Bay 11 Cannabis Strain

This is a cannabis strain with a wide range in THC concentration. It’s a High Times Cannabis Cup winner that invigorates and lifts people’s spirits. Bay 11 may also help you focus better while being suitable for daytime usage. Find more about Bay 11 Strain at black rabbit.

Marijuana breeding retains a touch of the illicit about it. While there are several well-known breeders, many prefer to work in the shadows. However, even famous businesses aren’t always honest about their creations’ origins. This appears to be the case with the Bay 11 strain, which is attributed to a prominent breeder rather than anyone in particular.

What Is the Bay 11 Strain?

The Bay 11 marijuana strain is a balanced hybrid or one that is more sativa-dominant, according to some sources. We know it was once named High Times Cannabis Cup winner. Ken Estes created it, but he hasn’t specified what plants he used to create this masterpiece. It looks like Ken’s Kush was used, and Ken may have crossed it with Appalachia, according to some people. There’s also a rumor that the breeder added OG Kush into the mix.

Ken Estes, a legendary breeder, hasn’t specified what strains he utilized to produce this work of art.

Whatever the combination, Bay 11 is a strain that hits you almost instantly. Users report feeling a tingling sensation in the face mere seconds after having a toke. They also suggest that Bay 11 helps provide a feeling of focus and creativity.Soon, you can expect your energy levels to increase and your mood to improve. After a while, the high makes its way down your body. There, it gets to work, helping to soothe and relax the muscles. Although Bay 11 relaxes the entire body, it is unlikely to cause sedation unless you use too much.


The powerful flavor of Hashberry Kush is derived from its high THC content. It has one of the most distinct odors among cannabis strains. Even before you light up, it fills a space with an overwhelming skunky and dank odor. You may detect a hint of spiciness after grinding it down.


Users enjoy the sweet and fruity taste, despite the skunk aroma. Bay 11 has a smooth smoke and a delicious citrus aftertaste.


The leaves are wispy, despite their apparent robustness. Despite the fact that they may appear dense, the leaves of this cultivar tend to be medium-sized. The orange pistils stand out against the green mossy backdrop.

Bay 11 Strain Grow Info

One of the most appealing aspects about cultivating this kind is that it is readily available. It’s simple to locate Bay 11 seeds on the internet. Alternatively, you may skip the germination process and take cuttings from a mature plant to create clones. You can cultivate Bay 11 both inside and outside. If you want to grow this strain outdoors, you’ll need a semi-humid climate. The ideal temperature for growing this cannabis variety is between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

Bay 11, also known as Jamaican Bay 31, is a short-lived plant that reaches a maximum height of four feet when cultivated indoors. Growers should consider cutting and pruning these plants. This technique allows for the production of the strain in a confined area. Bay 11 takes 9-10 weeks to flower indoors. Expect this strain to be ready for harvest by the end of October if cultivated outdoors.

If you cultivate Bay 11 carefully, you will be rewarded. It is recognized for producing excellent yields. When cultivated indoors, each square meter planted may produce up to 31 ounces of bud. Bay 11 might develop as tall as ten feet outside under the right conditions. When grown outdoors, Bay 11 may yield up to 80 ounces per plant.

THC Content

Based on the testing you read, there is a significant variation in the THC content of the Bay 11 strains. Some screenings claim it has around 15% THC while others say it has over 25% THC. In general, you can anticipate that Bay 11 will have roughly 20% THC.

CBD Content

A THC content of up to 1% has been detected in Bay 11, according to some testing.

Medical Benefits of the Bay 11 Strain

Despite the fact that recreational users enjoy Bay 11, it provides a wealth of possibilities for MMJ patients. It gives you a sensation of euphoria, which improves your mood. As a result, people who suffer from depression should think about using it.

The effect of sound is much more subtle in this variant. It just smooths out the rough edges and completes the picture.

Bay 11, like its siblings, has a variety of uses. It can help with pain due to the fact that it contains various cannabinoids in different ratios, including CBD and THC. The effects of this strain are powerful enough to assist with mild to moderate pain. When the high strikes the body, it relaxes muscles. This effect might be strong enough to take your attention away from the discomfort. Some consumers claim that Bay 11 aids in their appetite management.

Possible Side Effects of the Bay 11 Strain

When used correctly, BAY 11 can help with feelings of sadness and anxiety. If you overindulge, though, you may be more likely to have anxious and paranoid thoughts. The following adverse effects are somewhat more common: cottonmouth (cotton mouth) and dry eyes.

Final Thoughts

Marijuana strains such as OG Blackberry, Northern Lights #5 and TGA Seeds’ Green Crack allow you to use them during the day. It has a clear-headed high that could aid in your concentration. You might even smoke it as a wake and bake strain, although be aware of the risks.

Bay 11 is a cannabis strain that may benefit people with ailments like depression, moderate pain, and ADHD. The seeds for this variety are readily available on the internet. It thrives inside or outside and can produce tremendous crops.

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