Lemonhead OG Strain

Lemonhead OG strain is one of the most popular strains on the market. It has a very potent taste and smell, it’s strong but not overwhelming. The high from Lemonhead OG also lasts for a long time, making it an excellent choice for medical patients who need to medicate throughout the day.

The Lemonhead OG strain is a cross between the original Sour Diesel and Cherry Pie strains.

Some people say that Lemonhead OG is a balanced hybrid, but it’s mainly Sativa. This strain has an earthy taste and smells with some sourness to it as well. The high from this strain may take time before you feel its effects, but they’re very strong once the pot takes effect. Medical patients love how long-lasting the sensation of relief is when choosing Lemonhead OG for their needs.


This potent marijuana option also boasts flavors like lemonade and citrus which come through in both the scent and flavor offering more than one unique dimension to enjoy! If you know what strains are best for your medical condition or if you just want something fun then give Lemonhead OG sour lemons a try today!

Description of the strain

Lemonhead OG is an excellent option for those who are looking for a light and easy smoke. It has strong effects that may take some time before they’re felt, but it’s worth the wait!

This strain offers medical users relief of pain without any foggy mental side effects because its high sits at just above 20% THC. For this reason, many patients with chronic illnesses also love to use Lemonhead OG Sour Lemons as their medication of choice. The aroma profile smells like citrusy lemonade which is why so many people enjoy smoking this particular type of weed when they want something different than your average pot smell!

Lemonhead OG flowering time is around 11 to 12 weeks, but the yields are worth it! 

How do you grow it?

Lemonhead OG is a strain that requires lots of attention. It thrives in indoor environments and responds well to hydroponic cultivation, but it can also be grown outdoors and has an especially high resistance to bugs when planted outside!

The grower will need to give the buds plenty of space so they don’t become too dense with growth. This plant likes professionals’ attentive care for optimum success.

Lemonhead Og is best harvested at night time because this way you’ll get more trichomes on your bud which means better flavor and potency during smoking!

Lemonhead OG is a hybrid strain, meaning it comes from crossing two strains of marijuana. Lemonhead OG’s parents are the famous Chemdawg and an unknown Indica that has been termed “OG Kush.” These genetics have created potent smoke with lots of flavors. The lemon-like aroma will be noticeable well before smoking this bud! This lovely lady thrives in indoor environments, but can also grow outside if given plenty of space to do so. A beginner grower might find themselves at odds with how much care needs to go into conditioning this plant for optimum success. It usually takes around eight weeks (or longer) for roots to fully develop which means growers should start their plants indoors or wait until later in the season to plant outside.


Steps to Growing Lemonhead OG:

The first step is to find the perfect environment for this lady’s needs. Choose an indoor spot with a grow light and at least six hours of everyday sunlight exposure, or opt for outdoor locations that are sheltered from wind gusts and have plenty of space in which to thrive! Once you’ve found your spot, start by planting seeds inside small pots (they’ll usually take around five weeks before they’re ready). Don’t forget that these plants need lots of love – give them enough water so their soil doesn’t dry out but not too much because too much moisture will lead to root rot. They should be fed biweekly with a balanced nutrient blend designed specifically for marijuana plants, and they should be trimmed at least once a week.

Effects of the strain

This strain will make you feel happy and uplifted without causing any headaches or paranoia. It has a perfect balance of Indica-like effects that makes this weed great for social settings where users want to be alert enough to enjoy their company while still being relaxed enough not to get paranoid from smoking too much.

The high usually lasts about 45 minutes before coming down into a nice relaxing buzz that’s well suited for winding down at night or enjoying TV in bed with your partner after dinner. Many people also find Lemonhead OG useful as an appetite inducer so they have no trouble eating when they get the munchies.

The high from Lemonhead OG is profoundly cerebral and relaxing, without being sluggish or overwhelming which makes this strain perfect for those who suffer from anxiety as it has been noted to help with social anxiety.

Lemonhead OG will usually leave you feeling relaxed but not sedated so don’t be surprised if you start looking forward to taking a few hits of weed at night before bed!

The lemon flavor combined with citrusy undertones makes these nugs smell just like their namesake fruit—Lemonheads candy!

Medical use: “Lemonhead OG can be used to treat chronic pain as well as insomnia due to sleep apnea or anxiety disorders. It also may help with symptoms from epilepsy, including muscle spasms in adults and children who have Dravet Syndrome.”

Taste and smell of the strain

Lemonhead OG strain is an Indica dominant hybrid (60% India, 40% Sativa) with a potent smell of sweet citrus fruit.

This marijuana has been used for many years as a medical aid in treating depression which makes sense considering its uplifting effects on mood without leaving smokers stuck to the couch unable to work because they are too stoned!

Aroma and taste are important factors in determining the quality of a cannabis strain. The smell is usually the first impression that you get from a cannabis strain as you approach it, with your nose picking up on different notes depending on how close you are to the flower. The flavor, meanwhile, can be determined by how much smoke or vapor reaches your tongue and nasal passages.

Where to find it 

You can find Lemonhead OG at most medical dispensaries in the United States. Lemonheads can be found at dispensaries in Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington State, Nevada, and Arizona with availability based on state regulations.

The best resource for finding strains of cannabis is simply to ask people you know who are familiar with it and where they get theirs. You’ll be surprised how many different sources there are, including but not limited to your neighborhood marijuana dealer! Weedmaps or Leafly (which was recently acquired by the tech giant Microsoft) would also be good resources if you’re looking online.”

How much does it cost per gram or ounce?

The average price for a gram of Lemonhead OG is $13.65 (or about $0.14 per milligram) but this will depend on where you’re buying it and the time of year, among other things.”

Available strains similar to Lemonhead OG:

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