Dark Angel Strain

Dark Angel is a well-balanced indica/sativa hybrid with high THC level that can reach to 20%. The decent CBD content provides medical properties.

The plant develops dark green leaves and compact buds coated with mass of shiny THC crystals. The flowering period takes only 8 weeks and the average crop reaches to  550 gr/m2 indoors. The strain is easy to grow and idealy suits for beginner growers.

The smoke provides a full stone-body high and aromas of coffee and nutmeg. It is a good remedy to relieve pain. 

dark angel strain

Dark Angel is an indica/sativa variety from Crop King Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±56 days) and outdoors. Crop King Seeds’ Dark Angel is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

Up until now, Dark Angel has been one of the marijuana world’s best-kept secrets and even now, it’s still one of the harder strains to find.  Word about the strain is, however, finally starting to spread and it’s finally starting to get the recognition it deserves for its great taste and strong pain relief.  A balanced hybrid, it offers high levels of both THC and CBD, hence its (growing) popularity with medical users.

Created by Crop King Seeds, Dark Angel is a cross between two much-loved strains, Cheese and Jack Herer.

Basic / Breeders Info

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20% – 22%

Dark Angel is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through a cross of the infamous Cheese X Jack Herer strains. Although this bud is a rare find outside of Washington, it’s sought after for its full-body effects and sweet nutty flavor. The taste of Dark Angel is very unique, with flavors of a rich spicy coffee accented by hazelnut and lemon. The aroma is very pungent with sweet earthy touches and an overwhelming smell of freshly brewed coffee. Dark Angel buds have dense and long dark olive green grape-shaped nugs with purple undertones and dark red hairs. Each nug is dusted with a fine coating of tiny lavender hued crystal trichomes that can only be seen up close. The Dark Angel high is incredibly haunting and powerful, ideal for more experienced users rather than novices due to its powerful 20-22% average THC level. It begins with a spacey happy head rush that leaves you introspective and dreamy, with your mind soaring in vibrant thought. As your mind disappears within itself, your body will fall victim to a relaxing full body stone that leaves you helplessly couch-locked for hours on end. These effects make Dark Angel a patient favorite for treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, spasticity, and chronic stress or anxiety.

The flavour of Dark Angel is essentially that of a top-quality coffee and has notes of both spice and sweetness.  The aroma could be put in a bottle on its own.  It’s still very much based on coffee, but there’s spices and nuts in there as well along with an earthy body and real pungency.

You can expect at least 15% THC in Dark Angel, 20% is far from unusual and some sources have reported that it can go as high as 22%.  This puts it on the upper end of the sort of THC content beginners should consider.  As you would expect, the effect begins with some knockout pain relief and a powerful head high, which is known for being relaxing and meditative rather than energetic.  Those looking for a weed to get the party started should definitely look elsewhere, this is a weed to get you thinking rather than one to get you dancing.  Dark Angel also has about 1% CBD, which means that as the head high gently ebbs away, you move smoothly into a wonderful, full-body stone.  Dark Angel has built a reputation for itself as a strain which will deal with pain effectively and soothe you into the sleep you so desperately need.  It’s also noted for its results with emotional conditions, such as anxiety, stress and depression.

When it comes to growing Dark Angel, your biggest challenge is likely to be getting hold of the seeds in the first place.  This strain is a very good choice for those new to growing.  In spite of its hybrid genetics and high THC content, Dark Angel grows in the style of an Indica and is ready in a mere 8 weeks indoors, so the outdoor harvest is around mid-/end-September.  As this sort of growth time suggests, Dark Angel stays nicely compact, but still offers very decent yields with 550g/M2 being a realistic expectation indoors.  One of the reasons Dark Angel is often recommended to beginner growers is because overall it’s a fairly robust and hardy strain, but it does have to be remembered that even though many people think its aroma is delicious, the scent can still get very strong very quickly, particularly if you’re growing more than one or two plants, so in addition to taking care of effective ventilation, you’re also probably going to want to look at odour control in the form of air filters (indoors) and strategic positioning (outdoors).

Qualities of Dark Angel Cannabis Strain

Dark Angel resembles the coffee and nutmeg aromas. Dark Angel has full body effects with a sweet and nutty flavor. The taste is unique with a blend of spicy rich coffee, lemon, and hazelnut. It has a pungent aroma with sweet earthy tones and the overpowering smell of freshly brewed and strong coffee.

It is best to use when just chilling out at home. It is recommended for treating moderate pain. The beneficial effects of Dark Angel are the reasons why many medicinal users prefer this strain in treating muscle spasms, spasms, chronic pain, chronic anxiety, and chronic stress.

Potency and Effects of Dark Angel

Dark Angel allows exploration of the mind. The effects of Dark Angel are very powerful and the high is haunting. For this reason, this strain is best for those who have experienced smoking cannabis or are tolerant to cannabis as compared to first-timers because of high THC concentrations between 20% to 22%.

The effects start as a happy head rush, leaving the user dreamy and introspective with vibrant and mind soaring thoughts. The body relaxes until full body stone is achieved leaving a person couch-locked for several hours.

Growing and Cultivation of Dark Angel

When it comes to cultivating the Dark Angel cannabis strain, it is easy to row even for beginners. It is relatively simple to grow Dark Angel using paper towels, plastic bags, and a cup of water.

Genetic Details of Dark Angel

Genetic Makeup: Cheese and Jack Herer
Aroma: Earthy, Coffee, Pungent, Nutty, Spicy
Flavor: Coffee
Burn: Even and clean
Manicure: Too tight hand trim
Height: Short
THC Level: Medium to High
Plant Type: Balanced Cannabis Hybrid
Sativa/Indica: 50% Sativa/Indica
Effect: Full Body Stone
Active Compounds: Medium THC, 17.19% THC, 0.4% CBD, 2.0% CBN
Grow Difficulty: Easy or Medium
Cultivation: Both indoor and outdoor
Growing: Easy
Flowering Duration: 8 weeks
Yield: High, 550 grams indoors and 250 grams outdoors

Therapeutic and Medical Benefits

dark angel strain

When it comes to the THC content, the Dark Angel seeds have high concentrations, and the medical benefits come from the balance amounts of CBD and THC. It is helpful for people suffering from arthritis, loss of appetite, and poor concentration. This cannabis strain is effective in the treatment of body and muscle pains, headache, nausea, depression, and headache. It also alleviates Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS in women, as well as for epileptic patients.

The Dark Angel helps cancer patients reduce nausea, pain, and headaches most especially after chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. It helps in relaxing the muscles and lessening the stress that cancer patients usually experience.

Why Dark Angel is Best for Beginners

The greatest challenge when cultivating Dark Angel is initially getting hold of the seeds. For beginners, Dark Angel is a good choice as it follows the growth method of indica. The indoor harvesting period is 8 weeks, and outdoor harvesting happens mid and end of September. It offers a decent yield of 550 grams per square meter.

Because of its robustness and hardness, Dark Angel is ideal for first-time cannabis growers. It is important to check the odor control in your indoor grow site to ensure that air filters are working. Strategic positioning is recommended for outdoor gardens.

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