Super Jack Cannabis Strain

The Super Jack strain is a wake-and-bake variety. This category of cannabis strains offers a short-term energy boost to help you get through the day. When combined with Super Jack’s energizing properties, this invigorating hybrid may make you feel like a superhero for a while. Find more about Super Jack Strain at black rabbit.

We all know how it feels. Some mornings, you wake up feeling foggy and weary, and the prospect of tackling a busy workday makes you cringe. Many people drink coffee to get rid of their cobwebs in the morning, while others reach for their favorite wake-and-bake marijuana type to help them get started off right.

Modern cannabis strains are known for being sativa-dominant, or heavily sativa-dominant. Wake-and-bake strains are usually high in THC and provide quick energizing and uplifting effects.

Among the cannabis community, Skywalker OG is known as one of the greatest strains available. It’s produced by a company called SFV OG, which means Skywalker OG is a cross between Skunk #1 and Jack Herer.

What Is the Super Jack Strain?

South Seeds, a cannabis seed company based in Amsterdam, developed the Super Jack strain by crossing Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze. The 70:30 sativa to indica ratio of Super Jack, also known as Super Jack Haze, is a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Super Jack is a popular morning strain for some cannabis consumers due to its stimulating qualities.

This strain may also be consumed via a vaporizer for an accelerated onset. Users typically report an initial cerebral buzz followed by mood-boosting effects following intake of Super Jack. Users also claim to feel more talkative and interested in social encounters after taking this drug.

This strain’s cerebral high is powerful, therefore it’s not a good choice for beginners. If you have a tolerable degree of cannabis sensitivity, you should exercise caution in how much you take. Overindulging on this strain may result in unpleasant physical effects. We’ll get to those later in the “Possible Side Effects” section.


Another advantage of Super Jack is its enticing fragrance. Even if Cat’s Piss were a decent wake-and-bake solution, we doubt many people would choose it! In contrast, the delectable aroma of Super Jack is hard to beat. When you light up a joint, you’ll get notes of herb and earth with a spicy citrus note.


This strain’s flavor is buttery with a sweet tropical fruit flavor. You’ve got a fantastic-tasting wake-and-bake strain with undertones of spice and pine. On the exhale, some Super Jack users notice an increase in sweetness.


The buds of Super Jack are mint green and have a spade-shaped form. When the harvesting time approaches, glistening like chandelier crystals trichomes give this strain an icy look. When fully developed, these plants produce bright, vibrant-orange pistils that stick out dramatically on the plant’s surface.

Super Jack Strain Grow Info

Only if you’ve previously grown cannabis should you purchase Super Jack seeds. This is due to the fact that Super Jack’s growth difficulty is categorized as moderate.

It’s difficult to discover information about how to grow Super Jack. Regardless of whether you germinate it indoors or outdoors, it is likely to flourish. In the same way, when using a hydroponics system, it should do well in soil or an inert growing medium.

Super Jack flowers in roughly nine weeks if cultivated indoors. It creates a good indoor yield of 16-20 ounces per square meter planted. In the right warm and sunny climate, the outdoor harvest is also plentiful. The outside growers are expecting a return of up to 24 ounces per plant. Plants are generally ready for harvesting beginning in early October.

THC Content – Highest Test

Super Jack marijuana generally has a wide THC range. Super Jack samples have been tested in the laboratory, and the results show that they can contain as little as 15% THC but as much as 24%.

CBD Content

The Super Jack does not include cannabidiol (CBD). According to Leafly, one of the most well-known cannabis information sites on the internet, CBD was found at 0.28 percent by a high-quality laboratory test.

Medical Benefits of Super Jack Marijuana

Super Jack is a well-known marijuana strain for those who suffer from chronic tiredness. Because Super Jack may also improve one’s mood, it might help people experiencing depression or anxiety for a period of time.

Another claimed advantage of the Super Jack strain is its supposed potential as a short-term pain reliever. As a result, some people use Super Jack to deal with chronic suffering and minor pains and aches.

Possible Side Effects of Super Jack Weed

The high from this strain lasts much longer than energy drinks or pharmaceutical medications, so there is no associated “energy crash.” Instead, it fades away, and you may notice how you felt before using the cannabis.

However, this species has several negative effects. The most frequent ones include dry mouth and eyes, as well as increased anxiety or paranoia. Others may experience feeling dizzy or drowsy.

Novices or people who have consumed too much Super Jack in one sitting are more likely to report these negative effects.

Final Thoughts

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a fantastic combination of two great marijuana strains. The exquisite scent and tropical fruitiness of Super Jack will entice you in, so be careful not to overeat on this powerful strain.

Super Jack is recognized as one of the greatest “wake-and-bake” strains in the cannabis community. Super Jack, like many other excellent strains, can help you stay awake and productive for longer periods of time.

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