from nurturing any low-growing flowering nodes. This doesn’t hurt the plant at all and is in fact greatly conducive to proper growth. However you decide to obtain and try out Venom OG, make sure to let us know how you liked it in the comments below.

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