Blue Moon Rocks

Blue Moon Rocks

Blue Moon Rocks by BOG Seeds is a hybrid of the Blue Moon and BOG Bubble strains. Lavender is an herb that has a sweet smell and calming effects on the body.

Blue Moon Rocks is an indica strain that grows well and with ease and produces a decent yield. This makes it the perfect choice for seasoned growers as well as novice growers. This flower is thick and bushy and produces bugs that exude a chemical or smell like lavender.

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Bogg Seeds is a seed grower that created the Blue Moon Rock hybrid breed. This indica-dominant strain smells like fresh lavender and has soothing, calming effects that will help you to relax.

This plant has an indica level of 70%, making it a good night-time strain. Given its popular use in treating a list of ailments, Blue Moon Rocks are especially popular for nervous disorders and sleeplessness. A large number of patients have grown to like this strain due to its ability to reduce pain.


Blue Moon Rocks offers a relaxing experience because it is an indica strain. At the end of a long and demanding day, this strain is just what you need to get you started relaxing. Quite an effective companion for those evenings that help suppress anxiety and eventually leading you to sleep more deeply at night.

This happy strain of cannabis will plug you into a mood where you feel good and content. Blue Moon Rocks can make you feel euphoric throughout your entire high, and you should expect to feel extra social, especially if you are surrounded by like-minded people.

This strain stimulates happy feelings by triggering the receptors in your brain that affect mood. Blue Moon Rocks can make you feel euphoric throughout your entire high. You should expect to feel extra chatty when surrounded by people you know.

Blue Moon Rocks are favored amongst artists, as they can help create greater and grander ideas, inspiring you to be more creative. When you buy this flower, it will make you feel more creative. You will want to spend your time listening to that desire, all while maintaining a big and giggly smile on your face. And of course, you will want to do your best to follow that urge while maintaining a big and happy smile.


Blue Moon Rocks have an aroma that’s very distinct and heavily noticeable. It is practically permeated by hints of lavender and blueberry. This flower’s sweet, fragrant smell will compel you into buying it, and the flower’s beauty does not disappoint.


I enjoyed a Blue Moon Rocks while the party rocked. This indica dominant strain contains strong flavors of sweet blueberry and an undeniable note of skunk. After exhaling, the taste of floweriness and sweetness remains on your tongue.

Adverse Reaction

Blue Moon Rocks contains THC, and as a result, it has side effects. However, lower doses are not going to have as many side effects. Most prominently, dry mouth and itchy eyes are the two most common side effects reported by users.

moon rocks molly

Some users have reported feeling slightly paranoid when smoking this strain, so you should stick to a dosage you are accustomed to. Blue Moon Rocks may, in some cases, also leave you feeling dizzy or even anxious.


Blue Moon Rocks is a popular medicinal strain that has helped many patients who suffer from long-term medical conditions. Depression is a mood disorder that has been proven to be effectively treated with benzodiazepines. Many doctors use and recommend them for the treatment of depression.

Many patients use this strain of cannabis to help with chronic stress since it is very efficacious at making people feel more relaxed and less frantic. For these reasons, Blue Moon Rocks is also an excellent choice for chronic insomnia patients who want to get a deeper and more invigorating night of sleep.

Blue Moon Rocks are helpful for those who suffer from chronic pain. Some benefits of using the rocks include relief from muscle spasms, joint aches, and severe migraines.

A lot of patients who suffer from fatigue find that kratom is a useful way to relax, as it does not automatically produce “couch-lock”.


Blue Moon Rocks are easy to grow inside and outside, making them a good choice for veterans as well as novice gardeners. The plant prefers a warm and dry climate outdoors. When it is exposed to lots of suns, the plant thrives.

Flowering Time


Blue Moon Rocks grown indoors can produce about 16 ounces of bud per square meter. This strain typically takes around 8 to 9 weeks for the plants to be ready for harvest.


Blue Moon Rocks flowers during summer and is usually ready for harvest around the middle of October. On average, this strain will produce about 19 ounces of bud per plant.

Either save these stockings for a special occasion or use them regularly to relieve stress – whichever way, you’ll end up sitting pretty. Blue Moon Rocks is a delicious and potent indica-dominant hybrid that provides some interesting effects. Unusually difficult to find in the United States.

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