Pink Runtz Strain

Pink Runtz marijuana has a robust flavor that is unlike anything else. When smoking cannabis for the first few times, many people notice distinctly delicious and colorful qualities to it. If you enjoy fruity and sweet strains, this can be your go-to marijuana option. This strain offers a relaxing high with an all-encompassing euphoric feeling. Pink Runtz weed is a pleasing and out-of-body feeling that some people experience when they use this strain of marijuana.

Pink Runtz is a hybrid that takes the best qualities of both sativa and hybrid strains. Depending on who you ask, this strain is either a crossing between Pink Panties and Rainbow Sherbet or a mixture of Zkittlez with Gelato.

The THC level in the pink runtz strain can range between 23% and 29%. The high THC content produces a powerful body buzz and excellent for acquiring a good night’s sleep. Nausea, stress, lack of appetite, mood swings, and pain are the most common reasons for Pink Runtz’s therapeutic use.

  • Effects: Giggly, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Tingly, Uplifting
  • Aromas: Cherry, Fruity, Sour, Sweet
  • Flavors: Berry, Candy, Cherry, Fruity, Sweet
  • Side Effects: Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dizzy, Paranoid, Headache
  • Helps with: Depression, Fatigue, Mood Swings, PTSD, Stress

All About Pink Runtz

The Pink phenotype of the Runtz family, often called Pink Runtz, is a mystery breed. Some believe it to be a cross from Zkittlez and Gelato. Others have said it is a crossing between Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Panties. Much of the speculation around this strain of cannabis is based on its genetic makeup, which has not been publicly confirmed This varietal, despite. its genetics not being publicly confirmed yet, has already garnered lots of hype. The true Pink Runtz typically takes the form of a dark green to purple-colored stone that needs to be ground with a grinder. Unsurprisingly, the aroma is sweet and fruity, just as delicious as the candy. The high will lift mind and body for hours.

Pink Runtz is an even hybrid between 50% indica and 50% sativa strains, created as a phenotype of the infamous Runtz herb at one point or another., a Zkittlez and Gelato cross, or as a crossing of the appetizing Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Panties strains. The strain named “talking to your forehead” will have you feeling euphoric and yet experiencing a powerful indica buzz all at the same time, this bud produces a feeling of euphoria, and leaves people feeling out of it but extremely happy.

The high begins with a rush of cerebral effects, than you will filling a happy sense of high-flying euphoria that pushes out any negative or racing thoughts and replaced them with heady unfocused bliss.

When your mind becomes more alert, you’ll feel a tingling sensation in the muscles. This will replace any pain you were feeling all over.

Pink Runtz is a strain of cannabis known for its high THC level, which can be used to treat depression, chronic stress or PTSD (including mood swings), nausea and appetite loss as well as fatigue.

Pink Runtz Effects

  • THC: 17.0 – 20.0%
  • CBD: 0.4 – 0.91%
  • CBC: 0.11 – 0.89%
  • CBG: 0.16 – 2.01%
  • CBN: 0.06 – 0.27%
  • THCV: 0.39 – 1.9%

Pink Runtz shows its effects almost immediately, after just a couple of puffs. The head high is powerful, so you’ll know when it kicks in. This strain, while not the most potent, is usually happy and carefree. It’s perfect for someone looking to relax or have a good time with company. Creative thoughts flow from the instructor because of her positive attitude, which in turn leaves people feeling uplifted and at ease.

The body buzz typically sets in after a few minutes of inhalation, causing the person’s hand and legs to feel numb. The sensation of fingers tingling after a few puffs of Pink Runtz weed will likely occur if you smoke it in the evening. The cozy nest is perfect for those nights you spend cuddled up with your favorite creative projects or watching movies and television shows.

Pink Runtz is a strain of outdoor grown marijuana with an unusually high THC level. Many find the high provides relief from aches and pains, as well as some stress and feelings of sadness.

Pink Runtz Fragrance

Pink Runtz weed has a sugar-sweet scent like the candy.It’s mild and sweet at the same time, with a slight tanginess to it. The tartness helps make this tea more well-rounded.

Pink Runtz Flavors

Pink Runtz has a fruity flavor.Its flavor is somewhat sweet, with hints of berries and a creamy texture. Its flavor is what makes it popular. The taste of zest that only adds to its appeal and the sweet-candy aftertaste feel like your mouth has been through a sweet journey.

Pink Runtz Adverse Reactions

One of the most common side effects of Pink Runtz weed is dry eyes. Keep some eye drops on hand to prevent this condition from becoming worse. Dry mouth is common when using this drug, but it can be overcome by drinking water. Because of the Pink Runtz strain’s high THC level, you may want to be careful about how much you consume from this product. If you dive in too quickly, you may experience some degree of anxiety. So, it may be tempting to take a large dosage of medication at once to quickly feel better, but never try this.

Pink Runtz Growing Info

  • Flowering time: 45 – 50 Days
  • Harvest time: 50 Days
  • Yield indoor: < 0.5 Oz/Ft² (< 150 g/m²)
  • Yield outdoor:  < 0.5 Oz/plant (< 150 g/plant)
  • Height indoor: < 30
  • Height outdoor: < 30
  • Grow difficulty: Easy
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

When you search for information on Pink Runtz strain, two things will be immediately apparent. Firstly, you’ll find the seeds are incredibly rare to locate. However, when found, they’re quite easy to cultivate considering their size and leisurely need for space. If a moderate plant yields enough produce for two people, imagine how much it can give if grown in sufficient quantities!

Pink Runtz’s sativa genes are most prevalent during the vegetative stage, which means it is a good idea to train them when they’re young. The stress will induce growth in height, not width. With high-stress training, this hybrid should grow down instead of out. Specifically, the Sea of Green (SoG) method is the most efficient way to grow Pink Runtz.

Pink Runtz grows fast and big! Give plants plenty of water and fertilizer to assist with their growth. A healthy dose of nitrogen supplements can significantly help with recovery in these cases. The key to this plan is moderation. Keep in mind that too many nutrients can lead to burns on your plants. This may be indicated by discoloration on the leaves.

Pink Runtz Flowering Time

·               Indoors

 Pink Runtz cannabis plants grow well indoors. When sheltered in an area, it can take 7-9 weeks for flowering to occur. The average yield is 14-16 ounces of bud per square meter.

·               Outdoors

 Growers in the northern hemisphere, during favorable seasons, can expect to harvest around 18 ounces of product per plant by mid-October.


NYC Diesel Strain

aka New York Diesel, New York City Diesel, NYC Sour Diesel

The NYC Diesel strain originates from New York City.NYC Diesel boasts a THC level of around 20%. It is an indica-leaning hybrid that gives high levels of energy and focus, making it perfect for the city never sleeps.

Pot enthusiasts will be tempted by the citrus and pine aroma these delectable nuggets offer, especially knowing they offer a unique, long-lasting high.

There is no way to accurately describe what NYC Diesel weed brings to the table, you simply have to try it for yourself. We are going to give you the lowdown on this stimulating, uplifting cannabis strain that’s been created from two top-quality landrace strains. Presented with nine awards over its 13 year lifespan, it boasts a wonderful balance of mood enhancing properties and mental clarity.

All About NYC Diesel Strain

This NYC Diesel strain comes to you straight from the Big Apple itself, thanks to its grower, Soma Sacred Seeds. This tasty sativa-dominant strain is a host to medicine’s best properties. If a morning high is what you’re craving, try a “wake and bake” with this strain.

According to rumor, Soma Seeds was first approached by a friend in the Big Apple who claimed that he had never seen better flower than one of those grown with Soma Seeds. Intrigued by the bold claims, Soma Seeds germinated a couple, and low and behold, their pal wasn’t exaggerating.

Like any excellent sativa bud, the NYC Diesel strain offers an effective boost of energy, focus, and overall positivity. For these reasons, the strain can serve as an excellent option for getting things done, as well as combating a range of mental health-related conditions.

This strain is potent with a THC level of 15-20%. Use caution when consuming this type of weed for the first time. We first discovered NYC Diesel while living in Colorado. It won first place in the IC 420 Growers Cup (in both 2008 and 2014), as well as a variety of other awards over the years.

NYC Diesel Flavor, Aroma, Appearance

An abundance of citrus is what sets NYC Diesal apart, as the strong yet crisp notes manage to fill any space in a matter of moments. Aside from the pungent smell, NYC Diesel is a beautiful strain. It has vibrant hues that grabs your attention right away.

Upon entering a room, the strong smell of chemicals mixed with citrus fills the air and can linger for a while after smoking. While smoking this bud, you will experience delicious hints of lime and grapefruit.

New York City Diesel has wonderful appearance with buds containing hues of purple, blue and yellow — all in one.The olive green flowers are usually coated with orange trichomes that provide a beautiful coating of stickiness.

