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Kali Mist, as a near-hedonistic sativa, is an excellent strain for medical users to utilize due to its ability to aid with mood disorders. It’s a strong plant that has earned awards for excellence. Sativa types like Kali Mist are frequently popular among novices. They make you feel high, similar to other cannabis products, as well as pleasant tastes and the potential of therapeutic advantages. If you’d like to buy the Kali Mist strain use our toronto cannabis delivery to your home

Sativas, on the other hand, are most often energetic and will assist you in getting through your daily activities. While indica strains can have you nodding off at your desk, sativa types like Kali Mist can have the opposite effect. Pure landrace sativas or indicas are difficult to come by these days. Landrace cannabis strains are far less common than hybrid varieties, which are designed with a specific purpose in mind. Some variants allow customers to get as close to a genuine strain as possible while others don’t provide nearly as much detail

The Kali Mist strain is one of the many, with 90 percent sativa DNA. We’ll discover more about Kali Mist’s mystifying genetics, flavors, and effects in this evaluation. Let’s have a look.

What is the Kali Mist Strain?

Kali Mist is a near-100 percent sativa strain developed by Serious Seeds. The breeders, on the other hand, have been tight-lipped, so we don’t know much about the strain’s genetics. Its parents are unknown, but Kali Mist has gone on to produce other strains, including Kali China and Kali 47.

The Kali Mist strain has won numerous honors, including the 1995 Hydro Cup and the 2000 Seed Company Sativa Cup. It’s no surprise that this plant has picked up such a following as a award-winner. It’s been around for decades and is still well-liked among West Coast marijuana dispensaries today. The Kali Mist strain is quickly becoming popular among recreational users, having won several prestigious cannabis awards.

The effects of Kali Mist are typical for a sativa. The sensation is concentrated in the head, causing you to throb with energy. Users claim that after using this strain, they not only feel more energetic but also uplifted. These characteristics make Kali Mist an ideal medical marijuana option for mental illnesses because it provides such benefits as energy and upliftment.

Many users of Kali Mist notice an increase in creativity after using it. As a consequence, it may be ideal for individuals who want to get artsy or perform any other sort of creative endeavor. It is also claimed to be beneficial for writers in California. Some users in Cali use it before yoga and meditation since it allows the mind to really open up and explore its own inner workings.

However, this is a strain to be wary about due to its high THC content. It’s particularly true given that Kali Mist has been observed to have psychedelic effects when taken in larger dosages. If you unintentionally generate anxiety while smoking,


The aroma of this variety is similar to that of cannabis. It has an earthy, musky undertone that’s comparable to hops. The herbal notes present in Kali Mist are more unusual; when the buds are separated, a pleasant pine scent can be detected, as well as a hint of heat.

The flavor of Dabao is unlike anything we’ve ever tried before. It’s not as harsh or potent as other shisha strains, and it has a unique fragrance that indicates an intense smoke. However, as you crush the buds, you may notice sweeter fruitier undertones shining through, which are far less overwhelming than earthy scents.


The earthy foundation of the Kali Mist strain, as previously mentioned, may be appreciated first. The flavor, on the other hand, is much more powerful and fruit-forward. Citrus undertones come through clearly, as well as a pleasant blueberry taste.

Some users, however, have reported that this strain’s effect is similar to that of cigarettes. If you cough after smoking cigarettes, Kali Mist may be a strain to avoid! Overall, Kali Mist mixes spicy, skunky, and sweet tastes into one package. It contains everything for everyone: if you can handle the strength.


On the other hand, Kali Mist is rather unassuming. Nothing particular catches the eye. The plant’s overall color is mottled green with orange pistils and a few trichomes on top. As a sativa crop, the plants may grow to be quite tall.

Kali Mist Strain Grow Info

There are a variety of Kush strains, but the most well-known is Skunk. However, there are many different types of K terpenes. As the plant matures, its leaves will grow thinner; this happens naturally and does not imply that anything is wrong with the plant in any way. If you want big buds, you should be prepared to cultivate your cannabis crop for longer periods of time. It’s crucial to keep in mind that indoor plants, unlike outdoor ones, do not produce as much Vitamin D from sunlight. Because they don’t generate as much Vitamin D from sunlight exposure like outside plants do, supplementary lighting is required. Depending on the conditions in each room, the season where both ends have light might range from six to ten weeks; it would most likely look similar to what may be seen outdoors.

Your Kali Mist plants will blossom in roughly 10-12 weeks. It generates 300g of bud per square meter planted, or 300g per 1000 Watts of illumination.

The THC amount in Kali Mist is modest. The typical concentration is approximately 18.5%, which is moderate when compared to many other strains on the market today. It nonetheless falls within a percentile range that demands caution, especially for first-time smokers and individuals with a low THC threshold.

You must be even more cautious thanks to the psychedelic effects of Kali Mist. Too much may lead to paranoia and ruin the cerebral adventure. Regardless of its low THC content, don’t underestimate the strong influence of Kali Mist.

There is little information available about the CBD content of Kali Mist. The majority of projections predict that there are less than 1% CBD in these buds, with an average of around 0.45 percent CBD. This is yet another reason to exercise caution while using this strain since nothing will be present to dilute the high.

Medical Benefits of the Kali Mist Strain

Despite the fact that there is no CBD, this plant has a variety of medical advantages. It’s primarily used to treat anxiety and depression, among other mental issues. The antidepressant effects of Kali Mist make it ideal for people who suffer from mood problems such as tension headaches, sadness, melancholy, and even bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Rather than feeling down and tense after smoking Kali Mist, you will feel happier and more uplifted.

The effects of Kali Mist are great for morning usage. Not only will it make you happy, but it will also help you be more focused and energetic. As a result, it’s also fantastic for people who are fatigued. If you have trouble sleeping and find that your days are monotonous and difficult because to unavoidable tiredness, Kali Mist may be the answer. It promotes productivity and creativity in order to help you get through even the most boring of days. Kali Mist can assist with tiredness, sadness, depressed mood, pain management, and other ailments.

The cannabinoid component in Kali Mist might help with pain relief. Users report that it works for headaches and minor chronic aches and pains. It may not, however, be as successful for more severe discomfort. Depending on your goals, the medical advantage of Kali Mist might be a disadvantage or a benefit owing to the strain’s capacity to reduce hunger. If you’re looking to lose weight, this can be a beneficial side effect! Those who are not attempting to reduce weight should be aware of this risk.

Possible Side Effects of the Kali Mist Strain

While Kali Mist is recognized for decreasing food cravings, it has the opposite impact on others. This is a negative side effect for some people, so be cautious. Unsurprisingly, Kali Mist can cause dry mouth and eyes. Many cannabis strains have these as one of their common side effects. You can avoid them by drinking plenty of water.

Kratom can induce paranoia and anxiety, albeit the paranoid effects are only seen when you ingest too much. If you go low and slow, you should avoid these unpleasant side effects.

Finally, if you consume too much of this variety, you may get a headache. The cerebral high might induce pressure in the head, so be careful. If you utilize the correct dosage of this cannabis, you won’t experience these negative effects.

Final Thoughts

Kali Mist is a fantastic sativa strain. It delivers all of the expected sativa effects, making you feel cheerful, active, and inventive. As a result, it’s an excellent choice if you want to be inspired and revitalized. It also has berry undertones that are enjoyable in addition to earthy cannabis overtones.

However, you should be cautious while using this one; if used too much, it can lead to a psychedelic high that causes paranoia and a throbbing headache!

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