Granddaddy Purple Strain

aka Grand Daddy Purp, G Purps, Granddaddy Purps, GDP, Gridlock, Granddaddy Purple Kush

Granddaddy Purple is another heavy indica strain that is not of the subtle variety. It is widely used as a powerful knock-me-out – and has therefore become a popular choice for those seeking a heavy body stone.

Its buds are also known for being distinctly good-looking in nature – with the buds boasting of a purple hue mixed with red hairs and some crystallization.

A creation straight out of Ken Estes’ San Francisco lab – Grand Daddy Purple, otherwise known as GDP is a potent indica strain. It is popularly used in the treatment of many psychoactive conditions, and in the management of pain.

Grand Daddy Purple’s parentage stems from the crossing of two indica strains, namely Big Bud and Purple Urkle. This strain is a native of California, and has earned its reputation for being a reliable relaxant and stress-buster.

Granddaddy Purple Effects

Because GDP is a classic indica, it can create a strong mental high, leaving you to let your thoughts calm down and generate a cool brain buzz. For those seeking a deep and relaxing recreational high, Grand Daddy Purple offers just that. It is a powerful sleep-aid, which makes it the perfect night-time puff.

Not only does it help you unwind and let go of all your stresses, but it leaves you feeling happy and content. This is what makes it a great companion for a warm bubble bath at the end of the day.

A sense of euphoria can also be noticed in the effects of Grand Daddy Purple, and with it a sense of elation, and a strong desire to laugh. Sometimes, GDP can encourage a voracious appetite, but isn’t present in every user.

Granddaddy Purple Fragrance

Earning its name and reputation, Grand Daddy Purple famously smells like grapes and berries. It is said that a small chunk of GDP can fill a room with its aroma, with a certain sweet and fruitiness lingering in the air.

Big Bud can be grown outdoor, where its size could reach up to 5 feet or more. It thrives well in warm climates but indoor, it does even better with a hydroponic setup. Read our full review!

Granddaddy Purple Flavors

Grand Daddy Purple tastes much the way it smells – like grapes and berries. It is reminiscent of an earthy pine mixed with the sweet presence of citrus fruits. Some have also described its exhale as something that would remind you of a grape popsicle.

Positive and adverse effects of Granddaddy Purple

Depending on what you’re looking for, the “couch-lock,” full body high attributed to this strain can be either a positive or negative effect. For pain, sleep and stress — it’s a godsend. For getting things done, remembering what you’re in the middle of saying, and driving or operating heavy machinery — not so much. 

Cannabis Pharmacy says it best when mentioning the dissociative effects of GDP, in that consuming this strain is likely “to leave you precisely where [it] found you.” This is not an energizing variety, except for perhaps during the initial onset.

Granddaddy Purple Adverse reactions

Among the few side effects of Grand Daddy Purple, that have been reported, is dehydration and the sensation of a dry mouth and dry eyes. Other adverse reactions to GDP are mild cases of dizziness and sometimes paranoia, although quite rarely. It is also known to cause a very slight yet lingering headache for some.

Used widely to help manage pain, Granddaddy Purple has proven to be very useful for patients with chronic and acute conditions alike.

Granddaddy Purple Type of High

Grand Daddy Purple induces strong psychedelic high with potent body relaxation and euphoric cerebral buzz. Boosts energy, uplifts mood, prompts giggles. Followed by body and mind relaxation, stress relief, pain and nausea

Granddaddy Purple Medical Uses

Grand Daddy Purple made its way into the scene originally as a medically created strain. It has been touted as a strong healer among other hybrids, and has gained traction it its popularity as a powerful de-stresser.

GDP is also perfect for those who suffer from irregular sleep patterns, for its ability to relax both the mind and body to aid one to a night of restful sleep. In many cases, it is used in the battle against anxiety and depression, relieving the mind of its worries.

For cancer patients, it has also proven to help rid one of nausea brought on by radiation and chemotherapy. This makes it also an important factor in restoring appetite in those who are under medication or suffer from anorexia nervosa.

Growing Granddaddy Purple Strain

Granddaddy Purple grows best indoors but can be grown outside as well. Flowering commences usually around 70-77 days when grown indoors and growers can expect harvest in early October when grown outdoors. The oversized buds may begin to weigh down the plant, especially if grown outdoors. When grown indoors the plant should be short and stocky enough to hold the weight but you may want to prepare to offer some support around the 60 day mark if you notice the buds beginning to wear down the plant’s frame. Yields can top 4 ounces per plant on an indoor grow and well over 3 pounds per plant on an outdoor grow. For optimal results keep temperatures within the 70’s throughout the grow cycle and keep humidity between 50-55%.

Perfect for night time use Grand Daddy Purple hits both the body and mind initially but quickly fades into a smooth body buzz like most heavy Indicas do. For patients Granddaddy Purps is ideal for pain management. It can also be effective at treating insomnia, depression and anxiety. Novice users beware though, this strain can pack a powerful punch. We’d recommend starting with a hit or two and waiting a few minutes before opting to consume more

·        Indoors

Kept indoors, GDP is quite happy in hydro or soil alike, with it flowering as average of about 8 – 11 weeks. It can yield up to an estimated 19 ounces per square meter.

·        Outdoors

When grown outdoors, Grand Daddy Purple has the capacity to grow into a dense bush, generating a generous yield at about 17 ounces per plant. It is ready for harvest around the weeks of Mid-October.

Cannabinoids and terpenes in Granddaddy Purple

When it comes to cannabis, chemical profiles are tricky. Though most cannabis enthusiasts believe that the effects of a strain can be predicted by its morphology — ie whether it’s sativa or indica, or the color of its flowers — from a scientific perspective this is not the case.

Added to that, growers can basically give their plants whatever name they want, making it very difficult to assess the chemical content of a particular strain. Looking at GDP specifically, we found lab results that showed THC ranging from 12% to 27% — a decidedly wide range. 

The following numbers can give you an estimation of what you could expect to find in Granddaddy Purple, but your best bet is always going to be looking for a certificate of analysis before choosing a cannabis product — this way you’ll know for sure what’s in it.

It’s kind of like this strain was bred for weed porn. With deep purple buds, red hairs, and photogenic white crystals, Granddaddy Purple (AKA Grand Daddy Purple, or simply GDP) gets cannabis enthusiasts in the “taking photos of your stash” mood. That is, before consuming — afterwards most users are more about relaxing. Also known as Granddaddy Purp or simply GDP, this West Coast favorite is known for its soothing effects, and said to be effective in the treatment of pain, anxiety and depression.


Cinderella 99 Strain

aka C99, Cindy 99

Cinderella 99 (also called Cindy or C99) is a powerhouse hybrid with humble beginnings.

In the late 1990s, Mr. Soul — founder of Brothers Grimm Seeds — discovered a few seeds inside a Jack Herer bud that he purchased in an Amsterdam coffee shop. He grew one into a cultivar named Princess, which reportedly provided a much more psychedelic experience than other strains on the market at the time.

From there, he aimed to create a super-strain that would allow him to share Princess with the world. First, he paired a Princess female with a Shiva Skunk male to add plant strength, and used a triple backcrossing method called “cubing” to create the parent strain Cinderella 88. Finally, he bred Cinderella 88 with Princess once more to achieve what breeders call the Holy Grail of Hybrids — Cinderella 99.

The name Cinderella comes from the fairy tale heroine, who — much like the cultivar — had modest beginnings, but bloomed into royalty. Consumers savor the strain for its fruity, floral aroma, thanks to a hefty presence of linalool.

About Cinderella 99 Strain

Cinderella 99, often referred to as C99, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that tastes of fruit with dank undertones and has a THC count of nearly 22%. Users should be aware that it can take up to 15 minutes for its full effect to be felt once ingested. People typically feel a very light and dreamy body high with waves of uplifting mood and euphoria, accompanied by increased levels of energy and creativity. The effects can last up to 90 minutes. Side effects include dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, headaches, and dizziness.

This strain is great for daytime use. It works well to help patients cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also helpful for treating mild but chronic ache and pains and migraines. Cinderella 99 eases inflammation, increases appetite, and combats nausea. It is an energy booster for people suffering from fatigue.

Through a long process of back-crossing over three generations, Cinderella 99 was created by Mr. Soul of the Brothers Grimm. The result is a cross between Princess and Cinderella 88, which was bred specifically for indoor setups. The strain is rather short for a Sativa and rarely grows over 100 centimeters. Growing well in hydroponics, Cinderella 99 can reportedly produce up to two pounds per square meter (or 1,000 watts). Recommended for moderately-experienced growers, this strain finishes flowering in about fifty days.

