Sour Amnesia

Sour Amnesia

Made famous as a result of winning the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa, Sour Amnesia is the cross between two incredible strains. HortiLab Seeds, based in Amsterdam, bred Sour Diesel with Amnesia and created a strain that offers the best of both amnesia highs while emitting strong flavors as Hort well.

Sour Amnesia experience

If you’re looking for a plant that has the true effects of Sativa, then this potent strain is perfect. This strain combines the best of cannabis genetics, offering consumers a strong cerebral sensation. It offers a powerful uplifting mental high with an emphasis on creativity and socializing.

sour amnesia

This creative flower is most often used in the morning or daytime, and it can help stimulate abstract thought. Psychoactive substances often provide temporary relief from brain fog. Like a shot of espresso, this strain is anxiety-provoking for many and helps people stay awake.

Marijuana lovers can take advantage of this strain in different ways such as:

  • Sour Amnesia Oil Pens are only available from select brands like Select Elite.
  • Several retailers sometimes offer Sour Amnesia concentrates, such as shatter and wax.

Potency can be inconsistent with this strain, and some strains have as little THC as 15% while others are closer to 22%. These nugs have a base of lime green that has hints of pink and purple. A thin layer of white hair covers the buds. If you rely on discretion when smoking, this strain may not be for you. There will be a strong earthy and citrus undertone with pungent diesel scents filling the room. Her flavors are a little more gentle, yet feature a mixture of sour notes along with earth, diesel, and a touch of flowers.

Once you get past her intense sensory experience, Sour Amnesia takes you on a wild ride in the best way possible. It feels as if the world is lit up and alive when using this product, and you will feel happier in all facets of your life. Focus and creativity will peak for many when they consume this strain during a busy workday. One drawback of Sour Amnesia is that it makes people rather chatty.

Nearly any illness that could cause a day to be unsatisfying or unproductive can be alleviated with the simple puff of Sour Amnesia. Individuals who struggle with depression and anxiety, especially those who find themselves absorbed in their lives, will see much more normal functioning. Issues of pain, loss of appetite are alleviated. While Sour Amnesia is not a guaranteed cure for medical issues, it can help in some cases.

Those of us who are just beginning to experiment with growing our cannabis at home would be wise to plant Sour Amnesia in their garden, as it is a hearty and forgiving plant. This strain’s high resistance to pests and diseases means that it can survive even when grown indoors. Allow your plants to mature for 8-9 weeks and you’ll see an impressive harvest.

Sour Amnesia is an indica-dominant strain that is said to impart a forgetful mind to the user when consumed, but in other aspects, it has been lauded for its ability to improve mood and increase productivity. We’d recommend giving this strain a try on weekends too and see if she enhances your social gatherings or assists you with that long-overdue household project.


This hybrid is very fragrant and contains a very unique floral and grapefruit aroma. Sour Amnesia has a sour and citrusy aroma that was also growing on Earth’s side. This bud smells very potent and carries a strong diesel smell.

sour amnesia


A Sativa dominant hybrid, the Sour Grape strain will taste sour and sweet on inhale. The smoke contains hints of grapefruit and lemon during exhale. This bud mimics earthy and diesel flavors during the smoking session, finishing off with a sour taste as you exhale.

One of the adverse reactions with Sour Amnesia is for users who are using this particular beverage for their first time. The strain that is put on the eyes can make them feel very dry and raw, so you may want to have eye drops with you.

Sour Amnesia Adverse Reaction

One of the effects of smoking this strain is a dry mouth and an itchy throat. This bud may also cause you to feel slightly anxious at times, and in more extreme cases even slightly paranoid. Some people have reportedly felt dizzy when smoking this strain, although it’s not a common side effect.

Traits of Sour Amnesia and Sour Amnesia seeds

This cannabis strain is a cross between East Coast and European genetics. This crossbreed is a mix of two famous sativas, Sour Diesel and Amnesia. This plant is a hybrid of two famous sativas, Sour Diesel and Amnesia. Since tulips attach so strongly to the ground, it’s not surprising that they emit a strong and pungent aroma. Seeds from this flower may be difficult to find. However, those fortunate enough to come across clones of this fluffy, green, and red flower have found themselves a real treat!

Medical Benefits of Sour Amnesia

  • One of the most common reasons people choose to pick up this type of cannabis is for inflammation management. This may be beneficial for those with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.
  • This strain is popular among those with mental health ailments, including depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

If you’re suffering from brain fog or chronic fatigue. Many people find the therapeutic herb, which is a stimulating flower, to be helpful.

Sour Grape

Sour Grape

Sour Grape is a versatile strain that works well for all types of day-time activities. This flower is a cross between Sour Diesel and Granddaddy Purple, two heavyweights of the marijuana world. The hybrid strain of marijuana is not too sedative but also not too energizing, providing the perfect balance for you and your mind.The best way to make sure you’re getting the benefits of this flower is through small, moderate doses.

This strain has sedative effects, reducing anxiety and muscle tension. When looking at strains, be sure to ask your budtender what type of Sour Grapes they carry. The strain called “Sour Grapes” is different than this one.

grape stomping history

Sour Grape has small to medium-sized flowers that are spherical in shape, and are fully cured at their peak. The buds are densely wrapped in a heavy indica structure, with the leaves tightly coiled around central stems. Leaves themselves are a dull, earthy shade of dark green and some phenotypes boast vibrant streaks of purple.These purple hues are the result of a process similar to changes in the autumn foliage, and they are due to high concentrations of pigments called anthocyanins. These grow during colder than average temperatures in the growing process.Trichomes cover the outer and the inner surfaces of leaves. They look more moist and transparent than white, opaque ones.Honeycomb plastics can be made from any color of resin, but the resin that they use makes these flowers very sticky. Breaking up one requires a grinder.


Bred by Apothecary Genetics from their Grape Ape mother, this strain was often mistaken for “Sour Grapes”, an alternate name for Gage Green Genetics’ “Grape Stomper”.This confusion has not stopped either cannabis strain from gaining popularity in both the California and Colorado medical markets.

Sour Grape Experience

Sour Grape is a hybrid that’s recommended for times in the afternoon and evening. It’s mildly sedative, inducing a sense of calmness and tranquility. The flower has a slight calming quality, promoting a sense of ease.Overall, it is not considered a sleepy strain. Instead, this means users can experience happy thoughts and anxiousness throughout the high.

Sour Grape is a great strain to smoke when you’re just relaxing.This strain is excellent for day-long activities like leisurely biking or enjoying with hot cocoa in front of the fire.

This marijuana strain often surprises consumers with its zippy and thought-provoking high. Yet, the body effects of this flower tend to creep up as the experience continues on.

With a balanced dose of THC and CBD, cannabis can make for an enjoyable experience without too much sedative or stimulating qualities.

