Area 51

Area 51 Marijuana Strain

Although the name Area 51 may be unusual, its origins aren’t necessarily that mysterious. Area 51 strain is so old there are no records of its origins. Green Gene Seeds does not know where it came from, and it is keeping that information a secret to maintain the mystique.Though the high will be felt throughout your body, this is a full-body high that leads many to believe the truth is out there.

Area 51

Area 51 is a hybrid strain that gives you an uplifting head high and a gentle body buzz, perfect for any time of day. It seems like Area 51 is just a top-secret government facility, but the Area 51 strain was actually named after it.

About Area 51

Possibly the Area 51 strain is one of the most cryptic and mysterious strains on the cannabis market. The genetics of this weed is unknown. However, it has a well-balanced ratio for its Indica and Sativa strains. Users love it for its high potency and balanced effects..

In Area 51, skunky cannabis with a hint of citrus and pine smells is mixed in with the sweet taste of flowers. THC content levels are usually over 20%, so it has not been made for beginners.

People both looking to have a recreational experience and those seeking medical relief can love Area 51 marijuana. It has universal appeal because of its balance between the “high” consumers may pursue in the afternoon, versus its calming influence in the evening. When used in the morning, it tends to bring initial energetic euphoria followed by a focus and creativity. The high is fun and great for chats with friends. Area 51 offers users a relaxation that spreads all over the body with a tingly sensation and helps to fall asleep if to use it in the evening. Generally, Area 51 marijuana effects lean to Sativa or Indica more depending on the activity the consumer chooses. From a medical point of view, Area 51 strain is useful in emotional disorders like depression or stress. Area 51 cn halp you with fatigue, spasms, cramps and pain.

Area 51 Effects

Area 51 is a relaxing strain that helps creative people do their work with clarity; however, sativa consumers might avoid this strain due to its relaxed and focused effects. Area 51 is good for social engagements, as in most cases the user will become talkative and lively while not becoming too racy and/or causing anxiety.

Despite what many might think, Area 51 isn’t for the uninitiated. The initial hit is bound to overwhelm the body with its effects starting from the head and gradually working down. Area 51 is a psychedelic drug that causes a pins-and-needles sensation throughout the body and alters one’s sense of mind.

As the high becomes less intense, the desire to socialize and talk about things on your mind become more intense. The combination of relaxation and stimulation in Area 51 makes it good for social situations and for evenings alone at home.

Area 51

Area 51 may not be perfect for people who are susceptible to anxiety, panic attacks, and seizures.

Lineage of Area 51

Area 51 is like many clandestine organizations across the globe. Secrecy about genetic information is one of their most prominent features, but just as with any other organization there are exceptions to this rule. Area 51 is believed to be the result of a cross between Cannatonic x Alien Abduction, two hybrids themselves, but there’s still uncertainty over whether or not that theory is true.

Area 51 Type of High

Marijuana from area 51 induces a strong uplifting buzz. It helps with depression and stress. Meditation is used to prompt social interactions and laughter, energize the mind, provide pain relief and muscle tension control while causing paranoia.

Area 51 Fragrance

Area 51 has a strong earthy profile which releases the scent of freshly picked flowers when broken apart.It fills the room with a pungent lavender blend that mixes well with pine and a hint of lemon. Activated charcoal is the result of a pyrolysis process that leave behind a light, powder form with mineral properties.

Area 51 Flavors

The acrid smoke from Area 51’s lemon fills the palate with its tangy undertones. But each puff drowns out those flavors, refreshing it with pine and floral notes of lavender. During exhale, it leaves a taste of wet soil in the mouth that remains even after the last puff.

Area 51 Adverse reactions

Dehydration is a common symptom while using marijuana, as this impacts the body’s ability to produce water. The symptoms of marijuana use are often limited to dry eyes and a cottonmouth, but dizziness can sometimes be experienced. Consuming Area 51 beyond appropriate levels can turn a normal headache into an even worse one. In any case, it is best for you to stay hydrated throughout the day if using the bud moderately.

Area 51 Medical Benefits

In medical circles, Area 51 is popular for the treatment of chronic fatigue and general lethargy. Using Area 51’s soothing properties can help with medical problems such as attention disorders and mental illnesses.

Area 51 Cannabis is used by many medical cannabis patients to alleviate mild to moderate stress, depression, and muscle cramps.The key to success with Area 51 as a therapeutic strain is first knowing your limits and approaching it cautiously.

Paired with a glass of wine or cocktail, it delivers an instant mood boost that keeps the spirits high. While Area 51 strain doesn’t work as an antidepressant, it works well at managing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues such as PTSD.

It’s invigorating properties also removes muscle fatigue while simultaneously energizing the body. Area 51 strain provides relief for headaches beginning in the temple region. This relieves muscle tightness and stiffness, reducing migraines as well. Patients can use marijuana to help manage certain physical health issues, such as chronic pain, spasms, and headache

Area 51 Growing Info

Area 51

Growing Area 51 is known to be tricky, and should be best left to more experienced cultivators. A full-grown Area 51 should grow between 40″-70″ in height, with bushy, yet compact limbs. Area 51 should be the flowering stage between eight (8) and ten (10) weeks after planting. Commonly, growers of Area 51 receive a yield of two to four ounces per square foot.

While this strain is easy to love, it isn’t quite so easy to grow. This moderate to difficult plant is hard to maintain at home, so it’s typically left in the hands of professionals. If you want to get your hands on seeds and try growing infant plants, monitor each aspect of the plant’s life cycle closely as any alterations may not be good. The difficulty with these tips is that it’s hard to pin down how to cultivate this strain.

Growers have the options of choosing between different types of growing media. Hydroponic setups bring nutrients directly to the roots of your plants, which means they will grown faster and produce buds at a quicker rate.Noticing that soil-grown plants tasted better than hydroponic ones, they switched to the more sustainable practice.

It’s best to use a Screen of Green, which requires training the plant by weaving its branches into a net that is installed at about chest level. This lamp system distributes light evenly, which helps create Topping also shortens the plant, while signaling the start of flowering.

Flowering Time

  • Indoors

Area 51 flowers in the span of 10 to 12 weeks, and a mature plant should give at least 12 to 16 ounces per square meter.

  • Outdoors

This marijuana strain of the same namesake as Area 51 flowers between late September and mid-October, yielding roughly 16 ounces per plant.

Immediate feelings of euphoria are just one of the many reasons to love this energetic and lively strain. Area 51 is a rare and secretive breed of dog that can make you feel like a real investigator if you are able to get your hands on one. As this is a social strain, when you do get the opportunity to indulge yourself, take with a friend and learn about the experience together.

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