Cinderella 99 Effects

This mostly-sativa strain has created a fan following of its own due to its potent effects. Cinderella 99 can makes users experience a very vivid, and potent cerebral high. A headrush isn’t uncommon immediately after smoking your first puff of this sweet bud. Cinderella 99 is all about the dreamy, uplifting effects, giving you lots of energy to complete your tasks with, which is why this flower is such a popular daytime strain. Cindy has a light body high, mixed with a feeling of happiness and being invigorated and elated, smiling from ear to ear and generally harboring only good vibrations.

There are many popular strains that are direct descendants of the Cinderella 99. Read our full review on Willy Wonka Strain that was created by combining Chocolate Trip and Cinderella 99

This sweet hybrid also leaves you feeling euphoric but relaxed at the same time, being able to let go of all your day’s troubles and worries. Cinderella 99 is perfect at providing you with lots of energy and focus to truly get you through your day, inspired and with a positive mindset.

Cinderella 99 Fragrance

Cinderella 99 is a skunky variety that will make the room smell like a basket of citrus fruits. This hybrid smells especially sweet and will remind you of a field of pineapples, just before harvest. A fruity whiff will hang in the air long after you have left the room, as this strain is of the especially aromatic kind.

Cinderella 99 Flavors

Cindy has a very special tropical taste that will coat your mouth with an earthy sweetness. Cinderella 99 has a very distinct sweet fruity flavor that is much derived from its aroma. This hybrid will make the smoke taste like citrus and candy all at once.

Cinderella 99 Appearance

Usually bright green in color, Cinderella 99 cannabis plants hold more resin than you might expect from a sativa-dominant strain, thanks to their Shiva Skunk heritage. They’re shorter in stature than some sativas, as well, usually sticking to no more than 3.5 feet in height.

Cinderella 99 Adverse reactions

This strain can cause some minor side effects, especially to less experienced smokers. A slight bout of paranoia may occur in some when smoking Cindy 99, not usually lasting long but sometimes turning into a longer lasting nervousness and uncomfortable anxiety.

The most prevalent adverse effect from smoking this bud is a case of cottonmouth and the feeling of being slightly parched and even experiencing a case of dry and itchy eyes. Cinderella 99 is quite potent and should be approached gently and it can also cause a bit of dizziness in some.

Cinderella 99 Medical Uses

This potent strain offers medical marijuana patients relief from a number of conditions, symptoms and ailments.

  • Patients tend to like this strain for stress, fatigue, depression, pain, and migraines
  • The energetic buzz of this strain makes it a great choice for marijuana patients looking for a daytime cannabis option
  • New cannabis consumers might want to be a little cautious with Cindy. Her THC content tests around 22%, making this a potent strain. Watch out for paranoia and dry mouth, but the effects are quite pleasant and surreal overall

Cinderella 99 is a very popular strain in the medical cannabis scene. It is widely used for the treatment of chronic stress and its symptoms. This hybrid has very strong relaxing properties, that are made even more practical because of your ability to still focus with a clear head while on this high.

While Cinderella 99 is an excellent recreational strain, making for a fun, energetic high, it also has numerous medical benefits for those seeking a bit of healing on the side. Medically, Cinderella 99 can help alleviate any stress, anxiety, or depression you’re experiencing, easing you into a more uplifted mood. Patients have also found Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds to help them relieve mild pain and migraines, and the strain can battle nausea and increase appetite, making it a suitable choice for people undergoing chemotherapy cancer treatments, or struggling with an eating disorder like anorexia. This strain is also effective for the treatment of mood disorders. Anxiety and depression have been eased with the regular use of this plant, as Cinderella 99 is mood altering and can cause you to experience a soaring sense of positivity and being uplifted.

Cinderella 99 is also useful in managing pain, and it is therefore applied in the fight against common aches such as muscle spasms, joint pains and migraines. Because this strain is energizing, it is also a great tool to combat fatigue with. Cancer patients have also been given this strain to help encourage a healthy appetite as it can give you a good case of the munchies.

Cinderella 99 Growing Info

Cindy is a high-yielding crop that is fairly easy for both amateurs and veteran growers to cultivate. If kept outside it has an even higher yield, as long as you keep the plant sheltered and bask it in a lot of sunshine. This strain has a high resistance to common diseases, as long as you keep it nice and dry.

Flowering Time

  • Indoors

Cinderella 99 takes around 7 to 9 weeks to flower and become ready for a hearty harvest. This strain can yield an estimated average of 16 ounces per square meter of good and fruity bud.

  • Outdoors

This hybrid likes a dry and sunny outdoor environment. Cindy 99 cultivated outdoors can yield around 35 ounces of bud per plant, and can be expected to be ready for a harvest around late September to early October.

Also known as Cindy or C99, Cinderella 99 is a popular sativa-dominant strain fathered by the famous Jack Herer cannabis plant. High in THC (our version is around 22%), Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds grow into potent plants.

Sugar sweeties

Sugar sweeties

A collaboration project between Archive Seed Bank and Kush for Breakfast, Sweeties is the result of a cross between The White, Tahoe OG, and GSC, that was then bred with Face Off Bx1. With so many powerful influences, Sweeties ranges in smells from sweet, ginger, honey, and lemon, to a full-faced OG fuel. Phenos range in color from dark to light green with purple and magenta hues, for beautifully colored colas that offer a euphoric, feel-good high great for a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Strain Information

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 22% – 24%, CBD: 2%

Sweeties, not to be confused with the like-named “The Sweeties,” is a rare slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the potent The White X Tahoe OG X Girl Scout Cookies strains. Best known for its heavy-hitting potency, Sweeties is perfect for any experienced indica lover who’s after some serious power behind their medicine. Named for its delicious flavor, Sweeties packs a super sweet honey citrus taste with a light touch of sour lemon upon exhale. The aroma is very similar, with touches of flowery diesel and sharp lemony citrus to it, too. The Sweeties high isn’t quite as vibrant, with effect that will have you mind feeling lifted while your body drops off into pure heavy relaxation. You’ll feel the heady effects creep in a few minutes after your final toke, filling you with a lifted sense of happiness that pushes out any negative or racing thoughts. A touch of mental energy comes next, getting your mind moving without affecting your physical energy level in the slightest. Combined with its high 22-24% average THC level and 1-2% CBD level makes Sweeties a great choice for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, chronic pain and chronic fatigue. This bud has thick and dense spade-shaped bright neon green nugs with thin orange hairs, deep purple undertones and a coating of tiny golden amber crystal trichomes.

Genetics — 710 Labs

Sugar Candy is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the delicious Sugar Black Rose X Caramelo strains. Ready for a sweet taste of this delicious treat? Sugar Candy has a super sugary and flowery flavor that’s filled with sour citrusy mango and light licorice candy. The aroma is of sharp mint and flowery lavender, accented by touches of licorice and sour citrus that are pretty mellow overall. The Sugar Candy is just as sweet, with effects that are perfect for helping you kick back when you need to. That being said, this bud does pack a super high level of potency, with about 22-25% on average, so mind your dosage. The high comes on with a heavy rush of heady euphoria, launching your mind into an uplifted and happy state that’s hazy and stoney yet somehow energizing.

A sedative body high creeps into the picture next, sneaking up on you before leaving you helplessly couch-locked. With these effects, Sugar Candy is often said to be perfect for treating chronic pain, inflammation, spasticity, depression, chronic stress and cramps or muscle spasms. This bud has super dense and heavy long neon green nugs with purple leaves, thin amber hairs and a coating of frosty purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.

About this Hybrid Strain

This hybrid cannabis plant is known for its deep forest green buds tinted with emeralds and minty hues. Grown right, its buds should look like they were rolled around in sugar. The aroma wafting from these flowers tends to be sweet and citrusy, and when smoked, it tastes a bit like lemon drops infused with a little soil.

Lab results show it can pump out cannabinoids at around 18% THC.

At lower doses, Sweet Kush can stimulate creativity and raise the spirits. Higher doses will bring on a sedative effect, causing sleepiness and possibly even couch-lock. It is recommended for treating restlessness, insomnia, high stress, minor aches and pains, or lack of appetite.

Commonly reported side effects from Sweet Kush include cottonmouth, red eyes – and in some smokers – paranoia, lightheadedness, and even a sore head may result, especially in higher doses.

Sweet Kush is a perfectly blended hybrid from the USA’s West Coast that any kush lover will tell you is worth the trek to the Golden State. By bringing together two opposing hybrids, the indica-dominant Sweet Tooth and the sativa-dominant OG Kush, Kush Cannabis Seeds have given users a potent strain whose reputation has deemed it a forced to be reckoned with.

