Hash Plant Cannabis Strain

The Hash Plant strain is a beautiful, happy-making variety. It has a very sweet candy-like taste that you’d expect from a wonderful sativa. If you’re not careful, it can be quite sedating, so bring along a pillow and prepare for an excellent night’s sleep.

If you believe that hash is just a tasty meal with potatoes, meat, and spices, you’re partially correct. It’s also the name of a fantastic cannabis strain. The Hash Plant strain is an indica-dominant variety with a deep, rich scent. Its Afghani indica and Northern Lights lineage give it a smooth, elegant punch that makes its users feel joyful and euphoric.

The indica-dominant Space Queen is great for a nice, peaceful evening at home and it has a reputation as a powerful sedative. It may be a fantastic choice for anybody searching for an excellent night’s sleep. It’s also becoming increasingly popular among those seeking a strain with a short vegetation period.

What is the Hash Plant Strain?

The Hash Plant strain marijuana is an indica-dominant cross between Afghani and Northern Lights. The strain’s profile is 80% indica and 20% sativa.


Hash Plant is a bit more spicy and earthy, but has a similar sweet candy-like scent with deep, earthy undertones. The scent is also pungent with notes of pine.


Sweet floral flavors, like that of a jasmine flower, are complemented with sharp, sour and dank notes in the aroma of Clonezilla. Its powerful earthy taste blends well with undertones of spicy heat.


The Hash Plant strain has dark green foliage and tightly compacted calyxes. It has deep crimson pistils and is extremely clingy owing to a high quantity of trichomes. Hash Plant strains are usually short and stocky in growth.

Hash Plant Strain Growth Info

Hash Plant seeds thrive in a sunny, warm setting outside, but can also be cultivated indoors in a hydroponic environment. It also reaches a modest height. Hash Plant grows quickly and has a short flowering duration of 40-45 days. According to some growers, it produces high yields with little topping required.

This strain was reported to be sensitive to a few problems. It advised that producers keep an eye on the plant as it grows for any of these signs of illness. This will become apparent if the buds do not thicken up and have no waxy resin by the fifth week, according to many growers.

THC and CBD Content – Highest Test

Hash Plant has a THC content of 13 percent, which makes it the most potent strain available on Biovida. Hash Plant doesn’t contain any CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Hash Plant Strain

The Hash Plant strain may be useful for a variety of medical purposes. It has a powerful sedative effect that can be used to treat issues including insomniac, irregular sleeping patterns, and other sleep disorders, as well as getting deeper and better sleep. It’s also been employed to treat chronic pain, nausea, muscular spasms, loss of appetite, and anxiety. It’s also been utilized to treat anxiety and stress disorder.

Possible Side Effects of the Hash Plant Strain

This strain makes people feel really drowsy and calm. Others may become euphoric. It can also boost your appetite and make you happier. This strain has been shown to reduce chronic pain, migraines, and constipation in users.

Users of the Hash Plant strain have claimed that they have better sleep and take it before napping or for a light rest. It has also been used to treat muscular discomfort and pain. This strain has some negative effects, including dry mouth, dizziness, dry eyes, and headaches.

Final Thoughts

It’s a great option for individuals who want to unwind. It can help people sleep better and more regularly. It might also aid in the stimulation of appetite. The pleasant, earthy, and candy-like taste of 3n2 is regarded as very pleasureable by most consumers.

It’s a simple plant to cultivate and has a lot of yield. It may also grow in either an indoor or outdoor setting. This type matures within 45 days or less, making it ideal for people who want to cultivate marijuana on a restricted time frame.

Although it is typically considered to be a simple plant to grow, it is recommended that producers maintain a warm climate and check the buds carefully before the fifth week to verify that it is developing appropriately. Because of its small stature, this strain may be cultivated indoors by just about anyone. It has an enjoyable, sweet fragrance and an earthy taste with candy-like characteristics.

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