Purple OG Kush

Purple OG Kush

Purple OG Kush is a calm and sedative Indica-dominant Hybrid. The strain features a tasty sweet grape aroma, moderate amounts of THC, and is beloved by new and experienced consumers alike.

Purple OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid well-known for its aromatic taste and relaxing effects. A cross between the legendary OG Kush and Purple Kush, Purple OG is one of the more popular strains within the medical and recreational cannabis community. The sedating effects can be a perfect way to end a long and stressful day while the crisp and earthy flavors are pleasant and enjoyable well after the sun goes down.

About this hybrid strain

The Purple OG cannabis strain is indica-dominant and sometimes also referred to as Purple OG Kush. It was created by crossing the ever popular OG Kush with the colorful Purple Kush.

The nuggets of Purple OG are made of densely packed fern-green leaves, sometimes with violet streaks in plants exposed to lower temperatures. The bright-orange pistils look to make up about 1/4 of the buds’ surface area. A protective crust of crystal trichomes coats the flower, making it tough to break apart. This strain smells like pine and berries with hints of diesel fuel. Smoking or vaping Purple OG amplifies the flavors of sour grapes and leaves a spicy gas-like aftertaste.

The Purple OG strain brings a relaxing experience as consumers have noted, allowing one to slip into a giggly euphoria. Users report a complete melting of worry and stress, possibly making Purple OG a choice for folks looking to combat anxiety. The purported blissful relaxation of the skeletal muscles is sometimes accompanied by a trippy psychoactive stimulation of the mind. For some, creativity comes easier. Energy remained nice and steady for others. Consumers report that the involuntary muscles of the stomach and intestines relax as well, bringing about intense food cravings. Caution is advised, as this ravenous case of the munchies can result in overeating.

Purple OG THC levels tend to fall between 16 and 20%.


This popular, potent medical choice is an indica-dominant cross of Purple Kush and Cali OG Kush, both widely loved strains. The exact balance of sativa to indica in this strain isn’t widely known, but it leans heavily in favour of the indica genes. That’s powerful, to be sure, but not quite top shelf. CBD numbers, meanwhile, are well below 1%, marking this strain as a poor choice for treating seizures or other maladies that respond to that substance. But Purple OG Kush can be used effectively as treatment for chronic pain, lack of appetite, insomnia, depression, and stress. The high, mostly physical, is deeply relaxing, spacey, and sleepy, with a pleasing body buzz. A sweet aroma of berries and musk pairs well with the fruity, Kush-like flavour of this strain. Expect dry mouth and dry eyes; other adverse effects include headaches, dizziness, and paranoia. Purple OG Kush is popular throughout the American West, from New Mexico to British Columbia, and can be found at many medical marijuana dispensaries. It also appears on the black market.

Purple OG Kush experience

Purple OG Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid cross between OG Kush and Purple Kush. The result is a powerful flower with heavy, sedative properties.

While it is not the strongest Indica out there, Purple OG Kush boasts couch-locking and sleepy effects at times. However, the uplifting qualities of OG Kush shine through, providing a euphoric head high.

The THC content in this strain tests up to 18%, making it moderately potent in terms of psychoactivity.

Traits of Purple OG Kush and Purple OG Kush seeds

The average levels of THC mean this marijuana strain would be a great choice for those with intermediate cannabis experience. Though, even marijuana connoisseurs will appreciate the distinct herbal, grape aroma of this bud.

Going step-for-step with the potency of this herb, these grape aromas are powerful. Add in a mix of berries and some pine undertones and marijuana consumers have found themselves some seriously alluring weed.

As is typical of Indica marijuana, this strain exhibits dense bud structures that can grow so heavy that they require support. Purple flecks may appear on the leaves if the plants have been exposed to cold temperatures in the right part of their growth cycle.

Effects of purple og

The effects of cannabis may vary slightly from person to person; there are no concrete expectations with any strain. There are, however, tendencies that exist within the varieties available today. It’s these general effects and tendencies displayed that can help guide and shape the decisions of many patients as they learn and explore what works best for them.

Purple OG cannabis is said to provide an intensely calming effect while being euphoric and uplifting. It’s this gentle sense of positivity and euphoria that, according to patients, is a major factor in reducing stress and rebuilding their quality of life. Moderation is key, however, as too at once can easily put you out for the night. And while that may do wonderful things for insomnia, it’s not so helpful when the sun is high overhead. In lower doses, Purple OG has also been reported to stimulate the appetite and work steadily against the anxiety and stress that creep in throughout the day. Though not ideal for new smokers, slow and steady is a solid plan for everyone when it comes to Purple OG cannabis.

Due to the popularity of this strain, you’ll find it all over the West Coast and up into Canada. But, while many dispensaries carry it or something “purple,” legit Purple OG cannabis is a finicky strain that’s difficult to grow well. It’s rare to find the well-developed, dense, and aromatic nugs characteristic of the strain we all know and love. If you find a dispensary that does it right, remember their name and visit them often as you just may have found a new place to call home.

Many medical cannabis patients face chronic pain and other chronic medical issues on a daily basis. From problems sleeping to pain, these challenges can create additional stress and worry that may lead to new health issues down the road. While there is no magic cure for everything that ails us, patients suffering from debilitating conditions often report resounding success with more potent and reliable strains such as Purple OG.

Medical benefits of Purple OG Kush

Medical marijuana patients familiar with OG Kush strains will be familiar with the therapeutic remedies of this purple variation using it as cannabis coconut oil (learn here how to make cannabis oil), vape pens or edibles.

  • Many medical cannabis patients pick up this strain for afternoon and evening stress relief
  • It is also thought to be an effective sleep aid for those suffering from insomnia
  • In addition, the upbeat and happy mood boost from this medical marijuana strain makes it popular among those with depression

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