The powerful THC levels of this beauty fall around 18% on average and leave you feeling a mighty buzz after just a short acquaintance. These dynamic little green buds are covered in trichomes and hair and smell sweet, with bright and juicy berry overtones and are reminiscent of cherry lemon drops. The flavors are similar with rich berry flavors and a lemony sweetness at the forefront of your palette. Sweet Kush is rounded out nicely with hints of earthiness and sugar.

Sweet Kush hits on all the kush lover’s demands, as it is cerebral and giddy, tingly and energetic. You’ll feel an immediate mood shift, instantly uplifted and blissful. During this euphoric stage, warm tingles spread from your head to your limbs and lastly make it to your fingertips. These sensations will have you sinking deeper and deeper into your relaxation. Enjoy this stage as long as you can manage as it usually fades into a nice, deep sleep.

Breeders gifted the medical world with a strain worthy of its family name. The sedative-like effects of a kush make it perfect for the treatment of ailments such as chronic pain, insomnia, muscle tension, joint pain, and headaches. The overall numbing eases off cramps and tightness, letting the user get that sweet taste of relief. Additionally, because it is also a mild stimulant, this strain is good for digestive issues, nausea, and poor circulation. Enjoy this before bed for a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Novice users are advised to take this bud slowly as it has a tendency to overwhelm newer smokers.

This feminized plant is best suited for intermediate growers and above, as Sweet Kush can be a bit temperamental at times. Soil is the preferred method, and although it flourishes well indoors or outdoors, temperature control is a must in order to avoid root rot and mildew. Your best bet is to wait around 8 weeks before you harvest.

This strain is extremely popular in states such as Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, and for good reason. This brightly flavored beauty is an easy sell to anyone with a laid-back attitude that enjoys true West Coast charm. Try this super chill bud with a vape for easy smoking.

Timber fly

Timber fly

Timber Kush has heavy Indica-dominant genes that result from crossing OG Master Kush with Cream Caramel (Maple Leaf x White Rhino). Timber Kush has a pungent creamy inhale with a lung expanding caramel or creme brulee flavored exhale. Time and again this bud has proven to be heavy lidded and calmly introspective. Activities to do while smoking Timber Kush include: sitting on the couch, laying down, not finishing a movie, and sleeping.

Timber Kush is a marijuana strain. We’re still learning about the flavors and effects of Timber Kush. If you’ve smoked, dabbed or consumed this strain before, tell us about your experience by leaving a review.

We at WTF Cannabis strive to source our patients the best quality medicine at the most affordable prices. With this said please understand that this product will not be AA medicine. These low cost options are to ensure that all Canadians, regardless of financial status, have access to affordable medicine.

Strain Information

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC: 23% – 30%, CBD: 1%

Timber Kush is a heavily indica dominant hybrid (90% indica/10% sativa) strain created through crossing the infamous OG Master Kush X Cream Caramel strains. Don’t let the name fool you – this bud has an insanely addictive sweet caramel flavor that has just a hint of pungent diesel kush upon exhale. The aroma has a bit of a harsher tone, with a sharp kush and fuel effect that is accented by creamy caramel and sugar. Timber Kush has gorgeous super heavy dense neon green nugs topped with yellowish green trichomes and a sparse spattering of bright fiery orange hairs. The Timber Kush high is perfect for any indica lover who doesn’t want a heavy sedation with their body effects. The high starts with a euphoric lift that infuses you with a sense of motivation and a slight increase in focus. This state is cerebrally calming, easing away any racing thoughts or mental pains and replacing them with a light airiness. Your body will be completely relaxed throughout the duration of this high without becoming sleepy or sedated. Paired with its super high 25-30% average THC level, these effects give Timber Kush an edge in treating conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and stress.

Timber Kush cannabis strain by Falcanna is a 90/10 nearly pure Indica strain with a hefty THC range of 23-30%. It tastes like finely whipped, creamy caramel with pungent notes to cut the sweetness. The aroma is a little more severe, with a sharp fuel and kush focus and ample hints of sugary caramel. Heavy nugs feature green-yellow trichomes and orange hairs. This strain can treat hyperactivity, insomnia, stress, inattentiveness and pain. Optimal for evening usage.

Type of High

Timber Kush cannabis strain’s high is a universal one for all Indica lovers, but it’s not overly sedating. It starts with joy and airy motivation with incomparable relaxation.


Breeder: Falcanna
Genetics: Timber Kush cannabis strain is a cross between Cream Caramel and OGMaster Kush cannabis strains.

Blue Timber

Blue Timber is an indica/sativa variety from Timberedge Farms and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±55 days) and outdoors. Timberedge Farms’ Blue Timber is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

timber fly

Timberedge Farms’ Blue Timber Description

Created to speed up flower cycle. 50-55 days. Medium size plant almost a 2:1 stretch. If allowed to grow with a top cola it can look like a christmas tree bud. In cooler temps can get blue hues like a blue spruce bud.

Berry, pineapple scent.

Timber Kush has heavy Indica-dominant genes that result from crossing OG Master Kush with Cream Caramel (Maple Leaf x White Rhino). Timber Kush has a pungent creamy inhale with a lung-expanding caramel or creme brule flavored exhale. Time and again this bud has proven to be heavy-lidded and calmly introspective. Activities to do while smoking Timber Kush include: sitting on the couch, laying down, not finishing a movie, and sleeping.

90% Indica / 10% Sativa

23% – 30% THC

Joints are handled with care to ensure an even burn and smooth inhale. The joints are packaged as 2 x 0.6g in a tube and sealed in our biodegradable bags.

  • Effects: Motivation, Relaxing, May Relieve, ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, Hyperactivity, Insomnia, Stress
  • Flavors: Caramel, Creamy, Sweet
  • Aromas: Caramel, Diesel, Kush, Pungent, Sweet
Banana leaf wedding

Banana leaf wedding

Banana kush is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. The result is a strain that tastes and smells like a bushel of fresh bananas. Banana Kush tends to provide a mellow buzz alongside a relaxed sense of euphoria. A great choice when dealing with stress or depression, Banana Kush also helps stimulate your creative juices and can help you remain talkative in social settings.

Most marijuana strains are designed to elicit particular flavors or experiences. Some strains induce potent effects with an accompanying flavor, whereas others focus the attention completely on the flavor.

Banana, or Banana OG, is very much a strain in the latter category. It is designed to remind you of bananas as much as possible.

Most banana-flavored products these days are artificial in flavor, but this strain is designed to be as natural and close to bananas as possible.

Let’s examine this strain and figure out if it genuinely is the ultimate banana experience it claims to be.

What Is the Banana Cannabis Strain?

The Banana strain, also commonly known as Banana OG, is a classic member of the OG Kush family.

When you first imagine the flavor and aroma of bananas, you might think of artificial bananas. This artificial banana smell is the main flavor you notice in banana-flavored products. This is because most banana products are flavored using an older banana type that is, sadly, extinct.

banana leaf wedding

However, the Banana strain is as close as possible in flavor and aroma to those delightful bananas in your fruit bowl. It is also known for its exceedingly relaxing effects.

Like any good indica strain with a decent genetic history, Banana has plenty of intensely relaxing, soothing elements that lead to a comforting high.

On first smoking Banana, you will get an initial burst of relaxation and gentle calming sensations. You will feel happy while also euphoric and elated, which leaves you feeling spry and energetic.

Instead of falling into an unconscious stupor like with other, more infamous indicas, you will want to jump up and get moving. You might find yourself finishing a creative task or just generally embracing the world around you and going for a walk.

As with all indicas, however, this will begin to descend into that classic sensation of gentle restfulness. You won’t fall asleep and be unable to open your eyes. But you will want to find the nearest pillow and take a short rest.

Just as this sets in, your stomach will start rumbling, and you will feel that familiar pang of the munchies. Unfortunately, you might be too tired to deal with it. It is a good thing that Banana tastes good enough to make you think you have already eaten!

So what about the aroma and flavor of the Banana strain? Does it taste just like bananas?


When describing a marijuana strain called Banana, it is pretty obvious what the first flavor notes are going to be.

However, if a strain had just one flavor in its aroma profile, most people would think it pretty dull. Good, reliable strains with potent characteristics have a myriad of deep, rich smells to their aroma and leave you coming back for more.

Despite its name, Banana has a lot more than just bananas. When you first smell it, you will get that initial whiff of slightly overripe bananas and the smell of ethylene.

Once that initial smell passes, there is plenty of intense sweetness, plus a hint of a strangely nonspecific smell of tropical fruits.

What about its actual taste? Does it taste just as good as it smells?


Even though this strain is called Banana, the first thing you notice when this dense and hazy smoke hits your tongue is not bananas.