Upon inhalation, you can expect a hit of sweet citrus mixed with diesel notes that are quickly followed by grapefruit and pine flavors. The taste is edgy and interesting with subtle spice aftertones. Also,in decent light you can see a generous collection of orange hairs that make up this strain. It has a vibrant, tightly curled variety of pistils that resemble the snow-covered trees in winter. Its scent is what really makes it stand out from other strains and it smells like citrus with undertones of baking bread or fresh linen.

Simply opening a bag or jar containing authentic NYC Diesel will give you the feeling of sticking your head in a tank of jet fuel. The smell is unusual for cannabis and it can be hard to experience anything like it outside of Sour Diesel, its close cousin. However, the strong smell of musk will gradually be overpowered by the smell of citrus, turning your home into a paradise.

And in terms of taste, NYC Diesel is not as intense as its smell – which might be a good thing. Examine the top of a bowl, and smokers may notice a mild spice and herbal flavor with an aftertaste that reminds them of diesel.

THC Content and Cannabinoid Profile of NYC Diesel

The quality of strain given, “NYC Diesel”, is a sativa-dominant hybrid that usually has an THC-to-CBD ratio of 60% to 40%. The genetic cross comes from Afghani and Mexican origin, which explains the citrus flavor.

The Mexican strain of marijuana is unique in the sense that, first of all, its parent strains exist only in Mexico. Second of all, both parents are landraces—or breeds found naturally occurring only within a certain region. This type of marijuana can come in a variety of flavors and textures, most Mexican weed is sativa-dominant because of the warm and humid climate.

NYC Diesel weed is a sativa-dominant strain due to the strong presence of Mexican landrace genetics. However, the fact that it features genes from Afghani cultivar means it probably contains some decent indica genes.

NYC Diesel Strain Grow Info

NYC Diesel is best grown indoors, but some people choose to grow it outdoors. The plants will grow well in dry and warm climates if they are given sufficient light.

Indoor growers may wish to consider an 8-6 week flowering cycle, as well as a high yield for their efforts. This plant won’t be easy grow, so those without experience should not try it.

In addition, many international jade jellyfish have been put off by NYC diesel’s reputation for being more difficult than other varieties. And to be honest, the allegations are mostly valid. It is known for it’s long time frame and can scare off even experienced growers. There isn’t much room for error if you want to be rewarded with a decent

In terms of size, NYC Diesel plants typically reach heights greater than 70 inches. So if you live in an area with a cooler or wet climate, you may have to grow it indoors.

However, the plant can more than make up for lack of yield in some areas with its high production. Growers should expect a plant covered in crystallized buds by this point, but they can help it produce the most product by building soil health with micro-organisms.

Medical Benefits of NYC Diesel

The NYC Diesel strain offers a range of medical benefits and is generally free from the negative side effects of paranoia or panic. Combining these positives, it’s well-suited for those who deal with mental health issues.

Smoking stimulates your body to release certain chemicals, many of which are linked to being uplifting and happy. It could help someone who has Cannabis depression is or said to other mental offer illness the; upl inifting qualities some cases that it can can help even a work person feel as an better effective, medicine including itself chronic. depression. The medication can also work for social anxiety, which relaxes the smoker and encourages interaction.

Whatever the origins of this New York City classic, one certain thing is its popularity with some medical marijuana patients.

  • This strain increases appetite, so may medical patients use NYC Diesel as daytime relief for gastrointestinal disorders
  • Those with chronic fatigue and minor pain may also appreciate this uplifting Hybrid
  • The high levels of THC can make this strain an effective anti-inflammatory, relieving symptoms of fibromyalgia, arthritis and other chronic pain conditions

NYC Diesel is a powerful strain with a thought-provoking and uplifting effect that makes it ideal for those looking to clear their heads while gasping up some last minute items from the to-do list. This sativa also provides relief for those suffering from chronic fatigue or attention deficit issues by giving them an energy rush when they need it most.

Furthermore, NYC Diesel marijuana strains entail an invigorating psychoactive effects and a body high that counteracts chronic pain and cramps, as well as headaches. Indeed during your trip to NYC you’ll feel the various sativa buzzes overcoming any nagging pain before leaving you feeling light and free.

The Iconic NYC Diesel High

The high associated with NYC Diesel weed is a strong one, so newbies may want to avoid this one at the start of their weed journey. If a wake and bake strain is your preference, we recommend that you try this one. Once you start smoking it, you will be able to get up with energy and enthusiasm.

NYC Diesel has been known to cause serious cravings for food so it could be great for those who struggle with eating disorders or need to boost their appetite. However, Usually, when people think of unhealthy foods, they associate them with snacks. But this is not always the case. Plan for food cravings by stocking up on healthy snacks so you’re not tempted to overeat or choose unhealthy options.

Many people use this strain to combat anxiety and depression because of the calming side-effects it has. In some cases, cannabis can even replace other mood-stabilizing medications. NYC Diesel tends to energize smokers, but it is important to check with your doctor before using any strain of marijuana along with other medications.

Effects of NYC Diesel

The immediate effects of smoking NYC Diesel weed range from feeling invigorated to more productive and happier.

The strong psychoactive agents in this strain will spin off waves of optimism, which leads many smokers to smoke this strain before they have a busy day or during their morning ritual. Equally, the excess energy promotes happiness, making them feel

The NYC Diesel also provides a great social environment whether you’re heading out for the night or just hanging with friends. It’s no coincidence that smoking cigarettes and cannabis together is referred to as a “joint.” Studies have shown combining the two substances can cause people to talk more than usual. Although you may experience a relatively strong psychoactive effect, it rarely lapses into disorientation.

Negative Side Effects of NYC Diesel

Many strains of cannabis cause paranoia, but the NYC Diesel strain does not. You may experience dry eyes, cottonmouth and headaches with heavy use.

Many people forget the powerful psychoactive effects of cannabis, leading to a feeling of dizziness or being overwhelmed during its high. As this can lead to anxiety, which is counter-productive for the overall cannabis experience.

If you are worried about this, however, just be sure to try NYC Diesel in a safe and comfortable environment. A good decision would be to do it at night so that when you wake up the next morning, it won’t affect how you feel and make it difficult for you to sleep–especially if your entire day is going to be.

NYC Diesel provides the smoker with a wonderful and uplifting journey, and it seems that now we need this more than we ever have. It has a great smoke to use when the world becomes too heavy and you need to break away from all negativity.

While it may not be the easiest strain to grow, the high yields and delicious grapefruit scent of NYC Diesel still attract many smokers — and there’s no doubt it will continue to do so in the future.


Strawberry Shortcake Strain

Strawberry Shortcake strain has 65% Sativa in its composition, which may lead you to believe it’s good for daytime use. This is not the case. This weed is best suited for evening use as the Indica balances out the uplifting effects into a creative focus followed by sleepiness. It’s an exceptionally strong strain, with over 17% of THC in it.

The terpene taste of this strain is evident: it’s sweet and fruity. Ocimene, the dominant terpene, is responsible for that flavor

Strawberry shortcake is relaxing, but too many pieces of it could lead to an upset stomach or headache. Relief from physical pain, panic attacks, stress, and fatigue are just a few of the benefits experienced by consumers of kratom.

  • Effects: Cerebral, Creative, Focus, Sociable, Uplifting
  • Aromas: Berry, Diesel, Fruity, Spicy, Strawberry, Sweet
  • Flavors: Citrus, Flowery, Earthy
  • Side Effects: Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dizzy, Paranoid, Headache
  • Helps with: ADD/ADHD, Depression, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Stress

All About Strawberry Shortcake Strain

Strawberry Shortcake is a 75% sativa and 25% indica hybrid strain created through a cross of the classic Juliet and Strawberry Diesel strains.

A spot-on balance of sweet strawberries and earthy tones, Strawberry Shortcake brings the best of a berry flavor to your palate in every hit. The aroma follows the same profile, although with a pungent diesel overtone that turns heavy and sour as the nugs are broken apart and burned.

The Strawberry Shortcake high is just as delicious as the flavor, with uplifting and sociable effects that are perfect for getting you involved in and carrying on conversations with anyone and everyone around you with ease. You’ll be happy if you increase your creativity, motivation and focus at the same time, all of which are perfect for carrying on a friendly (but constructive) conversation with friends or family. Strawberry Shortcake is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic stress, ADD or ADHD, depression, mood swings and chronic fatigue because of its effects and 18-23% average THC level. This bud has small piecey mint-green nugs with thick orange hairs and a frosty coating of tiny white crystals.

History of Strawberry Shortcake

This strain is made by the Jungle Boyz, a multi-state project with a reputation for producing high-quality strains. Although its lineage is unknown, this Kush hybrid’s genetics come from two other strains: The White and the White Wookie.

Strawberry Shortcake Flavors

The aroma and taste of Strawberry Shortcake is fruity and mild, with hints of strawberry, citrus, pine, haze, and spices. With each inhale, you will experience all the flavors melted into a delicious taste that will leave your mouth watering for more.

