Marijuana ice cream

Summer is approaching and nothing is more appealing at certain times than an ice cream of your favorite flavor to refresh you and have a little moment of pleasure. How about you make it of marijuana? In the following article, we tell you how to do this and the aspects you need to take into account, such as decarboxylation, to maintain the effects of cannabis.

Do you have any idea what I enjoy most about strolling around town these days, especially now that summer is upon us? Look at the new options for ice-cream shops! And yesterday, there was one in a vivid verdant hue that caught my attention. “Will it be marijuana ice cream?”. “And no, it wasn’t; it was matcha green tea instead. But this piqued my curiosity.?

It’s a wonderful idea! Of course! So much time spent looking for and preparing marijuana-based recipes like coffee, brownies, truffles, milk, and others sweet tastes while also disregarding the fact that I could make it in ice cream.

Have you considered it? Would you like any? If that’s the case, please stay! Today I’m going to teach you how to make marijuana ice cream, and I’d like you to take notes on the ingredients and procedures involved, but especially of some hints for marijuana ice cream so that it keeps the flavor of cannabis while also delivering its effects. We’re off!!

Ingredients for making cannabis ice cream

The fact is that I’ve discovered various versions of this ice cream to make, so I’ve stuck with the one I thought was the simplest yet the one I liked the best in terms of flavor (yes, I have tested a number and, at last, will stick with the one I am going to provide you next)

  • Although there is no precise knowledge regarding how much THC is included in one gram of cannabis, it’s generally understood to be between 0.2 and 2.5 grams (depending on the user). My advice is to avoid a variety that causes you to fall asleep since you’ll want to keep doing things throughout the day. Keep this in mind while selecting a strain.
  • 500 ml of cream (for cooking, because it is thicker and the fat is necessary to preserve all the properties of cannabis).
  • 2 tablespoons of butter or olive oil (although there will always be more fat in the butter).
  • 75 grams of sugar (or if you prefer another sweetener to taste that is healthier, no problem either: stevia, agave, maple, coconut or birch syrup, for example).
  • 2 ripe bananas (so that there are no problems when preparing them and because they will give more flavor to your ice cream.
  • A pinch of salt (you know all desserts have it)
  • Rum (2 tablespoons) with honey ( 5 tablespoons; if the honey is pure, better than better)

From here, you may add any additional ingredients that appeal to you. Cookies, coconuts, almonds, or mint are just a few of the options. It looks fantastic in this case since they’re foods that go wonderfully with rum and honey without sacrificing the taste, fragrance, or characteristics of the marijuana you pick for your cannabis ice cream.

Things to consider before starting the recipe

If you’ve already memorized all of the ingredients required to make this dish, all you have to do now is get started. But first, I’d like to discuss decarboxylation with you. “Decarboxylate what?” my friend asked me the other day. Did the term surprise you as well? If you’re making any marijuana dishes, I’m sure you’ve done it before.

When you smoke or vape cannabis, a process of descaboxilación occurs, in which the THCa of the cannabis is transformed to THCa. You can then enjoy the high or unwind with each strain’s unique qualities. However, when it comes to cooking, it’s different To begin with, and if you’ve ever tried one of our recipes before, you’ll know they all require some oil or a fat ingredient like cream in order for them to capture marijuana’s properties.

If you want to get the same result with ice cream, follow these steps in the correct sequence. To do this, keep the marijuana buds in an oven preheated for 10 minutes beforehand (which will have been preheated for 10 minutes prior)

 Making marijuana ice cream step by step

Now, I’m doing it. You may begin creating your own marijuana ice cream by following the instructions below:

Step 1: In a casserole dish with enough depth, heat the cream over a medium flame (do not burn it) and slowly stir with a wooden spoon. Then add the butter, salt, and sugar all at once while stirring constantly.

Step 2: Remove the bowl from the microwave and add the cannabis that you’ve broken apart with a grinder or, if you like, by hand.

Step 3: In a clean dish or plate, cut the banana into pieces and then crush it with a fork. Add the rum and honey when ready. Whisk everything until smooth in a blender.

Step 4: The mixture should be poured into a container that may be put in the freezer after the dough has cooled. I recommend making it in an easily accessible container, such as an ice cream tub that has been pre-frozen, so you can serve yourself easily whenever you want. Let him spend at least four hours freezing.

You can now eat your marijuana ice cream! ? And you’ve already seen that it’s not difficult. Simply gather the elements I’ve supplied you in the first section, mix them all in a casserole dish over a low heat, beat them with a mixer and freeze for a few hours.

Another thing to consider is that the effect takes much longer to manifest (it can take anything from one to two hours), but when it does, it is considerably more powerful. So don’t try to consume anymore in order for the ice cream effect to happen faster: take pleasure in the flavor and let yourself go because the cannabis ice cream’s influence will arrive soon.

I’m so excited to offer you my new ice cream flavor, which has been developed in collaboration with the finest cannabis farmers and chefs. I’ve packaged it in this hard shell bottle so that you can take it anywhere you want while still tasting just like your favorite marijuana-infused edible. As someone who wants to keep it chunky after eating, today’s ice cream is especially designed for me. -> I hope you enjoy the ice cream, and if you like it, please leave a comment on this article and share it on social media. This way more individuals will be able to enjoy this summer (and all year round) a delectable marijuana ice cream. Enjoy your meal!

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