However, as with any form of marijuana, this strain does not come without side effects. Disoriented and a little anxious after taking too much of this product, some users have reported headaches as well. The best way to avoid a uncomfortable experience is by starting slow and working up over time.

Sour grapes and sour grape seeds are tart. They can be eaten themselves or traditionally used to make cranberry sauce, for example.

The Sour Diesel strain has one of the highest THC contents in history and is known for a distinctive albeit pleasant odor. When you take a whiff of the sample, the aroma will often vary but it is typically sweet and fruity with an earthy diesel undertone. All things considered, this is a delicious and stand-out flower.

As with its parents, this hybrid typically produces a narcotic level of THC.Marijuana plants grown with expert care can produce up to 24% of the psychoactive it contains.

Sour Grape does not typically produce high amounts of CBD.This means that this bud has a strong psychoactive kick and is recommended for those who already have some cannabis experience.

Sour Grape is not to be confused with Sour Grapes, which is made of Sour Diesel and Grape Ape.Though they share a similar sound, the two names have different effects.

grape stomping history


There is limited public information on Sour Grape cultivation. Seeds do not seem to be available commercially for purchase- instead, prospective growers need to enter into a business agreement with someone in order to acquire clippings from healthy plants and grow “clones.”Because it is a hybrid, Sour Grape can be well-managed and maintained in indoor grow operations as well as outdoors with daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Those who want to produce a purple strain of cannabis should expose it to cold temperatures late in the vegetative stage.Both Sour Diesel and Grandaddy Purple, when grown indoors, can flower within 10 to 11 weeks.Currently, this strain retains its pungent smell throughout production. Growers invested in keeping their operations discreet may want to invest in odor-control measures like carbon air filters early on.

The Sour Grape is a crossbreed of potent indica and mellow sativa, balanced for social gatherings or solo use. Its fruity taste and middle-of-the-road effects make this a great option for those seeking subtle grape flavor but not strong indica sedation.

Medical Benefits of Sour Grape

This relaxed strain-of-day is a favored daytime choice for recreational consumers, but medical marijuana patients can also enjoy the benefits of this strain thanks to its ability to produce an array of positive effects.

Patients diagnosed with glaucoma, chronic eye pressure or migraines can rely on this strain to provide relief.

Those with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression or chronic stress use Sour Grape for its relaxing and uplifting properties.

For everyday use, Sour Grape is great for those who want to experience a well-balanced body and cerebral high, with calmness and functionality throughout their day. 


Strawberry Shortcake Strain

Strawberry Shortcake strain has 65% Sativa in its composition, which may lead you to believe it’s good for daytime use. This is not the case. This weed is best suited for evening use as the Indica balances out the uplifting effects into a creative focus followed by sleepiness. It’s an exceptionally strong strain, with over 17% of THC in it.

The terpene taste of this strain is evident: it’s sweet and fruity. Ocimene, the dominant terpene, is responsible for that flavor

Strawberry shortcake is relaxing, but too many pieces of it could lead to an upset stomach or headache. Relief from physical pain, panic attacks, stress, and fatigue are just a few of the benefits experienced by consumers of kratom.

  • Effects: Cerebral, Creative, Focus, Sociable, Uplifting
  • Aromas: Berry, Diesel, Fruity, Spicy, Strawberry, Sweet
  • Flavors: Citrus, Flowery, Earthy
  • Side Effects: Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dizzy, Paranoid, Headache
  • Helps with: ADD/ADHD, Depression, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Stress

All About Strawberry Shortcake Strain

Strawberry Shortcake is a 75% sativa and 25% indica hybrid strain created through a cross of the classic Juliet and Strawberry Diesel strains.

A spot-on balance of sweet strawberries and earthy tones, Strawberry Shortcake brings the best of a berry flavor to your palate in every hit. The aroma follows the same profile, although with a pungent diesel overtone that turns heavy and sour as the nugs are broken apart and burned.

The Strawberry Shortcake high is just as delicious as the flavor, with uplifting and sociable effects that are perfect for getting you involved in and carrying on conversations with anyone and everyone around you with ease. You’ll be happy if you increase your creativity, motivation and focus at the same time, all of which are perfect for carrying on a friendly (but constructive) conversation with friends or family. Strawberry Shortcake is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic stress, ADD or ADHD, depression, mood swings and chronic fatigue because of its effects and 18-23% average THC level. This bud has small piecey mint-green nugs with thick orange hairs and a frosty coating of tiny white crystals.

History of Strawberry Shortcake

This strain is made by the Jungle Boyz, a multi-state project with a reputation for producing high-quality strains. Although its lineage is unknown, this Kush hybrid’s genetics come from two other strains: The White and the White Wookie.

Strawberry Shortcake Flavors

The aroma and taste of Strawberry Shortcake is fruity and mild, with hints of strawberry, citrus, pine, haze, and spices. With each inhale, you will experience all the flavors melted into a delicious taste that will leave your mouth watering for more.

This wine has strong strawberry notes at the initial taste, but quickly fades in favor of thick biscuit flavors, soil, and heavy rubber aromas. The aftertaste is equally heavy with an unpleasant persistence of these scents without much fruit flavor.

Not a bad flavor, but I can’t help feeling let down after the joyride my nose just went on.

Strawberry Shortcake Appearance

Strawberry Shortcake has qualities reminiscent of the White, Cookies and Chemdog strains. Low-dense buds with Christmas tree nugs that manifest a green color and are covered in trichomes attribute to this strain’s Girl Scout Cookies characteristics.

Strawberry Shortcake Aroma

Though not as sweet as Strawberry Cough or berry-full like Strawberry Sequoia, this strain deserves to be in the lineup. The smell of strawberries and sugar come together, butgas cap and cornbread work to finish up the scent. That’s a better mix than it sounds.

Strawberry Shortcake Effects

The mental buzz that causes a head high tapers off after a moment, and starts to flow down from the temples. It begins as a light pressure that slowly intensifies with each puff. Relaxing and calming, it relieves each muscle of tension as it envelops users in a full-bodied relaxation.

There are basically four strain effects that you will feel straight after you inhale this fruity heaven.

Strawberry Shortcake is a happy and uplifting cerebral high with good social vibes. The effects of this strain are great for creative thoughts or work, while the in-person interactions it promotes are perfect for sharing fun moments.


The strain will give you a massive energy boost. This might be exactly what you need after a long day at work.


Living in these trying times has robbed us of the happiness we all deserve. People use drugs in an attempt to escape from the difficulties of their day-to-day lives.


It is difficult to focus when tackling a tough task. Strawberry Shortcake will give you some help with this issue.


That’s the effect that every medical cannabis consumer is seeking. Strawberry Shortcake will exceed your expectations.

