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Sugar Plum Marijuana Strain Information

Sugar Plum from Stoney Girl Gardens is an award-winning sativa bred by crossing Berkeley Blues and Hawaiian Haze Plum. With a tropical and earthy flavor, Sugar Plum produces hard-hitting and long-lasting cerebral effects. This strain is a good beginner grow, with a recommended flowering period of 35 days for indoor gardens.

About Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum (or Sugarplum) is a sativa-dominant hybrid with strong and long-lasting effects. Created by prolific breeders Stoney Girl Gardens, who have also given us Pitbull, Sugar Plum is a cross between Hawaiian Haze Plum and Berkeley Blues. In addition to searing cerebral effects, this strain has a universally appealing flavor profile with distinctly tropical notes. These qualities earned Sugar Plum the title of First Place in the 2004 Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has found samples of this strain to have between 9% and 26% THC.

Sugar Plum is marked by medium to large-sized flowers that cling together in long, spindly formations. The buds make their sativa roots clear with a loose, piecey structure. The leaves have a fluffy appearance and can easily be torn away from their central stems. These leaves are a mossy green and are twisted through with orange and rust-colored pistils. Finally, a dense coat of icy white trichomes gives these flowers a wet, dewy appearance and makes them very difficult to break up without the aid of a quality grinder.

When properly cured, flowers of Sugar Plum indeed boast the fruity aroma of fresh plums. On closer inspection, some sour notes of citrus are also present. If these buds are ground up, they yield hints of herbs and spice, similar to staple grandparent strain Haze. When combusted, Sugar Plum gives off a somewhat harsh smokes that’s liable to tickle the throat and trigger coughing fits. This thick smoke tastes fruity with some ammonia undertones on the exhale.

The buzzy, active high from Sugar Plum hits almost instantly. Before they’ve finished coughing, smokers may notice an uptick in fast-paced cerebral thinking. Certain thoughts may command the bulk of the user’s attention and may flow into other ideas in freely associative ways. For many, this can engender a trippy mindset that’s ideal for spacing out to some atmospheric music. Sugar Plum can also bring about a very social mood, sparking conversation and camaraderie when it’s shared with like-minded friends. For users in a more productive mood, Sugar Plum can provide the energy needed to power through mundane tasks like cleaning the house or running errands. After some time, this bud’s fast-paced high wears off and is supplanted by a thorough feeling of body melt. Limbs and eyelids may begin to feel heavy and smokers may feel inspired to seek out the closest comfortable surroundings. If dosage is increased, couchlock can become a possibility. That said, some trippy, disordered thinking may remain and may have users seeing sugar-plum fairies. Because of its decrescendo from buzzy energy into sedate calm, Sugar Plum is best enjoyed from the late afternoon through the early evening.

Sugar Plum may also have several applications for medical cannabis patients. Its upbeat properties can have a positive effect for sufferers of mild to moderate stress and depression. The strain’s lucid feeling of focus may also be helpful for patients with attention deficit disorders. Physiologically speaking, the subtle body high on Sugar Plum’s backend can soothe aches and pains, from the chronic and serious to minor irritations like headaches. Patients who are prone to panic or paranoia or who have a low tolerance for THC should consume this strain with caution, as its sativa intensity can prove overwhelming for some.

Although Stoney Girl has cultivated seeds of Sugar Plum, these only seem to be available at their brick and mortar location in Oregon and are not listed for sale online. As such, most prospective home growers must obtain clippings from mature, healthy plants of the strain in order to grow genetically identical “clones.” Sugar Plum is said to be an easy, user-friendly grow for newcomers to cultivation. It can be grown indoors or out, although those growing indoors should tame the height of these characteristically tall plants by regular trimming early in the vegetative stage. Despite its almost pure sativa genetics, this bud is a very fast crop, flowering within only 5 to 6 weeks when grown indoors.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 90% Sativa / 10% Indica

THC: 25%

Sugar Plum is a heavily sativa dominant hybrid (90% sativa/10% indica) strain created as a cross of the infamous Berkeley Blues X Hawaiian Haze Plum strains. This tasty bud placed 1st at the 2003 Oregon Medical Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa and boasts an insanely high THC level of up to 25%. Although it’s powerful effects are well-loved by experienced users, it’s the taste that gets you hooked – it has a sweet sugary tropical fruit flavor that only intensifies as you continue to smoke, making you want more and more and often leaving to some users taking too much at once and experiencing powerful paranoia and anxiety. The smell is very similar, with a fruity tropical bouquet that has a sickly sweet aroma as the bud is smoked. The Sugar Plum effects are hard-hitting and long-lasting, with a smooth happy onset that hits you in the head like a freight train with insanely uplifting cerebral effects and waves of joyful energy. You’ll feel the need to get up and do something with this bud, which usually leads to endless snacking when the munchies kick in. Because of these effects and its high THC level, Sugar Plum is the perfect bud for treating chronic pain, nausea, appetite loss, glaucoma, and mood swings. This bud has medium-sized dense and leafy dark forest green pepper-shaped nugs with reddish purple undertones and hairs and a sticky sweet layer of resin with frosty lavender hued crystal trichomes.

sugar plum

Grow information

Sugar Plum is a sativa-dominant cross of Hawaiian Haze Plum and Berkeley Blues. It produces tall plants that might need trimming indoors thanks to its sativa heritage. Sugar Plum has a quick average flowering time of just 35 to 42 days. Stoney Girl believes anyone can grow cannabis so it’s an easy plant for even novice gardeners. The strain grows well indoors and outdoors.

Sugar Plum is available as clones.

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