This wine has strong strawberry notes at the initial taste, but quickly fades in favor of thick biscuit flavors, soil, and heavy rubber aromas. The aftertaste is equally heavy with an unpleasant persistence of these scents without much fruit flavor.

Not a bad flavor, but I can’t help feeling let down after the joyride my nose just went on.

Strawberry Shortcake Appearance

Strawberry Shortcake has qualities reminiscent of the White, Cookies and Chemdog strains. Low-dense buds with Christmas tree nugs that manifest a green color and are covered in trichomes attribute to this strain’s Girl Scout Cookies characteristics.

Strawberry Shortcake Aroma

Though not as sweet as Strawberry Cough or berry-full like Strawberry Sequoia, this strain deserves to be in the lineup. The smell of strawberries and sugar come together, butgas cap and cornbread work to finish up the scent. That’s a better mix than it sounds.

Strawberry Shortcake Effects

The mental buzz that causes a head high tapers off after a moment, and starts to flow down from the temples. It begins as a light pressure that slowly intensifies with each puff. Relaxing and calming, it relieves each muscle of tension as it envelops users in a full-bodied relaxation.

There are basically four strain effects that you will feel straight after you inhale this fruity heaven.

Strawberry Shortcake is a happy and uplifting cerebral high with good social vibes. The effects of this strain are great for creative thoughts or work, while the in-person interactions it promotes are perfect for sharing fun moments.


The strain will give you a massive energy boost. This might be exactly what you need after a long day at work.


Living in these trying times has robbed us of the happiness we all deserve. People use drugs in an attempt to escape from the difficulties of their day-to-day lives.


It is difficult to focus when tackling a tough task. Strawberry Shortcake will give you some help with this issue.


That’s the effect that every medical cannabis consumer is seeking. Strawberry Shortcake will exceed your expectations.

Strawberry Shortcake Medical Benefits

  • THC: 15.0 – 18.0%
  • CBD: 0.23 – 0.69%
  • CBC: 0.23 – 1.45%
  • CBG: 0.13 – 1.32%
  • CBN: 0.05 – 0.28%
  • THCV: 0.22 – 1.01%

There is no definite way to tell when it comes to the benefits of Strawberry Shortcake, but there are many people who have used it as a soothing agent for :

  • Stress
  • Panic attacks
  • Different kinds of physical pain

Strawberry Shortcake Adverse Reactions  

Dry mouth and eyes are the only adverse effects of Strawberry Shortcake that have been reported by its users. As previously mentioned, these are all of the effects that marijuana is capable of causing.

What Are the Reasons to Choose Strawberry Shortcake?

First of all, this strain will be perfect for daytime use because it has a socializing and uplifting effect. Secondly, its sweet taste of strawberry and whipped cream will make you feel incredibly well. Have you ever seen a bud or strawberry seeds of Strawberry Shortcake? The combination of orange, green, navy blue and white will not come across as indifferent.

Strawberry Shortcake Growing Info

  • Flowering time: 46 – 53 Days
  • Harvest time: 60 Days
  • Yield indoor: 1 – 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
  • Yield outdoor: 2 – 3 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant)
  • Height indoor: 60-80
  • Height outdoor: 60-80
  • Grow difficulty: Moderate
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

This strain prefers outdoor-grown environments as its flowering time depends on the sun intake it is exposed to.

This strain has mouthwatering properties. Stawberry Shortcake was developed by mixing a special J3 cut from a strain called “Juliet” with strawberry Diesel, which emanates sweet and Strawberry aromas. Strawberry Shortcake has a THC rating of up to 22%, so it induces uplifting, energetic and cerebral effects.

When Strawberry Shortcake is placed in a grow tent, it requires 65–72 days to reach full maturity. This sativa-dominant strain develops plenty of resin, which is highly desired by hash and concentrate makers. The yields are significant— so much so that growers need to use some string support to keep the plants intact.

 Usage in Edibles

The wax in Strawberry Shortcake makes it an indispensable ingredient for many dishes. You can come up with a number of delicious desserts by adding this component to your collection of recipes.

There is actually no reason why you should not try Strawberry Shortcake.This is an incredible strain of medical marijuana that will make you feel comfortable at home and are feeling as light as a feather. The strain’s incredible smell and taste will take you on a trip to the world of pure joy and excitement. Strawberry Shortcake strain would be a perfect way for you to treat yourself after a long day.

stawberry diesel

Strawberry Diesel Strain

aka Strawberry D

The Strawberry Diesel strain is a strain that really sticks to its name – as it boasts a flavor profile just like strawberry and diesel. Its powerful taste may startle you at first, but it will grow on you as time goes by. Besides the fruity and industrial flavor, it offers a creative and relaxing high that many say is great for focus. So it’s perfect for use during afternoon hours when you need to stay alert throughout your day.

If you are searching for a potent hybrid, look no further than the Strawberry Diesel strain. Be warned that this potent strain packs a punch. Strawberry Diesel is the exact opposite of a slow-onset, creeper strain. This strain will hit you fast and make you feel uplifted in no time at all.

Strawberry Diesel is a 50/50 hybrid strain that’s taking the cannabis industry by storm.

If you’re searching for a balanced hybrid medication to manage your aches and pains. Or, perhaps you’re just looking for an uplifting buzz after a long week at the office. Whether you’re looking for relief from physical or mental pain, Strawberry Diesel marijuana strain is your answer.

What Is the Strawberry Diesel Strain?

The Strawberry Diesel strain is a perfectly-balanced hybrid, with 50% indica and 50% sativa. The THC levels in this cross of NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough varies from 17-27%. It has a very low CBD content, which is offset by its high top end THC level.

Due to it’s reputation for potency and quick-acting effects, this strain is not suitable for first-time cannabis consumers. Those with previous experience with high THC strains may enjoy Strawberry Diesel. However,many people love Strawberry D for its quick-acting high that starts at the top of the head and mellows out as it moves to your body.

One of the strongest qualities about Strawberry Diesel is that its effects are quick-hitting, but it also provides a long-lasting experience.

Strawberry Diesel’s early effects are predominantly Sativa, but as things progress indica-related effects take over and produce a relaxing body high. For some people this strain helps with focus and drive in the initial stages thanks to its clear-headed cerebral effect

You can probably guess what this flower is going to taste like by its name.

The Lineage Of Strawberry Diesel Strain

This hybrid by Reservoir Seeds has been brought to life through the mixing of Sour Diesel, a male plant, with Strawberry Cough.

Strawberry Diesel Aroma

Strawberry Diesel has such a strong aroma, it’s hard to describe sweet and earthy, with the diesel coming through. Even though some people may find outdoor use to be undesirable, it retains a pleasant smell.

Strawberry Diesel Flavor

IThe taste of Strawberry Diesel is reminiscent of strawberries with a diesel aftertaste. One thing that many people love about this strain is the lingering flavor, which some have said tastes like sweet strawberry candy.

Strawberry Diesel Appearance

Reading the name of this strain might create certain expectations about its appearance. However, Its color is typical for a cannabis bud, being of an intense green nuance and orange hairs intertwined with the other leaves.


Though Indica and Sativa proportions are evenly distributed, it has a chemical component that put its THC levels in the above average group. This hybrid has between 20-24% THC, with less than 1% CBD. This is a bit surprising given its wide array of medical uses and it’s also a warning against using too often, or in large doses, due to the side effects THC intoxication.

Who Is More Suitable For?

When carefully dosed, caffeine can be an appropriate option for those in need of an additional boost of energy. Cutting yourself, or stimulating your body in other ways to send you past your “breaking point” can provide a sense of stress-free relief and keep you focused.

 Strawberry Diesel Effects

For sure, this strain does not start slow. Instead, the onset comes pretty quick and beginners in using cannabis might be taken by surprise at the buzzing cerebral high that kicks in. The initial shock of your first high wears off, leaving a mellow buzz and an almost immediate mood swing to feeling elated.

The drug high starts with a sudden onset of dizziness, followed by an energy and clarity state. As opposed to other Cannabis-derived products which often leave users incapacitated even during the mellow stage of their high, this particular strain is said to allow users to remain functional and calm.

Moderate levels of marijuana might actually sharpen your mind and leave you sharper. However, this should not be encouraging those who have a lower threshold with drugs to abuse it in high doses.

Side Effects of the Strawberry Diesel Strain

Even though strawberry diesel is not as common or as potent as other strains, it can cause side effects like dry mouth and eyes. If you are experiencing these symptoms, try humming water and smoking in a well-ventilated room to help reduce the discomfort.

Other potential side effects of consuming too much Strawberry D are sleepiness and increased anxiety levels. These side effects are rare for the occasional user, but frequent users may experience them more often.

Consider how new you are to high THC strains before trying this. Some report feeling heightened paranoia after consuming the strain, even if they are acclimated to other high-THC strains.

Strawberry Diesel Strain Grow Info

For those interested in growing this plant, good news is it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. But the good news is that Strawberry Diesel’s growth difficulty is rated as moderate. You will need some experience growing cannabis plants in order to grow this one.

