As there are ten thousand varieties of marijuana available, sometimes an exceptional one is almost forgotten. Several hybrid plants that come from legendary parents are disappointing. The SFV OG strain, better known as San Fernando Valley OG, is a weed that has given birth to any number of hybrids with mixed results. However, the strain itself is still top-shelf quality due to its OG Kush origins.

What is the SFV OG Strain?

SFV OG, not to be confused with SFV OG Kush, is an indica-dominant hybrid that was developed on the west coast. Named for the San Fernando Valley, it is bred by Cali Connection Farms. OG Kush is a phenotype of the OG Kush strain and has helped create varieties including Tahoe OG and Ghost Train Haze.

sfv og strain


SFV OG marijuana smells tart and citrusy, reminiscent of the original OG strain. Compared to other OG strains, it isn’t as earthy. In contrast, it is also less sour than the Jet Fuel strain. You may be surprised at the aroma of this pungent yet sweet-smelling fish dish.


This strain’s taste is almost as potent as its scent. The lemon flavor is very strong and may even feel a little harsh if you are smoking this weed in a joint. You will also get a lemongrass taste, and the overall flavor remains on your tongue for some time after exhalation. SFV OG is a strain that works well with vaporizers.


SFV OG is an original strain of cannabis. The nugs are round and dense, and the color is wintergreen.

SFV OG Strain Grow Info

When you purchase SFV OG seeds, it will ease your mind that even novice growers can cultivate successfully. Basic gardening skills, such as providing water and nutrients to plants, are necessary. If you decide to grow it outdoors, the yield will be approximately 13 ounces per plant and the plants should be ready for harvest by early October.

If you grow SFV OG indoors at 12 ounces per square meter, flowering will take 8 to 10 weeks. The precise moment when you harvest depends on whether you want a euphoric or sedative high. Allow most of the pistils to change color if you are seeking the latter. According to growers, this is a hungry and thirsty strain of plants that need lots of water and nutrients. SFV OG is a common mistake for those not familiar with it.

The buds on this strain grow at a slower rate, so you’ll have to wait for them to develop before you can harvest. You also need to top it regularly. One expert’s tip is to allow this strain to grow up for three weeks. Make sure you don’t buy the wrong strain of marijuana when purchasing different strains from a dispensary.

THC Content – Highest Test

The THC content in SFV OG can be as low as 17%, but we have seen it reach 22% during tests.

CBD Content – Highest Test

SFV OG strain is known for its high CBD content, which can range anywhere from 1% to 5%. This means that the THC to CBD ratio typically ranges between 20:1 and 25:1.

What Can I Expect When I Use SFV OG?

This strain is not a good choice if you have a lot of work to do! This may vary from person to person, but we have heard that some people experience SFV OG as slightly indica while others experience it as primarily Sativa. Typically, you can expect to feel sedated and couch-locked; similar to how you may feel after a session of OG Kush.

Users report feeling euphoric and happy; you may even have fits of giggles. It is an excellent marijuana strain for occasions when you want to relax and live a day in your life filled with joy and free from pressure. The relaxed atmosphere may inspire you to be more creative on occasion.

Medical Benefits of SFV OG Marijuana

SFV OG is a potent strain of marijuana that is recommended for chronic pain and inflammation. If you’re prone to GAD and/or depression, this herb can be useful in alleviating your symptoms. If you suffer from panic attacks that are sudden and unpredictable, this strain could provide the relief you’re looking for.

sfv og strain

You may be surprised to learn that panic disorder is associated with inflammation in the nerves and brain. When a person is stressed, the body produces adrenaline and glucose out of the stored sugars in fat cells. This sudden transition into panic mode can happen in seconds. SFV OG can help keep you calm and can be used to prevent the onset of anxiety.

This strain is also associated with an increased appetite. If you are a cancer patient struggling to eat after chemotherapy or if you have anorexia nervosa, then SFV OG helps to spike your desire for food.

Possible Side Effects of SFV OG Weed

As San Fernando Valley OG is a fairly potent strain, it can leave you with dry and itchy eyes, a dry mouth, and dehydration. In rare instances, this strain can worsen paranoia, especially if you have a pre-existing anxiety disorder.

Final Thoughts on SFV OG Cannabis

San Fernando Valley OG may not be as popular as several of its children, but it is a mouthwatering and effective marijuana strain in its own right. It is powerful enough to tackle chronic pain, in addition to depression and social anxiety.

It is also one of the easiest marijuana strains to grow, especially indoors. It has strong resistance to pests and diseases, but make sure you provide it with plentiful light and nutrients. Additionally, ensure that your grow tent is well ventilated, or else you risk the growth of mold.

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