The AK-47 plant is a cross of four powerful landrace strains, and it got its name for the potent high. This strain has a high THC and CBD content, making it suitable for alleviating physical pain. About its name, the AK-47 is not a Russian assault rifle. It tastes like flowers or candy and is very sweet compared to most other types of liquor.

Categorized as a Sativa dominant hybrid, AK-47 weed humbly boasts a wide range of effects and body/mind benefits. This cannabis is a genetic hybrid of four popular and powerful landrace marijuana strains: Colombian, Mexican, Afghani, and Thai.

Although AK-47 is mostly Sativa, a small amount of indica was thrown in for good measure (the profile of most samples across the US check-in at about 65% Sativa/35% indica). It is the high-bringing properties of this cannabis that make it a shining star as flowers typically contain at least 20% THC content.

CBD levels are lower than THC levels in the average strain (around 1.5% versus 7.0%), so it may not be a good choice for people who aren’t able to enjoy high-THC strains.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

AK-47 is a potently aromatic strain of cannabis, with an aroma that’s not unique within the general scented stench of cannabis, but also distinct on its own accord in terms of “gun powdery” qualities.

The initial smell is a bit sour, followed shortly afterward by floral and earthy aromas.

AK-47 is a strong flavor that hits the taste buds with full force and has dessert-like flavors.

Appearance-wise AK-47 is vivid lime green with red-orange pistils, little hairs that curl and twist in between the sugar leaves. The buds can often appear silver-white, partially because of their immense THC content which coats the smokeable leaves in glistening crystals (also referred to as trichomes).

The entire AK-47 plant is usually tall and wide, giving the plant an elegant appearance. In conclusion, the flavor profile and physical stature of this delicious beauty are something that should be enjoyed.

Grow Info for AK-47 Marijuana Strain

For those with commercial cultivation experience, AK-47 weed is not difficult to grow. AK-47 plants require careful attention to detail when growing indoors and outdoors because they are prone to mold and mildew. As a result, most professionals recommend growing this plant in an enclosed area where the conditions can be monitored easily.

Proper ventilation and humidity/temperature control are crucial when trying to grow AK-47 marijuana.


If you want to grow AK-47 cannabis outdoors, be advised that the plants can typically only thrive and flourish in a sunny and warm climate where humidity levels are on the dryer side. In addition, making sure that your disapproving neighbors are not close by increases the likelihood of keeping them away.

The flowering period of AK-47 is typically short and takes about 7-9 weeks. For outdoor growing, harvesting your crops is best done in October, and then it can yield exquisite produce if you take proper care of the plants.

Indoor yields typically range between 12 and 20 ounces per square meter, while outdoor yields are around 10 to 15 ounces per plant. Overall, AK-47 can be a rewarding and beautiful addition to anyone’s marijuana garden, as it’ll provide you with some brilliant, super-potent nuggets.

Medical Benefits of AK-47 Marijuana

The medical benefits of AK-47 weed are typically very positive since this is a marijuana strain that has offered relief to individuals suffering from a variety of ailments.

Patients with psychological issues, such as mood disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia may find that this powerful strain can provide therapeutic benefits.

However, these individuals should use caution when consuming any weed with high levels of THC as mood disorders can increase the likelihood of the onset of cannabis-induced paranoia, anxiety, and stress. One way to avoid this is by establishing boundaries, and following these limits (it’s always wise to start small).


AK-47 also relieves physical pains and ailments including chronic pain, nausea, fatigue, lack of appetite, and headaches. For those with serious medical conditions such as cancer, AK-47 may be able to help alleviate some of the pain and nausea associated with chemotherapy. Though the AK-47 marijuana strain can be beneficial to people of all ages and experience levels, it provides extra benefits for those with a wide range of health issues.

Possible Negative Side Effects of AK-47 Weed

Some may say away from the negative side effects of marijuana is too good to be true. Fortunately, however, those that love AK-47 or are highly motivated to try it will find few negative side effects – aside from what one might typically expect when consuming pot.

One of the most frequently experienced side effects is cottonmouth, which can be easily managed with some extra preparation and planning. Cottonmouth can be subdued by drinking plenty of fluids before, during, and after a high. Itchy eyes can also be helped with moisturizing eye drops from the drug store.

One of the best benefits of this strain is that it doesn’t typically cause anxiety problems like those exhibited by other strains. For these reasons, AK-47 will likely not induce paranoia, dizziness, or any negative side effects related to anxiety.

Final Thoughts

If you are using a traditional form of treatment for depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, insomnia, and nausea but have not found relief or experienced withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing the use of that drug then AK-47 strain might be worth trying. Marijuana is sold in various forms and can be found with relative ease on either the east or west coast of the United States.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our review on the AK-47 strain and that you found it to be both entertaining and informative. Remember that the consumption of marijuana is solely the responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.

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