Strawberry Shortcake Medical Benefits

  • THC: 15.0 – 18.0%
  • CBD: 0.23 – 0.69%
  • CBC: 0.23 – 1.45%
  • CBG: 0.13 – 1.32%
  • CBN: 0.05 – 0.28%
  • THCV: 0.22 – 1.01%

There is no definite way to tell when it comes to the benefits of Strawberry Shortcake, but there are many people who have used it as a soothing agent for :

  • Stress
  • Panic attacks
  • Different kinds of physical pain

Strawberry Shortcake Adverse Reactions  

Dry mouth and eyes are the only adverse effects of Strawberry Shortcake that have been reported by its users. As previously mentioned, these are all of the effects that marijuana is capable of causing.

What Are the Reasons to Choose Strawberry Shortcake?

First of all, this strain will be perfect for daytime use because it has a socializing and uplifting effect. Secondly, its sweet taste of strawberry and whipped cream will make you feel incredibly well. Have you ever seen a bud or strawberry seeds of Strawberry Shortcake? The combination of orange, green, navy blue and white will not come across as indifferent.

Strawberry Shortcake Growing Info

  • Flowering time: 46 – 53 Days
  • Harvest time: 60 Days
  • Yield indoor: 1 – 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
  • Yield outdoor: 2 – 3 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant)
  • Height indoor: 60-80
  • Height outdoor: 60-80
  • Grow difficulty: Moderate
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

This strain prefers outdoor-grown environments as its flowering time depends on the sun intake it is exposed to.

This strain has mouthwatering properties. Stawberry Shortcake was developed by mixing a special J3 cut from a strain called “Juliet” with strawberry Diesel, which emanates sweet and Strawberry aromas. Strawberry Shortcake has a THC rating of up to 22%, so it induces uplifting, energetic and cerebral effects.

When Strawberry Shortcake is placed in a grow tent, it requires 65–72 days to reach full maturity. This sativa-dominant strain develops plenty of resin, which is highly desired by hash and concentrate makers. The yields are significant— so much so that growers need to use some string support to keep the plants intact.

 Usage in Edibles

The wax in Strawberry Shortcake makes it an indispensable ingredient for many dishes. You can come up with a number of delicious desserts by adding this component to your collection of recipes.

There is actually no reason why you should not try Strawberry Shortcake.This is an incredible strain of medical marijuana that will make you feel comfortable at home and are feeling as light as a feather. The strain’s incredible smell and taste will take you on a trip to the world of pure joy and excitement. Strawberry Shortcake strain would be a perfect way for you to treat yourself after a long day.

stawberry diesel

Strawberry Diesel Strain

aka Strawberry D

The Strawberry Diesel strain is a strain that really sticks to its name – as it boasts a flavor profile just like strawberry and diesel. Its powerful taste may startle you at first, but it will grow on you as time goes by. Besides the fruity and industrial flavor, it offers a creative and relaxing high that many say is great for focus. So it’s perfect for use during afternoon hours when you need to stay alert throughout your day.

If you are searching for a potent hybrid, look no further than the Strawberry Diesel strain. Be warned that this potent strain packs a punch. Strawberry Diesel is the exact opposite of a slow-onset, creeper strain. This strain will hit you fast and make you feel uplifted in no time at all.

Strawberry Diesel is a 50/50 hybrid strain that’s taking the cannabis industry by storm.

If you’re searching for a balanced hybrid medication to manage your aches and pains. Or, perhaps you’re just looking for an uplifting buzz after a long week at the office. Whether you’re looking for relief from physical or mental pain, Strawberry Diesel marijuana strain is your answer.

What Is the Strawberry Diesel Strain?

The Strawberry Diesel strain is a perfectly-balanced hybrid, with 50% indica and 50% sativa. The THC levels in this cross of NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough varies from 17-27%. It has a very low CBD content, which is offset by its high top end THC level.

Due to it’s reputation for potency and quick-acting effects, this strain is not suitable for first-time cannabis consumers. Those with previous experience with high THC strains may enjoy Strawberry Diesel. However,many people love Strawberry D for its quick-acting high that starts at the top of the head and mellows out as it moves to your body.

One of the strongest qualities about Strawberry Diesel is that its effects are quick-hitting, but it also provides a long-lasting experience.

Strawberry Diesel’s early effects are predominantly Sativa, but as things progress indica-related effects take over and produce a relaxing body high. For some people this strain helps with focus and drive in the initial stages thanks to its clear-headed cerebral effect

You can probably guess what this flower is going to taste like by its name.

The Lineage Of Strawberry Diesel Strain

This hybrid by Reservoir Seeds has been brought to life through the mixing of Sour Diesel, a male plant, with Strawberry Cough.

Strawberry Diesel Aroma

Strawberry Diesel has such a strong aroma, it’s hard to describe sweet and earthy, with the diesel coming through. Even though some people may find outdoor use to be undesirable, it retains a pleasant smell.

Strawberry Diesel Flavor

IThe taste of Strawberry Diesel is reminiscent of strawberries with a diesel aftertaste. One thing that many people love about this strain is the lingering flavor, which some have said tastes like sweet strawberry candy.

Strawberry Diesel Appearance

Reading the name of this strain might create certain expectations about its appearance. However, Its color is typical for a cannabis bud, being of an intense green nuance and orange hairs intertwined with the other leaves.


Though Indica and Sativa proportions are evenly distributed, it has a chemical component that put its THC levels in the above average group. This hybrid has between 20-24% THC, with less than 1% CBD. This is a bit surprising given its wide array of medical uses and it’s also a warning against using too often, or in large doses, due to the side effects THC intoxication.

Who Is More Suitable For?

When carefully dosed, caffeine can be an appropriate option for those in need of an additional boost of energy. Cutting yourself, or stimulating your body in other ways to send you past your “breaking point” can provide a sense of stress-free relief and keep you focused.

 Strawberry Diesel Effects

For sure, this strain does not start slow. Instead, the onset comes pretty quick and beginners in using cannabis might be taken by surprise at the buzzing cerebral high that kicks in. The initial shock of your first high wears off, leaving a mellow buzz and an almost immediate mood swing to feeling elated.

The drug high starts with a sudden onset of dizziness, followed by an energy and clarity state. As opposed to other Cannabis-derived products which often leave users incapacitated even during the mellow stage of their high, this particular strain is said to allow users to remain functional and calm.

Moderate levels of marijuana might actually sharpen your mind and leave you sharper. However, this should not be encouraging those who have a lower threshold with drugs to abuse it in high doses.

Side Effects of the Strawberry Diesel Strain

Even though strawberry diesel is not as common or as potent as other strains, it can cause side effects like dry mouth and eyes. If you are experiencing these symptoms, try humming water and smoking in a well-ventilated room to help reduce the discomfort.

