superman green stone

Superman OG Strain

aka Superman Kush Strain

Superman OG is a cross between Tahoe OG and Bubba Kush. A product of magnificent breeding, this strain is indeed super-resistant to disease and mold, due to its substantial indica lineage. Users will experience a feeling of intense bodily relaxation, while its taste is extremely spicy.

The high THC potency of 19% – 23% on average makes it an excellent option for advancers and intermediate smokers. Those with low experience would find it too overwhelming. Superman OG cannabis is strongly recommended for night time use because of its sedative effects.

superman green stone

 It appears that there are Superman OG strains out in the market that are crosses of strains other than the recognized originals. In some ways, this is due to the lack of information regarding it. For instance, we do not even know who the original breeder was. Having said that, we do know that it is a two-way cross between Tahoe OG and Bubba Kush.

It should be noted too, that one source of confusion on the genetics of Superman OG could be traced back to one of its parents. Tahoe OG, depending on the breeder, could either be Indica or Sativa dominant. As such, it is possible for several growers to breed Superman OG using the same parent strains, but while one could be Indica dominant, the other could be Sativa dominant. Because of that, each version of Superman OG from different breeders are likely to have differences.

Since the beginning, Superman in its various iterations always came from Krypton. But for the Superman OG strain, we have to wonder.

  • Use Time: Afternoon
  • Effects: Energetic, Aroused, Concentrated, Calm
  • Side Effects: Paranoia, Thirst and dry mouth, Rapid heart beat, Hunger
  • Common Usage: Bipolar disorder, Hypertension, Multiple sclerosis, Lack of appetite
  • Terpenes: Limonene, Carene, Camphene, Ocimene
  • Taste: Earthy, Pine, Pungent, Skunk, Woody

About Superman OG Strain

Superman OG is a must try for cannabis connoisseurs. The product of Tahoe OG and Bubba Kush, this hardy indica is both incredibly potent and exceptionally well bred. Following a long line of kush genetics, Superman OG provides a strong heavy body sensation and will put you to sleep in a hurry. While great for pain management, muscle spasms, and insomnia, Superman OG’s potent sedative effects make it a strictly nighttime strain. The aroma of this indica is nearly as strong as its effects. Featuring a strong skunk-like scent and piney taste, Superman OG is extremely pungent and not for the novice patient.

Superman OG Effects

superman green stone

Due to the strong Indica effects of this strain it is recommended for night time medicating, perfect for defeating the likes of Insomnia. Stress, anxiety and depression are other villainous disorders that may quake in fright before this strain. Much like the superhero it is named for Superman OG is strong enough to make even severe chronic aches and pains weaker. Some find relief from their migraines through the use of this strain as well.

Even if its Sativa side is well below 20%, Superman OG still delivers a great cerebral high. One thing for sure, this hybrid is an effective mood changer. As alluded to earlier, it is a potent strain hence smokers may even feel euphoric. Of course, that is a good thing. Smoking marijuana is about having fun as much as it is for medical use. As such, one reason for using weed is to feel happy, and in this sense, the strain does not disappoint.

Superman OG brings with it an intense cerebral high that is elating and stress-relieving. After just a few tokes, you will feel all your worries and negative thoughts simply drift away as your mind goes into a state of peaceful serenity. This is soon followed by a numbing body buzz that relaxes you completely and makes you just want to lay back and enjoy the high. An hour or so into it, you will start to feel hunger and sleepiness that makes this a perfect choice to use at night for a good night’s rest.

But soon after the cerebral effects, it is followed by a sedative-like body high. For some, at the onset of using this strain, they may even feel a slight energy boost, but that is now offset by the numbing feeling. As a result, the user is bound to feel relaxed. Used at the end of the day, or on days when there is nothing to do, this strain is a great choice.

At this point, and an hour or two later, the smoker is bound to feel hungry and sleepy. So, now there is a dilemma. Should one go for food? But it feels too good to stay on the couch or bed.

Superman OG marijuana induces relaxed, euphoric, sleepy, focused, and tingly feeling. It may also also help relieve the following medical symptoms: pain, insomnia, stress, depression, and muscle spasms. You may have dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoid, anxious and dizzy as side effects.

Please note that the effects vary from person to person, but based on our data and data from websites such as Leafly and Hytyiva below are the most consistent effects among users.

Type of High

Superman OG marijuana induces moderate sedation and couch-lock coupled with uplifting cerebral euphoria. Relieves stress, elevates mood, boosts creativity , prompts giggles. Stimulates appetite, helps with pain and insomnia. May cause paranoia

Superman OG Aroma

In terms of its fragrance, Superman OG is not bad at all. In fact, most cannabis users should find the skunky scent with a distinct smell of pine agreeable.

Superman OG Flavors

Where Superman OG excels in its effects, it does seem to come a little lacking when it comes to its odor. But carrying over to its taste, the hint of earth and wood is more distinct, hence enhancing its flavor, especially the sweet aftertaste.

Superman OG Negative Effects

There are no reported negative effects from taking Superman OG other than the common negative effects of dry eyes and dry mouth.

Superman OG Medical Medical Benefits

  • THC: 20 – 23%
  • CBD: 0.27 – 0.74%
  • CBC: 0.35 – 0.91%
  • CBG: 0.46 – 1%
  • CBN: 0.06 – 0.21%
  • THCV: 0.41 – 1.51%

There are a couple of benefits to the sedative-like properties of Superman OG. While its high potency does tend to leave some on couch-lock, it does wonders for medical cannabis users. For instance, the numbing effect it has on the body do offer some kind of pain relief. This effect is especially useful for patients who are suffering from pain. Also, combined with the Sativa effects of uplifting mood, it can help users de-stress.

As mentioned earlier, users tend to feel hungry and sleepy. In that way, Superman OG may be beneficial to those who need to improve their appetite, as well as insomniacs.While it is possible for a user to feel both at the same time, it should be noted that there are people who experience one of the two.

Superman OG Growing

superman green stone
  • Flowering time: 56-70 Days
  • Harvest time: 75-82 Days
  • Yield indoor: 4-6 oz/ft2
  • Yield outdoor: < 1 oz/ft2
  • Height indoor: 30-60 Inches
  • Height outdoor: 30-60 Inches
  • Grow difficulty: Difficult
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

The mostly indica strain does best indoors using hydroponics and Sea of Green (SOG) for a seven-week flowering period, according to sources online. The breeder says Superman OG tends to produce sedative effects

Superman OG is a great strain to cultivate for breeders of all experience levels. Although it can thrive outdoors, it is more recommended for indoor growing. To help shorten the flowering time of these plants, it is also recommended to use the Sea of Green training method as well as hydroponics if you are familiar with that medium.

  • Indoors Flowering Time

We can only estimate its yield based on its parents, and that should be around 10 to 14 ounces per square meter with flowering period expected as early as 7 weeks.

  • Outdoors Flowering Time

Grown outdoor provided it is legal, the estimated yield per plant should be around 14 ounces, possibly more. Plan to harvest by October, somewhere between the first two weeks.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Superman OG? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.

This strain can make you super hungry; i.e. it will give you the munchies, so make sure you’ve got some super snacks to accompany your consumption of this super strain. And, it also causes you to experience super dry mouth, so be sure to have a super-sized drink handy too!

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