Transformer Strain

Transformer Strain

Transformer by Gage Green Genetics is a combination of Inferno Haze and Joseph OG. This plant grows tall and develops long, spear-like colas. It retains strong citrus and woody aromas while the flavor is hashy on the palate. Transformer finishes flowering in 9 to 11 weeks, and will stretch to about twice its vegetative height. This hybrid has uplifting mental effects and a mid-level body buzz that is good at abating minor aches and pains.    


The legendary Inferno Haze (21.3% THC, 3% CBD) Uno Phenotype has remained relatively quiet until now. This extraordinary cut of the Fire OG Kush and Afghan Haze has shown itself to be one of the strongest medicines from Gage Green Seeds. Its unique woody, citrus aroma gives it a special pine-hash taste a nice bag appeal. Combined with the Joseph OG, you will see more OG bud structures with a haze influence. Expect tremendously vigorous plants with dense spear-shaped colas. The Transformer’s unique potency and herbal/spice/diesel flavor will have patients clamoring for more. Expect plants to stretch about double its size. Flowering may take up to 11 weeks. With its high CBD and THC level and long-lasting effects, Transformer will take your aches and pains and turn them into pure euphoria and relaxation with just one hit! The cerebral euphoric effects come first, filling your mind with a lifted sense of happiness and a touch of haziness. Soon this unfocused state will grow and expand, leaving you completely unable to concentrate on anything and incredibly relaxed. This sense of calm will spread from mind to body, leaving you at ease for hours on end. Thanks to these effects and its high 21-22% average THC level and 3-5% average CBD level, Transformer is the perfect strain for treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue, mood swings, chronic stress, and headaches or migraines. This bud has a sweet yet spicy herbal citrus flavor with a savory diesel exhale. The aroma is very similar, although pretty pungent at times, with sharp citrus and herbs galore. Transformer buds have dense heavy spear-shaped forest green nugs with thick long dark amber hairs and bright vividly white crystal trichomes.

Transformer wastes no time, hitting users quickly with a tingle around the eyes and the front of the forehead. Initial effects manifest in smokers’ heads, leading them to become absorbed in their own thoughts; some may also detect changes in sensory perception, with certain sights and sounds seeming more intense than they otherwise might. This engaged and thoughtful mindset can be a great way to power through a load of work — whether it’s creative and open-ended or more analytical and problem-oriented. Transformer can also enhance exercise with its physical energy and positive mental vibes. As the high wears on or as dosage is bumped up, a mild body buzz sets in.

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This physical high is marked by weighty limbs, heavy eyelids, and, in a secure and comfortable setting, a tendency to zone out. Whether smokers end up energized or relaxed, Transformer is a good strain in social settings, where it can inspired camaraderie and free-flowing conversation. Alternatively, enjoyed alone, it can provoke much-needed introspection. Because its effects are so versatile and neither overly stimulating or sedative, Transformer is appropriate for use at any time of day.

Transformer’s far-reaching effects may also have application for medical cannabis patients. Primarily, it can aid focus for those with attention deficit disorders, helping them to concentrate on a single task at once. The strain may also temporarily relieve some of the difficult symptoms of stress and depression. Somatically speaking, Transformer can dull aches and pains, whether they’re incidental, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory properties may also soothe more everyday irritations like headaches and nausea. Transformer is not recommended for patients who may be prone to panic, as its early sativa effects can bring about the kind of intense, recursive thinking that can lead to paranoia.

After harvest, growers should also be sure to cure their buds. Curing requires trimmed flowers to be hung upside-down for a week in 70-degree surroundings with 50% humidity. Once dry, the buds should be sealed in airtight containers and stored in slightly more moist conditions of 60-65% humidity.

Transformer is a must for indica and sativa lovers alike. If breaking it out at a party, be sure to bring enough to share, as its rich, complex aroma is sure to turn some heads.

About Gage Green Seeds

Gage Green Seeds is no ordinary breeding collective. Originally based in Oakland, California, the Gage Green Group are a small network of connoisseur breeders who seek the very finest herbal medication from around the world.

Since the group officially started in 2010, it has seen significant expansion and now runs its headquarters from Amsterdam while conducting research on their newest findings from across the globe.

Essentially, this group of herbalists sources and proliferates the finest cannabis strains from around the world. Then, they will use natural breeding techniques to advance these strains and claim every ounce of potential from each variety.

Gage Green Seeds research focuses on advancing absolute natural farming of medical cannabis. They combine modern research and technology with simple, organic cultivation methods, ensuring that mother earth isn’t harmed in any way.

green transformer name

Through the promotion of holistic medicine and natural healing, Gage Green Seeds want to offer everyone the best possible strains for their ailment – they intend to “help heal the entire planet”.

As you would expect with a breeding collective so keen on promoting the holistic properties of herbal cannabis, many of Gage Green Seeds extensive library of strains have a High-CBD content. Their Fortune Teller strain is built to help medical conditions such as Insomnia and Muscle Pain, while their Daybreaker and Transformer strains are both uplifting and can benefit people who suffer with Anxiety or Depression.

Gage Green Seeds only stock Regular seeds and do not hold any feminised or autoflowering varieties. However, the quality of their regular strains are of such a high standard, you will want to give them a try.

Gage Green are unique in their absolute desire to put the health and welfare of the earth before anything. From their cultivation techniques to their intense research, everything is undertaken with the wellbeing of the surrounding nature of paramount importance. 

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