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Thin Mint Strain review

Thin Mint, a hybrid cross containing Durban Poison and OG Kush genetics, is a phenotype of the legendary GSC strain. Dark green and royal purple hues peek through a heavy coat of crystals, with a sweet minty smell that gives a full explanation of this strain’s name. Thin Mint calls upon the powers of its indica, sativa, and hybrid ancestors for a powerful full-body effect that gives this strain its sterling reputation. The high psychoactivity of this strain is not for novice consumers, but patients with a variety of symptoms are giving Thin Mint their seal of approval: severe pain, nausea, swelling, insomnia, and appetite loss are no match for the potency of Thin Mint.

About Thin Mint Cookies

The Thin Mint Cookies cannabis strain is a phenotype or lookalike of the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain. While not an exact hereditary replica of Girl Scouts, Thin Mint Cookies is similar in its observable characteristics. The strain became a hybrid when crossed with OG Kush and Durban Poison. An almost perfectly balanced hybrid, Thin Mint Cookies is 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica.

The buds of Thin Mint Cookies smell like mint, hence the name, and taste sweet. Purple and dark green, this strain has a dense coat of crystals. As a hybrid and a copy of a legendary strain, Thin Mint marshals the forces of Indica and Sativa to give a powerfully blended potency. Thin Mint Cookie aficionados describe the sensation as both mental and physical. The body may feel sleepy and hungry, while the mind stays active and creative.

This strain is for the medically needy as it treats the pain, nausea, and appetite loss often found in serious disorders. THC content is high but CBD levels are low, making it unsuitable to calm seizure sufferers. Choose it for the sleepy effect and the waves of pain relief.

skinny mint

While it also alleviates insomnia, arthritis, and stress, casual and recreational users often choose this strain due to its name recognition. In 2013, Thin Mint Cookies’ parent, Girl Scout Cookies, won 1st place for a Hybrid in the Cannabis Cup held in Denver, CO. The Thin Mint Cookie strain has placed in the top three in competitions in California and Washington.

To differentiate the strains, experts in the laboratory focus on the terpene and cannabinoid profiles because all cannabis buds produce THC. High terpene found in Thin Mint Cookies suggests its ancestry to Girl Scout Cookies, the caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool say Kush, while THCV indicates Durban Poison.

Because it is a child of famous strain, the hereditary lineage of Thin Mint Cookies is of interest. The original breeders of Girl Scout Cookies told High Times magazine that they crossed a mystery strain (F1) that they called their “secret sauce” with Durban Poison and OG Kush.

High Times’ laboratory analysis of a Girl Scout Cookie lookalike found (in percent mass): 1.16% CBG; 22.3% THC; 0.07% THCV; 0.17% linalool; 0.39% myrcene; 0.37% limonene; 0.71% caryophyllene.

A phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies, the Thin Mint Cookie cannabis strain is a lookalike with similar properties. The strain provides potent medical relief due to its sleep-inducing properties, pain relief, and nausea relief. Recreational users may appreciate it for its cerebral and creative effects.

Strain Information

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20% – 28%

This is another indica-dominant strain with THC percentage of 28%. This is the winner of third place in the ‘2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup’. The buds of this plant are found to be denser and are appearing in green color with traces of purple color. There is a thick layer of crystals all over. The strain gives off a sweet and minty aroma thereby giving the complete meaning of its name. Similar to the aromas, the flavors of this strain are also found to be minty and sweet. Having got the powers of both indica and sativa strains from the ancestors, this strain is able to provide a whole body effect thereby providing the strain with the exceptional fame. As this strain is known to give higher psycho-activity, this is not advised for the beginners. Thin Mint is known to be effective for the symptoms of pain, sleep disorders, loss of appetite, nausea and swelling. This can also be taken for depression, stress, muscle spasm and tremors.

Grow information

Thin Mint is suitable to grow indoors or outdoors in warm climates, producing average-sized yields of trichome-laden colas around a nine-week flowering cycle. According to the cannabis seed bank Seedsman, Thin Mint plants can grow between 75 to 175 centimeters, or 2  1/2 to 5  3/4 feet, in height.

A true modern cannabis legend

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is also known as Thin Mint GSC or simply Thin Mint. She’s an incredible popular phenotype from the famous and influential strain Girl Scout Cookies (GSC).

This crossing of Durban Poison and OG Kush produces a sweet, minty, and earthy smell, thus the name. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is an ultra-potent indica/sativa hybrid that harnesses the power of its ancestors to induce a potent full-body effect that leaves users feeling relaxed, euphoric, and uplifted.

skinny mint

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is a strain of moderate growing difficulty. The plant flowers for 8-9 weeks, after which you can harvest the heavy trichome-coated buds with dark green and purple hues.

Potential Positive Effects of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

The high psycho-activity of this strain is for experienced users who will enjoy feeling physically relaxed and hungry while their minds remain fresh, creative, and active. Users have reported feeling energized and refreshed mentally, remaining elated, positive, and enlightened even after the effects wore off.

Potential Negative Effects of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Since this strain is a balanced hybrid with an average THC content of 24 percent, new users should be careful when consuming Thin Mint GSC. Too much of this strain can result in negative feelings of dizziness, anxiousness, and/or paranoia, and nobody wants to feel like that.

Lineage of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Thin Mint GSC is a popular and delicious 50/50 hybrid strain that owes its lineage to Durban Poison and OG Kush. Its long-lasting effects are both mental and physical, and it’s a go-to choice for both medical and recreational users.

Thin Mint GSC is identifiable by its dark green and royal purple hues. The buds of Thin Mint GSC are layered in a dense coat of crystal-like trichomes, which adds something extra special to the already sweet and minty taste of this hybrid.

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