Agent Orange

Agent Orange Strain

Agent Orange is known for being one of the sweetest strains out there, not only due to its flavor, but also because of its undeniable fragrant. This hybrid is a sensation in so many ways. It is special also in its effects – a sativa-dominant strain that will wash away all your worries, and envelop you in a sudden rush of warm and fuzzy energy.

Agent Orange

While this strain’s name is arguably in bad taste, its flavor certainly doesn’t taste bad. Agent Orange is renowned for its delicious citrusy orange flavor, making it one of the tastiest sativa-dominant strains out there.

Subcool at TGA Genetics created this wonderful hybrid strain by crossing Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper. This practical grow guide will help you through the process of cultivating Agent Orange plants at home.

Contrary to what its name may suggest, this fragrant, citrus-like strain is everything but scary. Agent Orange is a hybrid that was derived from two already fresh-smelling parent strains, namely lush hybrid Orange Velvet and the infamous sativa, Jack The Ripper.

Agent Orange is instantly invigorating, drenched in its pleasant and exuberant aroma – this hybrid certainly is one sweet flower you forget so easily. This strain, that was created by TGA Genetics, has its trademark distinct terpene profile, and is certain to awaken all the happy and uplifting senses within you.

  • Effects: Uplifted, Hungry, Talkative, Calm, Focused, Tingly
  • Side Effects: Paranoia, Thirst and dry mouth, Heightened sensory perception, Slurred speech
  • Common Usage: ADD/ADHD, Anorexia, Arthritis, Bipolar disorder, PTSD, Migraines
  • Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, Carene, Valencene, Sabinene, Phellandrene
  • Taste: Citrus, Earthy, Lemon, Orange, Pungent

Agent Orange Effects

Strain Cannabinoids

  • THC: 17 – 20%
  • CBD: 0.2 – 0.76%
  • CBC: 0.26 – 1.09%
  • CBG: 0.21 – 1.03%
  • CBN: 0.08 – 0.29%
  • THCV: 0.32 – 1.5%

Quoted as giving off a “classic stoner’s high”, Agent Orange hits hard and will have you feeling relaxed in no time. This hybrid will unwind you without making you feel tired and lethargic, it is a definitely head to body high that will leave you happy and giggly with a big smile on your face.

Agent Orange will hit you right-away, but it is said that its effects can come in strong again, two hours in, and peak then.

The high from Agent Orange is intense and upbeat and will make you feel invigorated and energized, and have you buzzing for hours on end.

This strain is said to be a great “wake and bake” smoke, as it can uplift you and have you on your way to the gym before you can realize that you are feeling lazy. Agent Orange will make you feel euphoric, and will spurn you on to become creative, and inspired, and get something done.

Agent Orange Defoliation and Airflow

When the plant develops large fan leaves, tuck these in to improve air circulation and light distribution. However, as the plant thickens up and gets bushy, you will need to start defoliating heavily regularly. Remove the larger fan leaves so that lower parts of the canopy receive enough light. This helps the entire plant receive the light it needs. It also assists with air circulation and provides the space for new growth to flourish.

Agent Orange Flavors

You should ensure that the Agent Orange marijuana strain smells and tastes like a peeled orange. Combined with the tropical fruit taste of the Jack the Ripper gives this strain the best mix of flavors. This hybrid has a certain sweet citrus aroma with a mix of cheese that makes it the best. You can expect to have a lasting herbal aftertaste with a mix of orange taste left on your tongue after smoking Agent Orange. Besides, Agent Orange has a very unique and upbeat fragrance presence that you’ll immediately notice even if it’s not in the room. It has a distinct sweet citrus cheese smell that’ll make your mouth water. Agent Orange also induces a spicy taste reminiscent of a traditional European mulled wine, filled with oranges and stuffed with cloves. This strain of cannabis provides a blend of Christmas flavor and an orange experience all at once.


One thing is most certainly undeniable – this strain has a unique, uber-fragrant presence for the second it enters the room until long after it has gone. Agent Orange Smells very distinctly like a sweet citrus cheese, which may sound slightly confusing, but is guaranteed to make your mouth water, without fail.

Agent Orange has gained many many fans, not only due to its aroma, but also because of its taste. It is as tasty as you can imagine, with a certain sweet and citrus mixed together with a shock of cheese. This hybrid have a lingering herbal aftertaste that is mixed with hint of orange, which will stick to your tongue.

Adverse reactions

Agent Orange is quite potent, which can mean that the effects we love this strain for can sometimes be a little too much for those who are not used its potency. In some cases, you might experience a case of dizziness, which may also be accompanied with a little feeling of being paranoid.

The side effects that occur the most often, with regards to this strain, is a case of feeling dehydrated and having a little cottonmouth. This is usually accompanied by a case of dry eyes. Sometimes, smoking Agent Orange may also cause a very mild form of anxiety, which usually passes in due time.


Agent Orange is often prescribed by doctors due to its many talents in curing ailments, big or small. This strain is the perfect stress-buster, leaving you just feeling light and unbothered, which is what makes this such a relaxing and invigorating sativa-dominant hybrid.