Other potential side effects of consuming too much Strawberry D are sleepiness and increased anxiety levels. These side effects are rare for the occasional user, but frequent users may experience them more often.

Consider how new you are to high THC strains before trying this. Some report feeling heightened paranoia after consuming the strain, even if they are acclimated to other high-THC strains.

Strawberry Diesel Strain Grow Info

For those interested in growing this plant, good news is it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. But the good news is that Strawberry Diesel’s growth difficulty is rated as moderate. You will need some experience growing cannabis plants in order to grow this one.

A Strawberry Diesel plant is also prone to mold and pests, so it best grows outdoors in the case of a Mediterranean weather type. Indoor growers can expect this plant to produce flowers after nine 10 weeks. Outdoors, harvesting will be ready in October.

Strawberry Diesel usually gives around 12 to 14 ounces per square meter.Growers who grow their plants outdoors should expect to harvest around 14 ounces (or more) per plant.

Flowering Time

  • Indoors

Strawberry Diesel is a small plant that makes it an ideal strain to grow indoors when you have limited space. Aside from the fact that you are able to control the temperature and provide an optimal light source, it can also shield your plants against common pests. You’re going to be harvesting around 12 ounces of cannabis, which is about 8 weeks as a square meter.

  • Outdoors

The strawberry diesel is a hybrid plant with recognizable cannabis scent. If you’re not worried about yield, then after two months of close attention and care, this plant could produce up to 14 ounces.

THC Content

Strawberry Diesel is an extremely potent strain that carries a very high THC content. The highest recorded THC level in a Strawberry Diesel sample was reported to be 27%.

CBD Content

A low CBD content counteracts the high THC concentration found in Strawberry Diesel. The highest CBD content for this strain was approximately only 0.22%.

Opinion by growers

Growers leaped at the chance to produce their own strawberry sour diesel strains, yet it has been difficult to find original seeds. Most of those on the market present cloned features.

Medical Benefits of the Strawberry Diesel Strain

The Strawberry Diesel strain has several purported health benefits.

Many medicinal marijuana users say that this strain can help to relieve stress. Supposedly, Strawberry Diesel provides temporary relief to those suffering with mood disorders including depression. This strain can leave consumers feeling happy and euphoric due to its uplifting effects.

Reports indicate that Strawberry Diesel is moderately effective in alleviating a variety of painful conditions. Those who suffer from chronic pain may want to give this cannabis strain a try for some short-term relief.

As Strawberry Diesel tends to cause its consumers to feel deeply relaxed and sleepy in the later stages, it may help people with insomnia.

Useful To Edibles-Cooking?

The earthy taste of diesel makes it hard to be used in edible compositions, even though the clean flavor would be a welcomed addition.

Related Or Alternatives Strains?

There are similar strains of marijuana, such as Strawberry Diesel kush or even Cherry diesel. Other strains similar to Strawberry D and have more intense effects are Green Ribbon, Lemon Skunk, White Fire, or Cinex.

This strain has all the necessary traits to become a favorite plant for grower and users alike. What really make it stand out is the variety of medical-related uses, its unique smell and flavour, kept intact for each strain in its lineage, as well as diesel and strawberry. The submit high comes over the user.

Strawberry Diesel strain — when smoked in a controlled manner– leads to relaxation and increased energy. The calming effects of this weed are used to relieve anxiety and stress. This relaxation also helps in getting better sleep, making it suitable for the treatment of insomnia. Previously, back pains and other body aches were believed to be relieved by the application of salt.


Runtz Strain

Out in California there is weed that smells and looks so good you could eat it right off the stem. But you should save it for smoking. 

A new strain of cannabis called Runtz, originally bred and grown in Los Angeles, can be difficult to obtain outside of city limits. Reportedly a cross of Zkittlez and Gelato #33, that would make Runtz yet another famed strain that draws vibrant genetics from Berner and the iconic Cookies brand.

The appeal of the cannabis hybrid Runtz can be traced back to its parent strains. Runtz buds show different colors of green, purple, and green that are very similar to cannabis. The color of the Zkittlez and Gelato varieties of Runtz is violet, which indicates that they have a high concentration of anthocyanin terpene content.

  • Effects: Calming, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting
  • Aromas: Earthy, Herbal, Sour, Spicy, Sweet, Tropical
  • Flavors: Fruity, Pineapple, Spicy, Sweet, Tropical
  • Side Effects: Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dizzy, Paranoid, Depression
  • Helps with: Anxiety, Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress

The Effects of Runtz Strain

It’s hard to know exactly what kind of effects you’ll experience when purchasing different versions of Runtz weed. According to most customers, one of the benefits of Runtz is it provides an “euphoric high” that stimulates the creative mind. After some time people are calmed and feel a sense of relaxation throughout their body which makes them unable to be too active. The potency of this plant can vary. The intensity ranges from 19% to 29% THC, with the strongest coming in at around 22%. Although bakers often use artificial flavors to infuse the dough with sweetness and fruit-style flavoring, these ingredients have been found to damage tooth enamel.! If you happen to find a strain that is high in potency, even if you are an experienced user of cannabis, the effects could be intense. That’s why it might be a better idea to start slowly. Because the Runtz strain is a blend of indica and sativa, it can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • alleviating anxiety
  • stress relief
  • improving the mood
  • pain relief

Initially, after the first few hits, you may feel a rush of energy. But it’s best to avoid leaving your home and instead stick to activities inside. After a more energetic period, you’ll notice that you’re no longer filled with energy. On the contrary, you will feel relaxation in tense muscles, and getting out of bed won’t be as easy. It is recommended that you bring something tasty from home while you still have energy, or else your choices might become limited later on. If you have trouble falling asleep, smoking some of this strain will make you feel sleepy after a couple hours. After laying down in bed, you have the opportunity to sleep uninterrupted for a long period of time.

THC levels range from 14 to 17% but don’t underestimate this kush. Its main effects are:

  • Happiness that turns into euphoria.
  • Inspiration and creativity, which helps to cope with tasks at work, as well as motivates to create new ideas.
  • Many users noted that this bud made them more social and less self-contained.
  • Smokers say The Runtz is comfort.

Moreover, medicine often uses this marijuana to combat

  • Depression
  • Pains
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Stress

However, if you go wrong with the dose, it can cause giggling, panic attacks, and dry mouth.

Runtz Strain Medicinal Uses

  • THC: 14.0 – 17.0%
  • CBD: 0.11 – 0.45%
  • CBC: 0.45 – 1.26%
  • CBG: 0.18 – 1.29%
  • CBN: 0.07 – 0.22%
  • THCV: 0.25 – 1.51%

Runtz is 50 percent Indica and 50 percent Sativa. THC levels can be as high as 29 %. Scientific research is exploring the possibility of using cannabis as a treatment for coronavirus.

