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3 OG’s

Ill OG by Los Angeles Kush is a True OG backcross that goes three generations deep. This strain’s OG aroma is all pine and earth, speaking to the heavy, long-lasting physical effects that saddle the body with weighted relaxation. Its carefree buzz makes this stoney indica perfect for curbing stress and depression. Couchlock and lethargy are natural side effects, so consider enjoying this sedating strain later in the evening.   

3 OG’s #1 is an Indica-dominant hybrid bred by the masters at Top Dawg Seeds. This plant can be grown indoors and outdoors. 3 OG’s #1 strain is recommended for evening and nighttime use.

What’s up, EpicFam? This week, we’re covering one of our latest and greatest indica-dominant hybrid strains: 3 OG’s. Be sure to keep an eye out for the secret code within this strain profile for a 5% discount on your next purchase. All you have to do is tell your budtender what the secret code is the next time you stop in to get your discount. Remember, secret codes are good for 1 week only.

og 3 strain

Without further ado, we’re diving right into our profile and review of our 3 OG’s strain. If you’ve shopped at any of The Epic Remedy dispensaries here in Colorado Springs, there’s a good chance that you saw 3 OG’s on the shelves. As a soothing and relaxing Indica-dominant strain, our budtenders may have recommended this potent powerhouse to you for appetite, difficulty sleeping, or deep-rooted stress. As a 75/25 indica-dominant hybrid, 3 OG’s offers a glimpse of the best of both worlds: mental euphoria, and physical relaxation. Here’s our complete 3 OG’s train profile as well as a detailed review covering everything you can expect when you choose to medicate with our 3 OG’s flower, 3 OG’s vape cartridges, and 3 OG’s concentrates.

In-depth details: 3 og’s strain profile

3 OG’s is one of the latest strains to come out of the Top Dawg Seeds kitchen following other classic favorites like Stardawg, I-95, and Guava. They took their cut of Ghost OG (which is a phenotype of OG Kush named for its frosty appearance) and their cut of 2 OG’s (a cross between Triangle Kush and another OG Kush phenotype known as Tre OG) and crossed them together to produce a beautifully non-intrusive Indica-dominant hybrid strain. The best plant from the cross became the 3 OG’s strain, a powerful cannabis medicine made from 3-generations of strains from the OG Kush family.

While she’s rated a moderately-difficult strain to grow, the 3 OG’s strain tends to grow small and sturdy with broad water leaves and huge, compacted football-shaped colas. Each massive cola offers a ton of weight, making the need to set up trellis netting during growth necessary. When the flowers are dried and harvested, they break away from the main colas and leave behind smaller popcorn-shaped flowers that are incredibly dense and frosty. 3 OG’s flowers themselves are quite pretty, taking on your average kush flower appearance: light green buds mixed with hues of purple throughout with sandy orange pistils and a light layer of trichomes.

og 3 strain

3 OG’s has a beautiful aroma, though. The scent is similar to many strains in the OG Kush family in the sense that it offers that unique kushy funk. The only way to describe it would be aggressively dank and earthy with heavy notes of lemon and fuel. However, the term “aggressively” refers to the sheer loudness of the 3 OG’s strain. The smell envelops a container or a room with a unique peppery funk.

The flavor of 3 OG’s is a lot like the odor, with a few subtle differences. While it ffers that “aggressive” scent, the “aggressive” flavor doesn’t come till later. The first impression of 3 OG’s is actually quite herbal and pleasant, including notes of lemon and a bright herbaceous earthiness. The smoke is pretty thick and peppery, so there’s a good chance that people who smoke the 3 OG’s strain will cough. However, the most interesting part is the exhale and aftertaste, which blows away the herbal citrus flavor and takes over your mouth with notes of earth, fuel, and pepper.

As you exhale 3 OG’s, the effects begin to take hold. The first impression is a gentle cerebral buzz that makes way for a few soothing deep breaths and blissful euphoria. Many medical marijuana patients report that the 3 OG’s strain makes them feel creative, uplifted, and overall happy. As the initial mental high fades the body high takes over, but the uplifted feeling lingers. 3 OG’s mellows out into a deeply physically relaxing strain that can soothe and relax tense, sore muscles. Like most strains, there are a few side effects to watch out for including dry eyes and cottonmouth.