A Strawberry Diesel plant is also prone to mold and pests, so it best grows outdoors in the case of a Mediterranean weather type. Indoor growers can expect this plant to produce flowers after nine 10 weeks. Outdoors, harvesting will be ready in October.

Strawberry Diesel usually gives around 12 to 14 ounces per square meter.Growers who grow their plants outdoors should expect to harvest around 14 ounces (or more) per plant.

Flowering Time

  • Indoors

Strawberry Diesel is a small plant that makes it an ideal strain to grow indoors when you have limited space. Aside from the fact that you are able to control the temperature and provide an optimal light source, it can also shield your plants against common pests. You’re going to be harvesting around 12 ounces of cannabis, which is about 8 weeks as a square meter.

  • Outdoors

The strawberry diesel is a hybrid plant with recognizable cannabis scent. If you’re not worried about yield, then after two months of close attention and care, this plant could produce up to 14 ounces.

THC Content

Strawberry Diesel is an extremely potent strain that carries a very high THC content. The highest recorded THC level in a Strawberry Diesel sample was reported to be 27%.

CBD Content

A low CBD content counteracts the high THC concentration found in Strawberry Diesel. The highest CBD content for this strain was approximately only 0.22%.

Opinion by growers

Growers leaped at the chance to produce their own strawberry sour diesel strains, yet it has been difficult to find original seeds. Most of those on the market present cloned features.

Medical Benefits of the Strawberry Diesel Strain

The Strawberry Diesel strain has several purported health benefits.

Many medicinal marijuana users say that this strain can help to relieve stress. Supposedly, Strawberry Diesel provides temporary relief to those suffering with mood disorders including depression. This strain can leave consumers feeling happy and euphoric due to its uplifting effects.

Reports indicate that Strawberry Diesel is moderately effective in alleviating a variety of painful conditions. Those who suffer from chronic pain may want to give this cannabis strain a try for some short-term relief.

As Strawberry Diesel tends to cause its consumers to feel deeply relaxed and sleepy in the later stages, it may help people with insomnia.

Useful To Edibles-Cooking?

The earthy taste of diesel makes it hard to be used in edible compositions, even though the clean flavor would be a welcomed addition.

Related Or Alternatives Strains?

There are similar strains of marijuana, such as Strawberry Diesel kush or even Cherry diesel. Other strains similar to Strawberry D and have more intense effects are Green Ribbon, Lemon Skunk, White Fire, or Cinex.

This strain has all the necessary traits to become a favorite plant for grower and users alike. What really make it stand out is the variety of medical-related uses, its unique smell and flavour, kept intact for each strain in its lineage, as well as diesel and strawberry. The submit high comes over the user.

Strawberry Diesel strain — when smoked in a controlled manner– leads to relaxation and increased energy. The calming effects of this weed are used to relieve anxiety and stress. This relaxation also helps in getting better sleep, making it suitable for the treatment of insomnia. Previously, back pains and other body aches were believed to be relieved by the application of salt.


Runtz Strain

Out in California there is weed that smells and looks so good you could eat it right off the stem. But you should save it for smoking. 

A new strain of cannabis called Runtz, originally bred and grown in Los Angeles, can be difficult to obtain outside of city limits. Reportedly a cross of Zkittlez and Gelato #33, that would make Runtz yet another famed strain that draws vibrant genetics from Berner and the iconic Cookies brand.

The appeal of the cannabis hybrid Runtz can be traced back to its parent strains. Runtz buds show different colors of green, purple, and green that are very similar to cannabis. The color of the Zkittlez and Gelato varieties of Runtz is violet, which indicates that they have a high concentration of anthocyanin terpene content.

  • Effects: Calming, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting
  • Aromas: Earthy, Herbal, Sour, Spicy, Sweet, Tropical
  • Flavors: Fruity, Pineapple, Spicy, Sweet, Tropical
  • Side Effects: Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dizzy, Paranoid, Depression
  • Helps with: Anxiety, Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress

The Effects of Runtz Strain

It’s hard to know exactly what kind of effects you’ll experience when purchasing different versions of Runtz weed. According to most customers, one of the benefits of Runtz is it provides an “euphoric high” that stimulates the creative mind. After some time people are calmed and feel a sense of relaxation throughout their body which makes them unable to be too active. The potency of this plant can vary. The intensity ranges from 19% to 29% THC, with the strongest coming in at around 22%. Although bakers often use artificial flavors to infuse the dough with sweetness and fruit-style flavoring, these ingredients have been found to damage tooth enamel.! If you happen to find a strain that is high in potency, even if you are an experienced user of cannabis, the effects could be intense. That’s why it might be a better idea to start slowly. Because the Runtz strain is a blend of indica and sativa, it can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • alleviating anxiety
  • stress relief
  • improving the mood
  • pain relief

Initially, after the first few hits, you may feel a rush of energy. But it’s best to avoid leaving your home and instead stick to activities inside. After a more energetic period, you’ll notice that you’re no longer filled with energy. On the contrary, you will feel relaxation in tense muscles, and getting out of bed won’t be as easy. It is recommended that you bring something tasty from home while you still have energy, or else your choices might become limited later on. If you have trouble falling asleep, smoking some of this strain will make you feel sleepy after a couple hours. After laying down in bed, you have the opportunity to sleep uninterrupted for a long period of time.

THC levels range from 14 to 17% but don’t underestimate this kush. Its main effects are:

  • Happiness that turns into euphoria.
  • Inspiration and creativity, which helps to cope with tasks at work, as well as motivates to create new ideas.
  • Many users noted that this bud made them more social and less self-contained.
  • Smokers say The Runtz is comfort.

Moreover, medicine often uses this marijuana to combat

  • Depression
  • Pains
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Stress

However, if you go wrong with the dose, it can cause giggling, panic attacks, and dry mouth.

Runtz Strain Medicinal Uses

  • THC: 14.0 – 17.0%
  • CBD: 0.11 – 0.45%
  • CBC: 0.45 – 1.26%
  • CBG: 0.18 – 1.29%
  • CBN: 0.07 – 0.22%
  • THCV: 0.25 – 1.51%

Runtz is 50 percent Indica and 50 percent Sativa. THC levels can be as high as 29 %. Scientific research is exploring the possibility of using cannabis as a treatment for coronavirus.

Regardless of what strain is always stocked, the Runtz strain may not have high CBD levels. A strain like Cannatonic and Harlequin is high in CBD and may be similar to the type used in an aforementioned study. Other research has found that smoking one joint per day does not lead to any decrease in lung function nor any noticeable increase in risk for lung cancer.

Runtz Strain Flavor, Appearance and Smell

Runtz is a tall plant, reaching from 4 to 6 ft tall. It has a smell like candy. This strain is marked by a sharp, fruity flavor with notes of sweet berries on the exhale and smells like sour-apple. Runtz has a colorful bud that continues to change in color as it matures. The colors you see from top to bottom, green, yellow, orange and brown are the different genetic strands of the plant. The white snow is the THC-rich trichomes which can be seen through a microscope.

While aroma is not uncommon for fruitier strains, Runtz leaves a powerful odor on your clothes that’s rare with other kinds. I often opt for a candy-sweet scent with hints of rubber and Durban Poison at the end, but Runtz is popular enough these days that you might be tempted to choose something else.

It is hard to keep the candy-shop appeal from smell to smoke when growing a Runtz, but if grown properly it will do okay. The earthy notes of wet soil and a touch of pine needle help to balance out the sweetness. The notes also remind me of the rock candy sugar from a science kit.

The Phenotypes of the Runtz Strain

There are two phenotypes of Runts that share many traits. White Runtz and Pink Runtz have some variation between them, though they tend to produce the same effects.

Pink Runtz

As is often the case when examining history, there are many opinions about Pink Runtz’s origins. According to some, Pink Runtz is just a phenotype of the regular Runtz, though other cannabis experts claim that it is a result of mixing Pink Panties with Rainbow Sherbert. Although we cannot be sure what is true, there are no such doubts when it comes to the effects of Pink Runtz. After the initial euphoria and energy, your body becomes progressively heavier until you are too tired to move. This strain of weed is extremely colorful, has a fruity and candy-like aroma, and most users claim that it has even more relaxing properties than the original Runtz. The content of THC is also most likely a bit lower, and you shouldn’t experience any anxiety or paranoia. We recommend using this strain primarily in the evenings.

White Runtz

When it comes to another strain of Runtz called White Runtz, its origins are unclear.It might be another phenotype of Runtz, as it has a comparable amount of THC, though others claim that it is a product of collaboration between Runtz and Cookies. This indica dominant strain usually has purple and green buds. Leaving your home may not be a good idea when you’re first exposed to White Runtz. Currently, it is one of the most popular types of cannabis in California, which is why it is not uncommon to find weed labeled as White Runtz with none of its characteristics.

Also We recommend you to try two others phenotypes of Runts: Creamy Runtz and Blue Runtz.