Regardless of what strain is always stocked, the Runtz strain may not have high CBD levels. A strain like Cannatonic and Harlequin is high in CBD and may be similar to the type used in an aforementioned study. Other research has found that smoking one joint per day does not lead to any decrease in lung function nor any noticeable increase in risk for lung cancer.

Runtz Strain Flavor, Appearance and Smell

Runtz is a tall plant, reaching from 4 to 6 ft tall. It has a smell like candy. This strain is marked by a sharp, fruity flavor with notes of sweet berries on the exhale and smells like sour-apple. Runtz has a colorful bud that continues to change in color as it matures. The colors you see from top to bottom, green, yellow, orange and brown are the different genetic strands of the plant. The white snow is the THC-rich trichomes which can be seen through a microscope.

While aroma is not uncommon for fruitier strains, Runtz leaves a powerful odor on your clothes that’s rare with other kinds. I often opt for a candy-sweet scent with hints of rubber and Durban Poison at the end, but Runtz is popular enough these days that you might be tempted to choose something else.

It is hard to keep the candy-shop appeal from smell to smoke when growing a Runtz, but if grown properly it will do okay. The earthy notes of wet soil and a touch of pine needle help to balance out the sweetness. The notes also remind me of the rock candy sugar from a science kit.

The Phenotypes of the Runtz Strain

There are two phenotypes of Runts that share many traits. White Runtz and Pink Runtz have some variation between them, though they tend to produce the same effects.

Pink Runtz

As is often the case when examining history, there are many opinions about Pink Runtz’s origins. According to some, Pink Runtz is just a phenotype of the regular Runtz, though other cannabis experts claim that it is a result of mixing Pink Panties with Rainbow Sherbert. Although we cannot be sure what is true, there are no such doubts when it comes to the effects of Pink Runtz. After the initial euphoria and energy, your body becomes progressively heavier until you are too tired to move. This strain of weed is extremely colorful, has a fruity and candy-like aroma, and most users claim that it has even more relaxing properties than the original Runtz. The content of THC is also most likely a bit lower, and you shouldn’t experience any anxiety or paranoia. We recommend using this strain primarily in the evenings.

White Runtz

When it comes to another strain of Runtz called White Runtz, its origins are unclear.It might be another phenotype of Runtz, as it has a comparable amount of THC, though others claim that it is a product of collaboration between Runtz and Cookies. This indica dominant strain usually has purple and green buds. Leaving your home may not be a good idea when you’re first exposed to White Runtz. Currently, it is one of the most popular types of cannabis in California, which is why it is not uncommon to find weed labeled as White Runtz with none of its characteristics.

Also We recommend you to try two others phenotypes of Runts: Creamy Runtz and Blue Runtz.

Runtz Strain Negative Effects

For the seasoned smoker, Runtz side effects are typical of weed, including anything from increased heart rate to dizziness. Your mouth will become dry, and the same will happen to your eyes. At the same time, Runtz strain can have up to 29% THC. If you are unlucky (or lucky, depending on your perspective), the high might be too intense. Floating in outer space is not damaging to your health, but it can be scary for many people. If you want an easier experience, take things one step at a time.

Before you use cannabis to deal with your health problems, you should speak to a doctor about it even in the state where recreational marijuana is legal. There are hundreds of different compounds in weed, which means that if you are already taking some medications for your medical conditions, two or more substances could mix and produce a severe reaction. The internet is an excellent resource for information, but it’s a good idea to contact a medical professional if you are unsure about your health.

Runtz Strain Growing Info

  • Flowering time: 69 – 77 Days
  • Harvest time: 82 Days
  • Yield indoor: 1 – 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
  • Yield outdoor: 2 – 3 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant)
  •  Height indoor: 60-80
  • Height outdoor: 60-80
  • Grow difficulty: Moderate
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

Known for being adaptable, Runtz can be grown indoors or outside by beginners. The plant typically develops vertically, and when growing it outdoors, you can expect a yield of about 600g per plant. When grown indoors, the yield for a single plant is going to be around 450g per plant. The flowering time of Runtz strain is from 8 to 9 weeks. If you decide to grow this strain of weed on your own, remember that although it might look innocently, with its aroma of fruits and candy, Runtz can make you incredibly high. When buying weed, the THC potency is one of the most important factors to consider. If you do not have experience with potent strains, it’s better to take a safer step further away from the strongest cannabis or else risk an overwhelming high.

So which Runtz Strain is for you?

So it all depends on what type of high you are looking for. If you’re looking for something to give you a little more energy, this Pink Runtz has helped me all through the day. But if you are looking to unwind after a long day and just netflix and chill then the Indica dominant White Runtz is for you.

The Runtz cannabis exists thanks to the Hyped Cookies family. It is known for its pleasant taste. This balanced hybrid was created by crossing Gelato and Zkittlez.

This marijuana strain contains terpenes such as Myrcene, Terpineol, Ocimene, and Phellandrene. And also The Runtz is a whole mix of unique tastes, which gives the impression that you are opening a jar of lollipops. It is a bouquet of flowers, berries, and citrus fruits.

OG Chem

OG Chem

OG Chem has been around for a long time and is one of the original OG Kush hybrids. It was created from an OG Kush phenotype back in 1996, which makes it one of the oldest strains available. The strain produces a balanced THC to CBD ratio with traces of other cannabinoids that make it medicinal as well.

What is OG Chem and where does it come from?

It’s a potent OG Kush hybrid that can be traced back to 1996. It’s one of the oldest strains available, has been around for many years! The THC to CBD ratio in this strain is balanced with other cannabinoids present as well.

If you’re a student who’s been wondering what OG Chem is, this blog post will help to clarify the confusion. The abbreviation “OG” can be used in many contexts but for this article, it stands for Organic Chemistry and that is what we will be discussing here. Organic chemistry is a subject area of chemistry that covers the study of organic compounds or any compound that contains carbon.

us and chem

How to grow OG Chem at home

This blog post will go into more detail about this OG Kush hybrid and how you too can grow OG Chem.

It’s a potent OG Kush hybrid that can be traced back to 1996. It’s one of the oldest strains available, has been around for many years! The THC to CBD ratio in this strain is balanced with other cannabinoids present as well.

The OG Chem plant has a strong smell and intense flavor that can be described as skunky, earthy, piney, or citric. The THC content of the flower ranges from 20% to 25%. This makes it one of the most potent strains available! If you’re looking for a potent medicinal strain, OG Chem is for you!

