Determine hemp gender without error.

As you know, only female plants are of value, because male plants do not give inflorescences, and after pollination hemp psychoactivity drops significantly, because all the efforts of the plant from this point onward are aimed at reproduction. It is therefore important that male plants do not pollinate your female bushes.Determine hemp gender without error.

aaaa strain Canada is known to actively grow and gain weight first (this is the vegetation phase) and then bloom (it enters the flowering phase). It is impossible to determine the sex of the plant during the vegetation - there are no sexual signs. However, before it blooms, it releases its so-called flowers - and by their appearance it is no longer difficult to tell which sex your plant is. The flowers appear at around 6 weeks of development.

On the left is a man's sack of seed. On the right is the future female bump.

Sex signs of marijuana.

If your plant hasn't released its flowers even though you've been keeping it on the veg for 7 weeks, there's no reason to worry = that's okay. Some bushes show floors still in the veg, others a week or two after you switch the lights to 12/12 to make the marijuana bloom.

Men's and women's forebears are different, but it takes a while for a novice grower to distinguish between them. It is often necessary to wait until there are more glowers to identify the floor.

On the left we see pollen bags, on the right we see a flower cup, from which white hairs come out. These hairs are a sign that we see exactly the inflorescence (i.e. female).

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