Runtz Strain Negative Effects

For the seasoned smoker, Runtz side effects are typical of weed, including anything from increased heart rate to dizziness. Your mouth will become dry, and the same will happen to your eyes. At the same time, Runtz strain can have up to 29% THC. If you are unlucky (or lucky, depending on your perspective), the high might be too intense. Floating in outer space is not damaging to your health, but it can be scary for many people. If you want an easier experience, take things one step at a time.

Before you use cannabis to deal with your health problems, you should speak to a doctor about it even in the state where recreational marijuana is legal. There are hundreds of different compounds in weed, which means that if you are already taking some medications for your medical conditions, two or more substances could mix and produce a severe reaction. The internet is an excellent resource for information, but it’s a good idea to contact a medical professional if you are unsure about your health.

Runtz Strain Growing Info

  • Flowering time: 69 – 77 Days
  • Harvest time: 82 Days
  • Yield indoor: 1 – 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
  • Yield outdoor: 2 – 3 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant)
  •  Height indoor: 60-80
  • Height outdoor: 60-80
  • Grow difficulty: Moderate
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

Known for being adaptable, Runtz can be grown indoors or outside by beginners. The plant typically develops vertically, and when growing it outdoors, you can expect a yield of about 600g per plant. When grown indoors, the yield for a single plant is going to be around 450g per plant. The flowering time of Runtz strain is from 8 to 9 weeks. If you decide to grow this strain of weed on your own, remember that although it might look innocently, with its aroma of fruits and candy, Runtz can make you incredibly high. When buying weed, the THC potency is one of the most important factors to consider. If you do not have experience with potent strains, it’s better to take a safer step further away from the strongest cannabis or else risk an overwhelming high.

So which Runtz Strain is for you?

So it all depends on what type of high you are looking for. If you’re looking for something to give you a little more energy, this Pink Runtz has helped me all through the day. But if you are looking to unwind after a long day and just netflix and chill then the Indica dominant White Runtz is for you.

The Runtz cannabis exists thanks to the Hyped Cookies family. It is known for its pleasant taste. This balanced hybrid was created by crossing Gelato and Zkittlez.

This marijuana strain contains terpenes such as Myrcene, Terpineol, Ocimene, and Phellandrene. And also The Runtz is a whole mix of unique tastes, which gives the impression that you are opening a jar of lollipops. It is a bouquet of flowers, berries, and citrus fruits.


Black D.O.G. Strain

Are you looking for an indica-dominant hybrid that will overhaul your senses with tranquility and relaxation? Look no further than the Black Dog strain.

This strain is not to be confused with the well-known Black Dog Tavern by Martha’s Vineyard. This product is unique to itself and offers an original flavor profile. The body high is incredibly enjoyable for users who appreciate a cannabis-induced relaxation at the end of a long day.

From the rolling and fertile hills of California, Black Dog was brilliantly created by the masterminds of the Humboldt Seed Organization. This woodsy cannabis will help you apply laser-sharp focus to any task before rocking you into a relaxed state.

All About Black D.O.G.

Black D.O.G.’s flowers are medium to large in size and cling together in elongated, almost cylindrical shapes. These buds have a seemingly hybridized internal structure, with the dense center characteristic of indica varieties but with long, feathery leaves that have more of a sativa character. The leaves themselves are a bright shade of spring green and are wound through with a high concentration of curly orange pistils. Translucent white trichomes finish off these flowers, accounting for their psychoactivity and making them very sticky to the touch.

When properly cured, Black D.O.G. gives off a predominantly woodsy, earthy scent with hints of fresh pine. A deeper whiff may pick up on some fruity accents lurking underneath. Grinding up these buds, meanwhile, yields a deeply musky odor that pays tribute to this strain’s Kush roots. When it is combusted in a pipe or joint, Black D.O.G. burns with a smooth and refreshing smoke that’s typically easy to inhale. On the exhale, this smoke mingles flavors of citrus and pine.

Black D.O.G. Similar Strains

  • Purple Hindu Kush.
  • Legend OG. More giggly.
  • Kimbo Kush. More limonene.
  • Hardcore OG.
  • King Louis XIII.
  • Tahoe OG Kush. More tingly.

Contents and Strain

This feminized plant is indica-heavy, with an 85% concentration. Featuring only 15% sativa, Black Dog weed strain is an average-potency plant with a THC content of 16-21%. If you appreciate the high of a delectable indica, this brilliant blend will definitely pique your interest.

Black D.O.G. History

Humboldt Seed Organization bred this user-friendly plant in the rolling California hills of Humboldt County. Parented by Blackberry Kush and Emerald Headband, both of which are indica-dominant strains, Black Dog marijuana strain boasts the best indica-inducing characteristics of both of her parents.

Black D.O.G. Effects

Like many other indica-dominant strains, Black D.O.G. can be a creeper that requires several minutes before its effects become apparent. As such, impatient consumers are advised to wait for 15 minutes or so before increase their dosage. Eventually, the high arrives with a concerted feeling of pressure around the temples and lower forehead (the so-called “headband” effect for which parent strain Emerald Headband is named). As smokers become accustomed to this odd sensations, they may become aware of some changes in cognition and sensory perception. Ideas may seem to take on a new intensity or may move more quickly than usual. At the same time, consumers may be prone to slight visual or auditory distortions and may experience strange phenomena like a feeling of time dilation. Those who are so inclined can push these trippy properties even further with some moody lighting or atmospheric music.

As this high wears on, Black D.O.G.’s physical effects, at first only subtle, may progress into a heavy body stone. Limbs and eyelids may be weighed down in equal measure and any extended physical activity might require more effort than usual. Although Black D.O.G.’s initial mental high may persist, smokers may be stripped of some of their earlier energy and motivation. As such, this strain’s later phase is best suited to kicking back with likeminded friends while indulging in passive activities like binge-watching or snacking. Because of its mostly downbeat, sedated vibe, Black D.O.G. is recommended for nighttime consumption.

Black D.O.G. Medical Uses

Black D.O.G.’s relaxing and embodied effects can have several benefits for medical cannabis patients as well. Its cerebral onset can bring some measure of focus to those with attention deficit disorders. Additionally, its constant euphoria can alleviate the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Physically speaking, Black D.O.G. may be a balm for all kinds of aches and pains, both temporary and chronic. The strain’s headband-like feeling of pressure may be a particularly good way to relieve the intraocular pain associated with eye conditions like glaucoma. In properly relaxed conditions, Black D.O.G. may even counteract insomnia, lulling smokers into a heavy sleep. Because it comes with an elevated risk of paranoia and disorientation, Black D.O.G. should be consumed with some caution and moderation by patients who have a low THC tolerance.

Black D.O.G.Grow Information

Said to be a heavy producer, Black D.O.G. grows medium in height with strong vigor. Because of the strain’s incredibly short flowering cycle, which takes place from 48 to 55 days, the plants tend to be pest- and moisture-resistant. During the flowering phase, Black D.O.G. appears to produce chunky, dense colas frosted with icy trichomes.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor growing conditions, cultivators can expect harvests between 400 to 500 grams per square meter or 1,000 to 3,000 grams per plant, respectively. If grown outside in the Northern Hemisphere, growers should plan to harvest Black D.O.G. in late September or early October, while plants grown in the Southern Hemisphere should be ready to harvest in late March or early April.

Humboldt Seed Organization has made seeds relatively available for those who are interested in growing Black Dog at home. You can easily purchase the seeds online for delivery. Furthermore, these plants are relatively low maintenance. This strain can be grown either indoors or outdoors with a semi-humid climate.

Flowering time is anywhere between 7 to 8 weeks when grown indoors. It usually produces an above-average yield of flowers! However, keep in mind that these plants are relatively tall, so you’ll need ample room for them to mature properly.

Fortunately for home growers, Humboldt Seed Organization has made seeds of Black D.O.G. available for sale online. Once obtained, it can be grown either indoors or outdoors in a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Plants can be surprisingly tall, maxing out at about 9 feet when grown outdoors; indoor gardeners may need to occasionally prune their crops to keep this height manageable. Black D.O.G. flowers within a very brief 7 to 8 weeks when grown indoors and is ready for outdoor harvest in late September through early October. Growers can count on a higher than average yield of flowers.

Black D.O.G.’s deeply relaxing high is a great way to wind down after a stressful day of work. It’s as enjoyable savored alone as it is when shared with friends.


ReCon Strain

Recon (or ReCon) is a robust indica-leaning hybrid that provides an effective way to kick back and unwind. ReCon’s name refers in part to its genetics — it is descended from powerhouse hybrid LA Confidential. Cannadential is its other parent strain, imparting some aromatic funk. Recon is the brainchild of DNA Genetics, the creator of strains like Holy Grail and Chocolope. Sure to impress cannabis newbies and veterans alike, Recon’s sedative effects are said to last longer than average. This bud’s psychoactivity has been quantified at between 13% and 23% THC.

