Sunset Sherbert

Sunset Sherbert

The indica dominant strain Sunset Sherbert was created from another legendary variety, Girl Scout Cookies. Sunset Sherbert is aptly named, as it offers a delightful and flavorful experience. Its indica characteristics are further enhanced by its strong and potent smell.

Sunset Sherbert is a potent, full-bodied strain that combines floral and spicy notes. Girl Scout Cookies was created as an easy and crowd-pleasing hybrid, but this strain promises to get you reeled in with powerful full-bodied effects.

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This strain will inspire you to think more creatively, choosing colorful thoughts, and is therefore quite popular among artists. Sunset Sherbert is a strong and potent smoke that both medical patients and recreational consumers enjoy, as it offers a straightforward experience.


Sunset Sherbert is a deeply cerebral and fully relaxing strain that will allow you to sink into your chain in a calm state, while still maintaining a clear head. This indica-dominant variant can be used to help you focus and spend your day in a clearer state, especially when you use it in a lighter dose.

Sunset Sherbert can make you delve into feelings of euphoria and enlightenment, giving you a pleasurable mental massage that is best enjoyed in the afternoon when you have time to mellow down and relax. This strain is great for unwinding after a long day at work because it helps you relax.

This indica dominant passage can make you sleepy and is therefore preferred by those who need help finding rest. Sunset Sherbert is a happy strain and will keep you going, but after an extended period, it may induce serious munchies.


Sunset Sherbert is an enticing flower, boasting aromas you’ll never forget. This strain contains strong fruity notes combined with a sweet berry fragrance and mixed in with a fresh and earthy scent that will leave you wanting more.


Much like its fragrance, the flavor of Sunset Sherbert can only be described as pure bliss. This strain has hints of fruit and citrus on the inhalation which creates a tingly sensation for your tongue. The exhale features strong minty notes with an enticing aftertaste that sticks to your tongue.

Adverse Reaction

Sunset Sherbert typically has minor side effects, though they can be a bit more significant for an intense strain. Sunset Sherbert is rare, but it does come with side effects and is considered powerful. This strain can cause dryness in your mouth and eyes, leaving you with a parched and dehydrated feeling.

Some people who use this strain may feel anxious or paranoid, but most find it is more relaxing than recreational drugs. Sunset Sherbert may cause a slight headache in some cases, typically after the consumption of higher doses.


Sunset Sherbert has been used for several medical purposes and has gathered a strong following because of it. The patient will find a natural state of relaxation during this treatment that will allow them to calm their mind and nerves, soothing them from head to toe.

This indica strain can help patients suffering from depression, by allowing them to feel more positively about themselves. Sunset Sherbert is useful to patients who experience anxiety as it can help calm them.

Sunset Sherbet can be a useful tool for cancer patients, as it may help them regain their appetite, which is lost during radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Nausea, which is a common side effect of these treatments, can be largely alleviated with the use of this indica-dominant strain. The patient can resume eating normally after dosing.

mint sherbet


One way to cultivate this variant is to provide a warm, sunny climate similar to that of the Mediterranean. This strain is resistant to common molds and mildew and is easy enough for beginners to grow.

Flowering Time


Sunset sherbet should yield an average of about 8 ounces of fresh bud per square meter. This type of strain takes 8 weeks to flower and be ready for harvest.


When growing outdoor, this strain can yield an average of 11 ounces of bud during harvest season. Sunset sherbet is ready for picking around September to October.

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