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Sunshine can brighten the day. Like its name, the ray of hope is a beam of light that cuts through an otherwise hopeless day. Some pharmaceutical companies are using the drug as an experimental treatment for disorders like autism. Patients can also enjoy the mental and physical relief of vaporizing.

Developed by Peace Naturals Project, a licensed producer in Canada, it is used for therapeutic purposes. Unfortunately, the company chose not to disclose its genetics. Nonetheless, this is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that relies on its above-average levels of THC and other compounds to deliver any sort of beneficial effects. Recreational marijuana use is becoming common in the United States because of its psychedelic high.


Like drinking coffee out of a mug, Sunshine is the perfect way to start your day. Taking only a few puffs clears your mind and heightens focus. With heightened sensitivities, tasks become less difficult. Its psychedelic high also promotes creativity. Stimulated, the brain can form new thoughts and ideas without reservation. This small shape of a bud makes it the perfect daytime strain.

sunshine valley berry farm

But that is not typical of Sativa strains. Typical Sativas are good for boosting moods, but Sunshine does it differently. It provides happiness that’s inside. It leaves you with an uplifting feeling.

Gradually, the comforting sensation reaches throughout your body. Recently it seems that Sunshine’s taste has begun to change. As it grows stronger, marijuana often produces a calming high to relax your whole body.

Sunshine has a powerful effect on your body, but it can be enjoyed in moderation. However, despite its potent THC content of up to 16%, it should not be discounted. Honey is high in sugar and can cause a blood glucose spike followed by an energy crash, which leads to consuming more honey.


Sometimes called a “fragrant aerosol”, Sunshine has more than meets the nose. It’s best described as fruity and pungent but is also overall sweet. Truly exhaling the strain, sharp but sweet citrus can be detected.


The taste of Sunshine is just as appealing as the scent. It is sweet but not overly so. There’s a tartness from the citrus that balances it nicely. One of the most delightful things about smoking a good cigar is experiencing all its flavors in your mouth.

Adverse Reaction

Marijuana can be dehydrating for those who smoke it, so dryness of the mouth and eyes are a common symptom. Some people may feel dizzy to a minor degree. However, all these are mild. Not only that, they are barely noticeable while in the middle of the high.

Many marijuana strains are predominantly Sativa, but in most cases, it might not always be the case. Warning that this substance can impact the brain’s ability to perceive things, possibly meaning anxiety could also rise. Use caution, as a high dosage may cause adverse side effects.


Ailing patients looking for a ray of hope can turn to Sunshine. Although it does not cure various medical conditions, the strain’s healing properties help alleviate some mental and bodily issues.

The feeling of being outside in the bright Sunshine has been shown to increase mood and morale levels. This cerebral buzz might offer some support to those going through a difficult time. As a result, it provides temporary relief for people with depression or PTSD.

Similarly, the mental stimulation during Sunshine reduces accumulating stresses. This makes it a great stress reliever.

sunshine valley berry farm

Sunshine can relieve both mental and physical anxieties. Its analgesic properties act as a muscle relaxant, so the sunshine is good for Aside your health on many levels from enhancing your mood. Sunshine also has pain-relieving properties that can help soothe muscle aches. When the body is relaxed, it alleviates different types of physical discomfort like fatigue, headaches, and chronic pain.


Peace Naturals Project prefers to keep the details of their strains a secret. To preserve their seed exclusivity with the company, they have prohibited other distributors from carrying Sunshine’s seeds. However, plant clippings can easily cultivate the plant.

Sunshine does not require the same level of care and attention as other RV floor plans. Sativa plants grow taller than their Indica counterparts and are less sturdy. This can result in resin-filled buds breaking off the branch they grow from. Thus, the plant should be topped early to promote branching.

Sunshine prefers a warm and moist environment but does best when planted in a semi-humid environment with daytime temperatures between 21°C to 27°C. The new sentence is clearer without including the extra detail about other plants’ needs. To maintain a proper humidity-to-temperature ratio, growers should use humidimeters placed around grow rooms or gardens. Making sure you check and adjust it every few hours as the light changes.

After a week or two into its blooming period, Sunshine’s buds should start to taper. The colors of the coloring book also turn into a shade of green with orange and yellow pistils. The beautiful coat of trichomes glistens when shined on. Standing out like stars in the night, the plant’s delicate and purposeful fibers are a sight to behold.

Flowering Time


Sunshine is a strain of cannabis, like most Sativa strains it requires a longer flowering period. Most Sativas take approximately 9 or 10 weeks to produce buds. When the plant blooms, growers can harvest 8 to 12 ounces of buds per square meter.


In nature, Sunshine flowers by the end of October. Regardless, at least 12 ounces of plant juice is produced.

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