Recon’s flowers tend toward the smaller side and cling together in dense, popcorn-like formations. The buds are rounded and have the densely-packed structure most often association with indicas. The mossy green leaves curl tightly inward toward their central stems and are threaded through with dark, rust-colored hairs (which are actually pistils, structure meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants). Finally,  blanket of icy white trichomes cover the inner and outer surfaces of these dense flowers, making them very sticky and difficult to break apart without a quality grinder.

On initial inspection, Recon’s flowers hit the nose with the sharp scent of pepper and cloves.

Examining the buds more closely reveals an underlying sweetness that verges on a dank, almost fermented musk. Meanwhile, grinding up or breaking open these tight buds yields subtle herbal notes. When Recon is combusted in a pipe or a joint, it gives off a harsh, acrid smoke that can irritate the smoker’s eyes or sinuses. This thick, rich smoke tastes sweet and hashy on the exhale.

Recon has a high that hits quickly for an indica. Almost immediately, a calm, melting sensation spreads down from the neck and outward through the core and limbs. Depending on the user’s set and setting as well as their individual tolerance, this numbing sensation may progress toward pseudo paralysis. Many consumers also report a trippy feeling of sensory distortion — this phenomenon can manifest as anything from an impaired visual depth perception to an intensification of sights and sounds to misleading sense of time dilation. If you’re so inclined, revel in these psychedelic effects by kicking back alone with some atmospheric music or an intense, engaging movie. This one-sided strain comes with little to no mental stimulation (unless you count the foggy, disoriented feeling that comes with the force of Recon’s physical high). As such, smokers shouldn’t plan on accomplishing a mountain of work while under Recon’s spell. Instead, enjoy this bud as a way to enhance small, laid-back gatherings or to spark a little intimacy and romance. As the high progresses or as dosage  is increased, smokers can count on intractable couchlock — and even sleep. Because of its purely relaxing and immobilizing character, Recon is one strain best enjoyed at night or just before bed.

ReCon Type of High

Recon cannabis strain’s provides euphoria and mind relief, followed by a full-body tranquility and serene focus that won’t create anxiety.

ReCon Growing Info

  • Flowering time: 74 – 85 Days
  • Harvest time: 90 Days
  • Yield indoor: 1 – 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
  • Yield outdoor: 2 – 3 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant)
  • Height indoor: 60-80
  • Height outdoor: 60-80
  • Grow difficulty: Difficult
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

Fortunately for home growers, DNA Genetics has made seeds of Recon available for sale online. The strain can be grown indoors or out, although successful outdoor cultivation requires a humid climate with consistent daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Recon’s plants have a characteristically short and bushy indica silhouette, and growers should regularly trim away any broad fan-leaves that might block light and air from reaching any low-growing flowering nodes. Recon flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors and is ready for harvest in late September to early October when grown outdoors.

ReCon Medical Benefits

  • THC: 14.0 – 17.0%
  • CBD: 0.01 – 0.92%
  • CBC: 0.39 – 1.31%
  • CBG: 0.11 – 2.5%
  • CBN: 0.06 – 0.15%
  • THCV: 0.26 – 1.9%

Recon may several applications for medical cannabis patients as well. Its thorough physical relaxation can be a great analgesic for aches and pains, whether they’re temporary, as in the case of injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis. The strain’s anti-inflammatory effects can also relieve everyday irritations like headaches and nausea. Psychologically speaking, Recon’s smooth, uplifting high may temporarily take the edge off of the troubling symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. As noted, in high enough doses, this strain can even induce a deep and restful sleep. Because it is unlikely to bring about any overly intense patterns of thinking, Recon may be a good option for those who are prone to anxiety or who have a low tolerance for THC.

ReCon Effect Similar Strains

  • Willy Wonka: Willy Wonka is a purebred Sativa strain phenotype, created by Spanish seed company Mr. Natural after crossing the Willie Nelson and Sweet Tooth strains. It was nominated and got 3rd place in the concentrates category of the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup both for its flavor and its impressive effects. The first thing that leaps to mind when we hear the name Willy Wonka is, of course, chocolate. But the smell of chocolate fades into the background, giving way to a sharp citrus aroma with notes of apricot. Its flavor is sweet with pine notes and a musky aftertaste of dark chocolate.
  • White Cherry Truffle: White Cherry Truffle is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through a potent cross of the(2012 Chemdog Special Reserve X Cherry Lime #4) X Highland Afghan strains. Named for its insanely delicious flavor, this gorgeous bud will have you begging for more after just one toke. White Cherry Truffle tastes exactly how it sounds – like sweet cherries and chocolate. The aroma takes on a slightly spicier, more pungent turn with sweet cherries and chocolate accented by diesel and earth and a touch of fresh rose. The White Cherry Truffle high is perfect for any hybrid lover, with full-bodied effects that will have you kicking back in no time at all. It starts in the head with a stoney lifted euphoria that quickly spreads from limb to limb, settling you down into a deeply relaxing and slightly sedative body stone, a state that often ends in sleep. Thanks to these effects and its high 15-25% average THC level, White Cherry Truffle is often chosen to treat chronic pain, migraines or headaches, depression, insomnia and mood swings. This bud has small dense forest green nugs with light purple undertones, bright orange hairs and a coating of tiny bright white crystal trichomes.
  • Chupacabra: Chupacabra is a rare evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the powerful Hawaiian Romulan X Island Sweet Skunk X Gupta Kush strains. This bud is hard to come by outside of the Hawaiian area, but trust us – you’ll be coming back for more after you taste its unique flavor and feel its long-lasting high. Chupacabra has a taste that’s initially very sweet and fruity, but takes a savory skunky turn upon exhale with notable hints of vanilla. The smell is of pungent earth with a skunky pungency and rotting tropical fruit effect that’s released as the nugs are burned. Chupacabra buds have flat long dark olive green nugs with purple undertones and bright amber hairs that are completely coated in matching dark amber crystal trichomes. The Chupacabra high is just as satisfying as the effects, creeping up on you slowly and lasting for hours on end without having to re-dose. The high starts with a euphoric lift that infuses you with a temporary sense of energy and focus. As your head high grows, this effect will quickly become sedative, lulling you into a hazy introspective state and leaving your body open to falling into the same sleepy state. Thanks to these effects and its high 15-20% average THC level, Chupacabra is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic pain, headaches or migraines, depression, stress, and muscle spasms or cramps.

In Conclusion, the weed is great. It is a bit to strong for me. And I do not think it is a good choice for someone who is not familiar with or doesn’t have considerable experience toking. But if you do then this citrusy, green bud with brown hairs will rock your world. Just make sure you have plenty of toilet paper, in case.


Lucid Dream Strain

All around the world, growers are continuously inventing new strains in the hopes of winning the hearts of users old and new. Typically crossing two plants, some could even use three of four to create a more unique and better hybrid. While some do not fare successfully in such a competitive market, there are those that go on to complete the journey of becoming the community’s new favorite. Lucid Dream is one such success story.

Though its breeders remain unknown, Lucid Dream is generally believed to be the offspring of two equally powerful Sativa strains. One of which is American Haze, a descendant of the exotic South Asian and Jamaican ancestral strains. The other is Blue Dream, a popular daytime strain that prods users into elated tranquility.

Being mostly Sativa, it delivers an energizing, happy high that can brighten moods and even days.

What is a Lucid Dream?

Being a mostly Sativa-dominant strain Lucid Dream hybrid combines genetics from uplifting Amnesia Haze and berry-tasting Blue Dream. Named after the phenomenon of a controlled dream, this weed was created by unknown breeders. The Lucid Dream is a powerful strain that contains around 25% THC on average and is not recommended for novice smokers.

Due to the presence of Blue Dream in its genetics, Lucid Dream markedly smells of blueberries mixed with an earthy scent. It also delivers a delightful smell of tropical fruits, especially pineapple. This cannabis strain leaves a taste of herbs on the exhale.

 Lucid Dream Type of High

Lucid Dream marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral high, body relaxation followed by sedation. Boosts energy, improves focus, prompts laughter. Relieves stress and nausea, has strong analgesic properties. May cause altered sensory experience.

Lucid Dream Effects

With THC levels between 21% and 28%, Lucid Dream is insanely potent. It can easily overwhelm beginners and even seasoned users. As such, caution should be exercised when using this strain.

In no time at all, users are sent to a euphoric high after the first few puffs. Feeling uplifted, moods are enhanced while depleted energy levels are elevated. Usually, this reinvigorates and clears the mind. With sharpened senses, many users go on to finish task after task. Gradually, the creeping Indica effects become more pronounced. A tingling sensation originating from the temple and the back of the head travels down to the rest of the body. Such gentle relaxation soothes and eases muscles. It also reduces tension and stress.

Although intense, the body high does not overpower the cerebral buzz. This makes Lucid an excellent wake-and-bake strain, such that it sends users into a dream-like state rather than completely locked to the couch. One may even say they were only ‘daydreaming.’

