Vanilla flower

Vanilla flower

Originating in Kashmir, India, the mother of Barneys Farm’s mostly Indica Vanilla Kush is Hash Plant. Hash Plant was crossed with either Afghan Kush or another unkown Kush from Afghanistan and was aptly named for its sweet taste and aroma.

This indica strain comes from Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam and clinched 2nd place overall at the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup for the coffee shop and seed company. Bred from Afghan and Kashmir strains, this Kush beauty is a gift to the senses with her notes of vanilla, lavender, and a hint of citrus. Plants flower in 8 weeks and produce large, soft flowers that are light green with hints of orange. 

Winning second place in the Cannabis Cup of 2009, this strain has been tested at more than 20 percent THC. Heavier on the body than the mind, Vanilla Kush can easily sink users into the couch and just as easily put them to sleep. Still the strain is very freeing to the mind and may be even be thought provoking. These effects can last well over two hours and users with low tolerance should be careful.

Strain Information

 Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 19% – 20%, CBD: 1%

This appropriately named Dutch strain has THC levels that can reach upwards of 20%, making for a relaxed body high that can be too powerful for some new users. Experienced tokers, however, can usually summon enough energy to be active despite the high. Euphoria and happiness are also common with Vanilla Kush. This strain is good for mental conditions and arthritis pain. Not surprisingly, it tastes and smells of vanilla, with sweet lavender notes. The bud has a light green appearance that is also reminiscent of vanilla. Dry mouth is likely, though other adverse affects are mild. Vanilla Kush is mostly indica (30:70 sativa/indica ratio), and it descends from a Kashmiri Hash Plant and an Afghani Kush. It’s most popular in Colorado and Oregon, though it can be found elsewhere. Vanilla Kush is easy to cultivate, making it an ideal choice for patients who grow at home, and it produces a high yield. Due to its powerful high, newcomers and occasional smokers might do well to avoid this strain. But it’s perfect for anyone in search of a nice, soothing body high.

About Vanilla Kush

ost patients will find they can overcome the couch-lock this strain may try to provide, which can make it great for daytime pain relief. Users may find that Vanilla Kush can help fight depression and other mood disorders. Others will seek it for the other bodily effects that may help fight insomnia, arthritis and nausea.

Vanilla Kush can be successful when grown both inside and out, by amateurs and experts alike. Requiring very little care and staying on the shorter side, the strain will typically yield best as multi-branching plants. Usually, these plants reach about 60 centimeters indoors and flower for about nine weeks. When grown outside they tend to finish towards the end of September or early October, they can produce up to 250 grams per plant. Vanilla Kush does well using the See of Green and Sea of Green methods.

Gorgeous kush with awesome flavour and potency

One of the highlights of Vanilla Kush is her multidimensional flavour profile that spectacularly blends vanilla and floral notes in endless variations, making her a superb smoke that connoisseurs will absolutely love! This 80% indica grows into a gorgeous plant with magnificent buds which give Vanilla Kush an extraordinary bag appeal. She’s very potent as well which make the strain a powerful and highly-satisfying indica.

vanilla flower images

Vanilla Kush, a mix between an Afghani Kush and a Kashmir that is grown from seeds that had been collected back in the 80s is one extraordinarily beautiful plant. When she grows, she will develop many tightly packed colas that will be brimming with fat flowers that will be covered in shiny red and golden trichomes. It is this extraordinary beauty of her buds that gives Vanilla Kush a very high bag appeal.

This indica will grow to an almost ideal height of only 90-100cm which makes her very manageable and a good choice for all types of growing locations. Although not growing super-tall, she rewards with respectable yields of up to 600g/m² when you grow her in optimal conditions. As an added bonus, she tops it all off with a very short flowering time of only 55-60 days keeping the wait for harvest at a minimum.

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Vanilla Kush sure can impress when it comes to her looks and then her good yields but it gets even better when you can finally enjoy her. Thanks to a spectacular and complex flavour profile she makes for a multi-layered flavour experience where you can find new flavour nuances every time you smoke her, if not with every single hit! She nicely blends flowery lavender tones on top of her predominant Vanilla tones and mixes in some subtle notes of pine.

As the first-grade indica she is she delivers a powerful smoke that hits fast and that can last for a long time. Just take a hit and you can enjoy endless waves of soothing relaxation, making her a very good night-time smoke or a smoke that you can enjoy any time when you want to relax!

Indica lovers who are looking for a smoke with excellent flavour and good potency should definitely check out Vanilla Kush! Rest assured she can deliver everything and then some when it comes to her excellent flavour, potency and effect.

About this Hybrid Strain

Vanilla Haze is a delicious hybrid strain with sativa-dominance. Its scent and flavor are much like the name suggests, being reminiscent of vanilla cream with earthen undertones. Its buds can be large and dense with an abundance of fiery-orange pistils and flowers tipped with blue hues.

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The high of Vanilla Haze has been reported by some of its consumers to be quite happy and energizing, with some warning that taking it before bed may create restlessness. Some have used it for symptoms related to PTSD, ADHD, Crohn’s disease, and depression. Others explain they have enjoyed it for social gatherings as their mood and motivation to have fun rose to the surface.

THC levels of Vanilla Haze tend to average in the high teens and low 20’s.

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