To grow OG Chem at home, the first thing you need to do is germinate your seeds. Once they’ve sprouted and are about an inch in height (one week), it’s time to plant them into soil or hydroponics mediums that have been sterilized. It’s recommended that you use a 20-liter pot for each seedling, then transplant to larger containers once the roots have spread out

Watching OG Chem grow from its first sprout into a mature plant is exciting and rewarding! Enjoy watching your OG chem grow by following these steps: germinate, soil or hydro, transplant.

In addition to being potent, OG Chem is also a very flavorful strain. The flavor of the cannabis can be described as piney with hints of skunk and earthiness. This striking aroma will fill your nostrils and make you want more! If that sounds like something you’re looking for in a medicinal marijuana strain.

The effects of OG Chem are strong and mood-boosting, which makes it a great strain for those looking to relieve depression or anxiety.

OG Chem is a potent strain with flavors that are piney and earthy, as well as hints of skunk. It offers strong effects for those who suffer from depression or anxiety – making it an excellent choice for relief!

OG Chem flowering time is between 60-65 days, with a yield of approximately 26 ounces per square meter.

The OG Chem strain is one of the strongest and most potent in our inventory – it offers euphoric relief for those who suffer from depression or anxiety, making it an excellent choice!

What are the side effects of smoking too much OG chem?

As with any strain, smoking too much OG Chem can lead to side effects. Some common ones include red eyes and a dry mouth. In addition, some people may experience dizziness or paranoia in larger doses.

us and chem

OG Chem is a potent, long-lasting strain that offers relief from depression and anxiety while also providing euphoric effects – making it an excellent choice for both medical marijuana patients and recreational smokers. For those who suffer from depression or anxiety, OG Chem may be the strain for you!

How much OG Chem should I take?

A good starting dose would be a quarter of an OZ and wait two hours to see how you feel. If needed, you can gradually increase the dosage until you find what works for your needs. 

What is OG Chem best used at?

OG Chem is perfect for nighttime or early evening use as it may make you sleepy.

OG Cheese

OG Cheese: The OGs of Strains

OG Cheese cannabis strain is a potent indica dominant hybrid. The OG Cheese strain was created by crossing the genetics from an OG Kush and an Original Cheese (hence the name).

What is the OG Cheese cannabis strain?

The OG Cheese strain was created by crossing the genetics from an OG Kush and an Original Cheese (hence the name).

The effects of this powerful, sedative-like herb have been known to be a favorite among medical marijuana patients for its ability to relieve pain. It also can help with insomnia, anxiety, stress, appetite loss, and nausea/vomiting due to chemotherapy treatments.

og cheese

It has THC levels that range anywhere between 15% – 20%. That means it’s going to provide you with some pretty intense psychoactive sensations when consumed in high doses such as being stoned or having your mind foggy. There are even reports of some people noting feelings of euphoria.

The OG Cheese strain is a heavy indica that isn’t for the faint-hearted or novice marijuana consumer. Beginners should start with low doses to see how they react and then slowly increase dosage as needed until an appropriate level is achieved. This weed has been known to leave some users feeling completely couch-locked, meaning it can be difficult to get anything done on its own without any help from other drugs like caffeine or alcohol (if you’re into those). Expect dry mouth and eyes along with a “munchies” type high where you’ll feel hungry no matter what your stomach feels like doing inside. The potency also means this bud will have ample amounts of THC in it which could mean side.

How to make OG Cheese

OG Cheese is made by blending the strains Trainwreck and OG Kush. You can also use Sour Diesel, but it will affect how much you get off that diesel smell from your final product.

Use a good quality bud to achieve maximum potency with this recipe: A lot of times people try using shake or other types of low-grade marijuana as filler for their recipes when they want to make edibles like these brownies, which impacts what kind of high you’ll have because if you put in garbage weed into an edible then those chemicals are going to be released during the cooking time and absorbed through your body instead. It’s better than not making anything at all though!

The fat content should include butter (or any other healthy fat), and unrefined coconut oil, and good quality cannabis cooking oil.

OG Cheese is usually around 90% THC content on average

The result of this recipe will give you the feeling that your body is melting into the couch or bed, but it’s not so overwhelming that you feel like passing out. It’s just super relaxing to where all of your worries are forgotten about for now, which can make doing anything else difficult other than just laying there enjoying life!

You’ll notice effects such as improved appetite (especially if making brownies) and increased creativity because most people claim they’re more relaxed after using these edibles. If nothing else then use them when having trouble getting enough sleep at night!

OG Cheese has a strong smell that can be off-putting to some, but it is usually covered with cooking oil and then cooked in the oven. This will cause your house to have an earthy aroma of cannabis!

Health benefits of eating OG cheese

You’ll notice effects such as improved appetite (especially if making brownies) and increased creativity because most people claim they’re more relaxed after using these edibles. If nothing else then use them when having trouble getting enough sleep at night! OG Cheese has a strong smell that can be off-putting to some, but it is usually covered with cooking oil and then cooked in the oven. This will cause your house to have an earthy aroma of cannabis!

Health benefits:

-Helps insomnia

-Improves mood

-Reduces pain from inflammatory diseases like arthritis or fibromyalgia

Why you should eat OG cheese? For all these reasons and more, please give this strain a try if you haven’t already had the pleasure of OG Cheese!

Where to buy it and how much does it cost?

-Harborside Health Center


The OG Cheese strain is a hybrid that uses the genetics of two popular strains, OG Kush and Chemdawg. This potent indica has an earthy flavor with pine undertones and a sweet fragrance to match its appearance! The aroma of this bud will be strong enough for others to smell in your home even if you have it stored away; however, not everyone enjoys its pungent odor so make sure that cooking oil covers up any scent before baking.OG cheese has been known as one of the most powerful types out there because many people report using their higher tolerance levels after just having one edible from this strain. Whether you are looking for increased relaxation or creativity, OG Cheese is the perfect strain for you.

Recipes with OG cheese 

Ingredients: OG cheese, fresh parsley (or the desired herb), butter or cooking oil of choice, garlic cloves, and salt.

Instructions: Melt your butter in a saucepan over medium to high heat then add your chopped-up herbs and cook for about 30 seconds before adding crumbled OG Cheese. Cook until it’s golden brown; season with salt and pepper if needed. Serve hot alongside pasta or mashed potatoes!

og cheese

* For those who don’t eat dairy products you can substitute any type of vegetable oils for the butter listed above such as coconut oil or olive oil.*


OG Cheese is a product of the future. It has great potential to be one of the most popular cheeses in America and worldwide because it combines all three forms of cheese-hard, soft, and liquid. This allows for some interesting culinary possibilities that will excite any foodie or chef! If you’re looking for an innovative new way to spice up your cooking repertoire or want something easier on your stomach than traditional dairy products, check out our line of indulgent, delicious dishes made with OG Cheese!

Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush Strain: What is it?