Many medical patients choose the 3 OG’s strain when they need a healthy helping of THC to manage physical symptoms and chase away stresses or a nasty case of the blues. 3 OG’s terpene and cannabinoid content (learn more about the Entourage Effect) make it a good choice for managing a variety of symptoms, including pain, nausea, and lack of appetite, as well as mental conditions like stress, depression, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. Most importantly though is how balanced the 3 OG’s strain is. It offers amazing potency, but it rarely leads to anxiety or couch-lock. It’s a good strain at most times of day, though it’s a better choice for sleepy afternoons and nighttime smoke sessions.

All in all, Epic Remedy’s 3 OG’s strain is a great choice for battling THC-related conditions and for getting your chill on. Its non-intrusive Indica-dominant effects paired with its uplifting and soothing mental effects make it a great choice for any time of day. However, the strain does help you relax. There’s a good chance that you’ll smoke it and want to do something relaxing, like watching a movie or playing a game instead of busy work and errands, so just keep that in mind when you go to the dispensary to try something new.

Epic remedy’s 3 OG’s strain review

The last time I popped into the dispensary was by my lonesome for no other reason than to buy weed and test it so I could write a strain profile for it. I didn’t know what to review next, so I asked for four 1/8ths of the best looking stuff we had regardless of the strain. I ended up with 2 indicas and 2 sativas but decided to blindly choose the first one to review directly out of my exit bag when I got home. The lucky winner: 3 OG’s!

While I was excited to get it photographed and loaded up, I had this whole frickin disaster going on in the background. I’m getting ready to take pictures and smoke a bunch of weed (for science) and I’ve got tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum (pictured) in the backyard chasing my cats and teaching a third dog I was babysitting to do bad-boy things. It took a lot of situating but after a struggle and some pure unadulterated anger (no animals were harmed), I got things under control and was able to actually take pictures of these flowers and load them into a bowl.

I was super impressed by how incredibly dense the 3 OG’s flowers were. If you’ve seen Futurama, these things were like Nibbler’s boom-booms: small, but HEAVY. Each little flower had a healthy layer of trichomes covering the muted green and purple colors and orange pistils throughout. They also smelled incredibly dank. I opened up my bag for the first time to get the pictures taken and I was overtaken by that funky kush stink that we all know and love.

After I was done with the pictures, I was able to load up my trusty-dusty teenie-weenie bowl for maximum flavor. After lightin’ ‘er up, I experienced a few different flavors upfront. More or less, 3 OG’s had a sour earthy lemony flavor. The smoke was definitely kushy and spicy with a unique peppery kick. The aftertaste was more like the earthy peppery flavor than the initial impressions of fresh herb and citrus. All in all, I enjoyed the flavor. It was unique and not at all cloying or overpoweringly spicy.

After my first exhale of 3 OG’s I started feeling the stress leave my body. Sitting in the garage with my bowl I started laughing about how angry I got over such a small pet-related incident at like 7 AM. The strain immediately chilled me out and took my mental state from stressed out to uplifted, happy, and relaxed. Luckily, it made me feel a little creative too, which helped me to keep on working in a much calmer and happy mental state.

I’ve continued smoking it at different times of day, too. For someone who isn’t into the indica-chill, 3 OG’s is surprisingly a great strain both day and night. During the day it offers a dreamy mental state that makes it easy to accomplish big tasks by boosting focus and creativity. At night, it makes me super relaxed and happy which helps me drift off into a comfortable, long-lasting sleep. Keep in mind though that your dose plays a huge part in how the strain will affect you. Smoke too much 3 OG’s, and you’re definitely couch-locked!

If I had to rate 3 OG’s, I gotta go with the 10. She isn’t SUPER stunning on the eyes as she takes after ancient kush genetics, but she tastes amazing, smells wonderful, and offers a nearly-perfect zen effect in both the mind and the body. If you haven’t had the chance to try 3 OG’s from The Epic Remedy, now is your chance!

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