Instead, you will notice a wave of potent sweetness, plus a general sensation of tropical flavors. It is almost like a pineapple and a gigantic pile of various tropical fruits assailed your tongue all at once.

Of course, after this initial wave passes, there are plenty of banana flavors. It has a gently fuzzy, almost tangy flavor profile of slightly too ripe bananas settling in very firmly on your tongue.

While this might sound quite unpleasant, it is surprisingly delightful and refreshing. It tastes just like really high-quality bananas that have sat on the counter for just a day too long. This effect provides even more sweetness than usual.

banana leaf wedding

There is also a slight twang of that typical OG Kush flavor, with a slight skunkiness and intense diesel smell that reminds you of stopping off in a roadside gas station. However, the taste of bananas and tropical fruits almost entirely wins out.

What about how this strain looks? Does it have an accompanying good appearance to match its unique flavor profile?


Just like a lot of other OG Kush related strains that have decent indica leanings, Banana has a reasonably dense appearance. It looks very tightly packed with lots of intense green shoots poking through.

Alongside this dense appearance, there are plenty of oranges. These come from strangely elongated pistils showing through the bud, poking outward and grinding up into an elegant, potent powder.

There isn’t a massive amount of white trichomes on this strain, as most of the flavor comes from within the bud. However, there is still plenty of intensity despite this fact.

Despite its exotic flavor, Banana doesn’t have any uniquely distinctive markers that set it out from other strains. It is instead a solidly reliable, almost predictable strain; one that you could mistake for almost any other strain on the shop counter.

The best way to make sure you know what you are holding in your hand is to try and grow it yourself. So, what kind of specialized knowledge and tips do you need to grow your own Banana?

Banana Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Banana strain seeds are pretty widely available, but make sure that you pick up the right ones.

There is a vast number of different strains with ‘banana’ in the name, so ensure you are getting the banana you want from your local seed dispensary. The best way to make sure you have the right stuff is to try and get a cutting from a reliable grower that you have hopefully kept on friendly terms with.

Assuming you do manage to get it, whether through cuttings or seeds, Banana is surprisingly straightforward to grow.

With many similar traits to its predecessor of OG Kush, Banana needs a decently warm climate to grow. It also needs a higher than average relative humidity. The required humidity means that you can grow it either indoors or outside.

It doesn’t require temperatures much warmer than 70 Fahrenheit, so it can be grown even in colder locations in the wide outdoors.

his necessitates a fair amount of pruning and trimming to keep the plants growingproperly. You can snip off the very tip of the upwards growth to help eAs with many other indica strains, Banana will tend to grow quite broad and not very tall. This necessitates a fair amount of pruning and trimming to keep the plants growingproperly. You can snip off the very tip of the upwards growth to help encourage it to grow more laterally and produce a larger yield. Additionally, you can also remove any larger leaves that try and grow in the shade of its outer bush.

These leaves often don’t get sufficient sun to be worth keeping. They also drain the plant’s resources and make it difficult to produce sufficient quantities of bud.

Once it is all harvested and cured, with plenty of individual attention paid to correct curing, what kind of final cannabinoid content can you expect from your Banana buds?

THC Content – Highest Test

Banana cannabis is well known for its extraordinarily noticeable and sometimes overpowering effects. The fact that it has such a great immediacy of impact means that it usually has a pretty high THC content.

Expect most samples of Banana bud to contain as high as 25% THC, and as low as 18%. This means that this strain has been cultivated to have as much THC as can fit inside it, making it a massively potent strain that should not be taken lightly.

For those inexperienced with weed, you should avoid smoking too much at once, as this level of THC can be pretty dangerous to you if you aren’t prepared for it.

What about its CBD content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As might be expected for a strain that has been expressly bred to possess as much THC as possible, there isn’t really any CBD to speak of in the Banana strain.

This is fairly typical of most OG Kush related strains. As there has been such a concerted effort to get as much THC as possible into the bud that there isn’t any room left for any CBD.

So are there any medical benefits of the Banana strain, considering it has such low CBD?

Medical Benefits of the Banana Cannabis Strain

Many people rather foolishly assume that, just because a strain doesn’t have a large quantity of CBD, it doesn’t have any useful medicinal applications.

In actual fact, strains like Banana with such massive THC contents are perfect for treating all manner of unpleasant conditions.

For starters, this strain is excellent for dealing with feelings of depression. The pure happiness and general sense of motivation and purpose that it lends you is enough to banish all thoughts of sadness completely. This makes it equally useful in trying to treat anxiety, as well as a variety of other mental disorders.

Interestingly enough, this strain is also frequently used by creative people suffering from writer’s block. By opening their minds and allowing a feeling of genuine happiness to flood in, creative people can do away with their inhibitions and unlock their real creativity.

This ties in well with Banana’s ability to help suppress pain, especially pain resulting from a chronic condition.

Finally, this strain will tend to leave your stomach rumbling just as you begin to hit that gently sleepy stage. This makes it perfect for helping deal with annoying issues relaxing to lack of appetite.

But what about the potential side effects? Are there any unpleasant consequences of this strain?

Possible Side Effects of the Banana Cannabis Strain

It is almost a certainty that, when you get to enjoy a potent indica marijuana strain, you have to deal with both dry mouth and dry eyes. These two side effects are not especially damning or unpleasant on their own. But combined, they become incredibly irritating to have to deal with. Keep some water on hand, as well as a moist towel to help combat dryness.

The other significant issue with the Banana strain is its tendency to induce a feeling of paranoia and anxiety. This might seem strange, considering those conditions are frequently treated by using the Banana strain. However, an adverse reaction can occur when you smoke too much.

With such a high THC content, Banana can tend to be overwhelming in its effects if you aren’t too careful. This produces a massive heightening of anxiety and paranoia. So if you are likely to experience paranoid feelings after too much weed, maybe only smoke a little bit of Banana at a time.

Finally, some users report that Banana makes them feel a bit dizzy before their head hits the pillow. Likewise, this can be avoided by only smoking what you can handle.

Final Thoughts on the Banana Cannabis Strain

It is not all that common to find a strain with a flavor profile so utterly true to its namesake. When you smoke Banana, you are able to truly experience the flavor of bananas, as well as a variety of pungent tropical fruits and tangy sweetness.

However, it’s not just great flavor. You can also enjoy intense relaxation and fluid restfulness, leaving your arms feeling calm and your mind at ease.

With an excellent flavor with soothing, relaxing effects, you should head to your local dispensary and find some Banana.

It isn’t exactly like the experience of picking up bananas at your local supermarket, but it is pretty close if you live in a legal state.

Wet review

Wet review

Wet Dream, native to San Diego, California, is a sativa-dominant cross between Blue Dream and OB Haze (Ocean Beach Haze). While its ever-so appealing name might lead you to believe this strain is best for late night indulgence, the upbeat jolt of energy Wet Dream provides is favored by many for daytime use. Its uplifting cerebral effects are ushered in by a spicy lemongrass aroma and a woody pine flavor. While Haze hybrids tend to induce racing euphoria that can be a bit jarring for some, the Blue Dream genetics bring a mellow, relaxing quality to the experience to help curb stress and anxiety.

About Wet Dream

Wet Dream is a sativa-dominant strain that confers bracing, euphoric energy. This bud’s provocative name refers to its genetics — it is a cross between ubiquitous hybrid Blue Dream and California-born Ocean Beach Haze. It offers a rich, incense-like smoke alongside buzzy, tuned-in mental effects. Wet Dream’s THC content has been measured at between 12% and 22%.

Wet Dream is marked by small to medium-sized flowers that cling together in dense, pebbly clusters. The tight buds seem to have an indica-typical structure, with small leaves that curl tightly inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves are a pale sage green and are wound through with bright orange pistils. Crystalline white trichomes coat the inner and outer surfaces of these dense flowers, making them very sticky and accounting for their high psychoactivity.

wet review

Seeds of Wet Dream are not available for sale online, and home growers will need to foster clippings from existing mature plants of the strain as “clones.” There is little information available on best cultivation practices specific to this strain, but we know that, like many hybrids, it can be grown indoors or out. Plants tend to be taller than average and if grown indoors may require some early pruning to fit in limited grow spaces. Wet Dream typically flowers within 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors.Continue Reading Below.

 The high hits you immediately with an euphoric jolt of energy that surges through your mind and body, leaving you focused and stimulated with a feeling of motivation and purpose. This intense cerebral energy is complemented perfectly by a mellow relaxing effect that anchors your body to the world as the mind soars without causing any loss of functionality or sense of sedation. Wet Dream is a favorite as a wake-and-bake for its energizing effects that won’t weight you down. 