There are many different strains of Cannabis out there, but few compare to the Pineapple Kush strain. The pineapples give this strain a delicious fruity taste and aroma that is hard to find anywhere else.

What is Pineapple Kush?

The Pineapple Kush weed is a hybrid strain that crosses the phenotype of the Hindu Kush and an unknown Sativa. This cannabis is best for daytime use, as it has uplifting effects that are happy and energetic. The pineapple flavor may come from its genetics or terpene profile, but either way, you can expect to taste fruity flavors with every inhale.

A few medicinal benefits of Pineapple Kush are that it has a calming effect on the body, and can also provide relief for those who suffer from stress or pain. It is most commonly used to treat insomnia and anxiety in adults – two things that are linked closely! Sleep is hard to come by if you’re stressed or anxious, and the Pineapple Kush weed can help you to get some much-needed rest.

pineapple kush

Pineapple Kush has a THC content of about 15% – 20%. It is not recommended for those who are sensitive to high doses of marijuana as it can be overwhelming with its strong effects.

A few side effects from smoking Pineapple Kush are dry mouth, dizziness, and paranoia.

Pineapple Kush flowering time is between 55 – 65 days.

This strain has a unique and powerful flavor profile, with pineapple being the most notable. The taste of this cannabis can be best described as sweet but tangy; like an actual ripe pineapple that you might find at your local grocery store in the produce section. This marijuana variety tastes much different than other strains because pineapples are not usually used to make edibles or concentrates due to their high sugar content! Pineapple Kush smells just as good as it tastes-sweet yet tangy, the fruity pineapple scent will fill up any room when smoking this popular bud.

Pineapple Kush growing height is between medium-tall.

This strain has a high level of CBD, which helps to keep the mind clear and relaxed without getting too paranoid or anxious. The buzz from Pineapple Kush leaves you feeling happy, uplifted, and energetic while not being overwhelming like many other Sativa strains can be. This marijuana variety would be best for treating depression, stress disorders as well as anxiety while also providing relief for those with chronic pain due to its powerful indica effects that come on quickly after smoking it! However, this bud does have some drawbacks; because Pineapple Kush induces sleepiness so quickly there isn’t any chance of an evening smoke session. Your night will end early before it even begins!

The effects of this cannabis vary based on which strain is used to make it. Pineapple Kush can either leave you with a story-high or zooted-out euphoria feeling depending on what other strains are mixed in when making this marijuana variety. This weed will usually have a sedating effect at first but then users may feel energized shortly thereafter due to its long-lasting effects from all the THC compounds found within the plant. When smoked by itself, pineapple kush provides uplifting sensations that’ll help keep your head clear for hours while also stimulating appetite so you can eat more food! If one decides they want some pain relief as well as relaxation, just add another hybrid into the mix before drying and packaging this cannabis.

Side effects and risks of Where to find Pineapple Kush 

Pineapple Kush is a potent strain of cannabis. Smoking Pineapple Kush can cause dry mouth, dizziness, and paranoia to those sensitive to high doses of marijuana.

Edibles containing pineapple weed are most likely found baked into brownies, cookies, or other sweet treats. Side effects from smoking Pineapple Weed include: feeling tired; having trouble concentrating; feeling anxious or paranoid.

Where to find Pineapple Weed: you can find this strain in dispensaries all over the United States, as well as online via your favorite delivery service.

Side effects from smoking Pineapple Weed include feeling tired; having trouble concentrating; and being anxious or paranoid.

This strain is also beneficial for appetite loss, lack of energy, and chronic pain.

Where can I find Pineapple Kush?

How much does a Pineapple Kush cost in the United States: You should expect to spend around $25 for one gram, or about $150 per ounce.

This is an informative article on what the Pineapple Kush strain is and where you can find it as well as what its benefits are so that people have more knowledge when deciding if they want this type of weed.

pineapple kush

Pineapple Weed has been known to be good for those who suffer from chronic pain because not only will it help with some anxiety issues but also appetite loss which causes many other illnesses like depression or heart disease.


Pineapple Kush is one of the most potent cannabis strains available. The strain has a THC level of 22% and 18-24% for CBD, making it perfect for those who want to experience an intense high without suffering from anxiety or paranoia. If you’re interested in trying out this delicious new strain, check with your local dispensary about availability – they’ll be carrying more than just pineapple kush! The Pineapple Kush strain is a hybrid with indica-dominant. This cannabis plant has an interesting heritage, as it was developed by crossing the popularly known OG Kush and Skunk #1 strains. It’s also been noted that this marijuana type smells of pineapple when smoked or vaporized.

Pink Candy Kush

Pink Candy Kush: A New Type of Marijuana

The Pink Candy Kush is a new type of marijuana, and its popularity has grown quickly. It is believed to be the first commercially available hybrid strain that was created by crossing two strains. The result is a plant with great qualities from both parents, but also keeping some original traits like sweet fruit flavors from the Pink Kush or relaxing indica effects of the Granddaddy Purple.

What is Pink Candy Kush?

The Pink Kush has a THC content of around 20%, and it is classified as a hybrid strain (50% Indica, 50% Sativa). The result from the crossing of these two strains was an intriguing mix with great qualities from both parents. Apart from its sweet flavors reminiscent of fruit – like the Pink Kush – this marijuana also retains some original traits such as relaxing effects that are typical for ideas or hybrids with a greater percentage of Indica genetics.

names of pink candy

The hybrid strain has a variety of smells which include hints of lavender, vanilla & pine with notes of berries like strawberries, blackberries, or raspberries.

This marijuana is perfect for those who enjoy good-tasting weed as well as the taste high from it at the same time; while its THC content can be deceiving this cannabis provides an uplifting feeling before gradually releasing your mind to a blissful state – just what you need after a hectic day!

The result is a plant with great qualities from both parents, but also keeping some original traits like sweet fruit flavors from the Pink Kush or relaxing indica effects of the Granddaddy Purple. It’s typically an in-between high for those looking to get lifted without feeling out all over the place, or vice versa if they want it stronger.

It can be used to combat depression, anxiety, and fatigue; while reducing nausea and appetite loss associated with chemotherapy treatments!

Pink Candy Kush flowering time is about 50-65 days and it’s a cross of two Sativas, so the flowering time is quite long.

Pink Candy Kush flavor is light, fruity, and sweet with a hint of spice.

Pink Candy Kush appeared as a purple color, with dense and tight buds.

The odor is very sweet, fruity, or chocolatey; the taste too!

Some of our favorite Pink Kush phenos are Lavender & Passionfruit – they have that beautiful grape flavor on inhaling mixed with an earthy diesel finish.

The Pink Candy Kush has an average THC content between 17% to 20%. This depends on how well you’re able to manage your Pink Candy Kush plants.

How to grow Pink Candy Kush

It’s recommended that you start with clones because they’re easier to maintain and will produce faster results than trying other methods.

