Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie

This beautiful, fragrant Sativa from the nice tropical shores of the Hawaiian islands, is famous for its high-energy happiness. Maui Wowie is a powerful stress-buster, that together with its fruity-exotic scent, will transport you straight towards an imaginary relaxing beach, to unwind and enjoy your high.

Maui Wowie is originally from Maui, where it was created in a volcanic, tropical climate. This type of land creates the unmistakable pineapple-sweetened flavor these beautiful Pacific islands are known for. “Maui Wowie” was developed from a Hawaiian Sativa that came from the vintage 60s and 70s.


This is also why it prefers to be cultivated in a similar environment; for the plant to truly thrive. Maui Wowie has the same kind of mood you’d expect from an island experience. The Sativa-dominant strain delivers a light, energetic high while also acting as a tranquilizer and mood-elevator.


Maui Wowie possesses a very loyal fan following, because of its full-on tropical island vibe. This pineapple bud is known for being a strong motivator, keeping you focused on your job with an influx of creativity and inspiration.

This Sativa is a happy-go-lucky strain that will put you in the best possible mood. Maui Wowie contains colors that have a euphoric effect on the mind, leading to unique and inspired thoughts. The burst of energy is seen almost immediately and can put a smile on your face for several hours.

Maui Wowie has also long been a crowd favorite because it is so effective in wowing you and making you feel like bouncing around, while at the same time relaxing your mind, and plunging you deep into a state of having zero worries. Letting your head take a much-deserved vacation with all the perks is like giving yourself a little break.


This daytime strain has a spicy, almost citrusy aroma with just the right amount of chemmy funk. Maui Wowie smells like a basket of citrus and will linger for the rest of the day. This Sativa smells very sweet and earthy and is especially pleasant in all its tropical glory.


Maui Wowie is beautifully tasty. This mellow yellow Sativa will make you think of fresh pineapples, a distinctly fruity taste that can only stem from a strain that originated on a tropical island. Maui Wowie reminds you of citrus fruits and a forest full of trees, and its smoke has a lovely, creamy tone that will coat the inside of your mouth.


Adverse reactions

This Hawaiian beauty has a very short list of side effects that can cause dry eyes or cottonmouth, but it is often accompanied by feelings of exhaustion. Some may feel a slight headache after smoking Maui Wowie, although in most cases this usually just means a mild headache.

Some people may experience a minor feeling of dizziness, coupled with periodic feelings of paranoia. Maui Wowie ultimately is very smooth, and will eventually make you feel sleepy enough to take a nap.


Maui Wowie is a popular medical marijuana strain for its relaxing effects. This Sativa is a nice and light smoke for even occasional smokers and isn’t overwhelming.

It is also undoubtedly effective in the fight against depression, and other anxieties. Maui Wowie also helps those who deal with other mental health issues, such as PTSD and ADD/ADHD. Maui Wowie can alleviate the symptoms of panic attacks for sufferers in these categories while boosting attention spans.

As many as 80% of patients who are experiencing symptoms of fatigue have found relief with Maui Wowie. Pain sufferers will also find long-term relief with this cannabis strain, even for those who are not suffering from chronic pain.


This strain of cannabis has high resistance to pests and disease, making it an easy-to-cultivate crop with minimal effort.

When growing Maui Wowie outdoors, it is best to do so in warm and sunny climates similar to its home.

Flowering Time


Maui Wowie takes an average of around 9 weeks to finish flowering and come out ready for harvest. This is a Sativa strain that can yield about 14 ounces per square meter of fresh-smelling and tasty buds.


For even nutrition, grow Maui Wowie in volcanic soil. Harvesting this plant is expected to yield about 16 ounces each time, with a harvest around the beginning of October.

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