Marijuana (marijuana flower delivery) - a substance that changes consciousness, obtained from hemp. Apart from it, the plant produces hashish, anasha, ganja. The difference between them is the method of obtaining. It is an herb intended for smoking in order to get "high".

The pleasure is achieved thanks to cannabinoids, psychoactive substances that are present in large quantities in the leaves of the plant.

The first mention of the word "marijuana" was recorded in a written source in 1894. At that time, it was actively used by workers from Mexico. They believed it was an Indian flower. But scientists think it was brought to the New World from China, perhaps India.WHAT IS MARIJUANA, ORIGINS, HISTORY.

Indian preparations containing delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol are considered the strongest. Among them, they stand out:

  1. Bhang;
  2. Ganja;
  3. Charas .

They differ from each other in that the bhang is obtained from dried leaves, ganja from the inflorescences, Charas is obtained from pollen crystals formed on the inflorescences.

Their cost is also different. Pollen crystals are the most expensive.

The use of marijuana as a drug began even before our era in India. It was first used as a medical drug in the Middle East. It was used for treatment:WHAT IS MARIJUANA, ORIGINS, HISTORY.

  1. Cold;
  2. diarrhea;
  3. Pain;
  4. Cramps;
  5. Muscle spasms;
  6. Rheumatism;
  7. Epilepsy .

In the 19th century, after the colonization of India by the English troops, the use of the Indian plant, which contains cannabinoids, was also recorded in Europe. The drug was used in medicine, and over time it was borrowed from English doctors in Britain and the United States.WHAT IS MARIJUANA, ORIGINS, HISTORY.

Today, the drug is still used in some countries to treat people with chronic diseases:

  1. Cancer;
  2. AIDS .

In this therapy, doctors noted that the pain from chemotherapy is receding.

However, a number of studies conducted by pharmacologists have shown that the results obtained after intensive treatment with drugs with cannabinoids, especially no different from traditional analgesics.

There are also many claims that cannabis has made it possible to prevent memory loss in people with Alzheimer's disease. In the UK, scientists continue to study the plant's pharmacological https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis effects, while in the US the government has banned further experiments.

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