Truth Strain

Truth Strain

The Truth by True Canna Genetics is a rare indica-dominant strain that crosses Triangle Kush with a SFV OG and a backcrossed Chemdawg hybrid. Its heavy painkilling properties are accented by an earthy, spicy aroma characteristic of Kush varieties. The Truth is a colorful high-yielding strain that flowers in 63 days indoors or in early October for outdoor gardens.

What Is The Truth Strain?

It is a sativa-leaning hybrid that’s a cross of SFV OGChemdawg, and Triangle Kush, a descendent of the legendary OG Kush. It is worth noting that Triangle Kush is a clone-only strain. True Canna Genetics created The Truth, which is arguably the closest thing you’ll find to the incredible OG Kush weed that was available a few decades ago.

It is worth using this strain if you have an urgent task to complete or if a deadline is approaching fast.

About The Truth

The Truth will set you free. No, seriously. This is an incredibly relaxing high bred by True Canna Genetics that will have you putting stress, pain, and depression behind you, even if only for a few hours at a time. So in this case, The Truth really does set you free!

By crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk, or in some cases Triangle Kush, SFV, and backcrossed with Chemdawg, breeders have gifted the world with an utterly charming bud that boasts flavors so intense it’ll leave you wondering if you love it or hate it. For some the pungent flavors prove to be too much, however, for those that love Kush and Skunk strains, you are in luck. The Truth is heavy on both of those typically strong flavors of skunk and diesel with spicy aromas that cut the earthiness of the taste. The buds are colorful and bright, with green tones and orange hairs indicative of the Skunk family.

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The effects are sensational, with highs and lows that come on in waves, leaving you energetic but relaxed, focused, and creative, and most of all completely at ease. The initial punch of the high is a cerebral rush that brings with it a burst of positivity and social butterfly wings. You’ll find yourself wanting to chat and share ideas. You’ll be highly focused, albeit a bit euphoric, and totally buzzed from head to toe. The come down won’t show for a few hours, so enjoy this long-lasting feeling.

You’ll quickly discover that The Truth gives you an invigorating cerebral high that makes you feel creative. The burst of energy it provides should also ensure you have the desire to get things done. It is worth using this strain if you have an urgent task to complete or if a deadline is approaching fast, and you’re all out of ideas.

Users also report feeling happy and notice a smile remaining on their faces for a long time. The body high eventually appears but is mild enough to ensure you’re never couch-locked. Novices and individuals with a low THC tolerance may find themselves getting sleepy, but only if they use a relatively large amount. If you’re looking for something to help you sleep, there are better strains for the job.


Despite the different aromas associated with its lineage, The Truth has a relatively straightforward scent. It offers a combination of pine, earthiness, and hints of fruit. Users also find that it is a pungent strain, so exercise caution when using it. Remember, using cannabis in public places remains illegal!


The earthiness is also apparent in its taste, along with hints of wood, spice, and berries. It is an unusual flavor mixture but is generally popular amongst users.


Although The Truth resembles early OG Kush in some ways, it has a different aesthetic. This strain has denser buds and a higher level of trichome coverage. The brightly colored buds are pleasing to look at, and the orange pistils enhance its appearance.

The Truth Grow Info

Unfortunately, we’re unable to find a great deal of information on cultivating this strain. However, from what we have learned, it is likely that if you purchase The Truth seeds, growing them requires plenty of hard work. It is probably not the best option if you’re a novice grower. It is also probable that The Truth isn’t as resilient to pests and mold as some of the more widely-available strains on the market.

Based on its genetics, The Truth should grow reasonably well indoors or outdoors. However, if you choose to cultivate it outside, it requires a warm climate with lots of sunshine. Outdoor-grown The Truth can yield around 12 ounces a plant and is ready for harvesting by the end of October.

When cultivated indoors, The Truth produces approximately 12 ounces per square meter. As it is sativa-leaning, its flowering time is fairly long, at between 9 and 11 weeks.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Truth is a relatively potent strain with a THC content of between 18% and 22%, with 20% the average.

CBD Content – Highest Test

This strain has approximately 1% CBD. This is considered fairly high for cannabis that isn’t specifically bred to produce CBD.

Medical Benefits of The Truth Strain

The Truth is growing in prominence as a possible medical marijuana strain. The combination of high THC and a decent amount of CBD means you could try it for various reasons. The famed cerebral high of this strain helps you forget your troubles and focus on being happy. As a result, consider it if you have stress, depression, or anxiety.

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Medically, this strain is a Godsend. With a host of different uses, it’s no wonder users rave about their experiences. If you suffer from stress, depression, bipolar, or other mood disorders, this strain’s mood boosting and energetic properties will have you feeling like your best self in no time. Because it is also effective in sedation, this is a great strain to use if you struggle with chronic pain or muscle spasms.

This high yielding plant is a home grower’s dream come true. Easy to grow, bright and airy with a flowering time of only 9 weeks on average – what isn’t there to love? If you are an indoor grower and require discretion, try a smell proof system.

As with many pungent strains, you either love it or you hate it. As the poll results rush in, this one seems to be on the love it side. The positive effects far outweigh the drawbacks some find in the flavors, so if you are interested in an uplifting bud whose blissful phase lasts throughout the hours-long high, you’ve come to the right place. The Truth is a strain you can’t just love once. Like with most good things, you’ll come back for seconds.

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