Wet Dream is especially fun when shared with giddy, like-minded friends. It’s a great strain to enjoy on an adventure in the great outdoors.

Wet Dream is a sativa cannabis strain that produces a spicy lemon scent and a flavor that’s reminiscent of pine and berries. When ready for harvest, its buds are a light green in color with sometimes light brown and purple hues. 

Wet Dream is the result of crossing the hybrid Blue Dream with the sativa Haze. It first blossomed in Sand Diego, California. Some say it’s a cross between Blue Dream and Ocean Beach Haze.

THC levels average anywhere between 15-22% so check the potency before purchasing/consumption. Its high is known to give the consumer a sudden boost in energy as well as stimulate motivation and focus. Though its name might suggest it’s a good choice for nighttime pleasures, most reviewers prefer using this strain throughout the day as it will help get tasks completed and elevate a stressed or depressed mindset. It’s been known as being described as a good wake-and-bake strain and can help with fatigue. 

Negative side-effects include dizziness or headache besides your usual dry mouth and eyes. These effects and its high THC level make this bud perfect for treating chronic stress or anxiety, migraines or tension headaches, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain. Like its parents, Wet Dream has a mouthwatering smell of spicy pine with a fresh kick of earthy lemongrass as the nugs are broken apart. The taste is of sweet woody pine that has a sugary lemon aftertaste. This bud has small to medium-sized round and dense super leafy tight minty green nugs with olive green leaves, sparse orange hairs, and a frosty coating of tiny milky white trichomes.

Type of High

Wet Dream marijuana induces uplifting cerebral euphoria followed by body relaxation. Boosts energy and creativity, prompts social interactions and laughter. Relieves stress, has good anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Wet Dream Stems From Blue Dream & OB Haze

For those unfamiliar with Slightly Stoopid, they are a band that described their music as “a fusion of folk, rock, reggae, and blues with hip-hop, funk, metal and punk.” For those who are familiar with them, you may be surprised to hear that they have been cultivating a strain of their own known as Wet Dream. The Wet Dream strain is a California-exclusive, stemming from the Ocean Beach area. If you are not located within the California borders, chances are you will not get a chance to medicate with the true Wet Dream strain. Although you can find Wet Dream in various So-Cal collectives, it still ranks high on the hard-to-get scale.

The Wet Dream strain comes from the combination of Blue Dream and OB Haze, giving it the Sativa-dominant traits Wet Dream is known for.

The high is instant and plentiful. It can be felt first in the brain, where a noticeable rush of uplifting energy is being generated. Similarly, the Haze in the lineage of Wet Dream makes for a relaxing medicating session, sure to leave even the most stressful days in the past. Frequently used for anxiety relief, the Wet Dream strain is gaining popular among MMJ patients in SoCal.

The effects from Wet Dream are very much Sativa, where the mind is most affected by the cannabinoids. It has been reported that the strain can make the body feel heavy when medicating with larger quantities, so low-tolerance patients looking to stay active should probably take to this strain in steps.

Wet Dream Really Smells Like Wet Blue Dream

The aroma of Wet Dream is exactly what you would expect from the name. It really does smell like the Blue Dream strain that has not been fully dried. This is not the case however. This batch was grown properly and had very little to no moisture left in it. It simply smelled like it was wet. My nostrils could sense a slight blueberry undertone to the buds as well, giving it the floral smell you are probably familiar with when medicating with Blue Dream.

Buffalo information

Buffalo information

White Buffalo is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Romulan with Blackberry Kush and Bay 11. White Buffalo provides a powerful blast of effects that are uplifting, active and euphoric. This strain is a cherished rarity that is hard to find in most dispensaries. The flavor or White Buffalo is sweet and sour. Growers say these buds are covered in a snowy white coating of crystal trichomes.

Buffalo Bill is a sativa-dominant cross between Willie’s Wonder and Killer Ken bred by New House Seeds and grown by Doc and Yeti’s in Washington state. A blanket of crystal resin envelops the dense buds, almost hiding its interweaving green and lavender hues. Though 70% sativa by genetics, Buffalo Bill can hit with a force that leaves you anchored to your seat while the mind freely roams blissful euphoria. A sweet, earthy pine aroma floats from its kief-caked jar, sending your senses straight to a wintery tundra.

About White Buffalo

For the most part, this strain is visually unremarkable — flowers are typically small and cluster together in popcorn-like nuggets. The buds have the dense, solid structure typical of indica varieties, with leaves tightly coiled around their central stem. The leaves are various shades of dark green, with relatively few pollen-catching orange pistils. One way White Buffalo’s flowers stand out, though, is their high resin production — like the similarly-named White Widow, White Buffalo is coated in a layer of white trichomes that give it a soft, pale sheen. This resin also gives the flowers a very sticky texture that make the strain very difficult to break up by hand. When properly cured, the buds smell musky and sour, with some traces of berry aroma passed on from the Blackberry Kush grandparent strain. Breaking open or grinding the buds yields a woodsy scent of pine. When combusted, this strain gives off a harsh smoke that may induce coughing and irritate smoker’s sinuses. On the exhale, smoke tastes distinctly earthy and herbal.

White Buffalo hits users with a quick headrush: they may feel increased circulation in the face, particularly around the eyes and temples. Some may also detect a slight dizziness. As they acclimate to the high, users will notice that their perception is sharper. Ordinary stimuli or thoughts may take on new significance, leading users into a cerebral and freely-associative sort of “mindrace.” In a comfortable set and setting, this stimulated thinking can be accompanied by surges of positive euphoric energy. Although some users report increased physical relaxation as their high wears on, White Buffalo is unlikely to immobilize you with couchlock. This strain’s energy and lucidity makes it a great accompaniment to mundane daily tasks like cleaning. It can also be extremely chatty and social, giving you a good excuse to stay up all night with friends. Potent for even those with a high tolerance, White Buffalo is not recommended for use at night because of its tendency to keep users awake and wired.

These strong mental effects have medical applications as well. Patients with mild stress or depression may be able to channel White Buffalo’s emotional uplift into temporary relief from their troubling symptoms. Those with attention deficit disorders might find that the strain’s strong cerebral vibe helps them to sustain focus on a single task. White Buffalo has anti-inflammatory properties as well, making it an analgesic for mild aches and pains or headaches. Although dry mouth is a common undesirable side effect, patients who are prone to paranoia or anxiety should be more wary of White Buffalo’s tendency to bring about a disorienting mindrace.

buffalo information

their plants’ growth — this strain can stretch as tall as 6 feet, and growers may need to train stems and branches to fit within smaller spaces by trimming and pruning early in the vnches to fit within smaller spaces by trimming and pruning early in the vegetative stage. White Buffalo flowers within 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors and is ready for harvest in early October when grown outdoors. Depending on the phenotype, it offers growers a medium to high yield for their efforts.

Somewhat difficult to come by, White Buffalo is not a strain to miss if it is spotted in a dispensary. It will please sativa lovers looking for a buzzy daytime strain with some traces of indica relaxation. White Buffalo’s high resin content also makes it valuable in the production of hash and other THC concentrates.

THC levels of this strain are currently debatable, but its high is known to create a quick and powerful state of euphoria in the consumer. It will relax the body and mind, uplifting the spirits and inducing creativity – making this strain great for getting creative projects going or finishing them. As it’s a sativa, it may cause a surge in energy but this isn’t always the case for all consumers.  

Besides dry mouth and eyes, White Buffalo may cause anxiousness or dizziness when higher doses are consumed. 

It takes about nine weeks for White Buffalo to fully flower. 

White Buffalo Aroma

Users are often amazed at the odd scent of sage and dark fruit that they get when they first encounter White Buffalo. You may also get a hint of diesel along with overtones of freshly picked herbs and spices. If you break apart the buds, you will be rewarded with a smell of sweetness in the air that lingers.

White Buffalo Flavor

The sweetness travels to the tongue as you get a combination of herbs, diesel, plums, and apple candy. You should experience an extra ‘kick’ of sweetness at the very end.

White Buffalo Appearance

White Buffalo has a darker color scheme than other strains, but you can still appreciate the blue/purple hue, along with the orange pistils. The glistening trichomes are a real joy to behold when the strain is close to being ripe.

White Buffalo Strain Grow Info

As White Buffalo has a sativa dominance, you won’t be shocked to learn that it prefers a climate with long summers, intense sunlight, and equal hours of sun and darkness during flowering. If you live south of the equator, you should have no problem growing White Buffalo outdoors. That isn’t the case for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere.

However, growers in California, for example, should be fine, because White Buffalo is extremely resilient and can handle low temperatures to a point. If you expose this plant to a lack of sunlight with short summers and long nights, its flowering time will increase significantly. As a result, Northern Hemisphere growers tend to grow this strain in a controlled environment.

