Tickle Kush

Tickle Kush Cannabis Strain

This hybrid plant with about 70% indica qualities is a dreamy and uplifting hybrid strain that you can enjoy alone or with friends. Tickle Kush is an intense smoke that will make your thoughts and daydreaming more vivid and engaging, leaving you to feel inspired and creative.

Tickle Kush is a hybrid strain that was initially created in Colorado. This plant was made by crossing Chemdawg with LA Kush, which we have Greenwerkz to thank for. This pungent bud was selected as one of earth’s strongest strains of 2014, with around 28% THC found at times.

This short plant is ideal for indoor cultivation, but can also thrive in an outdoor setting. Tickle Kush creates potent mind and body effects that can make you feel relaxed and uplifted at the same time. If you’re looking for a slightly psychedelic trip, then this strain could be just the right one for you.

Tickle Kush Effects

Upon consumption, you will likely feel a high that has an extremely calming effect that you can feel throughout your entire body. Before this, the high will likely manifest up towards your head causing a sense of euphoria that is accompanied by fits of laughter and the tendency to become more talkative, followed by a buzz that can be felt throughout the body. In terms of mood, it is known to induce feelings of happiness, euphoria, better sleep and calmness in its users. Due to its calming effects, this strain can be used both during the daytime or evening depending on your schedule for the day.

Tickle Kush

In addition, it can have some medicinal uses as well, such as reducing the effects of muscle spasms, tension or tremors, lessening bodily pain, aiding with mood swings, or helping decrease the feeling of depression and stress.

This said, while there are currently not many lists of potential negative side effects one that has been mentioned is the tendency to obtain a dry mouth or eyes due to the consumption of the strain. In addition, in some users, it has been said to increase anxiety levels which is not ideal for those dealing with anxiety. This along with the high levels of THC is something to keep in mind as the high is both intense and can last upwards of two to three hours or more depending on the individual.


Breeder: Greenwerkz
Genetics: Tickle Kush cannabis strain is a cross between LA Kush and Chemdawg cannabis strains.


Tickle Kush is very fragrant and has a unique aromatic profile that will fill the room with a potent blueberry aroma. This strain is earthy as well as fruity, and is quite seductive in its mix of sweet and earthiness, with a scent that it will be difficult to disguise.


This plant’s flavors will remind you of a delicious and freshly baked pie as it contains a mix of spices and apples as well as sweet berries. On the exhale its smoke will taste fruity and herbal, leaving a sweet aftertaste on the tip of your tongue long after exhalation.


The appearance of the buds is most often described as being smaller in size as well as quite puffy. In terms of the colourization, the bud’s hairs are amber with a noticeable hint of lilac mixed in.

In general, these plants grow quite short due to their growing habits that are indicative of how typical Indica plants are grown. Moreover, in order to grow this strain, a coir coco growing method is often the method of choice.

Adverse Reaction

Tickle Kush can have some adverse reactions especially for those users who consume it in a high dose. This bud can leave your mouth to feel dry, making you feel thirsty. When smoking this flower, you should have something to drink nearby as you will definitely need it.

Other side effects of this strain can include dry and itchy eyes, and a lingering feeling of anxiety for some. In rare cases, Tickle Kush may leave you to feel slightly paranoid or even have you end up with a bit of a headache, although this occurs quite seldom.

Tickle Kush Medical Benefits

Tickle Kush can help many patients such as those who suffer from chronic stress disorders, as it can help process their thoughts in a calm manner. This bud’s high can make you feel clear-headed and alert, while enjoying a relaxed state of mind altogether.

Patients who need help managing their chronic and severe depression can greatly benefit from the regular use of this strain. Tickle Kush will allow them to feel more encouraged and positive, leaving their worried and negative thoughts behind and instead focusing on a more hopeful mood.

Those who suffer from chronic fatigue may benefit from the regular use of this strain, as it can help them feel more motivated and awake. Patients who suffer from chronic pain can also benefit from this bud, while those who suffer from insomnia may find this strain to be helpful in their quest to regularize their sleep patterns.

Tickle Kush Growing

Tickle Kush can be grown by connoisseurs as well as inexperienced growers as it is easy to cultivate and can be highly resistant to common pests as well as molds. This bud grows into a short plant and takes an average amount of time to finish flowering.

Tickle Kush

Flowering Time


This strain can take around 8 to 9 weeks to finish flowering indoors and can produce a yield of around 12 ounces per square meter during harvest season.


Growing this flower outdoors can produce an estimated 15 ounces per plant and should take until the middle of October to finish flowering before it is ready to be harvested.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Tickle Kush? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.

Overall, for obvious reasons, Tickle Kush has recently seen a boost in popularity in the Market. This is no doubt to its fantastic genetics consisting of both Chemdawg and LA Kush which are popular strains on their own. Furthermore, as mentioned, being named one of the earth’s strongest strains in 2014, having found THC levels averaging 28%, seasoned marijuana enthusiasts may be keen to try a more potent strain such as this.

The potency of Tickle Kush makes for quite an enjoyable experience, characterized by a head buzz courtesy of the Sativa mixed with the more mellow and serene nature of Indica for an amazing high.

Along with the medicinal benefits this strain can have on medical patients like relief from bodily pain such as in the head and neck area among other useful properties, it is no surprise that it is a popular choice for many individuals.

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