You can find your Pink Candy Kush clone at the store or online in any variety and price range! If you want to cultivate them yourself, make sure that you have enough room for growth as well as maintaining this high-yielding plant. You’ll also need access to light during day hours and darkness at night since the flowering period far exceeds 50 days!

Pruning helps ensure yields are more manageable by removing unnecessary branches; if you don’t prune though then expect a lot of smaller plants that can give you more productivity but will yield less.

Best times for growing Pink Candy Kush

Pink Candy is best grown outside during the summer months, so it’s perfect if you’re looking to do some guerrilla gardening! You’ll need four hours per day of direct sunlight – with eight hours being ideal. It does just fine indoors too though, with 18-20 hours a day allowed for vegetative growth (from seedling to planting) and 12-14 hours required for flowering periods.

Other advice includes

It’s recommended that you start with clones because they’re easier to maintain and will produce faster results than trying other methods. You can find your Pink Candy Kush clone at the store or online in any variety and price range! If you want to cultivate them yourself, make sure that you have enough room for growth as well as maintaining this high-yielding plant. Pruning helps ensure yields are more manageable. They provide us with an incredible amount of product but they yield less per square foot than most plants.

names of pink candy

Tips for smoking or vaporizing Pink Candy Kush:

Consider your Pink Candy strain and what you want from it. If you’re looking for a day trip, go with something like the Bubba Kush or Bruce Banner. For those who are more interested in relaxation, try out Pink Toothbrush or The White (both indica).

Pink Candy strains:

Bubba Kush, Bruce Banner, Pink Toothbrush, White (all indica).

Where to buy seeds, clones, or plants of the strain:

You can buy Pink Candy seeds, clones, and plants from your local dispensary.


If you want to give your customers an experience that they will never forget, try something different with our Pink Candy Kush. This strain is a hybrid of two indicas and one Sativa, giving it the best effects of both strains while also being versatile enough for any occasion. Whether you need pain relief during the day or energy at night, this flower has got you covered! With its sweet aroma and calming high that lasts much longer than most other marijuana strains on the market today, anyone who tries this product will be hooked from their first hit. So if you’re looking for a new way to spice up your cannabis collection without sacrificing quality or potency, look no further than our latest offering – Pink Candy Kush! 

Pink Champagne

What is Pink Champagne?

Pink Champagne is a marijuana strain that has been around for many years now. It is one of the most popular strains on earth, but what makes it so special?

What is Pink Champagne Strain ?

To start off with, Pink Champagne is 100% indica. This means it packs quite a punch, perfect for those who suffer from insomnia or pain and want to come out of their high feeling happy rather than tired.

Unlike other strains that may have some sativa in them, Pink Champagne has no sativa whatsoever left over – the only thing you will feel is its deep, sedative indica effects.

This strain is said to be a cross between the old-fashioned Afghani and Skunk strains of weed – not sure about that one? This means it has some earthy tones as well as spicy ones too. Pink Champagne will give you an uplifting feeling with a sense of euph oria, as well as a body high.

This strain is perfect for those who have no problem with pain and are looking to just enjoy themselves – Pink Champagne will make you feel very happy!

Pink Champagne can be used medicinally when dealing with depression or ADD/ADHD symptoms. The deep relaxation combined with the euphoric feeling that this plant provides allows it to help various mental disorders too such as PTSD or bipolar disorder.

Doctors also believe Pink Champagne might act on cancer cells in some cases, but more research needs to be done before we know if there’s any evidence of its efficacy against cancer treatment-resistant tumors (such as glioblastoma multiforme).

For now, however, most patients are using Pink Champagne to alleviate the painful effects of cancer treatments or combat chronic pain.

Pink Champagne is one of our most popular sativa strains and has a heavy, sweet aroma that can be smelled from miles away! It’s pink in color with light green streaks throughout the leaves. This strain was created by crossing Romulan x Cinderella 99 – two very potent cannabis indica-dominant hybrids developed for their calming effects on patients suffering from serious illnesses like cancer, AIDS, glaucoma and seizures.

The flavor may not be as strong as many other plants but it does have some hints of berries which make up for its lack of potency or pungency when smoked. The high kicks in quickly after taking a few hits, producing a head high with an uplifted mood and decent euphoria – perfect for daytime use. It also promotes laughter, creativity and happiness making it the go-to strain for many patients who want to alleviate the painful effects of cancer treatments or combat chronic pain.

How does it affect the body and mind?

The effects of Pink Champagne are heavily sedating and can cause users to feel more tired than usual. The high is also not as potent, so you may want to up your dosage if this strain doesn’t offer the desired effect. However, while it’s mild in terms of psychoactive power, its calming properties make it one of a few strains that has been found effective at relieving stress-related conditions such as PTSD or anxiety disorders.

It won’t produce any type of psychedelic experience like other indicas do but instead will leave you feeling happy and relaxed with just enough energy for socializing or taking care of daily tasks without forgetting what needs doing next! It’s perfect for evenings when you’re trying to wind down after work or is a good companion for watching movies or TV.

It’s not an intense strain at all and will make you feel much more peaceful than anxious, but it won’t have the same euphoric effects as other strains either.

The Pink Champagne marijuana strain can be found in both indica-dominant variations that are high in THC content or sativa-dominant variations that offer more of a heady, energetic experience with less body numbing sensation.

Strain Summary

Summary: The Pink Champagne marijuana strain is perfect for those who need to take care of daily tasks without forgetting what needs doing next. It’s not an intense strain and it won’t have the same euphoric effects as other strains, but will make you feel much more peaceful than anxious. This can be found in both indica-dominant variations or sativa-dominant varieties, with a moisture level around 45%.

The Pink Champagne marijuana strain is perfect for those who need help taking care of their daily tasks such as checking emails, paying bills and remembering things that needed done later on. On top of being helpful when it comes to managing your responsibilities (or maybe just getting through the work day), this particular cannabis variety also has a calming effect, which will help you relax and not feel anxious about anything.

Where to find it 

Pink Champagne is a very popular cannabis type in the United States, especially for those who live on the west coast. This particular strain originated from Orange County and has since spread to other parts of California as well as Oregon. If you’re not living within these areas, it may be hard to find Pink Champagne marijuana strains for purchase; however, there are some online retailers that have them available with just a few clicks away!


Pink Champagne is a delicious blend of pink grapefruit and lemonade. You can find it at most supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores or liquor stores. It’s an ideal drink for the summer months because it has just the right amount of sweetness to make you feel refreshed but not overly sweetened like some other brands on the market today. It is a cannabis strain with THC levels around 20-25% giving it plenty of potency. It produces an uplifting, happy and euphoric sensation that’s perfect for getting the day started or winding down after work.