This strain has an average of between 19-20% THC. It is a well-rounded hybrid with strong indica effects. This bud is highly enjoyable as it can make you feel euphoric and happy. Americano is also an excellent choice for those who are seeking a natural cure to help them manage pain and headaches.

Americano is a hybrid strain that was created by Enterprise by crossbreeding Northern Lights and Skunk # 1. This strain was named after the type of people it was created for but also comes from Canada. They were tourists who came to Vancouver, specifically and on a shopping trip.

The hybrid plant’s characteristics reveal its skunk lineage with a sweet and spicy flavor with an unmistakable aroma that is extremely skunky. This indica dominant plant has an outdoor bias but is also capable of indoor growing in hot and dry climates.


Americano inherits its effects from being a pure indica. This bud has an enjoyable level of euphoria with the added relaxation.


If you’re looking for a relaxed, easy-going smoke on the weekend, Americano may be the best option for you. This bud has been known to create a dream-like state where you will drift in and out of daydreaming, feeling inspired and enlightened.

This plant can also make you feel quite aroused, so if you are in the right company, then this will make it’s high even more enjoyable. Drinking an Americano will help you stay focused while becoming more creative, a combination perfect for breaking out of a creative rut.


This aromatic plant is known for its strong, skunky odor mixed with hints of pine. Though not everyone may like the distinct taste of this, it has a peculiar odor that will draw attention to your grow-op from nosy neighbors.


Americano can be quite earthy and spicy on the inhale, with a potent diesel flavor that will take over your senses. This plant is bold and spicy as well as gentle on the taste buds from lemon sweetness. After you have exhaled smoke from a tobacco product, the flavor of it will remain on your tongue.

Adverse Reaction

This plant is strong but has minimal adverse reactions, for as long as you manage to stay hydrated, making it even more enjoyable. Although coffee might leave your eyes feeling dry and itchy, the use of eyedrops can lessen the irritation.

Americano can also make your mouth dry leaving you to feel parched. This type of bud may at times make the consumer feel dizzy or even paranoid. A headache may also be present in all who do not sufficiently hydrate.


This medical strain has many uses which have made a significant difference in the treatment of patients who suffered from their condition for too long. An Americano coffee may reduce chronic headaches even when they are severe. It is recommended to drink it regularly to see the best effects.


If you are experiencing chronic nausea and struggle to maintain a healthy appetite, the Americano may be useful for your ailments. Marijuana can make you hungry, which is why people who use marijuana as a medical treatment often have to eat more than the average person. This can also help reduce the symptoms of chemotherapy, which is especially important to cancer patients.

Americano contains caffeine that is used as a pain reliever for chronic and severe backaches, muscle pain, and arthritis. This strain can also help patients who are chronically stressed, and those who struggle with insomnia because it is relaxing and sleep-inducing.


Americano plants are easy to grow and maintain, as they thrive in hot and dry Mediterranean climates. This plant is resistant to common molds as well as mildew, and even pests.

Flowering Time


Outdoor cultivation of this strain can produce a yield of up to 14 ounces per square meter, with flowering lasting 8 to 9 weeks before harvesting.


One-pound outdoor-grown Americano can produce an estimated 17 ounces. It should be ready by the middle of October.

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