Apple Jack

Apple Jack

Some strains are known for being tasty, some are known for being enjoyable. Then, there’s Apple Jack—weed is one of those rare breeds that offer truly superior flavor and a relaxing high. This strain is a perfectly 50/50 balanced hybrid with THC levels that hover around 20%. Apple Jack strain gives a mellow high while still being functional. Creative and tingly, Apple Jack not only provides a long day of people-time with friends but also an amazing experience for creativity alike.

The Apple Jack strain was created through the cross of White Widow and Jack Herer, the source of its flavor and buzz. Although it could be either indica or Sativa, there is no clear answer to that question. Most people would not ask this question – the evenly balanced blend is too obvious. That being said, it’s a recreational strain! The feeling is intense and euphoric, so it can be distracting for those who are using it therapeutically.


Apple Jack is a potent, efficient strain. Users often find that it kicks in within minutes, with a euphoric, giggly buzz melting throughout their body. It’s an energizing feeling that is creative and inspirational, making you psyched up to socialize with friends for a long afternoon. If you’re managing your drinking so you don’t overdo it, alcohol can help keep you awake as long as the party is going.

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The balanced genetics produce an impressive body buzz. Apple Jack leads to an incredibly tingly and relaxing body buzz, making it a full-body experience. It’s grounded enough to keep you from floating away while keeping you light-hearted. The combination of both the ceremony and reception makes this a good choice for an event lasting 2 days.

Some find therapeutic uses for AppleJack, especially when it is used to manage chronic pain, muscle spasms, and anxiety. However, this strain does everything. The most important is the ability to unwind and relax quickly with Apple Jack.


The Apple Jack weed strain is appropriately named. Like the cereal, it’s fruity with a hint of spice in the smell. This strain has a pungent earthy taste which may remind you of its famous parents if smoked it.


The flavor of Apple Jack weed is genuinely outstanding. The sweet apple flavor is balanced by the earthy spiciness for a unique but delicious experience. The exhale has a hint of tartness that helps round out the smoke into an enjoyable experience.

Adverse Reactions

Apple Jack is a powerful experience, so new users should take things slow when trying their first toke. The best way to experience cannabis if you’re a casual smoker is by taking one puff at first, then waiting for a little bit to figure out how your body responds. Some long-term overindulgence in this strain may lead to drowsiness, but it can also cause mild anxiety and paranoia. For most people, Apple Jack is a pleasurable smoke if they drink water to combat the dry mouth and eye problems that come with it.


Due to the fact, there is a lack of information about this strain, it has made it difficult to find out any grow specifics. We do know it is a balanced strain and not too difficult to grow, meaning you don’t have to be an expert gardener.

Apple Jack plants grow about four feet high when grown indoors, and can grow a little taller outdoors. Plants can occasionally get bushy, so you may want to train them with the Screen of Green method or high-stress training. The occasional trim can prevent damage to your plants from a range of problems, including mildew and pests.

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Flowering Time


Growing the Apple Jack plant inside your home is a great option. Expect your harvest to be ready in about nine weeks indoors, with yields of 14-16 ounces per square yard.


For Northern hemisphere growers, the harvest typically takes place in mid-October. The Apple Jack strain of cannabis can produce up to 18 ounces of bud per plant in warmer climates so long as the plant is kept pest-free.

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