When you grow White Buffalo indoors, you need to top the plant early because it grows to a significant height. Topping also improves circulation and ensures the plant receives plenty of light along with good air circulation. Although you can use a hydroponics system indoors, White Buffalo prefers to grow in soil.

It isn’t easy to get your hands on White Buffalo seeds but when you do, and you grow indoors, the flowering time can be as low as 7 weeks. You should also get up to 16 ounces per square meter planted. If you grow this strain outdoors, it will be ready for harvest from the final week in September onwards. It can yield up to 16 ounces per plant outdoors.

White Buffalo THC Content – Highest Test

The THC level of White Buffalo is the topic of fierce debate with its content slated as being anywhere between 15% and 25%; quite the difference. We have seen a stash of White Buffalo from Space Monkey Meds which had a THC content of 26.42%! Definitely not for newcomers.

White Buffalo CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD content of White Buffalo is negligible. It is usually below 0.1%, which means a THC to CBD ratio of at least 250:1 in some cases.

What Can I Expect When I Use White Buffalo Marijuana?

There is no playing around when it comes to this strain! It will hit you very quickly and begins with a euphoric cerebral high that elevates your mood. Users often report feeling an odd yet pleasant tingling buzz emanating from their temples. While you will probably feel energized at first, White Buffalo eventually helps you calm down and relax. Even so, it is not a bad afternoon smoke if you need a pick me up during a boring day at work.

Medical Benefits of White Buffalo Marijuana

One of the most popular uses of White Buffalo is for the treatment of depression. Although therapy sessions with experienced and qualified professionals are the best option, not everyone can afford the expensive sessions. When you grow your own White Buffalo, you have another potential method of stabilizing your mood, improving your self-confidence, and making you feel the joy of life once again.

buffalo information

Its anti-stress properties make it an option for patients suffering from anxiety. A common symptom of individuals with an anxiety disorder is fatigue; mainly due to the body being in a constant ‘fight or flight’ state which is mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. White Buffalo can provide an energy boost while tackling your anxiety. Because it is such a strong marijuana strain, you can also use it to treat pains and aches such as the swelling and redness associated with inflammation.

Possible Side Effects of White Buffalo Marijuana

White Buffalo is a potent strain so you may experience a headache, dizziness, or elevated anxiety levels if you use too much. Otherwise, the main cause of concern is dehydration, which in itself causes headaches. We advise you to keep a jug of water beside you and sip while you use this strain.

Final Thoughts on White Buffalo Cannabis

White Buffalo isn’t cheap; in fact, it can cost over $400 per ounce, and it certainly isn’t plentiful, but it is worth tracking down. If you are struggling with anxiety and need something to give you a lift, look no further than this fascinating sativa.

Its eclectic genetic mix accounts for its unusual scent, taste, and effects. Its high comes at you quickly and can boost energy, confidence, and self-esteem. Its potency also means it is a potentially good option as a painkiller. It is fairly easy to grow, but we recommend doing so indoors because it needs a very specific climate to thrive.


Space Queen Strain

We all realize how important having happy thoughts are, and no matter how much life could be challenging, we have bits and pieces of happy memories to tap into for inspiration. But there is something else that could cheer you up and induce happy thoughts.

A balanced hybrid medical cannabis that was bred from Romulan and Cinderella 99 could bring you to space on a euphoric journey. Are you ready to launch yourself into the sky with the Space Queen?

But you don’t have to go on a journey alone, the Space Queen happens to be one of the strains that are recommended for social gatherings and parties. Is there anything better than having a great time with friends? Think of going on a roller coaster ride with your friends out there in space. It has to be exhilarating, right?

The Space Queen strain is a hybrid that was bred by Vic High of BC Growers Association. Although it is a balanced mix of Romulan and Sativa hybrid Cinderella 99, most of its effects are characteristics of Sativa.

Not generally known, but Space Queen is also called Space Jill. It is also used by breeders like Subcool from TGA Genetics in many of its breeding projects.

According to one source, the original version of the Space Queen is gone. In its place are an equally good version called Space Queen F2, this is the strain that is also known as Space Jill.

  • Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Aroused, Tingly
  • Taste: Candy, Citrus, Diesel, Lemon, Lime, Nutty, Earthy, Flowery
  • Side Effects: Dizzy, Thirst and dry mouth, Rapid heart beat, Slurred speech
  • Helps with: ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, PTSD, Stress
  • Flavors: Citrus, Fruity, Herbal, Pineapple, Spicy, Sweet, Tropical
  • Aromas: Citrus, Earthy, Fruity, Pineapple
  • Lineage: Cinderella 99 and Romulan strains

Space Queen Effects

THC levels range from 15 to 17% of the content. However, some strains go up to 22% and are not suitable for beginners. The high has a sedative character, although smokers often noted that they could easily move around. Kush works well both day and night. A small dose will help you relax and avoid unpleasant side effects. Space Queen also acts on the consumer’s brain, stimulating creativity. But the main effect is a feeling of happiness, reaching euphoria. Side effects include dry mouth, redness of the eyes, and dizziness. However, medicine is using the Space Queen to relieve:

  • ADHD
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Nausea
  • PTSD and Stress

Initially, after smoking Space Queen strain, its Indica properties starts to manifest itself with a cerebral high that uplifts your spirits and lightens your mood. As a matter of fact, it lightens your mood to the point that you start to ‘float’ to the sky feeling cheerful and happy.

As its effects continue to creep up, you find yourself in a euphoric journey. Aside from being a mood enhancer, it also sparks the creativity in your mind. But smoke too much and that creativity becomes abstract dreams. Even though the Space Queen could hit hard pretty quick, in the beginning, the effects of Sativa follow later and gently brings a balance of mind-body high. Think of it much like you are cruising in a spaceship while glancing out the window to see the beauty of the universe.

Come to think of it, that should make you a sociable person too as being happy means you tend to be friendlier, right?

Space Queen Fragrance

Some people describe the aroma of Space Queen as having this slightly sweet sour dairy smell. But mostly, it has that fruity smell with pineapple and citrus high notes.

Space Queen Flavors

Space Queen has a distinct taste that is hard to describe. It has a sweet and spicy taste of citrus and pineapple, but it also has a barely distinguishable taste of something rotten. Nevertheless, this strain is one of the best-tasting strains in medical cannabis plants.

This marijuana contains terpenes such as myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene. The strongest and most distinct smell is a fruity one. Moreover, users mentioned such tastes:

  • Citrus
  • Fruity
  • Herbal
  • Pineapple
  • Spicy
  • Sweet
  • Tropical

Space Queen Adverse reactions

Of course, there might be adverse reactions, especially when smoking too much. Space Queen is known to cause dry mouth and dry eyes. Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking water helps minimize these reactions. In extreme cases, it may have a dizzying effect, especially for novice users. Other adverse reactions are paranoia and headache. Because of the sudden rush and the feeling of euphoria, it is understandable that first-time medical cannabis users who happen to smoke the Space Queen are bound to undergo an initiation. What that means is that there is a tendency to smoke a little too much.

So, it is important that smoking Space Queen and any other medical cannabis should be in moderation. More often than not, this should limit the manifestation of the adverse reactions.

Space Queen Medical Uses

This strain’s combination of effects has made it very popular in the medical marijuana community.

  • Medical consumers tend to like this strain for psychiatric conditions like ADD/ADHD, depression, PTSD, and chronic stress
  • The nice body high also makes this strain a decent choice for those who need daytime pain relief
  • Arthritis, migraines, headaches and nausea tend to respond to this strain as well
  • For someone seeking to overcome mental block, this strain is sometimes used to create some mental clarity
  • Recreational consumers often grab Space Queen when they are searching for a fun and easy altered-mind experience

Used as a medical cannabis, Space Queen is often recommended for dealing with stress, anxiety, mild cases of depression, and PTSD. Others also use it to help deal with mild pains, headaches, nausea, and combatting fatigue.

For some people, using Space Queen also boosts their appetite, hence frequent users who have this manifestation should control the amount of food they consume.

Space Queen Growing

Space Queen can be grown both indoors and outdoors. During the first three weeks of flowering, the plant grows tall. A pH level of 5.8 to 6.0 is recommended for reservoir seeds. Space Jill, a backcross of another famous hybrid is an uplifting and energizing plant that can easily give other Sativa’s a run for their money. Read our full review!

Be warned, this strain is not the easiest to grow. If you do grow this plant, one thing you will appreciate is how beautiful the large buds covered by orange hairs.

