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Around the holidays, baking sweet things is a serious business. The oven is essentially a revolving door with trays of stacked cookies going in and out. We aren’t complaining. Whatever your preference, there’s a unique batch to consider whether you’re a purist with a family recipe that still shines or a new baker looking for something innovative to try. Yep, we’re talking cannabis cookies.

We’ve put up a list of amazing edible cannabis recipes that you may take to any party (with due caution). The creaminess of a coconut almond macaroon or the sting of a gingersnap will hide the marijuana taste, allowing your straight-laced uncle to inquire, “Is there really weed in here?” as he reaches for his third and discovers a lot of purple or something. That’s excellent baking. These 12 cannabis cookie recipes will have you baking in no time.

A warning about edibles

Those who are unfamiliar with edibles may have a difficult time determining how much to consume when following these recipes, since they might feel the effects in 30-90 minutes. Because of their delayed impact (you’ll feel their buzz 30-90 minutes later), edibles have a greater risk of overdose and can stay in your body for a long time. When it comes to THC levels in baked goods, things can get a little tricky. Take it easy and stick to your limits. The “I don’t feel anything; I’ll have one more” attitude is acceptable until everything kicks in at once. Provide proper notice of what’s coming if you’re sharing cookies with someone else.

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1. Сookies stuffed with ginger and icing with cannabis caramel

These molasses-spiked morsels, topped with a weed-enhanced caramel frosting, are the sweets you never expected to find in your holiday baking — but are glad you tried them. Consider them like grandma’s perfectly spiced gingersnaps, only with something extra that grandma would not have included. The delicious goodies require only 10 minutes in the oven and include cinnamon, molasses, and ginger. Each batch makes 30 cookies; put on a cup of tea while the cookies bake and freeze any remaining dough for later use.

2. Almond cookies with weed

If you’re craving something different, we understand. There’s definitely a time and place for crispy snowflake-like cookies with a new style and zing – fresh orange zest and almond, to be precise. (And a little cannabis-infused coconut oil) They’ve been drizzled in chocolate, which is as you would expect makes them quite delicious. The taffy is made with coconut oil, coconut milk, gluten-free all-purpose flour, and sweet rice syrup. However, there’s undoubtedly cannabis-infused coconut oil in these goodies. So if you don’t want to end up baked after eating the tasty spoon too many times, you might want to avoid licking the spoon.

3. Sweet balls of dough with chocolate with marijuana

Cookies without eggs are a must when cookie dough cravings strike. Typically, taking a nibble of raw egg might result in an upset stomach. Not today, belly discomfort! This recipe does not contain an egg but requires cannabutter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, milk, vanilla extract, flour, and semisweet chocolate chips. The mixture may be kept for up to a week in an airtight container, which is also great for storing other cookies that you should eat only one or two at a time.

4. Oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal cookies are a crowd-pleaser at parties. Raisins, oats, pecans, and the wild card of cannabis-infused butter give these dense goodies life. Bake these (very) naughty boys until they’re golden brown and serve them. But do let everyone know what they’re eating—they’ll be on an adventure unlike any other!

5. Marijuana peanut butter

Peanut butter cookies are a no-brainer. They’re salty and sweet, like most peanut butter cookies, and we frequently reach for them when a traditional chocolate chip isn’t enough. Who doesn’t appreciate the smooth, chewy, peanut buttery texture? This dish, which is based on an ancient grandma’s recipe, includes plenty of protein with a touch of cannabutter.

6. Sweets granberry and chocolate with cannabis

While the holiday season is a great time to relax and unwind, the weeks leading up to it are hectic. And while the holidays themselves aren’t always joyful, you’ll forget all about that when you eat one of these cookies. Brown sugar, vanilla, oat flour, oats, cinnamon, ginger, dried cranberries, dark chocolate chips, and cannabis-infused coconut oil make up this bite-sized treat. You’ll forget you’re eating something healthy when you take a bite of this cookie filled with dark chocolate chips and cannabis-infused coconut oil. Also where should your Santa hat go?

7. Toffe and chocolate with cannabis

Toffee isn’t the flavor that everyone likes during the holidays in the same way that gingerbread or shortbread is. However, after you’ve tasted the toffee-like fragments, it’ll be a permanent fixture in your baking routine. This is a wonderful cookie overall, but its nutty (and woozy) vibe lends itself well to holiday fun. If people really despise its lack of “holiday flavors,” make a Christmas tree out of it.) The sweetness of this pain relieving food is bolstered by a toffee chip/chocolate chip combination, and it’s full with any nuts you choose.

8. Sugar with cannabis

You wait all year to stuff your face with sugar cookies, so why not make them gorgeous? And compelling. We think these are ideal presents for any holiday visit if the person you’re giving the cookie to is fine and dandy with the surprise ingredient of cannabis butter. You may also change out any portion of cannabutter for regular butter to regulate how strong your sweet desserts come out.

9. Macaroons with coconut

These macaroons, which are packed with medicated coconut on the outside and dense almond inside, are a delightful change from your spiked eggnog. They’re also vegan and gluten-free.

10. Stone chocolate balls

Chocolate-filled desserts aren’t always as hazardous as you believe. Because of healthy oats, salty peanut butter, fast espresso, honey, dried coconut and cocoa, these chocolate bites are on the healthier side. A knob of cannabutter isn’t a bad thing either.

11. Gluten cook

Gluten-free, festive, and most importantly, delicious. The core of these cookies is made up of chia seeds, brown rice flour, and they’re topped with a frosting made with citrus zest, cannabutter, sugar, and maple syrup. If you leave these out for Santa he will be delighted. Even if he doesn’t manage to visit all of those houses, if he eats them in front of the fireplace, tell him to save the cookies until he returns to the North Pole.

12. Snickers candys

Snickerdoodles are among the greatest cinnamon delivery systems conceivable, and cinnamon is a traditional winter spice. You may just have holidays together by making these when combined with a hit of marijuana-y fun. This recipe uses kief, or cannabis pollen/crystals, to keep the flavor nutty while avoiding herbiness in weed cookies.

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