For those who don’t know, a lucid dream refers to a dream in which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. Hazy and cerebral, this marijuana strain couldn’t be more aptly named.

Not only is this plant extremely potent, but this strain has a reputation for inspiring a whimsical euphoric quality that sends the consumer into creative rapture.

Focused and cerebral, this plant offers profound mental stimulation coupled with a mellow and easygoing sense of happiness and ease. The overall effect is tantalizing, though this engaging flower is most appreciated by cannabis veterans. Expect more sedative qualities to shine through after an initial elevation.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Lucid Dream Oil Pens may be available from select brands, depending on the region.
  • Lucid Dream shatter, Lucid Dream wax, and other Lucid Dream concentrates may be available from a number of retailers.

Lucid Dream Strain Effect

Lucid Dream’s potent punch comes quickly delivering a strong and even psychoactive long-lasting effect with visual distortion that might be quite overwhelming and mind-racing for beginners or those, who prone to panic. It boosts productivity and thinking along with a burst of energy that helps to do analytical or creative work. This marijuana has been described as an emotional trigger that makes users feel deep emotions and even cry. It puts users into a euphoric state and bliss and elevates mood. On the offset, users tend to feel relaxation and calmness.

Moreover, medical cannabis patients often choose Lucid Dream strain to combat depression, anxiety, stress, and chronic fatigue. It was found helpful to reduce pain and aches.

Lucid Dream Fragrance

A basket filled with goodies, that is what Lucid Dream smells like. From the first whiff, there is the distinct aroma of sweet blueberries. However, drawing in the smoke reveals a fragrant floral scent with undertones of damp earth. By the dozens, a pungent smell becomes apparent.

Lucid Dream Flavors

Hinted by its fragrance, Lucid Dream tastes just like what you would expect – berries. Although, in this case, they are predominantly blueberries. Drawing in the smoke, an explosion of sweet lemons surprises the palate. On the exhale, the smooth toke reveals the same fruity aftertaste too.Snoop’s Dream is a rapper’s dream, as it is a very strong tranquilizing hybrid that can plunge even the most riled up person into a dreamlike state. Read our full review!

Lucid Dream Adverse Reaction

Sativa dominant strains like Lucid Dream are known for their mental effects. Thus, it is not surprising that using too much of it may make some people anxious or paranoid. Such effects rarely occur, but it does not hurt to handle the strain wisely. Apart from those, Lucid Dream is also known to cause dehydration to areas like the eyes and the mouth. Some even experience headaches to a certain degree. But, this is nothing to new to users of marijuana since these effects are bound to occur regardless of the strain being smoked. Moreover, they are mild and barely noticeable.

Lucid Dream Medical Uses

Lucid Dream has very high CBD levels. At 4%, it is undoubtedly one of the top strains in the medical marijuana market. Despite this, all users should know that it is not a cure and neither is it the solution to any health problem. But, with the combined effects of its psychoactive compounds, it is sure to alleviate multiple symptoms effectively.

For example, its energizing and uplifting high rids the mind of negative thoughts. As such, it makes for a great anti-depressant that can provide comfort to those going through the lows of life. This mood-enhancing quality of the strain also makes it a viable stress reliever.

Another case in point is its painkilling properties. A powerful analgesic, it can alleviate chronic aches and pains in different areas of the body. The warm sensation that ebbs down from the temples also relaxes the muscles. In effect, it eases muscle tension, fatigue, and cramps. It can even lessen inflammation.

  • Looking for a potent natural painkiller? This cannabis strain is extremely high in THC. However, too much of this dreamy plant may worsen pain in some people. Dosage is important with this one.
  • Focused and attentive, this strain may be a worthwhile selection for those with ADD/ADHD, depression, and brain fog.
  • Other reasons consumers pick up this medicinal herb is for relief from chronic fatigue, headaches, and gastrointestinal complaints like nausea.

Lucid Dream Growing Info

Sadly, this medical and recreational gem of a strain is not commercially available. Luckily, one may still be able to cultivate this strain by cloning it from a clipping. Once within reach, Lucid Dream is a fairly easy grow and produces a vigorous amount of seeds. Although, temperatures and humidity levels in the grow area may need to be constantly monitored. A slight change in either will compromise the plant’s growth. In which case, hygrometers should be placed all around to ensure all is balanced.

A beautiful plant, Lucid Dream produces mint colored buds shaped like arrowheads. It is large and dense, similar to that of Indica varieties. Around it, there is a thick layer of resinous trichomes with tiny orange pistils. At maturity, the nugs turn into an olive green.

Lucid Dream Flowering Time

·        Indoors

Lucid Dream flowers in 8 to 9 weeks. With little upkeep, it can yield between 12 and 14 ounces of buds per square meter. However, growers may need to top the plant as it can get quite tall.

·        Outdoors

Growers can expect Lucid Dream to bloom by October. At this phase, at least 14 to 18 ounces of buds per plant are available for harvest.


Blue Dragon Strain

Hailing from California, the Blue Dragon cannabis strain is the result of cross-breeding of two classic strains; the indica-saturated Blueberry strain and sativa-heavy Sour Diesel. The Blue Dragon has a densely packed bulb-like bud structure that has dark shades of green and purple color. It has orange-colored hairs with white overgrown crystals.

The buds have a sweet and fruity berry scent that is subdued by its diesel undertones. When smoked the blue dragon tastes sweet with a hint of diesel aftertaste that can be harsh for non-experienced users. Blue dragon has varying degrees of THC concentration ranging from 14 to 24 percent.

When smoked Blue dragon makes users happy and relaxed. The blue dragon is extremely potent and packs a significant euphoric buzz that reverberates throughout the body. As such novice users are advised to exercise restraint and should go easy in upping the dosage. Due to Blue dragon’s hard-hitting nature, this strain is popularly referred to as one-hitter quitter.

·  Effects: Uplifted, Energetic, Euphoric, Creative, Relaxed

·  Taste: Berry, Blueberry, Diesel, Grape, Sweet

·  Aromas: Earthy, Fruity, Grape, Sweet, Vanilla

·  Side Effects: Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dizzy, Paranoid, Slurred speech, Thirst

·  Helps with: Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Inflammation, Insomnia, Migraines, Mood Swings, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, PMS, Stress

Blue Dragon Experience

Blue Dragon is a cross between Indica Blueberry and Sativa Sour Diesel cannabis strains. Originating in California, this hybrid is very potent, with THC levels ranging from 13% to 24%.

This marijuana strain most commonly achieves a powerful, calming body high, coupled with cerebral feelings of euphoria. Because of its strong effects, it is not recommended for novices or first-time consumers. This herb is ideal for both recreational and medicinal nighttime use, as it has sedative properties which help to relieve anxiety, stress, pain, and insomnia.


The flowers of this hybrid often turn dark purple and are covered in bright orange pistils and white trichomes. My particular batch of this strain featured dark green buds, spotted with random patches of different shades of purple and blue, with orange pistils. This bud is dense and the nugs range in size from medium to large. A grinder is recommended for this strain as it tends to be very sticky and stubbornly maintains its structure when trying to break it up with the hands. This fruity aroma proves quite delightful to the senses. The taste is equally sweet, with the blueberry coming through over the top of the expected diesel taste.

Blue Dragon Effects and Uses

Sometimes measuring over 24% THC, Blue Dragon is very potent, giving users an intensely euphoric feeling and heavy body buzz. The strain’s initial effects may confuse consumers into smoking continuously but this may be too heavy for some users. The short-lived euphoria makes Blue Dragon the perfect nighttime strain. The Blue Dragon strain leaves consumers feeling relaxed, euphoric, happy, sleepy, and uplifted. Some of the medical uses for Blue Dragon includes stress, depression, pain, nausea, insomnia, and headaches. A few of the noted negatives with this strain are dry eyes, dry mouth, and anxiety. For novice smokers or those prone to anxiety, its recommended you start out with a smaller dose and work your way up as your tolerance level increases. If a novice smoker is interested in experimenting with a larger dose of the Blue Dragon strain, we recommend using it as a nighttime strain to ensure time for proper rest.

 Blue Dragon Traits and Seeds

  • Flowering time: 50 – 62 Days
  • Harvest time:67 Days
  • Yield indoor: 0.5 – 1 Oz/Ft² (~ 300 g/m²)
  • Yield outdoor: 1 – 2 Oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant)
  • Height indoor: < 30
  • Height outdoor: 30-60
  • Grow difficulty: Easy
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

This marijuana plant yields dark green buds with shades of dark blue-purple interspersed throughout. Round and dense, these buds are covered with thick orange hairs and white crystals.

It smells fruity and sweet, with dominant notes of its Blueberry namesake coming through. Its taste is equally sweet, with a more robust, earthy undertone from its Sour Diesel strain which is very present in its smoke.

Commonly found on the west coast of the United States, marijuana growers can obtain mature clippings from developed, healthy plants from which clones can be grown, or grow directly from seeds which will then flower in 8-9 weeks.