Professionals love to tinker with this plant even though it is difficult to grow. Cannabis quickly becomes high and requires constant maintenance. Moreover, you should stick to a dry and warm climate, 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit, 12 hours of light, and 12 hours of darkness. Flowering time takes 7 to 8 weeks.

Space Queen Experience

The THC content of this strain tends to run high. Expect most Space Queen buds to have somewhere between 16 and 23% THC. The intensity of the high from this strain makes it a better choice for more experienced marijuana consumers. Yet, you’re sure to find a smile on your face after a few tastes of this strain. Happy and euphoric, pick up this strain when you’re ready for some down-right silliness.

One of Space Queen’s parents, Cinderella 99, has a reputation for producing racy, hyper-stimulating effects. Space Queen has inherited this quality with some key differences. The speedy sativa buzz is calmed slightly by the Romulan genetics. However, a strong sense of mental energy is still present. These qualities make the Space Queen high unique. On one hand, it is loaded with a spacy, mental energy. Yet, it simultaneously produces a physical calmness.

Space Queen is by far an afternoon strain. The indica sedation this flower has inherited can make it a little difficult to get things done. Rather, you’re more likely to want to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Tasks that don’t require huge amounts of energy or concentration may be well-paired with Space Queen.

Space Queen Flowering Time

·        Indoors

Grown indoors with an estimated 55 days for flowering time, it can be enhanced by the sea of green (SOG) and screen of green (ScrOG) cannabis planting methods. Because of its tendency to grow long and lanky, you should provide enough canopy support.

·        Outdoors

Space Queen grows pretty good outdoors too. But it grows best in a warm and slightly arid and Carbon Dioxide rich environments with temperatures around 31 degrees Celsius.


Black Jack Stran

Contrary to popular belief, cheating is allowed in gambling. That is, if you are gambling with your choice of cannabis strain. Pick Black Jack and you know you picked a winner. Unlike the traditional casino game, or even an online one, our Black Jack has absolutely no misses. Every single time you use it, you get guaranteed hits.

Not only is this hybrid popular among recreational users, but Black Jack is also popular for its medicinal benefits of dealing with mental health issues and chronic pains.

For recreational use, Black Jack strain is a potent enough strain that gives you a mental head high with a nice balance of physical high.

Casinos have their own playing cards, and so maybe they inspired the breeders to do their own versions too.

One of the breeders, Nirvana Seeds, have their own variant of Jack Herer, which they call Jack Horror. Using this hybrid and crossing it with Black Domina, they created their own Black Jack hybrid strain.

The variant of this strain that we are featuring here, though, is one that was bred by Sensi Seeds. They crossed the Indica-dominant Black Domina with the balanced Jack Herer to create this Indica-dominant Black Jack.

  • Effects: Giggly, Aroused, Tingly, Creative, Happy
  • Taste: Blueberry, Nutty, Pine, Sweet, Vanilla, Herbal, Lemon, Spicy, Woody
  • Side Effects: Concern, Thirst and dry mouth, Fatigue
  • Helps with: Chronic ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Nausea, Stress
  • Aromas: Berry Earthy, Lemon, Pine, Pungent, Skunky, Spicy
  • Lineage: Black Domina and Jock Horror strains

Black Jack Effects

The high is quite long and can last for several hours. It should not be consumed at work as it interferes with concentration. Moreover, smokers mostly felt aroused, they giggled. However, Black Jack also has negative effects, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Thirst and dry mouth

The THC level is on average 18-20%. Medicine uses Blackjack to treat glaucoma, migraines, arthritis, and ADHD.

Here is where we separate the exhilaration of winning Black Jack games (and money in casino) because when this strain hits you, it sends your body into a state of relaxation that makes you want to take things easy and slow. Definitely, this strain is not going to make you lethargic or lock you on your couch, unless you smoke too much.

But because it has a THC level that might reach 24%, you know this is a potent strain, and being Indica-dominant, the most profound effect it has on you is more on the physical side. Along with it comes the medical benefits, which is detailed in another section. Along with the relaxation, mentally you retain a certain level of alertness. Because of the physical relaxation and relief from certain symptoms of illness, you feel uplifted and that makes you happy, perhaps even elated.

Black Jack Fragrance

Most users would find the fragrance agreeable. It has an earthy and woody smell with hints of pine that grows on you. In other words, the more you smell, the more you get used to its smell, the more you love its fragrance.

Black Jack contains terpenes:

  • Cedrene
  • Myrcene
  • Phellandrene
  • Valencene

Sweet seeds have a sweeter orange-like aroma. At the same time, the scent of Nirvana has a blackberry flavor. In fact, both also smell like a forest.

Black Jack Flavors

Black Jack is smooth and, unlike its smell, it doesn’t retain an earthy taste. Rather, it has a nice blend that tastes sweet and woody, with the taste of citrus and pine, which might linger a little during exhalation.

Black Jack Adverse Reaction

No surprises on the Black Jack. Not only is it a sure winner when you take a few puffs, it also gives you what cannabis users already know, that it might leave your mouth and eyes feeling dry. It is rare, but it might occur, and most especially for those who overuse this strain, some users report feeling dizzy as the effects of Black Jack starts creeping in. This is typical for beginners too.

A couple of other reactions that you want to be aware of is that this strain might cause the feeling of anxiousness increasing, which leads to paranoia. Mostly, if it does happen, it is because of the unexpected or unfamiliar sensation creeping in the body.

Black Jack Medical

  • THC: 18.0 – 20.0%
  • CBD: 0.38 – 0.77%
  • CBC: 0.27 – 1.41%
  • CBG: 0.27 – 2.01%
  • CBN: 0.07 – 0.2%
  • THCV: 0.22 – 2.0%

With a CBD level that might reach up to 2%, Black Jack does come with medical value for those who need a way to relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns such as depression, or even PTSD.

This strain is also popular for its ability to help in alleviating the pains and aches caused by certain illnesses.

Like many other Indica-dominant strains with above average THC levels, the sedative property induces the body and muscles to relax, which in turn induces drowsiness. This is an excellent choice for dealing with insomnia.

Black Jack Growing

  • Flowering time: 75 – 86 Days
  • Harvest time: 92 Days
  • Yield indoor: 0.5 – 1 Oz/Ft² (~ 300 g/m²)
  • Yield outdoor: 1 – 2 Oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant)
  • Height indoor: 30-60
  • Height outdoor: 30-60
  • Grow difficulty: Easy
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

Black Jack can be grown outdoor and indoor. If you decide to grow this inside your house, be reminded that it needs ample space (and height) as it grows tall. Outdoor, this plant could grow up to 9 or even 10 feet. While it is classified as being easy to grow, it will still require a bit of maintenance and caring. It loves sunlight and it thrives well outdoor in a temperate climate. Of course, cannabis that grows large and tall might not be a good option if you are concerned about neighbors seeing what you are doing.

Black Jack Experience

There are two varieties of Black Jack out there. One is another Hybrid known for its fast growth and Indica effects. However, the most predominant version is a Sweet Seeds creation. Black Jack is a Hybrid cross between Black Domina and Jack Herer.

The latter is a world-famous Sativa that provides a zippy and upbeat high. The result of the mix is Black Jack, a long-lasting and balanced Hybrid marijuana strain with decent amounts of THC. On average, the strain produces between 14 and 24% of the psychoactive.

Just a few minutes after consuming, cannabis fans will start to feel a blissful burst of energy and creativity that some will find perfect for medium-complexity activities. The pleasant accompanying body buzz relaxes muscles and relieves stress and anxiety, complementing the mentally stimulating effects.

The second version of this strain is from Nirvana Seeds. Their strain is often listed as “Blackjack”, and is a cross between Black Domina and Jock Horror, another Jack Herer derivative. The Nirvana version is often described as “psychedelic” and it features a slow, physical high which many marijuana consumers enjoy.

 Black Jack Flowering Time

·        Indoors

Black Jack has an estimated flowering time between 62 to 72 days. It gives a better than average yield of 18 to 22 ounces per square meter. Good thing that this strain could be grown indoor because in this way, you have your privacy and in a matter of 2 months or so, you would have your own cards … sorry, we mean Black Jack hybrid strain.

·        Outdoors

This is where this cannabis plant thrives the best. Beginning at around the ninth week, and towards the early parts of October, Black Jack can have a yield estimated to be between 18 to 24 ounces, or even more, per plant. But because this is a tall plant, sometimes, it gives the impression that its yield outdoor is low.


Larry OG Strain

aka Lemon Larry, Sour Larry, Zour Larry

Larry OG is a lovely OG variant that stems from the ocean-family of strains. It comes from Orange Country and does not disappoint – this strain is an enjoyable smoke that leaves a sweet and sticky taste in your mouth. It is also known for being an effective medical smoke, relieving symptoms of countless mood disorders and ailments.