This strain is delightful also in its aroma, which adds to its effectivity in boosting morale and lifting moods, and sufferers of depression and anxiety will agree. Agent Orange boasts of a magnificently fresh citrus note that is sure to soothe and energize even the most lethargic patient around.

Another reason why this strain makes the perfect medical variant, is because of its ability to induce appetite. Cancer patients, who suffer from a lack of appetite due to the nausea that they might be subjected to, due to radiation and chemotherapy, may find relief in smoking this hybrid. Additionally, Agent Orange is energizing, tackling fatigue and making you ready for the day.

Low-Stress Training (LST) for Agent Orange

Early on in the vegetative stage, as the Agent Orange plants start to thrive, you can begin Low-Stress Training (LST). LST involves manipulating the plant’s stem to one side to encourage new node growth. This causes the plant to thicken and become bushier, which will mean a higher yield come harvest time.

An Agent Orange plant requires regular LST to produce the best results. Give the plant a full day’s rest after LST to recover and develop these new nodes.

An Agent Orange plant requires regular LST to produce the best results.

While performing LST, it is recommended that you use the three-finger technique. Place your index and middle finger on the plant’s stem about an inch from the top. Then, move your thumb in behind the stem. Gently and carefully ease the plant’s stem over your thumb using your fingers. Work your way down the stem until the plant is bent over to one side.

Make sure that the plant’s leaves are not in the soil as it can be harmful to them. Tie a piece of string or an anchor (thin cable) around the top of the plant’s stem. Tie it to the pot to hold it in place.

You will probably find the three-finger technique a little awkward at first. However, it’s a great technique that should ensure that you don’t damage the plant’s stem. The plant should respond to the LST by growing up towards the light from its bent-over position.

Over the next few days, you should see new node growth. As the plant grows during the vegetative stage, bend the new growths away from the plant’s center and the light.

Agent Orange Growing Techniques

Grow info

  • Flowering time: 49-63 Days
  • Harvest time: 69-76 Days
  • Yield indoor: 1-2 oz/ft2
  • Yield outdoor: 2-4 oz/ft2
  • Height indoor: 30-60 Inches
  • Height outdoor: 30-60 Inches
  • Grow difficulty: Easy
  • Flowering type: Autoflowering

Everything begins with the germination process. There are a few options, but most growers choose the paper towel method. It is a quick and easy way to ensure your seeds sprout. Once the seeds develop roots of at least half an inch in length, it is time to transplant them. If you’re growing hydroponic marijuana, place each seed into a Rockwool plug.

Once you have all of the plugs in your plant tray, place them in a humidity dome. Keep the Rockwool plugs in the dome for another 24 hours with the cover on. The next day, they should have produced a root visible at the bottom of the plug. Now, you can transplant them into solo cups.

Place the solo cups in the humidity dome, and give the growing medium a light misting several times a day for a few days. You should soon see fan leaves and the roots coming out of the bottom of the solo cup. At this point, you can move them to five-gallon pots with prepared or purchased nutrient-rich soil as your grow medium.

At around week five of the vegetative stage, the plants will benefit from introducing a Screen of Green (SCROG) net. The SCROG method is a useful technique for increasing the number of budding sites on your Agent Orange plant. Hang a SCROG net about two to three inches over the top of the plants. You will need to defoliate and carry out some LST regularly. These processes help the Agent Orange plant to become bushy and fill out the SCROG net.

For the plant’s first nutrient feed during the vegetation stage, a quarter strength application is appropriate. You can use a nutrient feed such as Fox Farm Dirty Dozen and Cal-Mag. Use a quarter of a teaspoon of each mixed in water. Pour carefully and directly into the soil, not on the leaves. This is because the plants will absorb the nutrients from the soil.

Agent Orange

Water around the top of the soil in the pot to encourage the roots to grow in all directions. Mist the plants again after feeding them to keep them moist. The plants should start to thrive after their first nutrient feed and water applications. The leaves should turn a vibrant green color, and the stems will begin to stand upright.

What if you have given three plain water applications since your last nutrient feed and the soil is dry? In that case, provide the plants with another nutrient feed. As the plants progress through the vegetation stage each week, gradually increase the level of nutrients and water. After beginning with one-quarter strength, move to half, then three-quarter, and finally full strength. Refer to a feed guide to make sure you are giving the plant the appropriate amount.

Flowering Time


This fragrant hybrid can be expected to yield an average of about 16 ounces per square meter of fresh and aromatic bud during harvest. Agent Orange can be expected to take 8 to 9 weeks to flower and be ready for a hearty harvest.


Agent Orange lives a warm and sunny outdoor environment, thriving in a warm mediterranean climate. This strain is estimated to be ready for harvest around the month of October, yielding around an estimated 19 ounces of fresh bud per plant.

Agent Orange is a strain that comes with many benefits and desirable traits. This strain is desired for both it’s euphoric high, it’s stress relieving properties, and other medical uses. If these effects are what you’re looking for in a strain, then make sure to check out the Agent Orange seeds in our marijuana seed bank.

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