 Medical Benefits of Blue Dragon

  • THC: 15.0 – 19.0%
  • CBD: 0.54 – 1.39%
  • CBC: 0.34 – 1.41%
  • CBG: 0.32 – 1.6%
  • CBN: 0.06 – 0.19%
  • THCV: 0.31 – 1.93%

This herb’s nicely balanced effects make it an effective remedy for a number of medical conditions and ailments.

  • Medical marijuana patients use this flower to find relief from nausea and pain
  • Those with mental health conditions like anxiety, depression or insomnia use Blue Dragon for its relaxing and uplifting properties, and to relieve stress and sleeplessness
  • For everyday use, Blue Dragon is great for those who want to experience a tingly body high and euphoria, or wish to treat mild headaches

Type of High

Blue Dragon marijuana induces strong cerebral euphoria and physical buzz. Uplifts mood, alleviates depression, relieves stress. Promotes sleep and mind-body relaxation, relieves pain, alleviates muscle spasms.

Blue Dragon Smoke Report

About a fifth of a gram mixed with wild tobacco was smoked through a GlassLab303 GL Small Rig with Honeycomb Diffuser, the flavor of blueberries and a hint of diesel was quickly recognizable. The pull is clean and incredibly smooth, nothing adverse to be reported. Immediately after exhaling, the tobacco shone through with a warm rising feeling that was quickly overcome by the buzz of the Blue Dragon; leaving the smoker with the impending feeling that they had better sit down and get ready for a ride.

After 15 minutes, the effects were still kicking in; a fairly heavy body load was noted; intense, but in no way unpleasant. Two of the participants were thoroughly couch-locked, which a third with a lower tolerance retreated to their bed—citing confusion and an intense head space in addition to the body load. It is again to be noted that this strain on average has a higher THC content than the average Indica strain and at its most potent has been noted to be well over twice that average—certainly something that should be taken into account for the novice smoker—this is not a strain to be taken lightly!

An hour in and the effects have fully hit, and there’s not much conversation to be had as everyone is simply basking in the relaxation; smiles abound. When someone does speak up, though, it is difficult to mask the influence of the substance. While the effects might be intense, there is little to detract from them, cottonmouth is almost non-existent and the munchies are present, but not all-consuming. This is definitely a good thing, because unless you limit your dosage or are a veteran smoker, it is very easy to become couch-locked due to the heavy body load.

After two and a half to three hours, the effects are noticeably beginning to subside, the come down is normally the least favorable part of the smoke but this particular bud left a lasting impression as one with a rather pleasant come down—none of the fever dream-like qualities that tend to arise in the dying minutes from lower quality kush.

With all of that in mind, this is a very potent strain that can be a pleasant refresher for those who are well versed in the area and haven’t had something knock them on their backside in some time. The aromatic flavor and smooth pull make for a lovely smoking experience and the subsequent high is heavy and intense without being overwhelming—given the right mindset and setting of course! A great high arc and gentle come down round out a well-balanced experience; certainly one to recommend!

Blue Dragon is a new favorite strain of ours and for good reason. A mixture of powerful effects, aesthetically pleasing appearance and aroma, and extraordinary parent strains make for an all-around well balanced and satisfying strain. The Blue Dragon strain is sure to impress even the toughest of critics.


Bubbleberry Strain

Truly a confection, sativa-enthusiasts craving for a sugar-induced high would enjoy taking a bite out of Bubbleberry. Coating the mind in a rosy glaze, a puff will give smokers something delightful to chew on for the rest of the day.

Of course, its cheerful nature is due to the influence of two of the most flavorful strains in the cannabis market.

Oozing with a gooey kind of euphoria, Bubblegum adds a rather mellow yet uplifting quality that makes everything better for the smoker. Its tingling sensation tickles the mind, prompting fits of giggles to take place.

Meanwhile, Blueberry combines the colorfully cerebral stimulation with a long-lasting sense of relaxation. With both harmonizing and highlighting each other’s best qualities, users only need Bubbleberry to know what peace taste like.

The deliciously pungent scent and taste of Bubbleberry are both true to this hybrid cannabis strain’s name, being of sweet berry fruit reminiscent of candy and having floral undertones. When ready for harvest, Bubbleberry produces lumpy, mossy green buds that bear slight purple hues.

THC levels of Bubbleberry range between 15-20%. Its high is known to be sativa-dominant, giving the consumer a sudden rise in creativity, making this the perfect strain to pursue hobbies related to art and music – or anything involving the use of one’s hands. Focus drastically improves if consuming the proper dose. Mood will immediately improve as well.

Furthermore, it’s got an aroma that can truly turn people’s heads. Extremely pungent and sickly sweet, expect this bud to transform one’s living into its own rendition of Willy Wonka’s factory.

  • Effects: Happy, Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy
  • Taste: Berry, Blueberry, Cheesy, Fruity, Sweet, Tropical
  • Aromas: Earthy, Fruity, Pungent, Skunky
  • Side Effects: Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Panic attacks, Depression, Pain, Thirst, Anxiety, Stress
  • Helps with: ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Insomnia, Nausea, PMS, PTSD, Stress

Blueberry Odor and Flavors

Like being buried beneath a field of flowers, Bubbleberry has a rather suffocating odor that can truly overwhelm the senses. Skunky, earthy and floral notes all mix together loudly; although from a farther vantage point its aroma can be quite pleasant.

Its flavors are significantly better though as it all blends smoothly – first, the tongue is greeted with a pungent taste that is reminiscent of any cannabis. However, it’s alleviated by sprinkling rose petals that add just enough freshness to make it an enjoyable experience.

Blueberry Effects

Soft and sentimental, that’s how Bubbleberry likes to play it. While it gets people buzzed as a bee, in no way does it sting. Rather, a gentle and expansive high encourages smokers to get up on their feet with a solidified sense of purpose.

Moreover, its potency assures a smooth-sailing ride, so any worries of mentally crashing are out the window. As such, one can simply enjoy feeling fresh for the rest of the afternoon.

This chirpy mood makes for a perfect backdrop for creative minds to take advantage of, and artistic endeavors are sure to paint the image of success.

Upon closer inspection, it can be seen in many ways – brainstorming sessions are bound to be on fire as ideas are exchanged one after another. Meanwhile, home projects can come closer to completion as users are inspired to pick up on where they left off.

Others can also use this as a social lubricant as it not only boosts one’s confidence, but also lets interesting conversations to take its course. After laughing to their heart’s content, the body is eased into relaxation as a small dose of indica gives it a soothing touch.

Perfect for those slightly busy and chill afternoons, pop one of these up as a treat to keep the spirit going.

Blueberry Adverse Reactions

Due to its effect being head-centered, those who are already prone to feelings of anxiety may want to take it easy with this strain as it may amplify such conditions. Moreover, beginners who have low tolerance to such effects may also be vulnerable against paranoia, and on the physical side, headaches or dizziness may manifest.

Whether one smokes too much or not, users will experience dryness in their mouth and eyes. Thankfully, this is easier to handle and can be eased simply by preparing refreshments beforehand and keeping hydrated throughout the session. Of course, alcohol is not included in that list.

Blueberry Medical Use and Benefits

  • THC: 15.3 – 18.3%
  • CBD: 0.25 – 0.69%
  • CBC: 0.09 – 0.85%
  • CBG: 0.39 – 1.05%
  • CBN: 0.05 – 0.22%
  • THCV: 0.35 – 1.23%

Positively helpful at its core, this feel-good strain goes beyond motivational words as it also backs it up with healing actions. If doctors can give free candy to children, medical patients can get a stash of this to put a smile on their face.

On that note, those battling against depression would be able to see the brighter side of things as a bowl of this ganja helps them focus and stay optimistic. Turning away from stress, the mind is lightened and can carry on seizing the day.

Moreover, the subtle surge of energy blunts the piercing symptoms of fatigue, allowing users to enjoy the day clear-headed and distracted from the problems of their routine.

Growing Bubbleberry

  • Flowering time: 49 – 56 Days
  • Harvest time: 63 Days
  • Yield indoor: 0.5 – 1 Oz/Ft² (~ 300 g/m²)
  • Yield outdoor: 1 – 2 Oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant)
  • Height indoor: 60-80
  • Height outdoor: 60-80
  • Grow difficulty: Easy
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

One of the easier plants to grow, veterans and novice-growers alike can bond over this strain. Moreover, it leans closer to an indica structure as it reaches a short to medium height of up to 100 cm, making this rather easy to manage indoors where the space can be restricting.

In addition, it can flourish either using soil or hydroponics as its medium. On that note, it also has a short flowering time of 7 to 8 weeks with a satisfactory yield of 300 to 350 grams per square meter.

Meanwhile, one needs to be in a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures of 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for it to fully flourish. It can be harvested by late September to early October with an average yield of 350 grams per plant.

Prospective growers should also keep in mind that this has a rather pungent and attention-grabbing odor, thus, carbon filters may be necessary to mute it in places where one needs to keep a low profile.