Larry OG is a steady smoke that hails from the sunny Californian coast. Where the name “Larry” comes from, remains a bit of a mystery, however, what one can be sure of, is this strain’s exceptionally soothing effects, that will make you feel tingly and relaxed almost immediately.

This hybrid tends to be more dominant on the indica side of things, which is no surprise, given its parentage. Larry OG is a potent mix of famed OG Kush and the renowned San Fernando Valley OG, and may also be referred to as “Lemon Larry”, due to its distinctly citrus aroma, as well as its lemon-like taste.

  • Effects: Giggly, Euphoric, Uplifted, Focused, Happy, Relaxed
  • Taste: Citrus, Lemon, Pine
  • Side Effects: Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dizzy, Anxious, Headache
  • Helps with: Stress, Depression, Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety

Larry OG Effects

Larry OG is quite a potent smoke, so new consumers beware. This indica dominant variant of the infamous OG family will make you feel thoroughly relaxed, so it is the perfect wind-down smoke for the end of the day. This strain produces a potent body high, mixed with an uplifting and invigorating mental experience that is sure to leave you in a blissful mood.

If you are looking for a way to melt into your couch and cave in to an intense body-high, then this strain is the one for you. Larry OG is all about the happy butterflies in your stomach, and the feeling of satisfaction and pure contentment, allowing you to sink into the sedative effects, and enjoy it fully.

Larry OG is perfect for when you are in need of a mood-elevator, making you feel sudden bursts of vivid euphoria. Its serene cerebral high is mixed in with a slow and steady sleepy feeling, one that gets more obvious as you smoke more, and eventually landing you in the nearest bed.

The effects of the Lemon Larry are not for every purpose, for certain. If you’re looking for the buzz to get stoned and shackled to your couch in the euphoria, that’s the one you should consider ASAP. The most widely reported feelings by users are:

  • Happiness
  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation
  • Creativity boost

You know, the weed strain Larry OG justifiably holds its status as one of the best medicinal kush types ever created. It can become your panacea for coping with:

  • Stress-related disorders
  • Chronic pain
  • Bursts of fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep issues
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • ADHD

Not a single kush in our world is perfect, believe it. Despite all the merits of our lovely weed strain Larry OG, minor flaws also exist, such as the noticeable feeling of a cottonmouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. Another recommendation in terms of use is to use Larry OG strain to restore sleep or have a balanced relaxation session, which means that you won’t be able to feel energetic or focused for some long hours.

Larry OG Fragrance

Larry OG is potent not only in effects but also in its aroma, filling the room with it delightful bursts of citrus and orange, and enticing you with its freshness, even before you come close to lighting your first smoke. It also carries hints of pine and lemon in its fragrance, finishing off with a very distinct woody undertone.

Larry OG Flavors

This special OG strain also carries a very distinct flavor that complements its aroma. Larry OG has a smoke that will remind you of a lemon meringue pie, coating the inside of your mouth with a deliciously earthy lemon flavor. Hints of spicy herbal can also be noticed, rounding it up and making it an extra delicious skunky variant.

Larry OG Adverse Reaction

Larry OG has the standard side effects that you may get from the usual OG strains. A case of dry mouth is pretty standard when smoking this strain, as well as a dry eyed sensation, often resulting in a feeling of being slightly dehydrated. This smoke may also cause some dizziness in some, often coupled with a slight headache, but only rarely graduating into a feeling of paranoia.

Larry OG is a mainstay of the OG Kush hybrid line

Larry OG is a Sativa-leaning Hybrid bred from a Larry Kush clone that was pollinated with a San Fernando Valley OG Kush [F3] male. The result is a potent variation of OG Kush that has a smell and flavor that rival its tremendous head and body effects – a flower that does the OG Kush genetics line proud.

Larry OG Lemon Fuel Flavor is Unmistakeable

With an exceptionally strong citrusy fuel flavor, Larry OG‘s strong lemon essence tastes almost like Pinesol or menthol coughdrops – a flavor not found in any other strain. The lemon, fuel tastes are pinned with woodsy undertones that originate from Larry OG strain’s SVF OG Kush genetics. Larry OG smells just like it tastes and has that signature Kush flavor that will make any OG lover grin ear-to-ear after a sampling.

Big Sticky Yields Can Be Expected from Larry OG

Larry OG can be acquired in seed form from The Cali Connection who suggests that strain thrives in outdoor and indoor gardens. That said, it’s common for Larry OG to attract mites, so all growers should be vigilant in checking for pest problems, but especially those growing Larry OG outdoors.   

The Larry OG strain grows tall with thin stretched out branches that may need to be staked for support. Teardrop-shaped calyxes caked with resin sprout from the branches and become extremely sticky to touch as the resin production increases and spreads across the leaves in later weeks of growth. As the plant nears maturity, Larry OG‘s leaves will turn a dark purple color signaling it will soon be ready for harvest.   

Larry OG Medical Benefits

  • THC: 22.0 – 25.0%
  • CBD: 0.38 – 0.38%
  • CBC: 0.31 – 1.27%
  • CBG: 0.12 – 1.86%
  • CBN: 0.08 – 0.2%
  • THCV: 0.45 – 1.22%

Larry OG is a great choice for medical users who are looking for alternative ways to relieve pain. This hybrid is very effective in easing chronic pain, with an added bonus of it having a heavy sedative effect, relaxing you further, while numbing any aches.

This strain is also very good at helping manage stress in everyday life, making it easier to leave all your day-to-day worries behind, and allowing you to delve into a deeper state of relaxation. Larry OG is therefore also an effective aid in helping ease depression or anxieties, and has become a popular choice as an alternative to long-time sufferers.

Larry OG can also create a strong case of the munchies, making it an idea smoke for cancer patients, who need a boost in appetite, usually lost during chemical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Because this strain is very much a sedative, it is also popular as a sleeping aid for insomniacs.

Larry OG Growing Info

  • Flowering time: 50 – 65 Days
  • Harvest time: 74 Days
  • Yield indoor: 1 1 – 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
  • Yield outdoor: 2 – 3 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant)
  • Height indoor: 30-60
  • Height outdoor: 60-80
  • Grow difficulty: Easy
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod

Larry OG Kush is an elaborate clone cultivated by Larry from the brilliant cut given to him of the original clone that came from beautiful Orange County California. This strain is the result of the outcrossing between male SFV OG Kush IBL, and Tahoe OG S1 reversed male, crossed with Larry OG female seeds.

Larry OG Kush is a great tasting strain that also provides a mighty powerful high, fresh lemony flavours and a pungent kerosene scent. More importantly, Larry OG Kush has won The High Times Medical Cup award three years in a row from 2012–2014. The strain grows thick branches on a stable indica structure, delivering massive yields after a flowering time of 65–70 days.

Larry OG seeds

Larry OG is a hybrid cross between the famous OG Kush and another OG variety, San Fernando Valley OG Kush (SFV OG). Both strains are hybrids, with SFV OG leaning heavily toward the indica side of things. The result is a surprisingly tall plant with moderate broadleaf characteristics and a collage of green hues.

In true OG form, Larry’s THC content runs high. It routinely reaches 20 percent, but some tests have reached as high as 24 percent. The canna-experienced will likely find that this strain produces a noticeable psychoactive experience, yet it isn’t quite strong enough to leave you stuck to the sofa. Novices, however, may find this plant to be overly sedative.

Good ol’ Larry is almost diesel-like in terms of aroma. Upon inhalation, sharp citrus tastes greet the tongue. This slight lemon twist adds brightness to a classic OG pine fragrance, giving this strain a slightly sweet quality.  Buds tend to be small and dense, with sharp bright green calyxes intermixed with dazzling orange pistillate hairs.  

 Indoors Flowering Time

Larry OG when grown indoors can take an average of about 8 weeks to flower and become ready for a hearty harvest. This strain can be expected to yield an estimated 19 ounces of fresh bud per square meter of plant.

This indica dominant hybrid can be expected to yield an average of about 16 ounces of bud per plant, when grown outdoors. Larry OG flowers throughout the late summer and is usually ready for a harvest around early to the middle of October.

Outdoors Flowering Time

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Larry OG? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.

Though Larry OG (Lemon Larry) is unlikely to be the liveliest flower at the party, this plant has a knack for lightening the mood. One of many children parented by the promiscuous OG Kush, Larry deserves a place in the spotlight. Thanks to its ability to inspire a comfortable muscle relaxation and a calm mental tranquility, the herb is a top choice for anyone hoping to find some daytime relief while getting things done. Fair warning, however. After a little too much Larry, you may need a nap.